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Broadcast: Chapter 58 - Exclusive Rights
Hayley wrinkled her nose as Patricia Quinn rolled up her sleeve and dabbed a disinfectant swab on her inner arm. "Not a fan of needles?"
"I'm okay getting flu shots and stuff like that but getting my blood drawn always hurts more," Hayley said, petting her 16-baby belly with her free hand. "And that's just getting my fingers pricked. Now you want my whole arm."
"This will be over quickly. We don't need much," Patricia said, her own large belly close to Hayley's face. She had a purple shirt and a white lab coat but it was not enough to hide all of this roundness. "It'll hurt a lot more when your babies come."
"Good, something to look forward to," Hayley snorted before stopping herself. You're trying to do better, remember? She sighed and looked up at Patricia's face, managing to get past the vast slope of her belly. "Have you gone through that before?"
"I've got one daughter at home, she just turned three," Patricia said, her smile widening as she slipped the needle into Hayley's
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Broadcast: Chapter 56 - Counter-Programming
Rose stroked her belly slowly as she paced across Grant's office. The pacing would've come off more menacing if it wasn't paired with a pronounced pregnant waddle but Rose was more about looking sexy than menacing anyhow. 
"Reporting on other news agencies' internal drama isn't what we like to do here at WMB," Grant said, reading over the stack of documents about PGNT Rose brought the network. "We prefer to give our viewers hard-hitting reporting and information they can use."
"But?" Rose smiled, raising an eyebrow.
"But...with the sudden rise in PGNT's popularity, the story behind the scenes of that rise is worth sharing," Grant said with a small grin. In the past two days, Grant's nightly news report, the station's flagship news program, was no longer in the top of the news ratings. That irked him. "May I ask one thing? A lot of these documents about PGNT selling off reports to advertising agencies include your name in them. Our news story on this will include you as well."
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Commission: Too Much of a Good Thing
Alex adjusted his glasses as he saw the editing program was done downloading. His mouth went dry from excitement and nervousness. It sounded too good to be true but the reviews online said it worked, with some saying it worked "too well." Alex assumed that was just hyperbole.
It was a program that boasted being able to edit the person using it. Alex, deep down, wanted to change. He wanted to be like the dark elves in his fantasy books and video games. Uploading a photo of himself, Alex added in the purple skin, the smooth silver hair, the pointed ears. And, with a gulp of admission, changed his sex from male to female. Then he hit enter.
Alex stood up in shock as he felt the changes take hold. He looked down at his hands and saw his skin was now a rich, creamy violet. Alex moved these new purple hands over his...her waist and felt how it now curved in and gave way to modest hips. Alex only had on shorts and a tank top before using the program and now she could feel a modest bust fillin
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Commission: Wrath of the Succubus :iconnotabot999:notabot999 113 3
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Broadcast: Chapter 54 - Production Meeting
Hayley ran her hands over Jaimee's arms, tracing the contours of her muscles, before moving onto Jaimee's back and finally her bare butt under the bedsheets. Jaimee, eyes closed as she rested her head on the pillow, chuckled and gave her glutes a quick flex as Hayley pet them.
"So much for you loving my belly," Jaimee mumbled.
"There's a lot of you to love," Hayley said, shifting to sit up in bed. With the size of her pregnant stomach, she had no choice but to lay on her back or else the entire mattress would just be her stomach. And Jaimee needed all the room she could get, since Hayley's deep kisses at the bar somehow resulted in two more babies inside Jaimee's womb. "With me, your only option is my stomach."
Jaimee tried to grin at Hayley to make her feel better. Her hand moved up to pet the massive sphere that was Hayley's pregnancy. "You big. Not that you were small before but you're did you even get on the plane from Hawaii?"
"This happened yesterday,
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Hayley wrinkled her nose as Patricia Quinn rolled up her sleeve and dabbed a disinfectant swab on her inner arm. "Not a fan of needles?"

"I'm okay getting flu shots and stuff like that but getting my blood drawn always hurts more," Hayley said, petting her 16-baby belly with her free hand. "And that's just getting my fingers pricked. Now you want my whole arm."

"This will be over quickly. We don't need much," Patricia said, her own large belly close to Hayley's face. She had a purple shirt and a white lab coat but it was not enough to hide all of this roundness. "It'll hurt a lot more when your babies come."

"Good, something to look forward to," Hayley snorted before stopping herself. You're trying to do better, remember? She sighed and looked up at Patricia's face, managing to get past the vast slope of her belly. "Have you gone through that before?"

"I've got one daughter at home, she just turned three," Patricia said, her smile widening as she slipped the needle into Hayley's arm. Hayley winced and grit her teeth, breathing through her nose and waiting out the discomfort. "My husband and I were planning on having another but...maybe you had more to do with me getting pregnant than him." Now Hayley felt more awkward than in pain. Having a woman tell Hayley that she got her pregnant was weird, even if the woman in question was happy to have some babies on the way. "And we're done."

"Didn't hurt as much as I expected, but it still hurt," Hayley said, gripping her fist a few times to try and relieve the pain in her arm as Patricia put a band-aid on with some white medical tape. "Could you leave the tape off, please? I've got show today."

"Sure, we have some tape that'll fit your skin tone," Patricia smiled with a little chuckle. "That must be your sister's fashion line. All of our fertility experimental patients are doing that. I'm a little jealous I didn't get some too. It's been hard finding clothes that make me look good with this big bump." She rolled up her purple shirt some to show her dimpled belly button. "My husband and I are excited about having a lot of kids at once but I do feel funny not being able to fit into my old maternity dresses. Or even some doorways!"

As the scientist laughed, Hayley felt her stomach feeling strange again. This feeling had been building in her for the past few hours; it was the same way she felt before her pregnancy doubled in size. Hayley got a cold sweat when she saw the clock on the clinic wall. It was the same time as yesterday when she fooled around with Rose and her belly exploded out. She pressed both hands against her stomach and took in a deep breath. If this happened again, she would be pregnant with 32 babies, all full term.

Here it comes, Hayley said, feeling her unborn children stirring. Hang on, Hayley. You're about to become a womb with legs.

She sucked in a deep breath and waited for the expansion. And waited. Her big green eyes flashed up to the clock and she saw the minute hand click away. The time had passed. "You okay?" Patricia asked, looking back down at Hayley after she filed away the blood. "You aren't in labor, are you?"

", just some indigestion I think. The babies must be hiccuping," Hayley said with a nervous smile. Patricia smiled back and returned to her work. Hayley thought: what was different? She went to Hawaii, that priestess got mad at her again, she had sex with Thomas, bumping bellies no longer made women expand, she had sex with Rose, she expanded, she flirted with some ladies at a bar, she had sex with Jaimee, and today had been pretty slow. Was Jaimee the key? Did she have to fuck her again? That'd be something. 'Jaimee, you have to eat me out or else I'll get a belly as big as a bus!'

Then it snapped for Hayley. She hadn't just flirted with Jaimee and her family at the bar. She kissed their bellies and made them grow! For Jaimee's sisters and mom, she made them pregnant and she added babies to Jaimee's already large stomach. The Hawaiian priestess gave her a new curse. She was no longer passively making women pregnant. Now, she had to do it intentionally or suffer the consequences.

"Damn it," Hayley muttered under her breath before looking at Patricia. " said you and your husband wanted a lot more kids, right?"

The scientist smiled and shrugged, petting her almond-toned belly. "I guess so. We both come from big families and it's been fun having me so huge and round."

"Then c'mere," Hayley beckoned. Patricia waddled over and Hayley grabbed the sides of her round stomach. She was at roughly sextuplet size now and as big as a beachball but Hayley was still more than twice her size. With a sigh, Hayley leaned forward and kissed Patricia on the navel. The scientist gasped and felt her stomach swell out, pushing Hayley's hands away.

Hayley thought this might tone down her desire to kiss belly buttons and give more babies but that push was now a furious itch in the front of her brain. She wanted to hold this petite Asian woman down and peck her all over her stomach. "W-we have to do more tests, this is amazing!" Patricia said.

"This was a mistake," Hayley said, grunting as she got out of her chair and waddled out the door. "I'm sorry!"

"Wait!" Patricia called but Hayley hurried as fast as her little legs could carry her gravid body. Once outside of Athena Labs, she was swarmed by paparazzi and Quincy Bay residents with questions about the pregnancies. Hayley knew she couldn't get on a bus with all this pressure on her and she couldn't get a taxi this time of day. She whipped out her phone and called Hannah.

"Yo! Hannah! Jaimee's fancy family is doing your fashion show, right?"

"Hi to you too," Hannah sighed. "All the models were supposed to be here 15 minutes ago."

"I know, I'm in a crunch right now!" Hayley shouted, trying to outrun the mob and failing miserably. "Look, they must have a car service or something, right?"

"That's how they arrived here, yes, a private car service," Hannah said. "Not sure how they can afford it, given what I hear about their financial situation..."

"Well have it pick me up now! I'll be around the Maytown Bank Plaza! They'll be able to spot me, I'm the enormous redheaded bitch," Hayley said. "And tell them to send a van and a male driver!" Hayley paused. "An ugly male driver!"

"I'll see what I can do," Hannah said, hanging up and sighing. She should have expected Hayley would be a difficult model to work with but you can't pick your family. Jaimee overheard the phone call and waddled over. "Hi."

"Hi," Jaimee smiled. "The show looks great. Awesome venue, lots of hot moms-to-be, the clothes look amazing. You're really pulling this off."

"We'll see. Listen, can you text your family and ask them to send a car to the Maytown Plaza to pick up Hayley?" Hannah said, her voice clearly heavy. Jaimee sent the text and got a confirmation ping back.

"You sound upset. She get on your nerves again?" Jaimee asked, raising one eyebrow.

"Not really. It's just...I've always been in her shadow. She was the hot one, the charismatic one, the one who got on national TV. And now, when I'm trying to do my own thing, I'm just benefiting from her name being attached to this. Everyone is coming to see Hayley Knightley modeling clothes, not to see Hannah Knightley's clothes," Hannah said, looking down at her belly. "It's stupid, I know."

"It is stupid. Hannah, this is all incredible and everyone is going to know your name. Hayley isn't here to steal your spotlight. She's here to support you because she loves you, in her own way," Jaimee said. Hannah sighed and smiled, going in for a hug with Jaimee and feeling their bellies rub together. "I know family drama, believe me."

"And I really appreciate your mom and sisters helping me out with this. Hayley's name may get me attention in the city but the Krazoka name gets me attention internationally," Hannah said. 

"They need you more than you need them, trust me," Jaimee said, dropping her voice so people walking by couldn't hear her. "You know about their legal problems. Well, if they're invested in a successful, legitimate business like yours, that might satisfy the feds and they won't get in trouble."

"So if tonight is a failure, your family's going to jail?" Hannah said.

"Don't worry, it'll be a hit," Jaimee smiled, running one hand from her belly to her breasts. "With hot models like me, how could it go wrong?"

Hannah gulped and felt her cheeks blush as she looked Jaimee over. Another reason she was jealous of Hayley: her sister got to live with this pregnant Amazon. "Yeah...but, um, you still seem uncomfortable."

"Oh, that," Jaimee sighed. "My ex is here and I don't want to run into him." She peered over her shoulder at Thomas, who was packing up his camera equipment and taking it to the news van.

"Him?" Hannah said. "You hooked up with him?" 

"Hey, don't be rude. Your sister fucked him too," Jaimee said, sticking out her tongue. "And he's a nice guy, don't be an ass."

"Guys aren't my thing so what do I know?" Hannah said with a grin. "I'm going to go check in on the other models but I'm glad he's around. It'll be good for the show."

"How?" Jaimee asked as Hannah waddled by her.

"Because you look cute when you're nervous," Hannah purred. Jaimee blushed as Hannah went to her gathered models. Jaimee looked over again at Thomas as Kate went up to him.

"Hey, good news. WMB has the exclusive rights to broadcast the Krazoka Maternity Fashion Show," Kate said.

"They aren't naming it after Hannah? It's all her designs and she did all the sowing," Thomas said.

Kate shrugged. "Dunno. It's just a bigger name than 'Hannah Knight.'"

"Knightley," Thomas said.

"Whatever. But this'll be good for us. I thought PGNT might be here because of their own preggo problems but apparently there's some big shake-up there thanks to the word getting out that Grant is doing a big story on them so it's all on us," Kate said, smirking and patting Thomas on the back. "Good thing you got out of there when you did."

"Yeah," Thomas said with a weak smile. As Kate headed for the craft service table, he looked around for Jaimee...and Hayley. But instead he saw Lucy, who winked at him as she went to join the other models gathering in front of Hannah.

Everyone was there, save for Hayley. The Krazokas, the Athena Labs patients, Kirstie, Lucy, Sophie the purple-haired barista, Vivian, Gigi, Brandy, and several others. Hannah put out a public casting call and it had turned out promising results. "Okay ladies, how are we feeling?"

"I'm 48 years old, full grown twins appeared in my womb 24 hours ago and now I'm modeling clothes in a country club and there's not a single Italian magazine here," Nadia said, pushing her belly out and stroking it delicately. "How should I be feeling?"

"Same, but only one baby," Lena, Nadia's daughter said, turning her head away.

"All considered, I think we're doing alright," Kara said, smiling at Hannah. "We hope this show goes well."

"So do I," Hannah sighed. "Listen, I know most of you have never modeled clothes before but it's easy." Nadia scoffed out loud at that but Hannah kept going. "You'll have on your outfit, you'll walk down the pathway, then turn back around. Don't worry about how you look waddling or stroking your belly. I want this to look natural." She walked past the women, looking each of them in the eye. "And don't feel shy or scared. You all look so beautiful and everyone will think so."

Many of the women smiled and a few chuckled, petting their round middles. "What do we do until the show starts?" Lucy asked.

"I'm going to get some last measurements so I can make whatever alterations are needed for your...unique body types," Hannah said, blushing as she looked at Lucy's massive pregnant middle. "Until then, relax and get ready. And have fun!"

The women laughed and clapped as Hannah called one of the Athena Labs women to get measured first. Lucy waddled over to the event hall's chairs where her son was seated. "This is fun, right?" Lucy said to him, petting his hair. "I know you haven't seen a lot of me lately so this should be a cool night for us together."

As Hannah got her first model to dress down to her underwear and began measuring her, she noticed Lucy's son looking over all the pregnant women with big, fascinated eyes. Wonder if that kid's going to grow up with a fetish? Hannah wondered. Sure seemed to have an effect on me and Harry.

Kirstie, Jaimee, and Sophie all sat down together and let out a collective grunt as they got off their heavy feet and began stroking their bellies. As they took their first relaxed breath, up came Harry. "Kirstie, I wanted to-" He started to say before he noticed Jaimee and Sophie were there as well. "Oh...hi."

"Hi," Sophie said, raising one eyebrow.

"You wanted to talk to Kirstie, right?" Jaimee said, her smile growing. "Go ahead. This isn't awkward for you, is it?"

"Uh..." Harry started to say as he saw Kirstie fuming. "Listen, Kirstie, I'm really sorry."

"He's a poet," Kirstie said, rolling her eyes and looking over at Harry's other lovers.

He got on one knee to get to Kirstie's eye level. "For real, I feel shitty about what happened. I'm a big immature doofus and yeah, I like big bellies. Sophie's hot and so is Jaimee so I had sex with them. And me and you, it was hot too."

"Think real hard about whether you want to keep this up," Kirstie said. "Because I think Jaimee here wouldn't have a problem smacking you across the face if I asked."

"I might not but I could ask Gigi. We're better friends now and she has a mean hook," Jaimee said, still smirking at Harry.

"Anyway, I thought I could have what I had with them and do that with you. Just casual sex and that's it. But when you turned me down, I felt really sad. The idea of never seeing you again bummed me out," Harry said, eyes still focused on Kirstie. "I think I really like you. I get something with you I don't get from other women." He reached out one hand. "I kinda hoped you might feel something for me too."

Kirstie took in a deep breath and looked down at him. She saw real pain in Harry's face and thought about how great he was when they first met. "I've had back-to-back breakups these past few weeks and I've got no patience for bullshit," she said.

"I don't want to hurt you. I really want us to give it a shot," Harry said. "You're the cool sports chick on TV. I was into you before I even knew you were pregnant. And if you want, we could try raising these kids together. I know I'll be helping my sisters with theirs too."

Kirstie felt a little twinge in her chest. She felt it when she first met Harry and chatted with him. She sighed and turned to Jaimee and Sophie. "What do you both think?"

"If you want him, go for it," Sophie shrugged. "Maybe he has cleaned up his act. I sure don't want him anymore."

"Me either. He's dumb but he's not mean," Jaimee said, watching Harry smile at that. "And if he messes up again, we can just kill him." Harry's smile vanished.

"Now there's an idea," Kirstie laughed, leaning forward and kissing him on the corner of his lips. "Make up sex?"

"Make up sex," Harry nodded, taking her hand and hurrying toward the nearest bathroom. Sophie laughed out loud and sighed, patting her bulging pregnant belly.

"I hope those kids figure it out," she said, turning back to Jaimee. "I guess we're just two single preggos now, huh?"

"Yeah," Jaimee said, looking over at Thomas on the other side of the room. Their eyes met and she turned away instantly. "Looks that way."
Broadcast: Chapter 58 - Exclusive Rights
As Hannah gets ready to start the show, Hayley has a realization about her curse and Harry tries to make amends.




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Jane was bent over on her bed, both hands gripping the edge of the mattress as her heavy breasts swayed and bounced with each thrust from her boyfriend Kyle. Kyle had one hand on her hips, moving to squeeze and stroke her plump ass cheeks, while the other hand reached down to pet and fondle her large pregnant stomach. Jane was pregnant but not in any traditional way. A few days ago, the two of them got to beta test a seemingly miraculous transformation device that could turn a person into any other person, with endless physical capabilities when it came to changing a person. Not only did it change a person's outer appearance but in certain cases, if either Kyle or Jane were basing their transformation off of an existing person, then the transformed person took on some of those personality traits, as was the case with Jane here.

"More, more! I want more!" Jane squealed, bouncing her wide hips back and forth against Kyle's erect shaft as he tried to thrust harder and faster to keep up with her demands. "Give me everything! Slap my booty! Pinch my nipples! Make me come!" This current transformation was based off of a pop star the two of them saw performing at the MTV Music Awards the previous night, with her thick butt and thighs and her glistening dark bronze skin. She was not pregnant when they both saw her performing but she had a very fertile look to her and the couple often used the transformation device to make them into pregnant women. Even Kyle got turned into a pregnant woman many times since the transformation device came into their possession. He and Jane had a long standing, mutual pregnancy fetish and as much fun as it was for Kyle to have sex with Jane when the transformation device made her pregnant, it was just as much fun for him to become a woman and waddle around with a swollen belly full of fetal kicking as well.

In the case of this pregnant pop star (the couple decided on making her pregnant with triplets, though Kyle bumped that up to quadruplets as soon as he saw his girlfriend as the gorgeous, round pop singer), Jane had more than just her good looks and was very spoiled and demanding. It was hot in a strange way but in the back of his head, Kyle was looking forward to getting his girlfriend's real personality back after they were done having sex. He reached down and grabbed one of her fat breasts and squeezed a nipple, giving it a light twist. Jane moaned and bucked her hips, pressing more of her generous ass against him. Kyle felt his erection swell with blood and he thrust a few more inches inside of her tight, wet, pregnant body. Her round, firm belly was hitting against the bed and jiggling.

"Give it to me!" Jane whined. "Do it! I'm in charge here!" Kyle remembered her final order and turned his hips so he was free to swing his hand down and slap her on her rear end. With a loud smack, Kyle hit her and Jane felt the spank reverberate up her body to her womb. She let out a high pitched wail, very different from the usual shouting sound she made when she came, and Kyle shot his load inside of her. As Kyle came, he began to relax his body against Jane's bare back and the two laid down on the bed, each feeling the other's heart beat racing.

"Guess now we know what it sounds like when that pop star comes," Kyle chuckled, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"Hey, no need to tease me!" Jane pouted. "And I'm thirsty! Go get me a fresh pressed juice!"

Kyle reached for one of the cables on the transformation device, which was sitting on the bed side table. It was a small metallic box, about the size of two shoe boxes stacked on top of one another, with a switch on top to reset a transformation and two cables sticking out of each side. There were ports for more cables and the function was one cable per person. This transformation device was ostensibly meant to be a party trick or party game but Kyle and Jane had a very different use for it and only needed two cables since there were only two of them. Kyle gripped his cable, feeling the reflective end of the cable touch his bare skin and make it tingle. Then, by focusing, he transformed Jane away from this very sexy but very obnoxious pop star body and back into the girlfriend he knew and loved...with one notable change.

The transformation always hit in an instant and it no longer shocked them when it happened. Jane was back to her regular body and mentality, only she still had a large pregnant belly. This one was only full term with twins so she would be more maneuverable while laying on her back. Jane let out a little grunt and put one hand on top of her large stomach, letting her popped out belly button tickle her palm. "Oof, good to be back. I was being a real pain in the ass, huh?"

"I don't know about that. I thought your ass was pretty great," Kyle grinned, rolling next to her in the bed and giving her a kiss. Jane smiled and closed her eyes, kissing with Kyle while he placed his hand next to hers on her pregnant belly. They rubbed it while making out and over time, Kyle slowly moved his hand up her slope of a stomach to her chest and then to her cheeks and chin, letting him better nuzzle and kiss with her. "Good morning, by the way."

"Good morning," Jane giggled, pressing both hands into the mattress to push herself up. In the beginning, Kyle would give her a hand moving around when she was pregnant but Jane had gotten the hang of her pregnant body by now, even though it was constantly changing. Besides, struggling with her weight and size was a big part of the fun of being a pregnant woman. If she only had a swollen belly but was still light weight, it would not be the same. "Great way to start the day."

"Much better than coffee, that's for sure," Kyle said, sitting up next to her and leaning over, kissing Jane on the shoulders and neck, nibbling on her warm, soft skin. "Although we lose a lot of time in bed playing with this thing."

"There is just so much to explore with that transformation device...but if I could only make myself pregnant and that's it, I would be fine with it. Being knocked up has been so much more fun than I could have ever imagined," Jane cooed, opening her hand wider as she pet her swollen middle. "Well, I don't have to tell you what it feels like to be pregnant. You have carried babies in your belly plenty of times now."

"I still need you to take the other cable to get me pregnant. If it wasn't for that, I think I would make myself as big as this house and waddle around nude everywhere. Being pregnant is awesome," Kyle smiled. "Being round, being heavy, being full."

