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First of all, hello. Not enough people start their posts this way.

I have had a few people tell me the PDF versions of my latest eBook, "Be Careful What You Wish For," available online now for the low low price of $2.99, garbles up the text when it comes next to the bonus art included.

I had a feeling including the bonus art would cause some problems but I stuck with it because, to quote Michael Scott, to quote Wanye Gretzky, you miss 100% of the shot you don't take. Also Gretzky is a massively overrated player.

Because of these concerns, I have gone back into the original file and messed around with it to the point that PDFs look good to me now. It's definitely fixed on Smashwords but the Amazon/Kindle one may take a day or so to reupload. However, I have not heard any complaints about other file types, including the Kindle version, creating the same issues so you can try it some other ways.

If anyone still sees issues, please let me know. And in exchange, if you liked the story, it would be very rad if you could leave a rating or a comment on the book in either of the stores. I think that helps its visibility. And check out my other eBook, "Opening Up" while you're at it.

(also, for people interested in getting this on the Nook, I think fixing this problem may speed up that process)…… 

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Edna huffed and puffed, focusing on getting one of her short legs in front of the other. Her curly red hair was tucked into a ponytail behind her long, pointy ears but after waddling for so long in the heat, it was coming apart and springy locks were already starting to get into her big green eyes. It didn't help that she'd outgrown her clothes months ago, with the white, button-up blouse holding her breasts in a vice grip while her pregnant belly stuck out free, escaping the confines of her clothing long ago. She had a bright green coat she wore as well but it didn't reach down very far now as it got caught on the shelf of her colossal butt.

The young, pregnant leprechaun paused for a moment, catching her breath as she rested one hand in the middle of her cleavage. Her clothes were getting so tight, it was getting hard to breathe but she knew if she relaxed one button, the whole outfit would explode out and her chest would hang out naked on both sides of her belly. Edna was a little taller than three feet but her belly was already as big as she was. Her breasts, each as heavy as a bag of potatoes, weren't as big as her belly but they were close and her nipples were swollen and rubbed against the rough fabric of her shirt. With the size of her endowments, it was all but impossible for Edna to see anything in front of her but the vast canyon of her cleavage and the beginning hump of her pregnant stomach. Thankfully, she'd already used some of her magic to make sure she had enough luck to not step into a ditch or puddle or tree by accident.

"Oof, be easy, ya little ones," Edna chirped, patting her twitching belly. Each kick by itself was not so bad but with so many babies on the way, when they joined together and started squirming in her womb at the same time, it could almost throw her off-balance. But with her ass cheeks each the size of watermelons, she had enough counterbalance for her heavy front, plus her hips and thighs made her almost twice as wide