"Not to mention those crazy little kicks and somersaults in the womb that the unborn babies do. Or feeling your stomach skin stretch out or your breasts start to fill with milk and get nice and engorged," Jane said, reaching up and cupping one hand against her tits. "And the hormones. It's even worse than when I was in middle school and getting painfully horny at my school desk."

"That part is nice too, although I think you were plenty horny before the bellies started showing up," Kyle smiled, moving his hand to the bottom curve of Jane's wide pregnant belly. The underside of the belly, the two of them had learned, was the most sensitive part with the exception of possibly the belly button. He saw Jane's face twitch as he touched this sensitive part of her pregnant body and she shuddered subtly, with one hand moving over top of his. "What is your favorite part about being a pregnant woman?"

"Hmm, a big part of the fun is the mystery of who you are going to transform me into next," Jane laughed. "Being that little spoiled, bratty pop star was fun in its own way and waddling around as the Octomom a few days ago was so weird and silly."

"She was a good pick but I was limited by those old photos of her. We can make you much bigger and sexier in the future," Kyle said, his eyes dazzling. "But I might like to take a spin as her at some time in the near future...please."

"Of course, dear," Jane chuckled, kissing him on the nose. "But my favorite thing about being pregnant...has been imagining that these are your babies inside of me. The idea of feeling your...our children kicking inside of my belly as they grow and stretch and swim in my womb makes me feel so happy and so sexy."

Kyle sighed and smiled, moving into Jane's embrace once again and kissing her passionately as his naked body rubbed up against her bare belly. Her full, pink lips curled into a smile as they kissed and she could feel these two twins, fake or not, moved more inside of her when she got close to Kyle.

When they broke their kiss, Jane stretched out her back and moved her hands to her lower hips, shifting around on the bed and feeling her big belly roll. "Being big is fun but it can put a strain on my muscles and joints," Jane sighed, feeling her back crack as she twisted in place. "So what about you, kinky boy?"

"Me?" Kyle asked, raising one eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

Jane giggled. "What do you like best about being pregnant? You are in more of a hurry to have an impossibly huge belly than me. I prefer being at least a little realistic with my transformations."

"Oh," Kyle said, blushing. He did not know why he still got embarrassed talking about wanting to be a pregnant woman with his girlfriend – she was very supportive and even enthusiastic about those transformations – but he got flustered when talking about the details of it. "I guess, when I first became a pregnant woman, I felt so confident. I could feel my sexuality and my energy just bursting out of me, making my skin stretch and my bones shift to make room for how powerful and fertile I was. You have turned me into a big, hung, ripped man plenty of times too and that is lots of fun, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't feel the same. When I'm a pregnant woman, I just feel so...full."

"Full is a good way to put it," Jane said, puffing out her cheeks as she ran both hands across her swollen stomach. "I would have never guessed that being pregnant feels so much like coming home after pigging out at a buffet. I feel stuffed all the time when you make me knocked up."

"But you love it, don't you?" Kyle cooed, moving in close to her.

"Oh, I do, don't get me wrong," Jane replied, her eyelids getting heavy and her voice getting breathy as he got closer to her. Just before they kissed, Jane sighed and let out a tiny groan. "Ugh, one downside to all these preggo hormones is I want to spend the whole day fucking and we have chores to do! We have not done any cleaning in this house in a month and we are overdue! We promised we would be good and do it today!"

"That was before this miracle device showed up in our lives," Kyle said, reaching over and flipping the switch to turn Jane back into her original body. "But being pregnant is fun. We should do it a lot more often."

As Kyle said it, Jane got off the bed and moved to look her boyfriend in the face. Now that she was not pregnant and back to her original body, Jane was much faster and lighter. "Why don't we do it more then? It's not like all real pregnant women do is have sex and lay in bed. We could be pregnant around the house all the time and when we do our chores. Even when we go outside, people would just think we are regular pregnant women, unless we run around naked like we did the first time. That might bring a little too much attention."

"Even though being naked in public with huge breasts, fat ass cheeks, and a massive pregnant belly is so much fun," Kyle grinned. "But you are right. We should start that now. We can go through the day's chores as pregnant women."

"Yes, it will be just like we are nesting," Jane beamed, her hands reflexively going to her now flat stomach and resting over it. "I love this idea! Who should go first?"

"I want to go first. You had to play around with your baby belly this morning already," Kyle said, putting the transformation device on the bed so Jane could more easily reach it and interact with the cables and switches. "Give me a good one."

"Okay, I will," Jane grinned, taking the other cable and feeling the reflective surface tingle and vibrate against her palm. She looked at Kyle and narrowed her eyes, focusing and thinking. Kyle gulped as he saw Jane's smile get wider and wondered just what she was going to do to him.

In an instant, Kyle was no longer a man but a pregnant woman, and a big one at that. He, or rather she, reached one hand out to pat her round belly. She looked full of quadruplets and was so massive that she could not see Jane's feet, let alone her own. But Kyle could feel that she had on high heeled shoes and given the tight polyester polka dot dress she had on clinging to her swollen fertile curves, it was clear that Jane had turned Kyle into a 1950s housewife, only pregnant.

"Oh dear," Kyle cooed, pressing one hand against her belly and stroking it as she felt the small fetal bodies inside of her kicking and squirming around. There was a small white belt between Kyle's belly and bosom, which had to be close to J cups in terms of size, though Kyle did not feel a bra holding them in place. With a grunt and a strain on her ankles from the high heeled shoes, Kyle waddled to the cabinet to look at herself in the mirror. Kyle was definitely a woman now, with pale skin covered up with Estee Lauder blush and face cream. Her lips were a bright bromo acid red and she had large blue eyes that were wide with shock and gentle naïveté. Her bleached blonde hair flowed down to her shoulders and was curled in the front.

"Look at you. Just like a bombshell centerfold," Jane purred, walking up behind her former boyfriend and running her hands over her belly and breasts. "Although I don't think any magazines back then would ever be brave enough to publish a woman as round and ripe as you."

"I-I could never be in a magazine like that! I am too shy about my body! I only like being naked," Kyle cooed, one delicate hand covering her blushing face. The transformation device had transplanted some 1950s housewife personalities onto Kyle and she was much more easily flustered and timid about sex and sexuality, despite having a big belly that advertised to the world that she had raw sex at least once in the past year.

"You're shy about your body, huh?" Jane giggled, reaching up and poking at Kyle's hard nipples poking through her dress. "Then why no bra?"

"T-that was you that picked that!" Kyle whined as Jane laughed loudly.

"I know, I couldn't resist. But I figured, looking like this, you would be great at housework," Jane said, sticking her tongue out and giving Kyle a stiff pat on the rear. "Ooh, you have a thicker butt that I remembered giving you. Nice."

"Okay, now it's my turn," Kyle said, glaring at her girlfriend as she grabbed the other cable. Focusing her attention and pressing her bright red lips together, Kyle picked out the appropriate form to get revenge on Jane. 

Suddenly, Jane was off balance and staggering to support her belly. She was carrying ten babies inside of her stomach, giving her a pregnant belly that was big enough to be hiding an adult woman inside there. Her belly skin was now an olive tone and most of it was out in the open, with her popped out belly button pointing right at Kyle. There were a few clothes on Jane as she was dressed in a frilly French maid outfit, with a small black blouse on, a short skirt and bright white apron that only covered the top of her belly like a tablecloth on a table. She had very short, combed black hair now and her bangs were kept out of her eyes with a puffy headband.

"Ça alors!" Jane gasped, both hands rushing to the sides of her massive pregnant stomach, making sure to touch her warm, taut skin and not her apron. She had on flat slippers but felt a garter around her upper thigh to keep her socks, or "stockings," on. "Mon ventre! I am so...big!" She had a definite accent now and her plump lips, now covered in coral lip gloss, curled with each word.

"Now we are even. We both have built in chores experience," Kyle said, smiling and patting the top of her belly.

"But pourquoi? So many enfants!" Jane cooed, giving her huge pregnant belly as wide of a stroke as she could.

"It makes you look sexy," Kyle said with another blush and a shrug. "Now, kitchen or living room?"

Jane decided to take the living room as she now had a strange fascination with dusting. Also, with the size of her pregnant stomach now, there were far less sharp and fragile things in the living room for her to knock over than there were in the kitchen. She waddled around, her fertile middle bouncing and bobbing around with each laboring step as she moved, bending over and dusting off the surfaces. Somehow, they had a feathered duster in the back of a closet that fit Jane quite well. Still, when she would bend forward, Jane would feel the strain on her tight belly skin and her breasts would be pulled by gravity as well. Each of her breasts were now the size of basketballs and felt twice as heavy as milk and hormones filled them up. Still, there was a certain thrill to waddling around and working while she was so massively pregnant and Jane could feel Kyle moving to catch a glimpse at her whenever she bent over with this tiny skirt on.

Kyle felt her 1950s housewife skills were best used in the kitchen. She got to work on last night's pots and pans, which had been left unattended when the couple felt a strong urge to run into the bedroom and play with as many different bodies as they could before falling asleep in each other's arms. It was not a bad way to spend a night but it left Kyle having to use lots more elbow grease when wiping away at the caked on sauce and cheese with a wet and soapy sponge. Water would inevitably splash up onto her dress, making it even tighter against her chest and belly.

"Oh my," Kyle cooed, picking at her polka dot dress as more of her cleavage was obvious through the dress. "Well, it is only Jane and me here so I suppose this is not too bad." Then she felt a strong kick against her cervix and yelped, dropping a plate into the sink and splashing a big wave of water up on her top. Now she looked like a woman in a wet t shirt contest and her heaving breasts were clearly visible. 

"Problem, amour?" Jane purred, waddling as fast as her enormous body could take her as she got to the kitchen. Kyle, tears welling up in her eyes, turned around and revealed her soaked clothes. "Ooh la la~"

"Look at me. I am too swollen and big and pregnant to do anything right," Kyle whimpered. "You made me too pregnant."

Jane just chirped through her lips and teeth and waddled over, cupping Kyle's wet breasts and pinching her nipples. "Non, you are doing so good and look très belle." As she fondled Kyle's breasts, their bellies pushed and rubbed together, the sensitive skin touching. Kyle shuddered more and more before kissing Jane, straining to reach her with their huge bellies in the way. Kyle reached her arms up and Jane helped undress her so the housewife was now naked in the middle of the kitchen, both breasts hanging down and resting on top of her huge round belly. "Better?" Jane cooed.

"Better," Kyle nodded, stroking the side of her twitching stomach. "I can keep working like this if you want..."

"Ouais," Jane nodded, kissing Kyle on the nipple before moving her lips down to her popped out belly button. Kyle closed her eyes and moaned, leaning back against the sink. "You will make this une maison magnifique. Mais...I need to mow the lawn."

Kyle couldn't help but giggle. As a man, mowing the lawn was typically his role but now that Kyle was this naked, trembling, pregnant housewife, she felt more at ease in the kitchen. But at the same time, Jane could not exactly mow the law when her belly was bigger than the mower, and those dark black maid clothes would not help in the morning heat. "You want me to turn you into a guy?"

Jane laughed out loud and shook her head. "Non, there is another choice, je pense." Kyle nodded and waddled to the bedroom to find the transformation device, making sure all the curtains were drawn so no one would see her nude, then thought over her options. She had to delve into the original Kyle's mind to come up with some good ideas and settled on one he had been fantasizing about for a while now. Gripping the cable, Kyle focused on Jane and thought it over. She was incredibly sexy as this swollen French maid but she could always return to this body later. For now, Kyle had another idea.

"How about this?" Kyle said as Jane transformed once again, this time becoming a tall Japanese woman with breasts like pillows, a belly like a beach ball, and a tight ass like a prize winning pumpkin stuffed into blue jeans. She had on a blue and white striped shirt to cover her pregnant body but it only made it half of the way down her pregnant stomach, leaving her dimpled navel out in the open. Jane's hair was brown and silky, reaching down all the way to her hips and she began petting her new curves instantly.

"Is this...Oku-san?" Jane asked, her voice still accented but now with a Japanese accent rather than a French one. "You horny boy."

Kyle blushed but smiled like a dope at her new form. The two of them loved a quirky anime called "Oku-san" about a hyper curvy, hyper doting anime MILF. Well, she was not actually a mother in the show but she was around that age and she seemed to always want a baby. Kyle just completed that narrative arc. "You don't like?"

"No, I love it!" Jane squealed, her bright MILFy personality coming through as she fondling her breasts and patted her belly. "They're kicking! I love being pregnant!"

"I'm glad!" Kyle said, waddling up and kissing her girlfriend while rubbing her hands down her back to squeeze her butt, which was stuffed into a tight red skirt. "Are you okay mowing the grass like this."

"Yes, danna-san!" Jane preened, waddling away much faster than Kyle would have expected as she went into the front yard and grabbed the lawn mower, whistling as she worked. She may not have been the naked one but plenty of passersby stopped to look at her. She was pushing the lawn mower with her belly as she strolled around and the heat from the morning sun was making her sweat profusely, which made her top wet and revealed the full size and shape of her chest. Kyle even pulled the curtains back to peek at her new swollen and preening girlfriend waddle and jiggle around outside.

Kyle smiled while watching Jane when she let out a quick grunt and clutched her belly "Oof, babies kicking me in the bladder. I could do without that part of the pregnancy," she muttered, hurrying to waddle toward the bathroom.

When Jane was done mowing the lawn, she waddled back into the house, stretching out her back and lifting her shirt to get some cool air on her breasts. "Ah, it feels good to be out in the fresh air," she cooed as she looked at her dirty hands. Jane headed for the bathroom to clean up but when she opened it, she saw Kyle on the toilet, her belly sticking out even farther when she was sitting down. "Danna-san?"

"Jane! I'm sorry, I'm...stuck," Kyle whimpered. "I've never been pregnant long enough to need to go to the bathroom and now I can't get up!" Jane laughed and reached down, their pregnant middles pushing together as she gripped her girlfriend's arms. Slowly, Jane lifted Kyle back up to her feet. Kyle was still so embarrassed that she was not speaking and the two of them washed their hands together.

"You weren't stuck down there for too long, were you?" Jane asked in a voice as Kyle still bit her bottom lip. With a grin, Jane reached down and squeezed Kyle's naked ass.

"Eep!" Kyle squeaked, lifting her swollen pregnant body up on the tips of her toes.

"Now that you are already naked and we have done so much work this about we take a little break?" Jane purred. "I want to get out of these sweaty clothes anyway."

Kyle turned and looked into Jane's gleaming black eyes. She may look like an Asian woman now but Kyle could still see the little glimmer of the real Jane in there, deep in her soul. Both women hurried to the bedroom and helped Jane strip down, kneeling on top of the bed and holding onto each other's bellies. They were both so voluptuous and fertile and looked like a sneeze could send them into labor given the size of their bellies.

"You like being a pregnant lady?" Jane asked in a gentle voice.

"Yes, I love it," Kyle moaned, leaning against Jane's soft, maternal body and kissing her all over her neck and shoulders. "And I love being able to share this pregnancy with you."

"Let me take care of you. You've had a long, busy day, danna-san," Jane purred, kissing Kyle back and guiding her back onto the bed. Kyle's legs dangled off of the side of the mattress and Jane crawled away, running her hands down Kyle's soft thighs. When she was in position, Jane placed a gentle kiss on Kyle's clitoris before sinking her tongue inside of her girlfriend's wet and warm pussy. Kyle whimpered and turned her head to the side, with her arms pressing her breasts together.

"Yes, that feels good," Kyle whimpered, sticking one pinkie in her mouth and sucking on the tip. "Rub my belly. They're your babies too."

Jane smiled and buried her face deeper into Kyle's lap while moving one hand and arm to stroke her former boyfriend's round pregnant belly. It only took a few more laps to make Kyle whine and tremble, her toes flexing as her climax ran up and down her body.

"That was fast," Jane giggled, crawling into bed and cuddling with Kyle.

"Deep down, I'm still a guy and we come easily," Kyle murmured, burying her face in Jane's buxom cleavage. Jane started to laugh as Kyle's lips tickled her breasts but slowly Kyle reached one hand down and curled it up inside of Jane's own pregnant pussy, petting her light folds and stroking up deep inside of her. Jane gasped and held Kyle tighter, rocking back and forth as they felt their bellies twitch and shake together as Kyle tried to give her girlfriend her own orgasm.

Jane breathed faster and hotter, rocking back and forth in the bed until Kyle touched the right spot enough times to make her come and shout. Jane's sex tightened around Kyle's fingers and they started rolling around in bed, kissing and fondling until both women were on their backs, breathing heavily.

"Okay," Kyle finally said, panting. "Maybe we really can't do chores while pregnant."

"Oh no, we did a great job already! You made the kitchen look so pretty and I had so much fun mowing outside!" Jane said, still in her bubbly anime MILF persona. "We should reward ourselves with some fun after a few hours of housework."

"I guess you are right," Kyle cooed, patting the very top of her pregnant belly. "Should we stay like this or pick some bodies before getting back to work?"

Both of their stomachs let out a gurgle and Jane grinned. "I think we should use these housewife bodies to cook some lunch first and then we can pick out some new pregnant looks." 
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If you have paid enough attention to my gallery to notice patters, which I would not recommend, you may have noticed I have more or less only been putting out commissioned stories for the past several months. I want to briefly speak on this.

A big reason why I have not been putting out any of my own original stories is because I'm in a transitional period in my life. I'm working on more and more real-life art projects under my real name and that is taking a lot of time and energy. Not only do I have less time to write stories for here, I'm also focusing most of my creative energy on these other projects so, to be honest, I haven't had any good ideas for a pregnancy story in a while now.

The other biggest reason is that, frankly, I need the money. This isn't to say that these commissions are a chore or a hassle because some of the commissions I've gotten have been very fun to write. But with these real-life projects, I need money to fund those and between working on my projects while balancing my day job and paying bills and rent on top of that, extra money from commissions is a huge help.

Will there be more original stories coming from me? I sure hope so. There will still be Broadcast chapters until that series is over (please read Broadcast) and I may get a fun little idea in my head and write out a story but for the time being, most of what you are going to see from me is commissions. 

I do try and share as many of my commissioned stories with the public as I can although I make exceptions if it's incongruous with the rest of my gallery/output so I don't feel too bad about not giving people content, although I do wish I could share more of my own original work. 

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The party of four, with about a dozen others on the way, waddled down the dirt path until Jolana, the lithe pregnant night elf, paused and cupped one hand over her sharp green eyes and leaned forward. But she quickly groaned and waved her other arm toward them. Rashitar, the tall, burly half orc woman, rolled her eyes and strode over to pull Jolana back as she began to tip. "Thank you," Jolana said, her voice dripping with regret.

"Of course," Rashitar said, sounding equally disdainful. They may have been on this adventure for close to two months now and had shared one another's bed multiple times but neither liked being friendly with the other. Jolana had been pregnant for half of that time and most of her body was now smooth, taut, purple belly and she was still not used to her center of gravity being closer to her belly button than her hips. Pregnant women could retain remarkable balance with their bellies and bodies but when Jolana, being as big as she was, leaned forward, sometimes she tempted fate.

"What can you see?" asked Malik, the only full blooded human and the only male in the party. Thanks to a small golden idol in Jolana's bag, the four were whipped into a state of extreme sexual excitement one night and he had sex with each one of the three women, who in turn had sex with each another as well. But the idol did more than just excite their blood and reveal the mutual attraction and lust they all had for one another. It also made sure each of the women got pregnant and got pregnant fast, ballooning to round, ripe proportions with multiple unborn babies in seconds. They had all continued to have sex since then but not with the same animalistic urge the idol first set off. It seemed as though the ancient elvish fertility idol had done its job and any remaining sexual urges were just natural, though probably egged on by hormones. 

"I can see some buildings, though not very large," Jolana said, relying on her elvish sight. Even with Rashitar's heightened senses from being a hunter, Jolana had the best vision and could see far distances. "We may be closing in on a community. Population of between two thousand and five thousand, no rivers in this vicinity so-"

"I think it's an elf village," Ansora said, the dwarf of the group. She only had triplets but with her stout stature, she looked proportionately as big as Rashitar was with her sextuplets. Ansora also had ass cheeks that were now so large, it looked like she was carrying a baby in each of those as well.

"I doubt we are seeing an elf village," Jolana said with a scoff. "We are getting closer to the border but-"

She was cut off by the crunch of branches and leaves. Everyone turned to see Ansora pulling away vegetation to reveal a small wooden sign written in both the local human language and elvish. The pregnant dwarf picked some leaves out of her thick red hair and smirked at them. "You see a lot more when your eyes are as low down as mine."

Malik laughed and went over to the sign, giving Ansora a side hug and a light squeeze on her butt for good measure. He had always been a horn dog and back when it was just him and Ansora adventuring together, he gawked at her big ass constantly and always wanted to feel it up. Now that she was pregnant with his babies, she gave him the clear to touch it whenever and however he wanted. It always made her blush and have to stifle her squeaks and moans. Ansora's ass had always been sensitive but now just a light spank down there could make her wet and warm.

"What do we think? Have we already crossed into elvish territory?" Malik asked.

"I don't think so," Rashitar said, crossing her arms under her barrel sized breasts. She had always been well endowed but pregnancy pushed her to the next level. Her dark green skin was stretched tightly over her breasts and belly, which was now like a battering ram with a thick nub of a belly button and a black line running through it. "I don't smell any more elves."

"What do we smell like?" Jolana said, raising one silver eyebrow.

"Clean," Rashitar grunted. "Too clean."

"I can see how that would stand out to you," Jolana chuckled.

"Ladies, ladies, let's not fight," Malik said, stepping between two of his three baby mamas and trying to calm them down. Ansora watched and sighed, holding one hand between her breasts and over her heart. Jolana with her graceful elvish beauty and Rashitar with her incredible size and build always got more attention from Malik. Sure, Ansora had sex with Malik plenty but she still felt overlooked. It hurt particularly since Ansora had a crush on Malik the longest. All those years of adventuring and exploring together, Ansora had hoped something would finally spark between them. Ansora left her life traveling with her fellow dwarves and her family to follow Malik all across the land, after all.

She cupped one hand against her round, heavy belly and gave it a light rub, tracing the movement of her babies inside of her womb. At least she knew she had a piece of Malik with her all the time. Ansora waddled behind the other three as everyone entered the city and stroked her round stomach the whole way. 

As they got closer, they all started to hear the sound of drums. Rashitar tensed up, reaching for her club and looking around. Malik could hear her start to growl and open her mouth to show more of her bottom jaw fangs. "War drums," Rashitar said.

"No, they sound too...rhythmic," Malik said. "It's so fast and weird. No one could march to those."

"Then what is it for?" Rashitar said.

"Dancing. I recognize dance drums anywhere," Ansora said. Everyone turned back to look at her and she shrugged. "What? Dwarves dance. Look at our asses. We couldn't let these things go to waste, could we?"

"Let's hope they don't have a rule against pregnant women dancing," Malik chuckled, walking past his dwarvish and elven companions to pat Rashitar on the shoulder. "Don't worry, you can ease up. Any village that holds a big dance can't be violent toward outsiders. It just wouldn't be natural."

Rashitar huffed and put away her club as Jolana followed the two of them and Ansora took up the rear, shaking her butt and doing a few little dances on her own as she listened to the loud drum music rolling down toward them. As the party of four got closer, they could hear flutes and other instruments, making it much more clear that this was a large dance event. Still, they were all wondering in the back of their minds why this village had a sign in elvish.

As they made it to the village's entrance, those questions got even more pronounced. There were two large stone markers to indicate the start of the village and they both had elvish characters carved on them. "Would you translate it for us?" Malik asked, having to raise his voice to be heard over the sound of the loud music.

"It doesn't translate to anything specific. It just reads the name of the village: Houla," Jolana said. "But it wasn't written by illiterates trying to approximate elvish. It's clearly intentional. In fact, some of these buildings have elvish influence on their architecture, I'd say. And this music sounds vaguely elvish."

"There's no accounting for taste," Rashitar said, waddling farther inside as Jolana shot her a glare. With Jolana and Rashitar up ahead, Ansora took the chance to go up to Malik and bump him with her hips.

"I remember back when we would go on adventures and end up in some village having a festival. I'd have to stop you from getting too wild with the women who'd be out there," Ansora smiled.

"I know. If it wasn't for you cockblocking me, I'd have more babies than just those with the three of you," Malik smiled, placing one toned, callused hand on Ansora's bare pregnant middle. "How are our kids, anyway?"

"Kicking, squirming, restless. I don't think they sleep too well when I'm hiking," Ansora said with a deep exhale, running her hands up and down the massive sphere of her belly. "Hopefully that means they sleep tonight the same time as me...unless something happens tonight that keeps us both active."

"Oh? Like what?" Malik grinned. Ansora bit her bottom lip. Why was it always so hard to ask him for sex? She wanted it. She knew he wanted it. And she knew he knew she wanted it. So what was the problem?

Then, the two of them were startled by a loud, booming laugh. They had only heard it on rare occasions but they could still recognize it clearly: Rashitar. Malik and Ansora hurried to see Rashitar and Jolana standing in the center of town. "We picked a hell of a time to come!" Rashitar said, roaring with laugher. She pointed at the dancing villagers who filled the square. Men and women, naked save for some light clothing covering their genitals, were dancing together vigorously as musicians played them along. The men had streaks of white paint on their bodies in straight lines while the women had black paint on in curves, tracing the shapes of their feminine bodies. "It's a fertility ceremony."

"Visitors, I see," said a pregnant villager, waddling toward them. She was dressed more than the others – while she was still half naked, she had on lots of beads and feathers to give her color. "Welcome to Houla. I'm the festival priestess and this is our annual fertility festival, but I see you three don't need any help."

"You either," Malik grinned, making Jolana, Rashitar, and especially Ansora burn with jealousy. This woman wasn't anywhere as big as them but she was still hot...for a human woman, that is. "This looks like a lot of fun."

"Centuries ago, our village interacted with the neighboring elvish communities and we took many of their customs and artistic influences. Over time, that led to a mix of the two and we still honor old fertility rituals they practiced," the pregnant priestess said.

"Elvish fertility rituals, huh?" Jolana said, taking the golden idol out of her bag. "So you all know something about this?"

As soon as the idol came out of the bag, it began to glow an even brighter orange tone. The priestess gasped and held her hands over her breasts. "T-that is the fabled idol! We thought it was a legend but we were told these songs were played at the fertility ceremonies for that idol! It was supposed to activate it!"

It glowed so bright it caught the eyes of the dancers. They stopped their partying and all gathered around the group of four, bowing and worshipping them. "This isn't so bad," Rashitar chuckled. "I like to see humans on their knees."

"You have given us our first true fertility ritual! If this was ever to happen, we were told it would bring a new, strong generation born to the women in the village," the pregnant priestess said, only able to kneel given her big belly while most other women and men were fully prostrate. "We will have our biggest celebration in village history!" The priestess clapped and everyone got back up and took the four back into the village square, teaching them how to dance and rubbing all over them, particularly rubbing the pregnant adventurer's stomachs.

"I'm glad my people had such a lasting impression on your culture," Jolana cooed, feeling several women and strapping young men run their hands over her, fondling her belly and wrapping around her back. The idol was having the same effect it had when the group first unveiled it and it led to the impregnating orgy. Jolana's usual mental walls were coming down quickly.

Ansora saw Malik being dragged into the fray as all four of them were separated. He had many busty, curvy women all around him, cooing and petting him while he dressed down to be half naked like everyone else there. One man with red feathers tied to one arm came up with a bucket of black paint to put on her body but she just held up one hand. "No paint and no touching my belly or boobs...but if anyone wants to dance and hold onto my ass, then just ask permission first."

The dancing went on for hours and as the sun began to set, the music started to die down and the crowd of dancers thinned out. Many of the villagers were going back to their homes to see just how fertile they were and to test that prophecy that the return of the idol would bring about some stupendous offspring. But Ansora's jealousy had never stopped burning inside of her and it eroded what little self control remained after the idol's influence washed over her.

Jolana and Rashitar were nowhere to be seen so Ansora stomped right toward Malik, who was sitting on a bench, telling various young, voluptuous women about his various exploits and adventures. "Ah, and here's Ansora! She was there for those quests!"

"Yep, and about half of the cool things he told you he did, he's taking credit from me," Ansora said, pushing one floozy away with her belly to grab him by the wrist. "Come with me."

"We're leaving so soon?" Malik sighed. "But we're all having fun and it's late and-"

Ansora put his scrotum in her hand and gave it just enough of a grip to make him hiss and wince. She pulled his wrist down so he was close to her face. "Follow," she repeated in a clear voice before giving him a quick peck on the lips.

He couldn't say no to that. Malik followed Ansora to the center of town square where all of the dancing and frolicking took place and sat him down on the central marker, with a large tree planted in the middle. "It's gotten quieter now," Malik smiled, looking into Ansora's bright green eyes.

"I can still remember the music. I loved dancing as a little girl in the dwarf mines," Ansora cooed running her hands down her body from her breasts to her generous hips while swaying back and forth and shaking her belly. "But I don't know if I can still dance so good with this big preggo body. What do you think?"

"I think you can still dance great. Better than me, for sure," Malik said with a wide smile. Ansora turned around and showed him her dancing from the other side. She was too big to not look pregnant from behind but her ass was more attention grabbing than her stomach from this side. Malik watched her hips churn and wiggle, as her huge butt swung and bobbed, moving in hypnotic patterns.

"You like what you see?" Ansora asked. "You gave me this big pregnant ass after all. A huge butt fit for a mom."

"I do, I like it a lot. You had a sexy ass even before we made these babies," Malik said, reaching out and holding onto the sides of Ansora's hips with his dark tan hands. He could feel just how thick and bouncy her rear was. "I always wanted to feel it."

"Is feel all you wanted to do?" Ansora whispered. A group of villagers, including a few lesser priestesses, saw them touching each other and hurried to surround them. "Show me what you wanted to do, Malik."

Malik smiled and reached one hand back. The villagers gasped in anticipation just before Malik spanked Ansora hard and firm on the butt. Her cheeks jiggled for several seconds afterwards and a big red mark was left on her pale skin. She continued to back toward him, moving and grinding her ass against Malik's erection, feeling its stiffness fit between each cheek.

"You liked that, I can feel it," Ansora moaned. "I liked it too...a lot. I like it when you touch my swollen, fertile body and make me feel like a woman." Then, a gold coin bounced into her cleavage and Ansora peered down at her breasts as another coin fell at her feet. "What the?"

"The ones who brought the fertility idol are making love! We have to pay alms to this important moment!" said one of the priestesses as everyone began tossing gold coins at the two of them.

"Uh oh. We both know how much gold turns you on," Malik grinned.

" really does," Ansora breathed, turning around and kneeling. She took off the little bit of Malik's clothes that remained and wrapped her lips around his thick cock, which was enhanced by the fertility idol. Ansora bobbed her head up and down, sucking and kissing his shaft as he groaned and pet her long red hair. The worshipping villagers were in awe and applauded, cheering the two of them on. She opened her mouth up wider and wrapped her tongue around Malik's erection, rubbing it up and down and teasing the tip of his penis.

"You are full of surprises," Malik moaned, gripping the stone of the central marker. "You've always wanted this from me?"

Ansora slipped off of his cock, a trail of drool leading from her lips to his penis. "And so much more...I want more of you now too!" She put her big ass in front of him again but pulled her pants down enough to give him the hint. Malik tugged it down and thrust his aching erection inside of her wet, fertile sex. Ansora grunted and began to bounce up and down on him, her tight ass cheeks smacking against his toned body. Malik stood up and gave his own strong thrusts, making Ansora cry out with each push. The villagers began tossing necklaces, jewels, and other riches in awe of them both.

When Malik finally came, the villagers squealed and fell into one another's arms, instantly making out and fondling each other. "We are blessed by your love! Thank you!" the priestess said. "If you want to join the others, they are in the main temple."

"Others?" Malik and Ansora said in unison. As she was panting and petting her belly, Ansora still had the foresight to pick up all of the gold and riches and stuff it into her cleavage. Curious and still very horny, they both headed for the temple, which built to look like an old wooden church. Inside was a sight neither of them were ever expecting to see: Jolana and Rashitar having fun.

Rashitar was sitting on the front stage of the church as two women were sucking on each breast while also rubbing fragrant oils all over her huge green belly, making it shimmer and shine. Milk dribbled down from their lips and covered their bodies. Rashitar just smiled with confidence at both of them while well endowed men came and fed her meats and the occasional fruit (Rashitar normally only ate meat and some grains but pregnancy cravings made her curious about sweet fruits. No vegetables though).

Jolana was on her back, legs spread, as the festival priestess had her face buried in the elf's lap, eating her out and licking her fellow pregnant woman fast and hard. The village woman was rubbing her belly with one hand while the other was on Jolana's thighs, bracing herself so she could better kiss and lick at this much more pregnant elf. While she was getting her pussy licked, Jolana cooed and purred, stroking the several other villagers worshipping her swollen middle and rubbing oils all over it.

"Please, come in!" said another priestess to Ansora and Malik. "Let us show our gratitude to you bringing all this fertile energy to our village!" They stripped the two of them and a young woman with breasts that could give Rashitar a run for her money began rubbing the same oils all over Ansora's pregnant stomach.

"Ooh, this feels good," Ansora cooed. "Malik, it tingles!"

"If I had a pregnant belly, I'd try it too. But I'm good on oil for now," Malik chuckled, rubbing it all over Ansora's big belly as well, feeling the triplets kicking and flipping around inside her womb. Another priestess came up with a small wooden bowl filled with purple liquid. "What's this?"

"A ceremonial drink for the fertility festival," the woman explained with a tiny smile. "All the men take it. It gets your blood hot."

"I like the sound of that," he said, gulping the drink down and feeling it take effect almost instantly. He placed his hand on Ansora's belly and gave it a light jiggle. "We have had so many good nights together. But you want more, I can tell."

"Always," Ansora said. "And I don't mind sharing you with Rashitar and Jolana. We're all your baby mamas. But I never want to feel left out, okay?" 

"Of course," Malik said, kissing her on the lips and sinking his tongue gently into her mouth. "We should all be more honest about how we feel." He looked up and saw the idol in the center of the church on a pedestal, its light stronger than ever. "No wonder we're so horny tonight but I'm glad." Malik chuckled and ran his hand down to Ansora's lower belly. 

Ansora placed one hand over his, holding it against her stomach. "I'm always this horny," she cooed. That was all he needed to hear to set him off again. Malik bent Ansora over and she squealed with glee, pushing her ass cheeks hard against him. Malik felt the idol making his erection even bigger and he sank his member deep inside of Ansora, thrusting and hitting her back walls as he pumped in and out of her. 

Rashitar and Jolana heard her loud moans and turned toward them. "Our baby daddy is finally back," Jolana purred. "When you finish with her, come over here, sexy."

"And let us get a crack at her too," Rashitar said, grunting and releasing another flow of milk into the mouths of her worshippers. "I love spanking her ass with my big hands."

"You hear that? I'm not the only one that loves you," Malik panted, smiling and running one hand down Ansora's belly as he filled her up. "We all love you, our pregnant big booty girl."

"I love you too!" Ansora said, her voice getting higher and higher until it was a squeal. "I love all of you and I want to carry your babies again and again and again!" Her pussy tightened around Malik as she came and he finished the task, shooting his fertile load inside of her already fertilized body and feeling her tremble and shake. Slowly, Malik removed himself from inside her and helped Ansora waddle over to the front stage. She crawled up to Rashitar, rubbing their oiled up bellies together before she put the half orc woman's leaking breast in her mouth and suckled long and hard, closing her eyes and resting in Rashitar's cleavage.

That left Malik with Jolana, with the night elf's green eyes wide and wild and her hands rubbing her glistening purple belly. "Take me," she purred. "Fuck me like you want to make a baby with me."

Malik rushed into Jolana's embrace, lifting her hips so his cock went inside of her waiting body and his chest and abs smacked against her disproportionately huge pregnant belly. "How long did you say you'd be pregnant?"

"A long time. We can have fun with this big swollen body for months to come, maybe even years," Jolana groaned, feeling Malik's cock inside of her once again. "Give it to me! Harder!"

Malik shuddered, feeling that special night elf quality where her skin was electrifying and arousing to the touch. Faster and harder he went, making the wood of the church groan from the force of his thrust and her considerable pregnant weight. The room was loud with the sound of creaking and groaning as everyone was making love or straight up fucking. Malik kissed and nibbled on Jolana's oily, shiny belly, feeling the tip of his erection burn and twitch. "I want to give you so many babies," he moaned. "I want to make you huge!"

"Do it! Make my womb swell! I want your babies!" Jolana barked. Malik came hard, pushing against her belly and feeling their quadruplets squirming and kicking up a storm inside of her. Jolana came as well, gasping and clutching her stomach. Several villagers swarmed her and supported her heavy body to lay her down safely and kissed her naked body. "'s alright that they fondle me, isn't it?"

"They want to worship you. How could I stop them?" Malik chuckled, moving over to Rashitar and sucking on her other breast, cuddling next to Ansora. As he suckled, he started to grind his cock against her hulking sextuplet belly.

"You don't only need to feed from me," Rashitar said in a lusty growl. "I want you inside of me too."

Malik took his lips from her leaking nipple and held onto Rashitar's swollen body. "But our big booty girl is still sucking. You don't think she'd mind?"

"She'll enjoy the ride," Rashitar said with a fanged smile, lifting her thighs. "Fuck me, little human."

Malik leapt at the opportunity, pumping his throbbing cock inside of Rashitar and thrusting as hard as he could to fight against her muscular, large body. Her huge belly smacked and rubbed against him and it was now as tight and firm as stone. But that only turned him on more and he continued to fuck Rashitar, all while Ansora remained latched onto her green tit.

Malik started to suck on Rashitar's popped out belly button before he hit his climax, filling her with his seed once again. Rashitar had her own orgasm and he could feel her taut belly tense up once again and she had an extra spray of milk, soaking Ansora in her warm lactate. As Malik rested against Rashitar's huge belly and tried to catch his breath, the pregnant festival priestess came up to him and gave him a hug.

"Thank you for giving us such a wonderful celebration!" she said. "You are the life of the party."

"Thank you for welcoming us. I saw you being the life of Jolana's party earlier," he smiled, reaching down and squeezing her breasts. "Interested in having more fun?"

"O-oh, well, we priestesses only give pleasure to pregnant women in the festival, never receive it," the priestess said, both hands touching her stomach. "But..."

"But this festival is unlike any others, right?" Malik said, raising one eyebrow. "And you're too beautiful to be alone tonight." With that, the priestess was bent over, holding onto the edge of the stage with Malik taking her from behind, her belly swaying and bobbing. She was only pregnant with one baby but looked like she was close to full term. She squealed the loudest and was already cumming only a minute into sex with Malik. This woman may have acted all official and sweet but she was the biggest slut in the entire village!

After Malik fucked the festival priestess, as well as a dozen other priestesses in the church, they all collapsed onto their backs, panting and breathing heavily, covered in sweat, oil, and milk. "I can't believe it but...I'm too tired to have more sex," Ansora moaned. But the idol was still glowing just as brightly as it was that first night the four of them retrieved it. With a moan, all of the women in the room, even the pregnant ones, clutched their stomachs and felt them grow with two more babies.

"Whoa!" Jolana yelled, looking in shock as her already towering belly got larger and wider, getting to a point where her body was mostly belly. Rashitar's stomach stuck out farther and pushed the two villagers nestled in her bosom off of her. Ansora swelled and made the wood underneath her groan.

Ansora patted her bump and sighed. "I spoke too soon," she said, privately happy to have an even bigger belly now with more of Malik's children inside of her.

In the morning, Malik woke up to Ansora straddling him, his morning wood poking her belly. "Hope that isn't just for show," she cooed as his eyes adjusted to the light.

"Doesn't have to be," he said. "Weren't Rashitar and Jolana in bed with us?"

"Them and a few very devout priestesses but we slept in. Lucky us," Ansora said, taking his hands and pressing them against her belly and butt. "I feel some residual magic from that idol. Want to see if I'm right?"

Malik nodded, holding onto her now five-baby belly and feeling her sit down and let his cock inside of her. She gasped and closed her eyes, churning her wide hips to let him feel every part of her. Malik grunted and pressed his face against her warm, round belly, feeling her bounce up and down on him, excited to take his fertile shaft inside of her again and again. As their breath got hot and heavy, he gripped the bed, watching in awe as this gorgeous pregnant dwarf pounded against him. Malik saw Ansora was taking control and he was more than happy to give it to her.

"Oh gods, you feel so good inside me!" Ansora whined. "Give my fat ass a spank!"

He reached one hand back and spanked her with all his strength. Ansora made a sound like a horse whinny and came, right as Malik shot his load inside of her too. She shuddered and fell back down into his arms, resting her back against his chest. The added babies in her belly made Ansora's ass even thicker and he could feel it against his cock. As Malik wrapped his arms around her, Ansora's belly started to grow again as she got up to septuplets. With her small dwarf stature, her pregnant belly was now bigger than the rest of her body.

"Look at me...I'm the biggest fucking preggo ever!" Ansora said with glee.

"Rashitar still has eight babies in her belly," Malik said with a grin. Ansora sighed and turned over, looking directly into his eyes.

"Babe, you may know how to fuck but you sure are bad at talking to women," Ansora said, kissing him on the nose and getting up. "Speaking of Rashitar, I need some milk."
Commission: Fertile Quest 3 Fertile Festival
A commissioned story, a sequel to this story and this story as the party finds their way to a village with a connection to their mysterious fertility idol.

Commissioned by Zaloog91

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Kyle was sitting on the couch, watching TV in the shared living room, when his girlfriend Jane came in the front door with a cardboard box and a big smile. "Good, you're home," Jane said, the glee palpable in her voice.

"Sure am. Why are you so giddy?" Kyle said, raising one eyebrow and grinning back at his girlfriend. He cycled through a few possibilities behind her sudden elation in his head before his eyes went wide and his smile was replaced by a gaping mouth. " that it?"

Jane put the big box down on the coffee table and tore it open. Inside was a mid sized metallic box – no bigger than a typewriter – with rolled up cables next to it. Kyle and Jane looked at each other for a moment before kissing on the lips, long and gentle. They had never thought this day would arrive. When they heard about the offer, it sounded too good to be true. Jane applied to be a beta tester for this new device and, by some miracle, she had won it.

"We can set it up now, can't we?" Kyle asked, pulling the metal device out of the box and setting it down on the coffee table. It was even heavier than it looked, with very little on it aside from a few ports to plug in cables and a few switches on top.

"Sure we can. That's why they give it to people like us, so we can use it and test it out," Jane said, pulling a small stack of papers out of the cardboard box. "There is also a liability waiver we have to sign first so do not start playing with this thing just yet."

"A liability waiver?" Kyle said, his enthusiasm starting to drop off. "What for?"

"This is experimental technology," Jane shrugged. "It can transform you into any other person but what if you get stuck in one new body? Not that there have been any reports of other beta testers having something like that happen to them."

"And I do not think either of us would complain too much about who we might get stuck as," Kyle grinned at Jane. "Not that you are not already perfect the way you are."

"Thank you," Jane said, rolling her eyes. "But you are right. If I got turned into some supermodel with a huge pregnant belly and could not turn back, that might not be so bad."

Kyle blushed and gulped, not expecting Jane to point out the obvious just yet. The reason they were so excited about this transformation device is it could not only make them look like any man or woman they wanted, complete with clothes and even a little bit of a forced personality change, but it could also make them pregnant as well with no limits on belly size (or breast and butt size for that matter). This transformation device was being sold as a game for party tricks and having fun but Kyle and Jane immediately saw the potential for fun sexual adventures with it. And both of them shared a powerful pregnancy fetish so that was of course the first thing either of them thought of. Jane could always get pregnant the old fashioned way but it would be more fun to make her be hugely pregnant in an instant, making her far more pregnant than would be biologically possible for any other woman.

"We can build up to that one," Kyle said, starting to plug the cables into the side of the metallic box. "How many cables do we need?"

"Only one cable per person so just two, babe," Jane said, taking a cable and each of them hooking it into the side ports on the box, one on each side. The ends of the cables had a slim reflective pad. They could feel a slight vibration coming off of it when it touched their skin. 

"What about electricity? Where do we plug this thing in?" Kyle asked.

"It runs off its own power, they said," Jane said with a shrug. "It's fancy advanced technology. I'm just an administrative assistant. I don't know this sort of stuff."

"Yeah, there is a lot about this thing I do not think we'll understand, if it really works," Kyle said, holding the cable in his hand and looking over at Jane. "Okay...let's give it a shot."

The two stood there looking at one another in silence for a few seconds. Nothing was happening. "Ready when you are," Jane smirked.

"Right, maybe I have to focus," Kyle said as he took in a deep breath. Slowly, Jane's breasts grew out to G cups, straining her shirt and making the velcro on her bra start to peel back.

"Real mature, Kyle," Jane said, rolling her eyes and smirking.

"What? That is the whole fun of this thing," Kyle laughed, stepping over and giving her new cleavage a light squeeze. "At least we know it works now."

"But we can be more creative than this, right?" Jane said as she narrowed her eyes at Kyle. His hair turned a dark black and he grew a light beard, plus he was now three inches taller. "Although I can see the benefits."

Kyle stroked his face and glanced over at his girlfriend. "You wanted me to grow a beard? Why not just tell me?"

"You can't grow a beard like this one," Jane purred, touching his new facial hair and smiling. "But come on now, we should really try to do something fun."

Kyle looked down at the stuff that was pushed aside on the coffee table to make room for the cardboard box and the transformation device. He spotted the remote controller for the television and wiggled it in Jane's face. "How about we flip around and surf some channels and see what we find that strikes our fancy?"

"Ooh, random transformations. Now that could be fun," Jane said, feeling out her new chest. "But no turning me into a dog or something like that. I would rather retain a little bit of my current charms."

"I would never do something like that. I would miss your conversation and wit too much," Kyle grinned, giving his girlfriend a kiss, now much hairier than it was before. "How does kissing feel now?"

"I thought it would be softer, to be honest," Jane said, wrinkling her nose. "I liked you better before...though the extra height is kind of nice."

"I was only 50 percent perfect, got it," Kyle chuckled as he flipped the TV to a random channel. It was a reality show, the Real Housewives of someplace in the country. As soon as Kyle saw a woman strut on screen, he instantly selected her. The transformation was so fast that it made both of them flinched when they saw the new Jane.

She was now even bustier than she was before, although her breasts had the distinct and uncanny appearance of a bosom that had been surgically enhanced. Kyle could see a lot of her cleavage since she was now wearing a very low cut leopard print dress. It was a one piece dress that showed off her entire silhouette from these new melon sized breasts to her wide hips and fat ass cheeks, with the bottom hem of the dress ending very soon and showing most of Jane's new thigh thighs. Her skin was spray tanned one shade darker than orange and there were long dark eyelashes coming off of her bright green eyes when they had been blue before. Her lips were half an inch thicker and she had on a generous amount of pink lipstick. She was not pregnant but this new body was a bit pudgier than Jane had been, indicating that she might have had a few kids of her own already.

Jane ran her hands over her new body, starting with her breasts and nipples and down over her stomach and ending with the bottom curve of her ass cheeks. One hand went up to her head and felt her long hair that reached down to her hips, which was dark except for the ombré coloring near the end. As Jane touched her hair some more, it was clear that this was mostly a weave.

"Oh, real original," Jane said, her voice now sultry with a bit of a nasal whine. "You turned me into some sort of TV reality show bimbo!"

"Yeah, isn't it great!" Kyle laughed, walking over and reaching one hand to her ass. "Look at how big your butt is now!" But Jane swatted his hand away with her own hand, her fingernails now long and bright blue. "Hey!"

"I'm a TV diva, which means I have some attitude of my own!" Jane huffed, smirking at him. "You gotta ask permission to touch this body. A lot of money went into it, after all."

Kyle grinned and held his hands hovering just above her. "Fine. May I please cop a feel on you, hot stuff?"

"Oh, please do. I love a big strong man feeling me up," Jane whined, popping one hip out to rest her hand on her butt. "I sound so spoiled now!"

"It might start getting on my nerves later but you look awfully hot for now," Kyle moaned, squeezing one ass cheek and one breast. She was so stacked and ripe now, he could explore her body for hours and never get tired. Jane felt his erection poking against her exposed thigh and threaten to roll her dress up. As he got closer, Jane grabbed the remote controller and flipped to a new random channel. It was a news channel showing a piece on a high achieving Catholic school. Kyle caught some of it out of the corner of one eye as he started to press his face in between Jane's heaving breasts. "Ooh, going to turn me into a little Catholic school girl?"

"Not quite," Jane smirked, gripping the reflective pad on her cable. In an instant, Kyle felt strain in his joints and stepped back. He was no longer a tall bearded man but a nun in her 60s or 70s. His skin was pale and was wrinkling. He could feel his penis and scrotum was gone and felt some breasts growing out of his chest but with the large black robe over his body and the thick black habit over his head, it was hard for him to get a good look at himself.

"Babe, what the fuck?" Kyle said slowly.

Jane laughed out loud and stuck out her tongue. "And that is what you get for turning me into some upscale TV slut! I can get back at you too, you know! I have the transformation powers as well!"

Kyle could not be too mad with Jane. This was part of the fun of the transformation device after all. He cracked a wrinkled smile and put his, or rather her, hands on her hips and sighed. "For an old lady, I don't look too bad, huh?"

"No, you aged very well babe," Jane cooed. "You adjusted to your new role very fast. Maybe I should turn you into a butler so you just wait on me hand and foot, and then when I need some dick, I can turn you into a stud from a porn film."

"You really are spoiled," Kyle said, wagging one of her wrinkled fingers at Jane. Just like how Jane had inherited the personality of whoever that reality show bimbo was, Kyle was feeling the personality of this nun start to mesh in with the original Kyle personality. "Neither of us may have turned into a Catholic school girl but I can still treat you like one. And if you were one of my students and gave me that kind of attitude, I would send you home to your parents with so many dark purple bruises!"

"Where would you leave those bruises on me?" Jane cooed, running her hands down her waist and showing off her full figure. She also tugged her leopard print dress down a few centimeters to reveal some of her dark nipples.

Kyle smirked and hurried over, swatting Jane hard on the ass with a spank. There was plenty of her booty hanging out of the bottom of her dress and despite Kyle's new, more frail appearance, the slap hit plenty hard and left a bright red mark on Jane's spray tanned butt cheek. Jane let out a yelp and gripped her rear end, wincing and scurrying away.

"That hurt!" Jane whined. "My big booty is more sensitive now than it was before! Be careful!"

"Oh no, I am going to make sure I turn that entire butt hot pink, young lady!" Kyle said, chasing Jane around the coffee table in a circle as they both laughed and squealed. Finally, Kyle grabbed one of the cables back up and looked over at the TV. This channel was now showing commercials for other shows and programs and Kyle was looking at an ad for one about a history channel documentary on the 1950s in America. It showed a stereotypical 1950s house wife working in the kitchen and Kyle reacted.

As Jane was running, she slowed down to a stop quickly as she felt her body change once again. Jane was no longer this half naked, spray tanned, attention seeking spoiled sex kitten. She was wearing a long, conservative polka dot dress with a white frilly apron tied on the front. There were delicate little gloves on each hand and each foot was in a blocky yellow high heel shoe. Where her hair was very long and wavy before, now it was bleached blonde and tied up into a big bun. On her cheeks were two big splotches of blush make up and she had thick ruby red lipstick on her lips.

But lucky for the two of them, the woman in that 1950s documentary commercial was not totally flat. Pushing back the apron were two heaving breasts, hidden behind the buttons of the dress, and the skirt was filled out by a jiggling, round ass. Jane gave it one light pat and gasped, putting a dainty hand over her lips. "Oh my."

"Look at you. Jane the tomboy now looks like she's ready to make a roast turkey for thanksgiving and give the milk man his yearly bonus of a nickel," Kyle laughed, her voice still a deep cackle thanks to the nun persona she was now in.

"I know, just look at me! I look so boring and domestic but...these are some very buxom curves," Jane said, her voice now a high pitched chirp as she touched herself all over. "And looking like this, why, back in the day I would be pregnant very soon, wouldn't I?"

Kyle's wrinkled grin started to fade and she gulped. "Yes, you certainly would."

"I would be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, as they say," Jane cooed, patting her flat stomach, with an apron over top. "This apron would not even be able to hide my popped out belly button when I started growing a belly. But I would still cook for you, and for me too! After all, I would be eating for two. Or even three, if you put twins inside of my tummy!"

"Why stop there? With this device, we can give you as many babies as you want," Kyle said, hitting the switch on top of the device to revert to his original form. "We both know that is what you want from this thing, right? You want to be a big, round, sexy pregnant woman."

"So do you, dear," Jane said with a light giggle as she looked down to the floor.

"What do you mean?" Kyle asked.

"No need to be shy. I have known for a long time. You want me to be pregnant, yes, but you want to be a pregnant woman too. I get it. I think pregnant women are sexy too, remember?" Jane said, stepping up to Kyle and kissing him on the cheek.

Kyle was now blushing brighter than Jane's 1950s make up. "Yes...I have wanted it for a long time but it has only been a fantasy."

"It does not have to be a fantasy anymore," Jane said, holding up the other cable and removing her gloved hand so she could touch the skin of her palm to it, making it respond and vibrate. "Do you trust me to give you a big, swollen, pregnant tummy?"

"Yes, babe," Kyle said, leaning in and kissing Jane. He tasted her cherry sweet lipstick and ran one hand up her rough apron to fill his hand with her breast, fondling it lightly and feeling her nipple harden in his palm. "And I will make you pregnant too. You will be a fertile goddess when I am done with you."

"I like the sound of that," she giggled, moving one hand to his lap and feeling his erection. "I will miss this nice hard..." Her 1950s persona was preventing her from using sexy words so loosely. "...cock inside of me but I will love rubbing pregnant bellies together with you. Now close your eyes."

Kyle did as he was told and Jane turned to the television set. As a woman from the 1950s, she was more acquainted with turning the knobs on the TV than using a remote controller but she got the hang of it. She found the health channel, which always had plenty of good pregnancy content on there that the two of them would watch and make out to. Jane turned it on at just the right time as it showed a young, short Asian woman going through a pregnancy time lapse, starting out totally flat and gradually ballooning out until she was full term with her baby.

Jane focused and, in an instant, Kyle was now that short Asian woman, wearing a maroon shirt and a pair of jeans. Kyle looked over this new body, still not used to the process of transforming into another person, plus the sensation of going from biologically male to female was a transition one really had to brace for. Kyle touched her new breasts, much more perky and buoyant than they were when she was the older nun but still not particularly noteworthy. Jane had bigger breasts before they started this whole experiment and test phase with the transformation device.

"How do you feel?" Jane asked, still using her coy 1950s housewife voice. "Any personality changes?"

"Not this time. I guess just being a woman profiled in a documentary about pregnancy does not come with any special personality," Kyle said, still looking over her body, with her hands now feeling her soft butt up to her flat stomach. Her voice was higher and feminine now but that was it. "I do feel a strange feeling in my gut though...ooh..."

Then, gradually, Kyle's belly started to grow, ballooning out from beyond the small maroon shirt she had on. In ten seconds, Jane could see her sandy skin toned pregnant stomach sticking out of the red shirt. She was just revealing her underbelly at first, smooth and tight, then her dimpled belly button stuck out and was revealed to the world. Kyle let out a light groan and touched her hand to the front of her belly, feeling the extent of her fullness. It was as though she could feel her womb and this unborn child trying to make its way right out of her stomach. Kyle looked nine months pregnant, just like that Asian woman in the health channel show. But Jane was not content with that basic pregnancy and she knew Kyle would not be satisfied with that sort of transformation either.

Narrowing her eyes, Jane continued to focus and Kyle continued to expand. She whimpered and buckled her knees to support her expanding body. Her hips were getting wider and wider and Jane could feel her ass cheeks getting plumper to accommodate this growing maternal body. The maroon shirt which could once cover all of Kyle's new and tiny body was quickly vanishing and as Kyle's pregnant belly grew to the size of a woman full term with twins, the shirt got tucked underneath her growing breasts, with each of her tits now as big as a basketball. Both hands now had to be on Kyle's belly as she rubbed it and felt her growth settle. She was nine months pregnant with twins and felt them both moving inside of her heaving, round stomach. For a woman the size that Kyle now was, even being pregnant with twins made her look proportionately too big and her tiny arms were having a hard time reaching her belly button. Each breast was far too big to fit in her delicate hands and her ass cheeks looked out of place on such a lithe young woman.

Kyle was still looking down at her swollen pregnant body, touching her walnut colored body and teasing her belly and breasts before tossing her long black hair out of her sharp eyes and looked over at her girlfriend. "How do I look, babe?"

Jane was stunned. Here, the two of them had shared a pregnancy fetish for so long and had confessed their deepest fantasies and desires to one another. And now, it was Kyle the man who got pregnant before Jane, the one with an actual uterus! "You look so good," Jane squeaked, stepping over in her gawdy 1950s yellow high heels and kissed the tiny pregnant Asian woman on the cheek. "You got your wish. How does being pregnant feel?"

"I love it," Kyle grunted, shifting her lower hips to better steady her belly weight. "But you made me awfully big. Not that I'm complaining."

"Good, good," Jane purred, placing her hand on the front of Kyle's belly and giving it a light, sensitive rub. Kyle closed her eyes and sighed, savoring the feel of her lover against her stomach. "I can feel the babies kicking."

Kyle was not so lost in the sensation of her pregnancy to miss the slight twinge of jealousy in Jane's voice. She turned and rubbed her pregnant belly against Jane's own stomach and hips and churned her hips. "Feel your babies. If I'm pregnant, you're pregnant too."

"Mmm," Jane said, shuddering and resting her weight against Kyle's pregnant body. "I love being pregnant with you."

"And you will be, don't worry," Kyle said, picking up the cable and the remote controller. She switched around until she came back to another history channel, this one on ancient artifacts. It showed an old stone statuette of a pregnant woman, with exaggerated breasts, butt, and belly. Kyle looked at Jane and smiled. She could not just give her a normal pregnancy. She had to give her girlfriend the most pregnancy she could.

As Kyle focused, Jane felt her body change again. She stepped back and looked cautiously at Kyle, then herself. "Did you...shrink yourself?" Jane asked.

"No, you're just taller," Kyle smiled. Jane was an ancient tribeswoman from Africa, at least according to a mix of the history program on the TV and Kyle's own imagination and conception of history. Jane had dark black skin and stood six and a half feet tall, with thick muscles on her arms and legs that looked like they were meticulously carved from wood. Her head was shaved down but there was still the residual bristle from her dark hair. Her lips were juicy and pink and her eyes gleamed down at Kyle, making the pregnant woman's heart rate pick up and the fetuses inside her start to kick harder.

Just as Jane started to look over her new body and adjust to being so tall and sturdy, she started to feel a similar change in her stomach that Kyle had experienced a few minutes ago. Her belly started to grow out big and round, though she expanded much faster. Kyle was the more impatient one of the two. As Jane felt her womb filling with new unborn children, her breasts began to grow fast as well, steadily moving her toward the same proportions of the fertility statue from the history channel program. As big as her belly was getting, Jane's breasts were keeping the pace, extending just as far and weighing down on her swelling stomach. Both of Jane's hands had to rest on top of her tits and she felt how tight and full of milk they were getting. At the same time, her ass cheeks were growing and making her as wide across as her pregnant belly. With a groan, Jane felt her clothes rip to shreds, revealing her buff, naked, pregnant body.

When it was all over, she had a pregnant stomach that looked nearly big enough to fit the new, smaller Kyle inside of it, with breasts that were just as large resting on top. Her dark skin was glowing and shining now as the pregnancy hormones coursed through her body.

"You really did a number on me this time, babe," Jane sighed, eyes wide with shock as she admired her new hyper fertile form. "But I can't say I don't like it."

"It is getting late and there aren't that many people out on a Tuesday night," Kyle said, waddling up and rubbing her hands against Jane's pregnant belly. "Want to go for a waddle outside and show off?"

Jane grinned and the two were out the door. It was the Summer so Jane could strut her nude pregnant body around and not get cold. Kyle thought about stripping down as well but she was barely used to being a woman. Being out in public naked would be too big of a transition just now...but eventually, she could see it.

They waddled the streets of the city, getting lots of looks, which is just what they wanted. Kyle and Jane had an arm across the other's body, with Kyle able to hold onto Jane's wide and plump hips easily. They rubbed their bellies and one another's, feeling all their children squirming around inside. "Lot of kicking. Think that's your genes or mine?" Jane asked.

"I think they get that from me. I am too impatient and restless," Kyle said, testing out her new girlish giggle before kissing Jane on the belly. "In fact, if we were back home, I would already be thinking about changing bodies again."

"Oh no, I am not done with this one yet. You are a real cutie," Jane said, running her large hand down over Kyle's disproportionately large breasts and over her belly before giving her popped out belly button a pinch. "So girlish and sweet."

"And you look so sexy and strong, but also so maternal. Those big tits could feed an entire village," Kyle said, stroking one finger against Jane's erect, dark nipple, making it twitch. "I want to try drinking some myself."

"Look at you, getting all feisty," Jane laughed, bumping her baby bump against Kyle and letting their sensitive, round tummies rub together. "All of those preggo hormones coursing through you are turning you into even hornier than you were as a guy."

"My mind and personality mixed with pregnancy hormones is a dangerous combination, for sure," Kyle smiled, putting both hands on her large round stomach and giving it a jiggle. "Plus giving me this sexy knocked up body has boosted my confidence. I may not be able to be controlled much longer."

"Ooh?" Jane purred, curling her full lips and raising one eyebrow. "Then we had better get back home."

The two pregnant women headed back to their place, just waddling at first but gradually picking up the pace. It was hard being so round and heavy and swollen and as they began to jog, each woman was panting and sweating hard. By the time they made it back to their home, each woman was out of breath and exhausted. They rushed to the bedroom, taking the transformation device with them. They began making out furiously, with their hands rubbing all over one another's breasts, butt cheeks, and especially bellies. Kyle filled her mouth with Jane's breasts and filled her mouth with milk while Jane churned her hips to make their pregnant bellies rub together harder and longer. The unborn children inside of each of them were kicking up a storm as the two made out, which only egged the two pregnancy fetishes on harder, feeling their fertility erupting from deep within them and giving them a primal sex drive. They were each so sensitive all over now and without expecting it, Kyle let out a whimpering shout and curled into Jane's arms.

"W-what was that?" Kyle moaned, one hand running down her swollen stomach down to her wet pussy. "Was that an...orgasm?"

"That's how we do it. Welcome to the club," Jane laughed, kissing her on the forehead and petting the short Asian woman's long silky hair. "Like it?"

"Love it. Dunno if it's the extra pregnant push but you ladies have a lot more fun," Kyle said before sinking her fingers into Jane's wet sex. Jane cried out and grit her teeth as Kyle stroked and rubbed until she brought her girlfriend to a climax as well, with milk spraying out onto the bed.

"Thank you...the extra pregnant push does a lot, trust me," Jane whimpered. "I'm looking forward to even more pregnant orgasms in the future."

"Same, and I'm looking forward to fucking a pregnant woman with my male dick sometime soon too," Kyle smiled, kissing Jane again before looking over at the transformation device. "Do you want to reset to our original bodies?"

"In the morning," Jane cooed, cuddling against Kyle's belly. "For tonight, I want to sleep in your arms like this."

"Same," Kyle smiled, moving around so her head could be in Jane's cleavage while Jane's hands were all over Kyle's pregnant stomach.
Commission: Random Looks
A commissioned story, a couple with a pregnancy fetish gets a device that can transform them into looking like anyone and find a fun way to randomly cycle to different bodies.

Commissioned by jwargod

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Greg sighed with boredom as he scrolled through the pages of the game torrent site. He had downloaded and played so many video games from here and he had come to learn he had tapped the well dry. The games that were good were few and far between and he had played them so much that he was now bored with them. But as he went and looked for new games to check out, Greg saw just how little quality was out there for him to enjoy.

There was only one type of video game Greg liked to play anymore: adult games. Scantily clad or nude women, sex and sexuality as an integral game play mechanic, or anything else that would titillate and arouse him. Maybe his singular focus on these sorts of video games were the reason why he was finding so little material to enjoy and he could have been happy just playing Dark Souls or Call of Duty like everyone else. But Greg had his tastes and he did not waver from them.

But as he was scrolling through another game torrent website and coming up short, Greg was starting to rethink his decisions. Most of what he came across were just dating simulators and he was completely bored and done with those. There were a number of disturbing rape fantasy games out there as well but those completely turned Greg's stomach. And everyone else was just...bad. Cheap graphics, no story, lazy game play.

Just as Greg was about to call it quits, he came across a Japanese game. The thumbnail showed a white haired Japanese woman squaring off with an imposing woman flashing a demonic but still seductive grin. The title and description was all in Japanese. However, in playing so many adult games, Greg had gone through quite a few hentai games and had picked up on some key Japanese terms. He spotted some of them in the description: "girl" "women" "sexy" and then best of all "pregnant."

Greg had a powerful pregnancy fetish but he had unfortunately never found this facet in any adult games he had played. But now, here it was, and the thumbnail for the game looked very interesting as well. He gulped and felt his skin flush with excitement. How long had it been since a new adult game made him feel this way? With his hand slightly trembling, Greg moved his mouse forward and clicked to download the game. As it began to download onto his hard drive, he continued his arousal by looking at more photos of heavily pregnant women, particularly Japanese women given the game he was about to play. Seeing them all so heavy and swollen and round, each one of them at the absolute peak of their femininity. It was so seductive and powerful and in many ways, Greg envied these women who were gravid and looked like they were bursting with sexual energy. Deep down, Greg wanted to know what it would be like to be a pregnant woman, to feel these wide curves and full belly and tiny fetal kicks scurrying around inside of his womb.

He reached one cautious hand down into his pants and gripped his growing erection, thinking about getting an early start on the game and rubbing one out before it downloaded. But as Greg felt his pulsing and throbbing hard cock in his hands, lightly stroking it up and down, the game downloaded to his computer and opened up. His computer screen went black instantly and Greg felt that blackness spread beyond the confines of his computer screen. In no time, Greg's entire field of vision was black and he lost all of his senses and sense of self awareness. It was as if he was conscious in a coma but he could not tell how long the feeling lasted as all sense of time left his body as well.

When the sensation ended, Greg was in the middle of an urban street somewhere, with tall buildings all around him. Greg was confused but quickly, that confusion was less about where he was than who he was. As he inspected his body, Greg no longer felt like a "he" but a "she." Greg was a woman, though not one with very many curves. She had a modest bust and slightly more of a defined hip than Greg had as a man but otherwise she was relatively plain. Her skin was very pale and smooth, with none of Greg's body hair remaining. She was dressed in a grey sports bra and some elastic athletic shorts, plus a pair of tennis shoes and thick socks. But otherwise, she was very exposed while she was out in the open in a city setting.

She ran one hand over her bare stomach to inspect herself, feeling the ridges of her defined ab muscles and tiny navel. "At least I have abs," she said to herself, still retaining some of Greg's memories and personality. "If I have to be half naked out in public, I guess it is better to look like this than look like I did before playing...wait a minute..."

Her memories of what happened before the black out started to get blurry. She remembered something about a video game being downloaded or whatever but now new memories were filling her head. Her name was Michiko and she was on a mission to save the world from an invading evil that came straight from Hell. Evil succubuses (Succubuses? Succubi? The game's Japanese translation did not make it clear) had come and enslaved the world with their alluring sexual charms. Only Michiko, who was blessed with special strength and powers, would be able to stop these seductive demons from holding their dominion over the world.

Michiko saw a puddle in the asphault in the street and looked down at herself. She was a Japanese woman for sure, and young with shoulder length white hair, no doubt caused by whatever supernatural force gave her these powers. Michiko could not remember receiving any special powers but the Greg side of her personality and memories was not too concerned. Video game backstories and plots were often superfluous anyways.

"Guess I had better go save the world then," Michiko sighed, hands on her small hips as she turned her attention to an alley across from her. On the other end of the alley was a tall building that looked very ornate and recently renovated. "If I was an evil demon who had just taken over the world, I would probably go live in a building like that."

As she walked toward the alley, a black cloth clad ninja scurried out of the shadows and right toward her, wielding a long katana blade in one hand. This ninja was female with ample curves and a chest so big, it seemed as though it would get in the way of any genuine ninja activity. The only part of the cunning warrior that was uncovered was her eyes and Michiko could see a slight reddish tint in her eyes. This woman was under the enchantment of a succubus, who may have given her these super model curves in exchange for her service.

"Okay, time to get down to business," Michiko said, cracking her knuckles in her palms and darting toward the ninja with bouncing breasts. She could match the ninja's speed fairly well and she narrowed her onyx eyes, carefully avoiding the warrior's blade before throwing a counter punch. To Michiko (and Greg's) surprise, before her fist could connect, a blue flash of light shot out of it instead. The light struck the ninja and she stopped her assault. Michiko watched in shock as the ninja dropped her blade and clutched one hand against her stomach. In a matter of seconds, her stomach ballooned out to a full term pregnant belly size, ripping through her black outfit and revealing her naked stomach and her exposed lower breasts. The ninja then let out a whimpering moan and sat down on her plump ass as she began to stroke her pregnant middle and moaned, sounding perfectly contented.

Michiko wanted to stop and observe the situation but she was compelled to move forward. Clearly, this video game was meant to be a side scroller and stopping to smell the roses or stroke a fallen ninja's pregnant belly was not an option. But as Michiko started running again, she felt a lot heavier. She looked down to see she now had a full term sized pregnant belly as well! Since she was wearing such sparse clothing to begin with, she had a lot more room to grow and her pale naked belly stuck far out in front of her. Michiko may not have had many curves when this started but she now had a pair of double D breasts resting on top of her stomach and she could feel her ass cheeks beginning to jiggle behind her. Thankfully, the video game allowed her bra and shorts to grow with her body, although her sports bra was showing off a lot of her cleavage as well.

"This is a pleasant surprise," she cooed, stroking one hand against her big belly as she ran forward. She could feel a sudden stirring inside of her and a kick against her palm. It was such a strange sensation and one Greg was always so curious about. To feel another being growing inside of her was wonderful and bizarre and impossible to put into words but there was no time to even try to put it in some poetic phrasing. Several more ninjas hurried toward her and while they were all busty and curvy, none of them were slowed down with a pregnant belly.

Seeing their sharp and gleaming swords in the dark alley made Michiko panic for a moment but she gripped her fists and remained committed. She took out that one ninja with a burst of...weird pregnancy energy. Maybe that would work again, or having a belly would at least slow these women down to the point that Michiko would be even with them and she could just punch them in the nose and make them go away. With a deep breath, drawing it up from her own large belly, Michiko threw a jab at the nearest ninja and a shot of blue light flew out and struck the attacker. The ninja moaned and stopped in place, holding onto her swelling pregnant stomach and stroking her bare maternal belly.

Now Michiko knew this all worked, even if she did not totally know why. Again, she fired out blast after blast, striking the other remaining ninjas. Down they all went as they became full term pregnant and cradled their swollen and round tummies, each one twitching and shaking from their new unborn babies moving around inside of them. But as Michiko was striking the ninja women, she felt her knees get tired and looked down. At first, she could not see the changes because her vision was so obscured by her breasts. What were once so small that she barely even needed a bra were bosoms the size of watermelons that strained her expanding grey sports brea. Michiko was filled to the brim with milk and she could feel her nipples hardening up at the sight of her own cleavage.

But past her breasts, Michiko saw that she had an enormous pregnant belly now. It was the size of a beach ball and just as round, with veins appearing on the otherwise smooth surface because of just how tight her belly skin had to get. Michiko could feel more bodies moving around inside of her womb and while it was thrilling at first, now it was just surreal and confusing. Then she realized: she was not only using these energy blasts to make other women pregnant. Each blast made her a little more pregnant as well!

The remaining ninja darted at Michiko and the young Japanese woman threw out another blast, not knowing any other way to avoid a confrontation. The ninja avoided it narrowly but Michiko still felt her belly expand, with her breasts and butt adding on a little bit of mass as well. Now she knew each individual blast added a baby to her belly, not just when she hit an opponent. The challenge of this game was not only about taking down her foes but being conservative with her energy blasts or else she would just become a belly with a woman attached and then she would not be able to fight anybody!

As Michiko turned her widening hips to match the ninja's quick movements, she felt how much slower she was with all of these babies inside of her womb now and her breasts were shaking and jiggling, which slowed her down as well. She had no time to count exactly how many there were just yet but they were doing enough kicking for 20 babies! With her slower reaction time, she was unable to dodge the ninja's sword in time and felt it slash her muscular forearm.

"Yowch!" Michiko hissed, moving out of the way in time to avoid a seriously deep cut or loss of limb. It broke her skin and cut some muscle fibers but it was not a critical injury. Still, video game or not, it hurt. Then, in the corner of her eye, Michiko saw some tiny red numbers appear: 95/100 "Guess I know how long I can keep this up now," Michiko groaned, pressing one palm against her heavy belly to brace her weight and crouch into a steady position. Her sharp eyes watched the ninja woman darting toward her in the dark and waited for her!

Michiko nailed her and knocked up her final attacked. Down she went, swollen and groaning, rubbing her bare belly along with the other ninjas. Michiko rubbed her belly right along with them as she surveyed the ninjas. All of them looked like they had just orgasmed and her smiling wide and running their hands in a slow, sensual path across their bellies. It made sense to Michiko now: these women were controlled by succubus magic, so sex and sexuality was important to them. Getting them pregnant turned them on enough that it satiated them, possibly even breaking the succubus' control.

"Guess I'm not the only one who thinks pregnancy is sexy," Michiko hummed as she put both hands on her large round stomach. Now that she had some time to feel and count, Michiko traced six fetuses inside of her womb, all squirming and kicking. Whether they were biologically the ninjas' or not, she was not sure. But Michiko knew each baby added to her belly gave her a new rush of hormones and made her body feel more sensitive, even if she was slower. She purred and kept rubbing her stomach while reaching one hand up to fondle her heaving breasts. Greg may have been bored before but now that he was Michiko and he could feel everything she could feel, this was exciting...though she wondered what would happen when her health bar hits 0.

Michiko waddled out of the alley to the big opulent building the succubus was clearly waiting in. There were no more ninjas or minor minions on her path as she stomped her heavy, fertile body through the front door and into the main lobby. Once inside, she saw it was a totally open space save for a large, red staircase running up through the ceiling. Michiko could not see what was beyond the staircase but she could see lots of men and women writhing around together, on mattresses and futons covering the floor. The room was heavy with their sweat and musk and Michiko could hear them all moaning and grunting.

There was one raised round platform in the center of the room where no one was fucking and one woman was standing on it, arms crossed and smirking at Michiko. The ninjas were a variety of different ethnicities but this woman appeared to be Chinese and she wore a red qipao with room to show off her thick, toned arms and legs, as well as lots of cleavage. The same enchanted look was in her eyes as was in the ninjas'. "I was hoping you would make it," the Chinese woman said, tying her long black hair up in a tight bun.

"Same here," Michiko said, huffing as she lifted one leg up and got herself onto the platform. "We aren't interrupting this orgy in here, are we?"

"No, they are fuel for the mistress. Once I, Shu-La, defeat you, you will be able to meet her yourself. And she will reward me with...pleasure you can never imagine." Shu-La's smirk grew to a wide grin and she extended her fists in a single graceful motion.

"I can give you plenty of pleasure myself," Michiko said, steadying herself to hit Shu-La with an energy blast. Then she could move onto the final boss and maybe then she would have enough time to explore this pregnant body to herself...and maybe even spend some time with Shu-La afterwards. She was awfully hot and would look even hotter as a pregnant woman.

Shu-La lunged at Michiko like an Olympic track star coming out of the block. That was fine with Michiko as her attacker was moving in a straight line. With one jab, Michiko blasted Shu-La with a preggifying blast. Shu-La's pregnant belly burst out of her dress...but she did not stop. Michiko's eyes widened in nervous shock as Shu-La kept going and threw a punch. It smacked Michiko in the face but luckily their bellies bumped together so Shu-La did not get her full extension.

While Michiko got weak in the knees from feeling her extremely sensitive pregnant belly rub against another woman's expectant middle, she still had enough athletic prowess to move out of the way and circle behind Shu-La to get some distance between the two. Michiko touched her buzzing face and felt blood coming from her nose and lips. The little number in her periphery read 70/100. One hell of a punch.

"You can't make me cum from just one little baby bump. I was a high level escort before the mistress rose me up to this position," Shu-La grinned, patting her belly while licking her knuckles. Michiko was starting to worry, plus she was now one baby bigger and was that much slower. For a hentai game, there was a lot of strategy involved. "Give up?"

"Not just yet," Michiko breathed, shuffling around the rim of the stage. Shu-La paced to try and match her movements and Michiko tried to read her reflexes and body movement. She had her own experience with being pregnant and knew how a new expectant mother waddled. Michiko saw just the right moment to strike, throwing two quick blasts. Shu-La was not ready for it as she expanded out to triplets.

Now Michiko was pregnant with nine babies and had a belly that was bigger than the rest of her body, plus two breasts as big as her head and ass cheeks like basketballs. Her grey sports bra was now a tight bikini that held her chest in place as best as it could, only hiding her nipples from view. She was breathing heavily, feeling her own arousal spike but she also saw Shu-La adjusting to her new pregnancy. The martial artist moaned and stroked her stomach slowly, exploring it with her hands. "Oof, you really did a number on me," Shu-La cooed. "I look huge."

"That's just the way I like you," Michiko said, taking advantage of Shu-La's infatuation to waddle up and start touching her attacker's belly. Shu-La blushed and looked back at her as Michiko undid the butterfly knots on her qilao and clutched Shu-La's bare breasts. She massaged the Chinese woman's heavy, warm chest, feeling how soft her bosom was. "These must be so sore, getting filled with all that milk in such a short time. Here, let me help you."

"Yes," Shu-La purred, her eyelids fluttering. She leaned forward and Michiko caught her lips, sucking on her bottom lip gently before slipping her tongue in Shu-La's mouth. Shu-La, as a former prostitute and escort, was an amazing kisser and their pregnant bodies rubbed up closely, each feeling the unique, maternal curves of the other. Michiko removed the rest of Shu-La's top and ran her hands all over the smooth, toned back of her enemy.

"You look so gorgeous," Michiko whispered in Shu-La's ear before nibbling on it. Shu-La whined and writhed in Michiko's grip. She knew she had Shu-La now. There were other ways to make a woman cum than just making her pregnant, although each baby added certainly made her more sensitive. Michiko hit Shu-La with one more blast, now a woman pregnant with dectuplets fondling a woman pregnant with quads. Slowly, Michiko swatted, making her huge belly look even bigger by comparison. She faced Shu-La's taut, smooth belly and placed one, wet, warm kiss on Shu-La's dimpled belly button, making sure to let her tongue linger.

With a trembling moan, Shu-La came and her knees gave out. Michiko held onto her new lover to give just enough of a brace to let Shu-La hit the ground safely, using her large ass as padding. Shu-La was shivering and gasping as she ran her hands all over her swollen belly and engorged breasts. Michiko smiled and ran one hand over Shu-La's round body too.

"Stay with me," Shu-La whimpered, the red look in her eyes gone.

"I'd love to but I think I have a mission to finish," Michiko said, kissing Shu-La on the cheek. "Hopefully we can pick this back up after I deal with whatever is upstairs."

Being nine months pregnant with ten babies took its toll on Michiko but she managed to huff and puff her way up the stairs, her breasts bobbing and jiggling with each step. She stroked her big belly the whole way to try and quiet the kicking children inside of her. She was starting to pick up on the style of this game and was learning more about her own body. Being a pregnant woman was coming to her very quickly but a whole previous life of being a pregnancy fetishist seemed to help.

Once she passed the staircase and made it to the second floor, Michiko could feel the energy in the room shift. This was the final boss, or at least the boss of this level. Lounging in a canopy bed was a woman like Michiko had never seen before. She was tall, toned, curvy in all the right places, and oozed sexuality out of every pore. It looked like the woman from the video game thumbnail. She had radiant tan skin. There was long black hair running over her shoulders and down to her bare breasts, with some of it tied up in a ponytail. There was a strong purple eyeshadow around her gleaming red eyes and her plump red lips opened to reveal strangely seductive fangs. As she got up and strode toward Michiko like a model on a cat walk, she could see a golden piercing in her navel. This had to be a succubus.

"Hello there. Michiko, right?" the succubus purred. "I was curious about meeting you."

"Great, we can talk later," Michiko said, throwing a blast at the succubus. She did not even try to avoid it as it struck the demon and her belly grew round and firm. The succubus chuckled and rubbed it with a long-fingernail hand as she stood right next to Michiko. The white haired woman winced and felt her belly skin really pinching now that she was pregnant with 11 babies.

"Such a strange power. I use mine to make women make babies as well but I encourage them to do it the old fashioned way," the succubus said, running her tongue across Michiko's forehead, making her shiver and shudder. She wanted to fuck this monster so badly and had 11 times the normal hormones running through her body too. But Michiko knew she had her mission. It was a video game, after all. 

With the demon so close, Michiko fired off blast after blast. The succubus took it all, laughing and hooting as her tan belly expanded to hold ten babies and her breasts were each as big as one of those pregnant ninja's stomachs. Michiko doubled her pregnant stomach size and squatted, panting and groaning. She could not even waddle now and her breasts hung over the side of her colossal stomach. Her ass cheeks stuck out twice as wide of her hips. Her bra was now just two heart shaped stickers over her nipples and her athletic shorts were a thong that had long since vanished in between her ass cheeks. The succubus purred and slashed one claw down Michiko's cheek, bringing her health down to 60/100.

"I think that's enough," the succubus cooed. "You aren't going to shake my focus, sweetie. I've been doing this for too long." She looked down at her pregnant belly and gave it a light bounce, making her piercing jingle. "But giving me this big tummy gives me an idea of what I can do with you." The succubus spread her legs and grabbed Michiko's shoulders. With a strong pull, she brought Michiko forward and pressed her head into her birth canal. Michiko's white haired head passed the succubus' soft and wet pussy lips with shocking ease. It was not long before Michiko was inside of the demon's body up to her tits, with her enormous pregnant stomach sticking out. She tried to wiggle and kick her legs but it was no use. With another deep groaning breath, the succubus rubbed her belly and felt it expand as she sucked Michiko all the way, her body swallowing up all of Michiko's 20 baby belly and making her own pregnant stomach triple in size. In a matter of minutes, the succubus had a belly the size of a pickup truck and still totally round, although now it stuck out in a football shape as it extended away from her own body and laid on the tiled floor of her room.

Michiko thrashed and pushed for freedom, feeling herself imprisoned in this tight, wet, warm chamber of flesh and amniotic fluid. She could still breathe at least but Michiko felt her energy being sapped rapidly. The number in her field of vision began to tick down gradually, nearing 50/100 with scary speed. One hand managed to make it to Michiko's pregnant belly and rub it as she tried to think. No way she was going to just lose this game on the first boss, not to mention there was surely something bad in store for her if her health bar hit 0.

Only one thing had proven to defeat her enemies so far and that was orgasms. She could keep making the succubus pregnant but it did not seem to effect her, plus if she used any more energy blasts, Michiko would be all belly and all hopes of defeating this demon woman would be lost. Michiko thought about her own pregnant body and her pregnancy fetish and realized what she had to do. Carefully, Michiko stroked the soft walls of the succubus' womb. This was still a part of the succubus and if Michiko knew her pregnant belly was sensitive, the inside had to be even more stimulating.

"Ooh, what are you doing in there, sweetie?" the succubus cooed, looking over her massive belly. "Trying to find a way out before you lose?"

Michiko did not play along and answer. She continued to reach around the womb as she felt the succubus twitching and shuddering at certain spots. That was where Michiko trained her attention, rubbing her breasts, belly, butt, and tongue on those special areas. The succubus was shivering and petting her pregnant body carefully, not feeling this way in a long time. Then Michiko found the spot where she came in to the womb and curled her fingers past the cervix to the soft vagina. The succubus gasped and clenched her thighs tight.

"H-hey, be careful down there! You really think a little girl like you can defeat a sex demon like me?" the succubus said, her voice trembling and betraying her true feelings. But Michiko just kept rubbing until her curled fingers felt the succubus' thick cluster of nerves: the G spot. With a gentle pet, the succubus was sent spiraling. Her dripping sensual voice was yelping and moaning in a high pitched tone. But Michiko was not done yet. Her health had just gotten into the 30s and she wanted out. She continued to masturbate the succubus from inside the womb until with another cry, the succubus pushed her out, rebirthing Michiko into the world.

Looking over the panting and gasping pregnant monster, the amniotic fluid-soaked Michiko beamed with pride. "Level one, beaten," she cooed. "And now I have some time to take care of myself." Michiko reached one hand under the massive curve of her 20-baby belly and started to stroke her own pussy. It was like being hit with a bolt of lightning and she came immediately, with all of the libido she'd built up getting so pregnant hitting her at once. Her fingers were dripping wet as she stroked and explored herself again and again, moaning and gasping as her face went bright red. Michiko still had Greg's memories and could not believe women felt this good when they touched themselves. One hand slowly moved up the curve of her trembling, sensitive belly, feeling her many babies kicking up a storm, and clutched one breast. She squeezed it for a few seconds before she had to guide her nipple into her mouth and suckled herself. Another jolt ran down her spine and Michiko let out a deep grunt.

"Fuck, this is amazing," Michiko said, her knees wobbling and shaking as one hand reached back to squeeze and lightly spank her own ass. "Now...I had better go back down and finish what I started with Shu-La. I hope this isn't one of those games where you teleport to the next lev-"

She spoke too soon. Michiko blinked out of the opulent building, on to her next adventure to rid the world of the succubus scourge. But what was awaiting her on the other side?
Commission: Immersive Gameplay
A commissioned story, a young man finds a video game that transports him into a world where he's a young woman who has to fight off the forces of evil with pregnancy as her only weapon.

Commissioned by jwargod

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Neopolitan crossed her arms and looked down at the haul from her last big robbery. She had devoted a lot of time and energy to that last job and risked her own neck being the getaway driver as well. And yet, what she had in front of her was a relatively paltry sum of money. All of that work and effort and this is what it resulted in?

Neo let out a small sigh, one of the few sounds she ever made, and shook her multi colored hair in frustration. The life of a criminal was losing its appeal very quickly for the young woman. She did not mind the moral grayness of what she was doing and deep down she even enjoyed the occasional fights when she got to bust out her iconic umbreall and sword combo. But it was not nearly enough of a rewarding experience given the energy, time, and the risk to her own life and health that was involved with being a notorious criminal. Neo wanted to stop and retire to a comfortable life of lounging around and enjoying self care, which would primarily consist of eating ice cream and shopping for new outfits and costumes that she could change in to throughout the day. Neo may have employed costume changes and disguises as part of her criminal repertoire but deep down she just liked dressing in lots of fun and unique ways.

The only problem was, as the criminal (and villain to some) that Neo was, just dropping out of the under world life style was not something she could do at a whim. There were still many on her side of the morality spectrum who needed her work and assistance and might try to take her out if they perceived that she was soft, which was frankly all the more reason to want to get away from those kinds of people as soon as possible. And then on the other side, Neo had plenty of enemies who would not just leave her alone if she said she was going off to retire to a comfortable life of eating ice cream and buying cute outfits and clothes. She knew her old foe Yang Xiao Long would not put up with that and would continue to go after Neo even if she gave up the criminal life style. Neo could always go and give her services to Yang's side but...that sounded like even less fun than continuing to be a criminal.

As Neo thought about it, cocking her head back and forth and only letting out a tiny hum from her lips, the idea came to her and she opened her pink and black eyes wide. It was so simple and so obvious that most people would never have been able to come up with it. In order to absolve herself of all of this responsibility and moral baggage, Neo would just have to get pregnant. It was so clear. If Neo was pregnant, she could not go off and battle with some do gooder students from Beacon Academy nor could she be expected to steal and rob and kill. And at the same time, none of the various so called "heroes" who had a grudge against her would lift a finger against a pregnant woman. On top of that, if Neo was pregnant, she could pig out on ice cream all day and no one would think twice about it, other than to think it was cute that she was delving in to her pregnant cravings. Also, if she was pregnant and growing bigger with each passing day, Neo would have the perfect excuse built in to go out and buy more outfits and clothes to try on in order to accommodate her swelling belly.

A crafty smile spread across Neo's face. Her enemies may have called her a lot of nasty names but they could never accuse her of being slow witted. Neo approached every decision with calculations and logic and this idea had no flaws in it. She could always just give the baby, or babies if things really turned out in an unexpected way, up for adoption. It would not be so bad. Neo did not have the most picture perfect childhood or grow up in a nuclear family and she turned out just fine.

Now the only question was how to get pregnant. Should Neo try shopping around at a sperm bank or get knocked up the old fashioned way? That second idea certainly put another smile on Neo's face and she saw the chance to kill two birds with one stone, which was her favorite way to kill birds. Making her way through the Cinder's Faction hideout, Neo slowly opened the door to Mercury Black's room. He was shirtless and lifting weights, his silvery hair tied back so the sweaty strands wouldn't get in his face.

"Hello there," he smirked with a huff of exhaustion. Even when he was deep into an exercise, he still had a casual, carefree smile on his face. If it was not for the strained veins and sweat all over his body, it would almost look like his weight lifting was easy. "Cinder send you in here to do a check up after the mission? If not, better to go and rest. That was a long job and I know it took a lot out of me."

But Neo just smiled and strolled up to him before running one finger down his bare, muscular chest. His arms quivered and he put down the two large weights.

"Mmm," Neo purred, spreading her palm across his body. Once again, words were not her preferred method of communication but Mercury did not need to hear her speak to know what she was telling him. Just her close contact and that flirty breath of hers were enough to send a shiver down his back.

"Are you serious?" Mercury asked, his cool demeanor falling away in a flash. "Are we really going to do this?" Neo answered him by winking her black eye while keeping her pink eye trained on him, then kissing his sweaty chest and letting her tongue linger against him. He reached down and started to undo her frilly clothes while Neo moved her arms around his back, hugging Mercury before loosening the waist on his pants and dropping them down. She touched his ass and gave it a light squeeze.

"Mmmmm," she purred again, feeling how the training he did to make his legs and kicks strong also made his butt thick and tight. As she was stripped down to just her underwear, Mercury saw how his Cinder's Faction team mate was equally fit and tight, but she pressed her half naked body against him to he could feel it for himself instead of just seeing it.

Not needing any more hints, Mercury pulled her over in to his bed and wrapped those toned legs around her own, entwining the two together. Neo felt his erection rubbing and prodding against her and removed the rest of their clothes in an instant, letting it gather in a small pile with the rest of their outfits. Now there was nothing keeping the two of them apart.

"Do I need to get a condom or are you on the pill?" Mercury started to ask before Neo churned her hips and slid his cock deep inside of him, letting them both rub together raw. "W-whoa! Guess that answers that!" She placed one finger over his lips and winked her black eye again. Mercury nodded and saw that Neo had the right approach. When it came to sex and both people made it clear what they wanted, the fewer words spoken, the better. 

Neo sat up in bed and let out a deep sigh, moving and taking Mercury inside of her, rubbing his throbbing erection to every part of her sensitive body. It made sense to unwind with sex after a long, difficult heist but she had never committed to it before. Now, she felt just how foolish this was. Mercury moaned and ran his hands over her pale skin, clutching her soon to be birthing hips and toned stomach while Neo focused on moving her hips to take Mercury's hard cock inside of her again and again, occasionally reaching up to fondle her own breasts when she got a particular spike in pleasure.

This was all fun and hot but Neo knew she was there for one thing above all others: a baby bump. She started to speed up and moan louder, making Mercury's aching erection twitch and shake inside of her. Neo could feel how close he was and she wanted him to fill her up and make sure she could get away from this life by becoming pregnant. Mercury did not know what exactly was going on but he went along with Neo's lead and sped up as well, feeling how close to the edge he was getting.

"It''s coming!" Mercury had to grunt, finally hitting his climax and shooting his load inside of the villainous vixen. Neo squeaked and bit her bottom lip. As she started to think about how Mercury, a man she had to admit she had had a crush on for quite some time now, was now getting her pregnant, Neo excited herself to the point where she came as well. Her voice was so high pitched that it was silent to Mercury's ears as she came. Once the orgasm had finished its crescendo, Neo fell down in to the bed and cuddled against Mercury. Both of them were worn out from a long day and he began to fall asleep quickly. As he was drifting off to sleep, Neo tucked in to his body and let him spoon her, all so she could rest one of his broad hands against her stomach where his baby would soon be growing, if all had gone according to plan.

Sure enough, Neo had succeeded in getting herself pregnant by Mercury's hand (well not his hand exactly but the meaning of the phrase still sticks). Her plotting mind had already figured out in advance to go to Mercury's bed room and have sex with him when she was ovulating and the timing of her biological clock could not be any better. Now she could kick her feet up and not have to worry about working or doing any criminal activity or anything of any sort for the next 40 or so weeks until the baby, or maybe babies, came. 

Cinder Fall, her boss, had mixed feelings when she learned that one of her faction team members was pregnant but could not get too upset with the news. Cinder was ruthless and efficient but she was not a completely heartless woman and she knew that Neo could not work with the group while she was pregnant so she was given her leave. Neo celebrated by buying gallons of ice cream for herself and hoped to be buying more before the month was over. Mercury learned about the pregnancy quickly, as Cinder's Faction was a relatively small group and he was privy to important information. He figured out that he was the father almost as soon as the news got to him, given that Neo was not known for free love and he had a hard time even thinking of another man she had ever had sex with before him. Then again, much of her life was a secret and if he asked her a direct question, he knew he would just get a smirk and a wink from him as an answer.

By the end of the second month of Neo's pregnancy, she already had a small pot belly forming and she wondered whether that meant she was pregnant with more than one baby or if it was due to the massive amount of ice cream she was eating or how much she was lounging around and not engaging in physical activity. Then again, it could be perfectly normal for pregnant women to develop like this. Neo did not have any experience when it came to observing a pregnant body's growth and had to admit to herself that she was ill equipped to prepare for what was in store for her in this pregnancy. But she was a resolute woman and she was more than prepared to take whatever changes to her body were coming, just as long as it meant she did not have to do any work and could stay home relaxing and snacking on sweets for the next several months.

As Neo shuffled around in her home, wearing just a frilly pink bath robe and adorable soft slippers that matched the black half of her hair, she sensed an intruder coming toward her. She may have stopped working for the past two months but Neo still had her senses and her instincts. If it was an attacker, Neo was confident that she would be able to fight them off even in her present condition. Her pregnant belly was not too big to get in her way yet and the morning sickness had dissipated within the past week or so and she felt perfectly capable of getting in to a quick physical battle, which she would surely win.

Neo licked the chocolate ice cream off of her spoon as she watched the intruder in question make his or her way off of her roof and over to a back window. The window opened slowly and in came Yang Xiao Long like a bolt of blonde lightning. Yang hurried in to the house but stopped and flinched when she saw Neo looking right at her, standing at attention. With a smirk, Neo wiggled her fingers at Yang in a small wave.

"I guess I thought you would not be able to track me as easily if the rumors about you are true," Yang said with a nervous gulp. She was decked out in her bulky leather jacket and combat pants and even had both of her gauntlets on her, hooked to her belt in the back. Still, she knew Neo could be a dangerous opponent, even if she was nearly nude save for a fancy robe and some fuzzy slippers. "Is it true?"

Neo rolled her black and pink eyes and moved back some of the bath robe to reveal her small pot belly. She gave it a light rub and pat and Yang's eyes went wide. 

"Holy shit...who's the father? Anyone I would know?" Yang asked. Neo just smirked again and gave Yang a special look in the eye. Yang was used to Neo's lack of verbal communication and understood what she meant. She was telling Yang to keep her business to herself. "Well...huh. Here I was, hoping to catch you faking it and plotting something to get all of our guards down but you really are knocked up. I can not attack you while you are like this."

Neo sat down on the couch and patted the cushion next to her, asking Yang to sit. As Yang moved over, Neo stopped her and pointed to the weapons attached to her hip. Yang sighed and put down the gauntlets and sat next to Neo. Much to the blonde's surprise, Neo even offered her some ice cream. "No thanks. I am on a strict fitness diet." Neo shrugged and gulped down the frozen treat with glee. "So having a baby. What is that like?"

Neo thought about it, in silence of course, and then reached over to touch Yang on her stomach. Yang always kept the space around her navel exposed in her shirts and jackets and Neo took the opportunity to pinch and knead this space, making Yang gasp and coo. Neo was not very far along in her pregnancy so for now, that really was all it felt like. There was some turmoil in her belly at all times and her stomach skin was being pinched and stretching out. It would still be many months until she felt some kicking going on in her womb and she had yet to go take her first ultra sound scan.

"That must feel weird," Yang said, looking down at her exposed stomach as Neo touched and pinched it. As the brightly colored former villain touched her former rival, the bath robe opened up more and Yang saw Neo's naked breasts. "Um, your...titties are sticking out, girl. Better tuck in." Neo looked down and giggled before looking up and giving Yang another shrug. "Another nice benefit of being pregnant I guess. You do not need to worry about your appearance. But your breasts are know...bigger."

Neo's grin switched to a look of surprise. Then she looked down at her own exposed breasts, then leaned in to look at Yang's. Yang had always been the bustier of the two, not that they were comparing bra sizes when in the heat of battle, but now they might have been almost equal. Only one way to know for sure. Neo cupped Yang's chest and gave it a light squeeze. Yang let out a squeal and put up her hands for defense but ended up fondling Neo's breasts as well.

"Yep, just as I thought," Yang cooed. "Definitely gotten bigger." The two looked in to one another's eyes for a moment. Once again, Neo's talent for being able to communicate her feelings without words came in handy. The two women kissed as Neo was slowly laid back down on to the couch. Yang delicately opened up the robe to see all of Neo's naked body and kissed a trail down from her lips over her swelling breasts to her plump belly. Neo let out small moans as her former rival caressed her.

Neo whimpered and gestured toward her lap. "You know, I always wondered if your pubic hair was pink and black too," Yang purred, sticking her fingers inside of this former enemy's soft, wet sex. "Now I have my answer."

In her third month of pregnancy, Neo finally made the time to go and get an ultra sound scan for herself. Neo was not sure exactly why she looked so big so quickly but she got her answer when the ultra sound revealed that she was pregnant with twins.

"Twins? I am going to have two babies instead of one?" Mercury said, his jaw hanging down when he got the news. While he was in no rush to be a father and his own desire to stick with Cinder's Faction and be a criminal would have made parenthood especially difficult anyway, he still felt a sense of obligation to Neo and wanted to check up on her status and learn about the pregnancy as much as he could. And besides, he was enjoying having sex with Neo so it helped if he stuck around with her much of the time.

Neo just smiled and continued to rub her belly, now tucked behind a frilly pink shirt with large white buttons. It was form fitting so the wide bump on her stomach was still plainly visible. She wanted clothes that would show off her pregnant body but had to avoid ones that were too tight and would restrict her breathing or create big ugly red lines on her pale skin. Neo looked like she would be able to avoid getting any stretch marks on her body with this pregnancy and she wanted to make sure her body stayed that way.

As Neo gave Mercury, one of her two lovers now, the happy news about her pregnancy, she got out another tub of ice cream and started to eat up the frozen treat while Mercury slowly processed this information. He knew Neo was planning to give the baby, or now babies, up for adoption once she had given birth (although it would be a little suspicious when there are two babies in the foster care system that both half hair that is half pink and half black) but he still thought about what a life with Neo as mother and father to two babies would be like. Could he ever transition to a normal domestic life after all of the things he had done with Cinder's Faction and even before joining? Or for that matter, could Neo? Since she never spoke to him, he did not know her full feelings. The only thing he really knew about Neo nowadays was when she wanted to have sex.

And speaking of which, as Neo was eating her new tub of sherbet ice cream, she smiled at him and slowly spread her legs. Mercury tried to act cool and casual as he leaned back to look under her flowing and frilly skirt. Sure enough, she was not wearing any underwear and he could see her wet, waiting labia there. Mercury leaned back up to look Neo square in the eye to try and see what she was asking of him, so that there was no mix up in communication. When Neo saw Mercury's hesitation or confusion, she dug her spoon in to a particularly bright section of the sherbet tub and licked it very slowly and sensually, wrapping her tongue around it and stroking it up and down. There was no more confusion on Mercury's part after that.

He crossed the room and stuck his head underneath Neo's skirt to nuzzle up against her naked lap. Just as he planted a kiss on her clit and felt her smooth thighs squeeze against his head, he pulled back out and shook out his grey hair before asking his pregnant lover and the mother of his child: "Are you going to be eating ice cream the entire time I am down here?"

Neo pouted and stuffed both cheeks up with ice cream before pointing her finger down aggressively at her lap. Mercury sighed and smiled back at her, giving her ass a light grope before going back in to her skirt and running his tongue inside of her. In between bites and licks, Neo let out a heavy moan and her hips bowed in and out, with her growing pregnant stomach testing the buttons on this new dress. Mercury kept on going, feeling the heat coming off his pregnant lover, which was further insulated thanks to the fabric of the skirt. Mercury wrapped his arms all around her thighs and held on tightly as he pressed on, wanting to make her feel as good as she made him feel on that fateful night when he came inside of her and got her knocked up.

Neo reached down and put her hands over his, gripping him as he ate her out more greedily than Neo ate her ice cream. She was full on moaning now and using her legs to take Mercury deeper and deeper in to her embrace. Pregnancy had made her more sensitive overall and she had not expected this to happen. Each time Mercury or Yang touched her, or even when Neo touched herself, she was still shocked at how much better it felt since getting knocked up. And to have the man who fathered these two babies be the one to give her this pleasure...

It all reached a breaking point. Neo's voice cracked as she squealed with orgasmic delight, her whole body trembling with pleasure. Slowly, Neo laid down on her couch as Mercury, also breathing heavily, moved out of her lap and stood above her, a very obvious bulge now in his pants.

"I did good?" he asked with a broad grin. Neo put away the ice cream sherbet tub and beckoned for him to come and join her on the couch in her arms.. "Better than ice cream. That's a big compliment."

At the end of the fourth month of her pregnancy, Neo was obviously pregnant and did not only look that way to the people who knew of her current condition. So with this changing body came the need for new clothes. Mercury was unavailable on the day Neo wanted to go shopping but that was fine with her because she could divide her time between Mercury and her other new lover, Yang. Yang had surprised Neo with her fashion choice and discerning abilities over the past few months and Neo welcomed her input as the two women went shopping for some new clothes.

"Now you promise me that none of the money we are spending on clothes today was earned from hurting innocent people, right?" Yang asked with her usual kind but direct tone. Neo just grinned and gave one of her patented pink eye winks at Yang in response. The buxom blonde sighed and shook her head as they entered the massive shopping center. "Fine, maybe it is better that I just do not ask any questions with you."

Yang was amazed when she saw how Neo's eyes lit up once they were inside the store and she saw all of the different clothes available to buy. She had never seen this side of her former enemy, although when the two of them had sex, that was also a part of Neo that Yang had not been used to. But now that she was out and about shopping for clothes and costumes, Yang saw a very girlish side of Neo, very different from the pragmatic and calculating (and at times, down right sadistic) villain she crossed in battle so many times before. Yang almost lost track of Neo as she went running toward rack after rack after rack of clothes, comparing different outfits and seeing how they would fit with her growing pregnant body. At one point, Yang was sure she had just seen Neo and then saw her riding an escalator to a totally different floor only a few moments later.

Finally, as Yang caught up with Neo, she saw her pregnant former enemy with a number of outfits, all with at least a splash of pink in them of course. Some were meant to be form fitting for a pregnant woman, even in the eventual late stages of pregnancy with a big, round belly, but others were much more revealing and would be used to show off the swollen, wide body that Neo was developing. One of them was nearly a pink toned version of the outfit that Yang herself commonly wore, which the blonde had some mixed feelings about.

"Come on Neo, when you are pregnant, you can not wear something like that," Yang said. Neo just pointed aggressively to the outfit and then nodded her head at Yang. "I know but it is different when I show off my midriff and belly button. I am not pregnant. You are."

Neo frowned and undid her own clothes before rolling her top up and lowering her skirt. Now her pregnant belly was totally out in the open and Neo was left smirking and grinning at Yang. Yang sighed and put her hands on her hips, looking Neo over a few times.

"Okay, I admit, that look does look pretty good on you...but I am biased since you know how I feel about your looks and your body."

Neo smiled and rubbed her bare belly as she moved slowly and carefully toward Yang. Yang's heart rate and breathing sped up as Neo got closer to her and the pregnant woman leaned in close, their breasts touching together, before letting out a tiny, quiet, whimper. When Neo made a sound, Yang knew it was important and that particular sound made Yang all weak in the knees.

Gathering up the clothes Neo picked out, the two women hurried to the nearest changing room and both stripped down. Yang came at Neo first, holding onto her head and kissing her former enemy long and lovingly. Their lips smacked loudly with each kiss and Yang felt Neo's tongue in her mouth almost instantly, still able to taste the chocolate ice cream Neo ate before they went out to the shopping center. Yang's hands moved down to Neo's naked breasts, which had gotten even larger since Yang first saw her former enemy now pregnant and swollen and just as busty as herself. Now, Neo had outpaced Yang's own impressive chest.

While Yang fixed her attention on Neo's bosom, Neo slipped two fingers up inside of Yang's sex. The blonde moaned and muted herself by bending forward and sucking on Neo's exposed nipples. While they were once a strawberry pink shade, pregnancy made them a rich mocha brown and they were wider as well. Yang suckled and licked harder as Neo stroked her own wet and soft sensitive insides. Yang felt her voice pick up faster and faster, her back pressing against the changing room walls while her taut ass cheeks bounced against the seating area.

When Yang finally came, she fit most of Neo's exposed right breast in her mouth and sucked hard. Neo always had sensitive nipples but they were even more electric during pregnancy and she let out a moan of her own, falling in to Yang's arms and kissing her neck and shoulders.

"Whoo, that was a rush, doing it in a changing stall at the mall," Yang gasped, trying to catch her breath. "Now then...we should see how some of these clothes look on you. They really are cute outfits."

The fifth month of Neo's pregnancy was an exciting one because now she was feeling fetal kicks for the first time. She was surprised by how hard they felt, even when the unborn babies had half of their development to go through by this point. Sometimes when she was eating (usually ice cream), one of the twins would kick her in the stomach or some other part of her guts and Neo would let out a burp. The first time this happened, a bright blush ran across her face, which was rare for her. Neo liked to keep silent and suddenly not being able to control when she made a sound and what kind of sound she made was an unwelcome shock.

Still, to Neo, there was something a little bit thrilling about surrendering part of her body over to her pregnancy and to her unborn babies. She had wanted to relax and get away from her life as a criminal and a fighter and now she could partially give up her entire body to these invaders in her womb. Neo was happy to stroke her stomach and feel the two twins moving around inside of her, as faint as those movements were at the five month mark. It made her feel like a true pampered pregnant woman.

Neo loved being pregnant. She found herself more ecstatic about her changing body with each passing day. Mostly, it was because it allowed her to lounge around her home and eat as much ice cream as her heart desired and no one had a second thought about it. Neither Mercury nor Yang had told her to take it easy with the sweets or the food and Neo found herself going through multiple gallons each day, all in service of her gradually growing round belly. Neo looked like a proper pregnant woman now and her pregnant stomach now stuck out farther than her engorged breasts, which made Neo beam with pride. She loved to look down and see her baby bump sticking out in front of her, there to remind her of all the changes her body was going through.

Neo found herself waddling now, unable to quite muster the energy or balance to walk with her usual graceful gait. Mercury was there one day, watching the mother of his two children practice her waddling. Neo tried to make it a show for him, only wearing her lacy pink bra and underwear as she stuck her hips out in front of her to accentuate the size and shape of her belly. She had noticed that her growing belly did not slow down Mercury or Yang's sexual interest or libidos. In fact, it seemed to encourage the two of them to pursue sex with Neo more and more and she may have stumbled on a bit of a pregnancy fetish. A fetish that, come to think of it, Neo herself may have shared.

"Look at you. You can get around with that big tummy with no problem," Mercury chuckled as Neo waddled around, both hands cupping the base of her belly as she stopped to listen to Mercury's praises. "Even when you are as big as a hippo with two fully grown twins, you could jog a marathon with no problem."

Neo smiled and waddled over to him, sitting so her belly was right in Mercury's lap. She could feel his erection twitch and start rubbing and poking against her more and more. He gulped and Neo just put one finger over his lips and then guided his head down to hers, where he began to kiss her belly all over. Neo shivered and preened, leaning back and stroking her baby bump. Now she knew why Cinder enjoyed having underlings to praise and support her. There was a definite sexual thrill in being worshipped, the way Mercury was worshipping her belly now.

She would have sex with him tonight, for sure. But Neo was enjoying his fawning over her body too much to stop it just yet.

Now at six months of pregnancy and hitting the end of the second trimester, Neo was finding a hard time finding cute outfits that still fit her. She had brought Mercury over to give his assessment. He did not possess the fashion sense that Yang possessed in large quantities but Neo wanted to gauge Mercury's sexual reaction to seeing her in each outfit.

First, she came out in a very typical looking dress, with frills and puff and of course lots of pink and black mixed in. Her belly was totally hidden but its shape and size were obvious. Plus, there was a prominent bow on the front of the belly.

"It's cute. A little conservative but adorable," Mercury grinned. "You look like a doll."

That made Neo roll her eyes and she undressed quickly. Clearly that was a no. Up next was a tight crop top, only covering Neo's breasts with pink stripes running down it to accentuate the size of her chest. Around her hips was a pair of pink shorts that got black around the butt to bring attention to it. With her belly totally out in the open, Neo patted the top and gestured to Mercury for his input.

"Oh god, that looks so good," he grunted, getting up from the couch and putting his hands on her belly. "This is such a sexy outfit."

Neo smiled and saw the response in him. She had picked a winner for sure. Slowly, she got down on her knees and undid his own pants to take his erect cock out and in to her hands.

"If you wear that, you can do whatever you want with me," Mercury groaned.

Sure enough, Neo smiled back at him and filled her mouth with his erection. He pet her pink and black hair while she sucked him off, letting her warm mouth wrap around his shaft and licking at the tip of his penis, the same penis that gave her these twin babies. Neo's head bobbed back and forth, taking all of her lover inside of her mouth and stroking her belly with her free hands. The faster she moved, the more her unborn children kicked up a storm as they reacted to their mother's increasing heart rate.

Finally, Mercury had to come inside of Neo's mouth and she took the entire load, gulping it down with a smile on his face. Mercury sat down on the floor, catching his breath and rubbing her bare belly.

"Okay," he said, still panting. "This outfit is a winner but you need to be careful when you wear it. That thing is dangerous."

Neo was seven months pregnant with twins and it sure showed. At her current belly size, she looked more like a woman who was full term pregnant with just one baby but Neo still had a lot of time to grow left in her. She now had to waddle around not because it was fun or flirty but because there was no other way for her to move her swollen body around. Her widening hips swayed back and forth with each step, moving like a seductive pendulum, as she moved her heavy frame and wide, round, and taut belly from place to place.

Luckily for Neo, she did not have to move around all that much. The whole reason for her getting pregnant in the first place was to make it so she did not have to work hard and could be free to lounge around and take it easy and most importantly so that she could eat ice cream all day long without anyone thinking twice about it. So Neo, now feeling more and more like a beached whale as her belly grew big and round and heavy, was happy to lay on her couch and stroke her growing stomach, feeling her unborn twins kicking and squirming around deep inside of her. For any of her needs, Mercury and Yang were more than happy to hurry around her home to and fro, bringing changes of clothes or ice cream snacks or giving their heavy, pregnant lover some stimulus.

Neo did not even need to ring a bell to summon them. Just ringing a bell to call for them felt like too much noise for the mute Neo and she much preferred to let them feel her needs for themselves and try to act accordingly. Both of her lovers did that impressively well although Neo did have to give them a bit of subtle training. The whole experience was quite the reversal of fortunes for Yang. Last year, she would have found herself battling Neo over morality and the soul of the region, sometimes even fighting to the death with killing one another in mind. But now, Yang was serving Neo's every smallest whims and even lapping at her former enemy's wet, soft pussy to give the pregnant woman powerful, rolling orgasms.

As it turned out, waiting on Neo was relatively easy. While she was settling in to her life as a lazy woman, there were mostly only three things that Neo ever wanted. The first was help going to and from the bath room. That one was an unfortunate fact of life and Neo could have gotten there herself but with such a heavy, round pregnant belly weighing her down in the front, she could do with some help getting up to her feet or otherwise she would have to try and wiggle her hips and sway her weight so she could literally roll from the couch and on to her feet. Neo could get in and out of the bath room itself well enough once she was up and walking, or rather waddling, so at least she did not need any help with that. Mercury may have found himself developing a stronger and stronger crush on Neo with every day that passed but literally being in the bath room with her as she did her business felt like a step too far.

The second thing that Neo typically only ever wanted was ice cream. That much, both Mercury and Yang were very accustomed to by now. Neither could have anticipated that Neo would have such a massive sweet tooth nor that her pregnant cravings would be so single minded. Both of them had heard of pregnant women getting a hankering for pickles and ice cream before but never only ice cream. Still, the proof was evident by all of the empty gallon tubs in the kitchen waiting to be washed out and recycled. Neo went through ice cream like she was a machine being fueled up. Part of her missed being able to waddle through the grocery store aisles and pick the specific frozen treats out for herself but Mercury and Yang found plenty of good selections and sometimes they would help her up and take her out to go ice cream shopping as a special gift to her. 

And the third thing was sex. Since making it in to her third trimester, what was previously just an elevated level of horniness was a constant need for sex and physical contact. If Neo was asleep, her dreams were filled with the most vivid sex dreams she had ever experienced, with everyone in there doing it with her. Mercury was there of course, just like he was the night she first got impregnated. Yang was there constantly as well, always eager to please her former enemy. Even Cinder got in the mix some times, which made Neo think about whether or not she should return to Cinder's Faction and try to pursue that sexual option any farther.

But when Neo was awake, she needed sex almost as much as she needed ice cream. Luckily, she had Yang and Mercury to give her double duty. Once, as she was nearing the end of her seventh month of pregnancy and was feeling particularly large and swollen, she had both of her lovers take her at once. Mercury took her wide, soft hips and gripped her ass cheeks for support as he pounded his cock in and out of her again and again, panting and grunting hard as he filled up the mother of his children. At the same time, Yang nuzzled against Neo's growing pregnant belly and sucked on Neo's large and sensitive breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples. Meanwhile, Neo had one hand stroking inside of Yang's body, massaging her engorged clit and tickling the many fleshy folds of her vagina. All the while, Neo used her other hand to scoop up ice cream and eat it straight from the tub, only stopping to shiver when she hit an orgasm. Ice cream and sex while pregnant. There was no better pairing.

In her eighth month of pregnancy, Neo really needed around the clock supervision and help around her home now. She was carrying two large twin babies inside of her and she had a hard time fitting through some doorways. Her stomach was nearly the size of a beach ball and would still get bigger as she had a few weeks remaining before it was time for her to give birth to these two babies. Neo was still able to rub all over her pregnant belly and her hands could reach her popped out belly button on the front, which had become a thick nub in the previous few months, but it was a strain on her arms to reach out that far. Luckily, if she felt itchy or dry or just needed some care and attention on those farther reaches of her pregnant body, she had two eager, pregnancy adoring lovers to go and take care of those needs.

But it was not only Neo's belly that had changed over the course of her pregnancy. As Yang was quick to observe within Neo's very earliest stages of pregnancy, the expectant former criminal's breasts were growing as well and they had continued to expand and swell during the course of the pregnancy. In the beginning, Mercury had joked in private that with the amount of ice cream Neo was eating, all of that extra dairy would result in her having bigger breasts. Yang had chastised him for making such an immature joke but looking at Neo, it was hard to say that all of that ice cream had had no effect on her chest. Each of Neo's breasts were now the size of a cantaloupe and rested on top of her belly when she was not using a bra, which when she was at home was all of the time. The pregnant woman usually stuck with her pink frilly bath robe and nothing else when she was alone at home, making the cloth belt around her hips very loose so plenty of her nude pregnant body was visible to her two in house lovers. Not only had her breasts expanded but each of Neo's nipples were much bigger as well, with each one now the size of a saucer and they had a rich chocolatey brown color to them now in stark contrast to her own pale skin.

Neo's ass cheeks had grown as well and they, along with the accompanying expansion in her hips as well, were a big reason for her clothes no longer being able to fit. Even with this huge pregnant stomach, if she had had a flat rear end, she could have gotten the hem of her pants up and with an elastic waist band, Neo could have manage to pull something off. But no, she now had an absolute shelf behind her with two ass cheeks as big as pillows. Skirts were all she could have on back there anymore, though that was fine with Neo. She always preferred a skirt or a dress and continued to enjoy dressing up and wearing fancy outfits.

Neo's options for outfits was much more limited now that her belly was as big as it was. Yang had tried to take Neo to some upscale maternity clothing stores but nothing that the store had in stock for women with bellies as big as Neo's were very flattering. "I guess when pregnant women get as big as you, they either stay home all the time or are expected to hide themselves in some big moo moo looking dress," Yang sighed, rummaging through the pile of clothes. "Which are we going to do for you?"

Neo just wrinkled her nose and grinned, taking Yang by her wrist and leading her to a nearby dressing room. Unlike their usual trips to go shopping for clothes, Neo did not take Yang in to the dressing room with her to fool around. Instead, Neo went in to change by herself, which impressed Yang since by now, Neo typically needed a hand to get herself dressed. But she still had scars and aches from past battles with Neo and she knew just how strong this particular woman could be, pregnancy or not. She would be able to do something as simple as dressing and clothing herself.

After about ten minutes, the door to the changing room opened back up again and Yang gasped at what she saw. Neo had bought clothes that resembled a school girl's outfit. There was a billowing skirt, of course, and it was pink with black polka dots, of course. Yang's eyes moved down the contours of Neo's soft legs to see white socks tugged up all the way to the knees with tiny pink bows on the hems.

But what was most shocking about the outfit was what was not there. Anything that could cover up Neo's pregnant stomach was totally gone and her pale, round belly stuck out for anyone and everyone to see, as the light in the mall changing room reflected off of it. To cover Neo's chest and upper body, there was only a dark black sailor type of button up shirt, with a few buttons undone to still give people a taste of what Neo's full cleavage looked like. Running through the shirt were sharp pink lines. Neo had really committed to the school girl look, even tying her signature pink and black hair in to pig tails.

" is a lot," Yang gasped, stepping forward and rubbing her lover's wide, naked belly. "You may be dressed like a school girl but I think you are still breaking too many regulations and dress code rules at Beacon Academy so if you were planning on waddling in there dressed like this, I do not think it will work."

Neo giggled and rolled her eyes at her blonde lover's little joke. She leaned in quick and fast for a pecking kiss. Yang blushed and bit her bottom lip. 

"You really do look cute like this, though," Yang murmured. "Got room in that dressing room for one more?"

"I heard you wanted to see me," Mercury said as he walked in to Neo's bed room in her home. Of course, he heard the information from Yang. Even in the ninth and final month of her pregnancy, Neo could not shake her habit of not speaking. Once he saw Neo, he stopped dead in his tracks.

She looked so gorgeous, so sexy in that moment. Pregnancy had made her swollen and round and sometimes he forgot just how amazing she looked. Neo's pregnant belly was colossal, even with only twin babies in there. A lot of this had to do with Neo being so short so her pregnant stomach would always look massive proportionately. With Mercury's own large physical presence, his babies inside of her belly may have been too much of a burden for such a tiny woman to take, even if she was just as strong and skilled of a fighter as Mercury.

But the other reason Mercury was taken aback was because of how Neo was dressed. She was wearing the school girl outfit she bought when she was last with Yang, though Mercury had not seen it yet. It was a secret she was keeping for a special occasion and clearly that occasion was now. Mercury gulped and got closer to her, running his hands over the pregnant mother of his children while she was dressed in such a provocative outfit.

"This is certainly a surprise," Mercury said with a big grin as he tried to look and act cool despite his face flushing and his erection growing bigger and bigger at the sight of her. "What is the occasion?"

"The occasion is, class is in session." Mercury turned around in a flash to see Yang closing the door to the bed room behind her. She was also dressed in a school girl outfit, her hair tied in to pigtails as well. Like Neo, she was showing her entire belly and plenty of cleavage but she just did not have the pregnant belly to accompany the look. "Well teacher? Aren't you going to start class?"

Mercury, still nervous and surprised, went back to grinning and took Neo's hips. He bent the giggling preggo over and lifted her skirt, seeing no underwear on her. He dropped his pants and thrust himself inside of the mother of his children, huffing and panting as he fucked Neo. Her pregnant body felt so warm and tight and she was as sensitive as she would ever be now that she was a full 40 weeks pregnant.

"You're right. Someone needs to teach you two girls a thing or two," Mercury said, gesturing for Yang to come over. She hugged and stroked his body, helping to undress him, as he pumped inside of Neo's pregnant body again and again. Once Mercury was naked, he pulled out of Neo, who was already riding out her own climax and stroking her huge belly quickly, as he laid Yang down on the bed. The two of them had been having sex with Neo plenty, sometimes doing her at the same time, but Mercury and Yang had never had sex. Until now.

Mercury went inside of Yang and made her gasp and squeal, never feeling his erection before. Neo watched on with a soft, knowing smile as she watched her two lovers have sex with one another. She felt like she had brought these two beautiful people together. Mercury was taking the buttons off of Yang's shirt and feeling her breasts. She was not as busty as Neo was since she had not been going through a pregnancy but she was still very well endowed and Mercury had thought she was an awfully hot woman even when they were in conflict on the battle field, him with his strong kicks and her with her gauntlet assisted strong punches. Mercury had grown to love Neo but in the time he got to spend with Yang, both making love to Neo, the two of them wanted to explore one another's bodies and Mercury could feel himself getting more and more aroused by Yang as her warm, tight body clenched around his cock, all while Neo watched with her silent smile and her delicate fingers stroking her pregnant tummy. Neo felt her unborn babies kick and stir deep inside of her womb while her baby daddy fucked another woman right next to her.

"You feel so good," Yang moaned. "We all used to fight so much but I just want to fuck you even harder!"

"I know, I want to keep this going as long as I can," Mercury grunted, his hips pounding against Yang's body again and again until he felt her squeeze his hands. "Yang, I'm going to-"

"Yes, I can feel it. It is okay, go ahead! Come inside of me!" Yang yelped, her voice getting high pitched as she started to have her own climax. Mercury came hard, shooting his fertile load inside of his former enemy and both of them collapsed in bed next to Neo, stroking her pregnant belly and feeling her unborn twins kick around inside of her.

A month later, after Neo gave birth to her twins, one boy and one girl, she was contemplating going back to working with Cinder. But as she was making the decision, Yang gave her a new piece of information.

"If you did, we would not be fighting. I will be taking a break from all of that," Yang said, beaming as she patted her own tiny but clearly growing belly. "You are not the only woman around here who can get pregnant, you know."
Commission: Nine Months of Neopolitan
A commissioned story, Neopolitan from RWBY gets pregnant and finally has time to herself to relax.

Commissioned by peter665 

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Carol was hugely pregnant. Her swollen belly stuck out about four times farther than her arms could reach, with her belly button constantly closer to everyone else in a given room than it was to herself. It was not an oblong pregnancy nor was it sloped down as a result of a toned muscular stomach. Carol was perfectly round, with the top of her swollen stomach coming just up to her chin and the farthest bottom curve, the most sensitive part of her maternal middle aside from her popped out navel, constantly hovered inches off of the ground. That it never fully dipped down to drag along the dirt was just part of Mother Nature's perfect design for pregnant women. The totally spherical shape of her pregnant belly extended to the sides as her many unborn babies needed room to squirm around and Carol was clearly pregnant from behind as the roundness was visible past her waist. Carol may have gotten a little chunkier during pregnancy but it was not enough to hide how massive her womb had gotten.

The rest of her body had grown this past many months in line with her belly. Each breast could have been the pregnant belly of a woman overdue with triplets. They were heavy and thick and were propped up on top of Carol's full belly to keep them from hanging down and adding onto the strain Carol's back already had. Her areola were now as wide as a cauldron lid and were a rich dark brown color in contrast to her own fair skin. There was very little Carol could wear to keep them restrained so her massive chest bounced and jiggled with every step, sending a small shudder of excitement through her body each time it happened. In addition to her heaving mammaries, Carol's rear end had expanded hugely since she got pregnant. She had always stored a lot of her fat back there but now it was a full blown seat, her hips adjusting to her pregnancy and making her stick her ass out even farther as a result. Someone could rest a cup on top of Carol's thick butt and not worry about spilling a drop, provided she didn't start to wiggle her hips along to a jaunty tune or to show off to an attractive stranger. Along with the juicy rear end, Carol had thighs the size of tree trunks, while keeping them deceptively soft to the touch.

In other words, Carol looked like just about every woman in this town, give or take a few feet of belly circumference. Though there were always stand outs, such as Nora, the matron of the inn Carol had her eyes on this day. She had been traveling for days with only small, makeshift camps to rely on as she explored the land. Carol was a druid, one of the last of her kind outside of the small, cloistered community they now kept. She walked with a long wooden staff, handed down by the elders in the druid community. It was made of a white oak and was still alive, with several small green leaves that crowned the top of it. At this top part, naturally forming out of the branches, was a tiny wooden figuring of a pregnant woman, with some small, vague curves to make a face. Carol's colossal pregnant frame was covered in a dark green cloak she opened up once she entered the inn, dropping the hood and shaking out her long, golden blonde hair. Many other women in the inn stopped to admire her once she revealed more of her curvy, fertile body, but they returned to their own conversations and meals. But Nora had her eyes dead set on Carol.

"Haven't seen you in before," Nora purred, peeking out between her breasts. Each tit was the size of a wheelbarrow and they got in the way of her line of sight. To make matters harder, her pregnant belly was big enough to fit all of Carol inside of it, filling the entire space behind the bar counter. This meant Nora's massive jugs were propped up even higher and it created more of an obstruction for her. Slowly, she turned to the side to get a better look at Carol. Nora was neither human nor druid; she was a Nekaid, with small cat ears sticking out of her flowing black hair and a slight cat-like slit in her green eyes. Otherwise, she had light tan skin and appeared humanoid in all other aspects, thought the level of pregnant curvature she had may make her stand out from human women in other lands. "You have money to stay at the inn?"

"Depends," Carol smirked. "Now I have a feeling I'll drop my bronze pieces on the counter, everything I have, and you'll say that I conveniently have just enough for one night and take all my money. After all, this is an unfamiliar town and I'm a stranger. Who's to say how much a night costs and what's to keep you from cheating a traveler who just blew in?"

Nora flashed a bright grin and laughed loudly, starting to stain her white low-cut top with breast milk. One hand pet her impossibly large pregnant stomach, barely covered with a flowing green skirt held in place with a leather belt strained to its absolute limits. "I like you, stranger. What's your name?"

"Carol. Take it you're Nora, given how the sign says 'Nora's Inn?'"

"Bingo. You druids are rumored to be smart," Nora purred. "You are a druid, right?" Carol nodded slowly and Nora shuffled her heavy body over, petting the part of her pregnant belly underneath her milky breasts and started to whisper. "Interested in a quest?"

"I would need to hear more but I am always curious about quests," Carol smiled. "And even more interested depending on how they pay."

Nora tried to laugh but she began to look worried instead. "A day ago, one of my barmaids went into the mountains to collect herbs for teas and potions. I haven't seen her since." She looked around cautiously and dropped her voice even lower. "There's rumors of some dark force at work in those mountains. It's a legend reaching back for ages."

"And you want me to go searching for your barmaid so she can come back and collect tips by shaking her tits and ass in customers' faces? You figure, a druid is suited for fighting evil spirits," Carol said, chuckling and shaking her head. "You seem to forget how few wars we druids have ever been in."

"True, but you've never lost a war either," Nora said, her smile returning as she raised one eyebrow. "I don't have any combat training. This inn and these babies are my whole life. If you help me with this, I can make it worth your while."

"I'm excited to hear details," Carol said, leaning in and resting her breasts on the bar counter.

"Free room and board here at the inn, both now and whenever you pass through town. Also, as much as you want to drink, for free," Nora said, giving her breasts a firm slap and spraying some more milk out. "And as a special treat, any woman in town will agree to warm your bed for the night." Carol looked around the inn, seeing all the round and curvy pregnant women there, with heaving chests, thick asses, and dazzling faces. Carol's eyes returned her to Nora's face and saw the voluptuous Nekaid puckering her lips at her. "Any woman."

"How can I say no to that?" Carol chuckled, reaching one hand out. Nora shook it and the deal was made. Carol pulled the hood of her cloak back over her bright blonde hair, leaving an effect on the inn like a candle being snuffed out.

As soon as Carol left the doors of Nora's Inn, she snapped her fingers. Two small women, only three feet tall each, jogged up and huddled by the hem of Carol's cloak, each hugging one leg. While these women were short, they looked twice as big thanks to the size of their bellies. They had pregnant stomachs the size of the rest of their bodies and so perfectly round, one might think they were rolling around rather than waddling. 

"How much of that were you able to hear?" Carol asked both of them. It was hard for her to see them thanks to the size of her pregnant belly but she could feel them rubbing against her stuffed stomach and gripping her thick legs.

"All of it," squeaked the woman on Carol's left. "No one is able to see us when we want to be hidden! We are so short, we just run in and listen to everything that goes on!" This was Debbie, one of Carol's two familiars. They both belonged to the Feylinor race and were more a part of nature than they were organized humanoid society. But as parts of nature, the druid Carol was able to coax them into joining her in her many journeys. Debbie had dark brown skin and big, round cheeks that made her smiles dazzle all the more. On top of her short, messy brown hair were two tiny fuzzy ears that wiggled a bit when she got excited.

"Although the way that one big sexy bitch who ran the inn waddled around like a bear in the middle of hibernation, I think I could have snuck under her skirt and eaten her pussy and she wouldn't have seen me," snickered the other Feylinor woman, Sandra. She was also dark skinned as she and Debbie lived outside for the vast majority of their lives but she had long, black hair and her two little ears were much pointier. Sandra also had a slim, long face and it made her eyes look even more crafty and weaselly. If Carol could always trust on Debbie to be honest and kind, she could always count of Sandra being sultry and shrewd. 

"Easy now. There will be plenty of time for that kind of dirty talk when we get back after finishing the mission," Carol said, trying to shift her wide hips so she could see both of them. "Either of you know about those rumors Nora talked about?"

"Nothing that I know about. More than anything, the barmaid probably got kidnapped by some bandits in the mountains," Sandra said, before cackling and adding, "or, after looking at these women, maybe she got a look at some handsome bandits and decided to have some fun with them on her own."

"Sandra, don't be such a pessimist!" Debbie whined, her green eyes wide and pleading. "She could have also just gotten lost in the mountains and needs some help being guided out of there. Or because it is so beautiful around here, she could have just curled up in a meadow after picking herbs and flowers and gone to sleep there! We may find her bathing in a big pond and being totally peaceful and happy."

"I wouldn't mind it if we came across her naked and bathing in a pond," Sandra laughed. She saw Debbie eyeing daggers at her and shut her mouth, actually blushing. "Only because it would mean she's safe, Debbie. Of course."

"Hmph, 'of course,'" Debbie said, crossing her arms. "So, boss? What is the call?"

"Follow the path into the mountains. I don't see that we have any other choice," Carol said, patting her big belly and looking out at the rocky ridge where the barmaid supposedly was. "Hopefully she really is just lost. If worse comes to worse, hey, at least we know we can look after ourselves in a fight, right?" Sandra grinned and brandished her dagger, the hilt stiff and leathery while the sharp edges shined. Debbie looked at her slingshot worried, never enjoying hurting other people. Carol steadied her pregnant weight on the edge of her druid staff and took off in the direction the inn owner had told her the barmaid traveled.

The three trekked off into the wilderness, leaving the cozy comfort of the small town they had stopped off in and venturing into the seldom travelled mountain range. It was eerily quiet out there as the pregnant women strained and grunted while trying to carry their heavy and round frames up the rolling and rocky hills. Both Debbie and Sandra were not dressed in very much, as the Feylinor preferred to do. They each had on a small brown cape that covered their breasts and left their enormous (proportionately) pregnant bellies out in the open, as well as a tight pair of trousers that were only getting tighter as their rear ends grew along with their bellies. Debbie would occasionally break off from the pack to pick flowers or frolic in the unspoiled natural beauty that lined the mountains while Sandra was constantly keeping an eye out for bandits, monsters, or any other potential foe, while one hand was on the hilt of her dagger at all times.

Carol kept her eyes looking ahead, holding her living wooden staff with one hand and stroking the side of her huge belly with the other. While her pronounced pregnant stomach may have been perfectly round and did not have so much as a stretch mark on it, its shape was constantly being altered by the flurry of kicks inside of her. Each kick and punch and even a fetal somersault shifted and shook her belly slightly or it made bulges and dimples appear on the side. Carol knew she was likely nearing the end of her pregnancy and she would much prefer to give birth in that friendly inn back in the village than on some craggy mountainside while adventuring.

"Debbie, come back over to the path so we can stick close together," Carol called out to her bubbly, round companion. As Debbie shuffled over as quickly as her stubby legs and heaving belly could take her, she showed Carol a handful of herbs. "What are these? They smell very nice."

"They're tea leaves! This must be where that barmaid came through!" Debbie said with glee. Carol may have been a druid but she could not find plant life better than a real Feylinor woman and Debbie was the best herbologist of them all. "She didn't go on the main trail."

"There are no footprints showing a pregnant woman ahead of us on the trail anyway," Sandra said, her keen and shifty eyes always finding these small details. "It's more likely she went the way Debbie says." Debbie flashed Sandra a big, warm smile and the weaselly pregnant woman blushed and looked away.

"Good call, ladies," Carol said, huffing as she waddled her way off of the trail and followed after Debbie. "Lead the way."

Despite the herbs and foliage Debbie was drawn toward, this new path on the mountain was somehow even more uneasy. It was totally removed from any signs of travel or civilization and Carol could not help but feel a dark presence hanging over them. Maybe the old folk tales about evil spirits in this area were correct. Whatever was going on, Carol felt her druidic instincts and intuition trying to tell her something. She could see caution in Debbie and Sandra as well, as their small fuzzy ears were drooped down, giving away how on guard the two of them were.

The sun was setting, which did not make any of the pregnant women feel any more at ease. Then, right as they made their way through a clearing of bushes, they heard a loud scream. Debbie yelped and hopped up in the air far higher than a woman with her belly size could do. She scurried and hid behind Carol's heaving belly and trembled while Sandra looked around frantically, her dagger out and ready.

"Wait," Carol said, holding up one hand. The screams turned into ghastly moans, rolling and echoing across the mountain range. It sounded inhuman. "Whatever that is, we need to investigate."

"A-are you s-sure?" Debbie asked with a meek squeal.

"It could be our little barmaid friend and if she's screaming, that means there's time to save her, take her back down to the inn, and get our reward," Carol said, winking down at Debbie and giving her breasts a slight "adjustment" in her cloak. "All the milk you can drink, remember?"

Debbie gulped and stepped out of the shadow of Carol's belly, nodding at both her companions. "Finally, some action!" Sandra smirked, tightening her grip on the dagger as all three women waddled in the direction of the moans and screams. They followed the sound to a dark, wide cave mouth, with stone columns stacked in front. The cave made the sounds echo and reverberate, giving them that other-worldly feel. As Debbie and even Sandra looked worried once they saw the cave mouth, Carol pet the top of her belly as she inspected the stone columns.

"These have druid runes carved into them," she murmured. "Old ones too. I can't read half of these. What is this place?" While Carol may have been scared earlier, even if she did not want to admit it, now she was more curious and confused. She had never heard of a druid temple or gathering place this far out. What was waiting for them inside of this cave?

The three women waddled inside, with Carol leading the way by casting some of her magic and using some enchanted photo-luminescent moss to light the path forward. The sound of the cries and moans and wails got louder and louder until the three of them made their way into one large central room and they could see the barmaid, the woman they were sent here to rescue and return, making all of these terrifying noises. But when they saw why she was making all of these sounds, they could not help but blush.

The barmaid, presumably, was hovering several feet above the ground but was not 
dressed in the same low cut top, wide green skirt, and leather skirt as the inn owner. Instead, she was as naked as the day she was born, and based on the size of her pregnant belly, she was close to the birthday for several other people as well. She was fully human unlike Nora with smooth golden skin. Her pregnant stomach hung down low as the captured barmaid was hovering in a seated position, her creamy thighs spread wide to accommodate the size of her belly. It was about the size of a barrel as ale, making her smaller than Carol, though her breasts were engorged and fat enough to more than make up for it. Proportionate to her body, this barmaid had even bigger breasts than Nora and they were trembling and shaking as they laid on top of her swollen naked belly.

The reason the barmaid was hovering appeared to be the sleek and glowing device pumping in and out of her exposed vagina. It was a marble column, crafted to look just like an erect phallus although it was larger than any cock Carol or her two companions had ever seen. It pumped in and out of the swollen barmaid rapidly, as purple runes covering it on all sides glowed brightly. Carol could see these were those ancient druid runes again. Their glowing colors stuck out in the darkness of the cave and Carol could translate some of them.

"," Carol murmured before the barmaid let out a loud yelp of pleasure. Looking up, Carol and her two companions could see this woman was not being tortured at all. Her face was bright red and sweaty strands of brown hair clung to her face. Her eyelids were heavy and twitching and her tongue hung down low as she moaned. The sounds they had heard from outside were not ghostly wails but this woman's cries of ecstasy being reverberated in the cave's long columns.

"I almost envy her," Sandra chuckled, watching the heavily pregnant woman being fucked with great interest.

"Me too..." Debbie cooed, holding her hands in between her breasts. Sandra looked at her with surprise.

"Look, she is not here alone," Carol said, pointing her staff at a large black metal cauldron underneath the barmaid. Whenever she moaned and came, her naked sex would squirt a small amount of fluid into the cauldron, which collected her sweat and leaking breast milk as well. "Someone put her here on purpose."

"Clever druid!" cackled a deep woman's voice. All three women stood on guard as a vampire swooped down from the dark cave ceiling, hanging upside down on a stalactite and grinning at the three adventurers. Her skin was dark, almost a burnt crimson color, as carefully styled raven black hair hung around her head and stopped at her shoulders. Her belly rivaled Carol's in size, twitching with many active unborn vampire babies inside her womb. Unlike the druid, she let most of her skin out on display, with only a tiny scrap of dark purple cloth covering each nipple and thin strings holding it all together, giving anyone nearby full view of her cleavage. Each of her breasts was the size of Debbie and Sandra's pregnant bellies: three feet in diameter. There was also a tiny skirt made from the same purple cloth around her hips. Two bat ears stuck out of her hair and her black eyes gleamed in the cave.

She dropped down from the ceiling, letting two large leathery wings in her back help keep her hovering in the air as she looked over each of them. In one hand she had a golden goblet and the vampire grabbed a big handful of the barmaid's titty. The kidnapped woman wailed with pleasure and filled the cup up to the brim with rich warm milk. As the vampire drank it up, Debbie grabbed a nearby rock and launched it her head with her slingshot. The vampire flicked it away with one hand.

"Let this lady go!" Debbie whined.

"Can't do that. I stumbled across this terrific cave, stored with the virility and fertility of ancient druids. Though you probably picked up on that, huh?" the vampire asked Carol with a fanged grin.

"Yes, I picked up on some of that. This is an ancient, sacred site where for a time, druids would come to impregnate one another and to give birth," Carol said, tightening her gaze on the evil vampire. "And you are trying to steal that energy for yourself?"

"Somewhat. Mixing that energy with the incredible horny energy this little hottie has," the vampire said, giving the barmaid a firm pat on the belly, "I can create a powerful potion that can be used for all sorts of fun and wicked things. All for the right price."

"Then I have to stop you," Carol said, brandishing her staff. Then Debbie and Sandra stepped forward with their own weapons. "We have to stop you."

"I'm a lover, not a fighter, babe," the vampire grinned, grabbing the cauldron and flying off with her wings. "This should be enough to earn me a whole mountain of gold so I'll call this a win! Take your little bar slut with you!"

"We can't let her use the power of these ancient druids for evil!" Carol said, turning to chase the vampire. As the monster tried to fly away, her wings slowed down and she groaned, looking down at her swollen breasts and gravid pregnant middle, plus her ass cheeks were awfully thick now as well.

"This is all weighing me down," she sighed, turning around to face the adventuring party running at her. With a flick of her wrist, the shadows in the cave rose up to stop the party. Sandra cut at the attacking shadows while Debbie lobbed a few rocks before choosing to hide behind her fellow Feylinor, which made Sandra smile wide. Carol put a few seeds in the ground and waved her staff over them. The seeds grew into large sunflowers, which then glowed and dispelled the shadows.

"You can't stop us," Carol said, casting another spell to close off the cave's tunnel with thick vines and ivy. "Hand it over!"

"If I take care of you, I should be fine," the vampire smirked, casting more spells and trading magic attacks with the druid. For the first time in a while, the two Feylinor saw Carol struggling with an opponent. Then Debbie turned and saw the marble magical dildo inside of the barmaid was glowing brighter than ever.

"It's that dick thingie! She's using it to absorb the power of the cave!" Debbie shouted, pointing at it. "If I pull that out, she'll lose her strength!"

"No, don't, it feels so good!" the barmaid panted as Debbie waddled over.

The vampire saw this and worried until she saw the way Sandra was looking at Debbie. With a deep breath, the vampire let out a high pitched scream that filled the tiny cave. Her voice got into Sandra's head and tapped into her deepest desires. Just as Debbie was getting close to the druid tool inside of the barmaid, a naked Sandra tackled her and began to kiss her all over.

"I can't ignore it anymore! I've had the biggest crush on you for so long!" Sandra said, her eyes wide and glazed over as she lost control of her body. "You are so cute and sexy and I want to feel you inside of me every day! I want to kiss your big belly and spank your fat ass and suck on your beautiful breasts!"

"Sandra! Not right now!" Debbie pleaded. "We can talk about this but we have to help Carol first!"

"Damn, I can't keep this up for long," Carol said, reaching in between her breasts. In her cleavage was a bag of seeds she only used on a rare occasion but now was one of those. Finding Debbie's slingshot on the ground, she grabbed it and launched the seed at the vampire. It landed right inside of the purple skirt, in the vampire's vagina.

"Hey, play fair," the vampire cackled. "You don't see me trying to hit you in the pussy."

"Don't complain just yet," Carol said, pointing her staff at the vampire. The monster's grinning face turned into a look of shock as the seed grew rapidly from her sex. Vines covered her entire body as they sprouted from her vagina and tore her clothes to shreds. Her wings could no longer keep her up and the vampire was soon on the ground, with a fist-sized plant filling her pussy and massaging her sensitive folds.

"O-oh fuck," the vampire said, her voice now several octaves higher. "But I'm not...done just yet!" She pointed one free hand at Carol, clearly building up for a big spell.

But the distraction shook Sandra free of her clutches and she looked down at Debbie in shock. "Those things I said and did...I...they..."

"Like I said, we can talk about it," Debbie smiled back. "Once we get back to the inn." The two women hopped up and grabbed the slippery magic dildo from the barmaid. Once it was pulled free, its glowing stopped and the barmaid fell down into their arms.

"No!" the vampire shouted, feeling the power drain from her. The vines continued to grow, rubbing all over her body. "No, no, no, no...yes!" She came and at the same time, the plant inside of her burst, filling her with the semen collected from Carol's various male lovers. The fertile and magical mix made the vampire's belly expand quickly, soon growing so big that she was nearly as wide across as the cave itself. A stunned, orgasmic expression was stuck on her face as she laid there, faintly rubbing her naked stomach.

"Damn, that was the fourth hottest night of my entire life," the barmaid moaned, now able to waddle on her own as she approached Carol. "But thank you for rescuing me. I probably would have lost my job if I didn't show up soon."

"No worries. I'm sure you will find a way to repay me," Carol smiled, looking the nude barmaid up and down. "For now, help me get this demon out of here."

Using their bellies to push, the four of them rolled the swollen vampire out of the cave. Each time they pushed and rolled her, the vampire would moan loudly, her labia squirting onto all four women. "You bitches...I'll get you for this," she cooed.

"Oh, quiet down," Sandra laughed, giving the vampire's lap a big, long lick. The vampire started groaning and whimpering but at least she wasn't talking anymore.

Carol called the druid's Mother's Guild to come and collect her and put the vampire into custody and they came swiftly, intercepting them and taking the moaning and squirming monster woman away.

"Back to the town then and back to the inn. I need a good night's sleep after all this," Carol said, putting her arm around the barmaid and reaching down to squeeze her naked ass. "Don't you agree?"

"I think that sounds good," the barmaid grinned, looking over her shoulder to see Debbie and Sandra kissing. "What about those two?"

"They won't mind sharing a room with me," Carol said with a wink. "C'mon, let's get you home."

In her bed, Carol Ingle closed her Dungeon Master binder and smiled down at her pregnant lover. "Well? You think it's a good one?"

"Babe, after what we just went through, you could read Green Eggs and Ham and I'd say it's brilliant," the pregnant woman moaned, still trembling and leaking from sex with Carol. "Who knew a school teacher could fuck like that?"

"Oh, everyone knows that, deep down. Didn't you ever have a crush on a teacher in school?" Carol giggled, moving her own big belly so she could hug her lover against her bosom and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Now you've got the right idea. Let's get to sleep."

"Or we could go for another round," the other woman murmured, tracing a circle around Carol's dark nipple.

"Sure, that sounds good too," Carol said, pulling the covers over them both.
Commission: Mountainous Quest
Carol the heavily pregnant druid embarks on a quest into a mountain range long rumored to be filled with evil. There, she confronts a force that wishes to turn the beauty of pregnancy into something twisted.

Commissioned by an anonymous user.
Rose stroked her belly slowly as she paced across Grant's office. The pacing would've come off more menacing if it wasn't paired with a pronounced pregnant waddle but Rose was more about looking sexy than menacing anyhow. 

"Reporting on other news agencies' internal drama isn't what we like to do here at WMB," Grant said, reading over the stack of documents about PGNT Rose brought the network. "We prefer to give our viewers hard-hitting reporting and information they can use."

"But?" Rose smiled, raising an eyebrow.

"But...with the sudden rise in PGNT's popularity, the story behind the scenes of that rise is worth sharing," Grant said with a small grin. In the past two days, Grant's nightly news report, the station's flagship news program, was no longer in the top of the news ratings. That irked him. "May I ask one thing? A lot of these documents about PGNT selling off reports to advertising agencies include your name in them. Our news story on this will include you as well."

"Aww, Mr. Gabriel, that would be real annoying," Rose said, pouting and leaning forward so her bountiful cleavage was right in his face. "Anyway you could leave those little details out?"

Grant gulped and looked up at Rose's eyes, flashing his award-winning (literally) smile. "Sorry, but I have a duty as a journalist."

That's a pain Rose thought, leaning back and settling her belly by bracing her lower back. Oh well. Won't be the first time I've changed my name. "Well I just wanted to do my part to spread the word about what happened at PGNT. I couldn't be apart of that awful place anymore. And I was wondering if I could...get a job here at the station? I have experience after all and I was thinking about working in entertainment journalism. I have a great, warm personality."

She moved her hand across the table to touch Grant's hand, giving him a bright, lusty smile before tossing her golden blonde hair. But as soon as she touched his hand, Grant flinched and retracted it. "Sorry, the joints in my hand are still very sore," he said, shaking it out as Rose leaned back and frowned. "We don't have any positions open, I'm sorry. Believe me, I tried to find a job here for my girlfriend so I could be closer to her every day."

"Your girlfriend?" Rose said, her voice dropping.

"Yes! She is amazing!" Grant said, showing Rose pictures of Gigi on his phone in an instant. He flipped through them but they were all clearly dozens of photos taken across from her at the dinner table, all with Gigi looking increasingly annoyed. "She is the most wonderful woman in the world and she is beautiful and strong and smart and funny and strong and-"

Rose was already waddling out of the office, a scowl on her face. The one loyal man I've met in decades and it has to be now. She looked down at her belly, feeling a stiff kick on the side of her stomach. She groaned and spread her hand out wide. I'm not giving birth any time soon so why do you have to keep kicking? 

Gigi pulled out her phone, read the text, rolled her eyes, and stuffed it back into her pocket. "Some guy wants to get in your pants?" asked Brandy, the blonde dancer Gigi "battled" back at the Fiddler club when she and her pregnant friends spread mischief all over town.

"No, he's already gotten in my pants. I guess he's my 'boyfriend' but he is just so needy," Gigi sighed, stroking her brown belly. She tried to cover it up with her shirt but as she continued to grow day after day, like most every pregnant woman in Quincy Bay, half of it was still out in the open. Brandy looked pregnant as well but she just had a potbelly since she got knocked up the old fashioned way, not because of an ancient curse an irresponsible redhead was spreading.

"I'm jealous. This kid's dad is gone and I'm not getting any cute texts from him any time soon," Brandy sighed, looking over at Gigi's belly. "Your new guy probably didn't father those babies."

"Nope, it's all thanks to Athena Labs, if you believe what you hear on the news," Gigi chuckled, cupping one hand against her round stomach. "Guess I shouldn't be too annoyed with my guy...things could be worse."

Brandy groaned and spun around to get in Gigi's face. "You can't get off my back for one second, can you?"

"Ladies, ladies, please!" said Enrico McFly, a glad-handing, shaved bald man with designer sunglasses and a ridiculous big smile. "I know you two started your little dance-off at the club as a way to argue but if you could be civil enough to work together, I can find you some jobs that are way more fun than working at a gym or waiting tables." Gigi and Brandy both glared and sighed, turning back to face him. "And they'll pay better too."

Gigi looked at the walls of Enrico's "office." There were missing gaps of paint where cabinets and frames had been pulled off, the carpet looked like it was from the 1970s, and he was the only employee in sight. "You don't seem like you're handing out well-paying jobs too freely."

"The talent market has its ups and downs but I have great instincts. We're on the cusp of a big 'up' and you two have what it takes to ride it out," Enrico said, his smile never wavering. "And as it just so happens, I have a job for both of you tonight, if you want it."

"It pays well?" Brandy asked.

"The pay is...good for a first step," Enrico said. Both women turned to leave and he hurried toward them. "Wait! Trust me! This will open up so many doors for you, if you nail it. Which of course you will! I hand selected both of you so you must be the best!"

"What is it?" Gigi sighed, one hand on the door and one on her wide hips.

He removed his glasses, revealing his age, and leaned in with his obnoxious grin. "A pregnancy fashion show."

Gigi and Brandy looked at each other for a moment before turning back to him. "We're listening."

Kirstie was fuming as she waddled back into the studio, pushing her way past the wall of bellies in her way from the "Miss Housekeeping" competition. "Excuse me," Kirstie grumbled as she got through. "Kinda pregnant here. Maybe you didn't notice." 

"Mrs. Santana? We're ready to start soon," said a production assistant with a clipboard.

"It's Ms., I'm not married!" Kirstie shouted as she waddled onto the set.

"That's what it says on the production sheet," the assistant said. It was no doubt a change Rose put in place to make Kirstie seem like she fit in with the domesticated nature of this competition. "But do we need to get you into wardrobe or-"

"No time, just keep the camera above my butt and go," Kirstie grumbled, tugging at her apron to make sure it hid enough of her breasts from view. Hayley may have sparked a firestorm when her bare belly broke out of her clothes on TV but Kirstie was far more exposed now in just her apron. Worst of all, she was still worked up from her aborted fling with Harry in his car when he revealed his deception and she learned he was just a pregnancy fetish come to life with no loyalty or affection to her or any other woman. Should have expected that from Hayley's brother, I guess, she scoffed.

Now Kirstie was both angry and horny: a dangerous combination, particularly when she's half naked in an apron.

"This shit had better at lest get good ratings," she mumbled as she tried to pull her apron down over all of her belly and at least hide her belly button. Kirstie did not share Harry's affection for the pregnant form.

"On in five, four, three," the director said, signaling to the rest of the production crew. The "Miss Housekeeping" contestants waddled on stage as the lights came on the cameras started recording. Despite the innocent name of the competition, these women were all dressed like they were ready for a night on the town instead of at home cleaning. Not that Kirstie was opposed to that sort of thing but...the idea was to have pregnant women compete in chore-related tasks, right? Kirstie may have preferred men to women but even she got worked up seeing these swollen and flirty women bouncing around on stage.

With a deep breath, she got started. "Good evening and welcome to the first annual 'Miss Housekeeping' competition," Kirstie said with a big smile and phony sweet voice as she got cued up. Her lines were being fed to her through the prompter and she wished she'd read the script beforehand. "Our 12 moms-to-be are ready to show they have what it takes to fit in the home and we'll see if we can pick a winner before one of them pops!"

The women all giggled and Kirstie groaned under her breath, hating that grating sound. PAs scurried around to set up an adjacent set while the camera panned over all twelve women, focusing on their breasts and butts far more than their bellies.

"For our first competition, cooking is important in any household so we'll see how our ladies do. However, it wouldn't be a contest befitting pregnant women if they weren't barefoot in the kitchen!" Kirstie turned to see the adjacent set was a faux kitchen with lots of floor room. The women kicked off their shoes and hurried over while Kirstie tried to maintain composure and read the upcoming lines. "But be careful ladies because when you're barefoot, things can get slippery...wait, what?"

The floor of the kitchen set was covered in baby oil and as a siren went off, the women slipped and bounced around the set. Each time they bumped into one another, they embraced and fondled each other's chest, belly, and/or butt. It did not take long for the oil to splash up on them, making their bare pregnant stomachs shimmer and glow while making their clothes tighter and see-through.

Kirstie nervously tugged on her apron, feeling her nipples harden and tug her small amount of cover down ever farther. She already had the vaginal equivalent of blue balls after her time with Harry and now here were these 12 buxom, big-bellied beauties giggling and rubbing and spanking and shoving. Kirstie's belly was large enough to hide her thighs rubbing together as she watched her career falling into ruin in the sexiest way possible.

Within minutes, several women were writhing together on the floor while others were just rubbing bellies together while standing. A cameraman turned to Kirstie, capturing her pawing at her pregnant body while biting her bottom lip. She caught her image on the monitor and remembered the last time she was on camera, she was reporting on concussions in sports and breaking news on medical reports being fudged for the local team. And this is where she was now?

"Oh, fuck this," Kirstie groaned, waddling off set while trying not to show her bare ass to the camera. "I quit."

She stormed out of PGNT, going to a different parking lot than the one where she and Harry met up. Kirstie was burning up and she could no longer calm down with a joint thanks to this belly. Magic or not, she could still feel something kicking around inside of her and she'd rather air on the side of caution when it came to drinking and smoking now. But there was another way to soothe the fire inside of her: getting laid. Her old boyfriend dumped her as soon as the belly showed up and Harry had just broken her heart. Who did that leave?

"Thomas was always looking at Lucy's belly a little too long," she murmured to herself, patting her stomach. Then a grin spread across her face; Hannah's fashion show was tonight and it was all pregnant women. She could get some clothes to cover her half-naked body up and if Thomas was as fond of preggos as Kirstie surmised, he wouldn't be able to stay away.

She fished her phone out of the pocket on her apron and called Hannah. "Hey Kirstie! You still on for tonight?" Hannah asked, sounding exhausted.

"Sure am. Mind if I stop by early to try on the outfits?" Kirstie asked, patting her belly and smiling.
Broadcast: Chapter 56 - Counter-Programming
As all the pieces are now in place for Hannah's maternity fashion show, more pregnant women get the news and head over, all while Rose continues to lurk behind the scenes.



If you have paid enough attention to my gallery to notice patters, which I would not recommend, you may have noticed I have more or less only been putting out commissioned stories for the past several months. I want to briefly speak on this.

A big reason why I have not been putting out any of my own original stories is because I'm in a transitional period in my life. I'm working on more and more real-life art projects under my real name and that is taking a lot of time and energy. Not only do I have less time to write stories for here, I'm also focusing most of my creative energy on these other projects so, to be honest, I haven't had any good ideas for a pregnancy story in a while now.

The other biggest reason is that, frankly, I need the money. This isn't to say that these commissions are a chore or a hassle because some of the commissions I've gotten have been very fun to write. But with these real-life projects, I need money to fund those and between working on my projects while balancing my day job and paying bills and rent on top of that, extra money from commissions is a huge help.

Will there be more original stories coming from me? I sure hope so. There will still be Broadcast chapters until that series is over (please read Broadcast) and I may get a fun little idea in my head and write out a story but for the time being, most of what you are going to see from me is commissions. 

I do try and share as many of my commissioned stories with the public as I can although I make exceptions if it's incongruous with the rest of my gallery/output so I don't feel too bad about not giving people content, although I do wish I could share more of my own original work. 

Let me also do a mini-ad for my commissions. Uh, I think they're good and other people seem to think they're good so if you want a story, I charge fair rates. And I need money.

Leave your thoughts in the comments and also tell me who is winning the NCAA tournament.


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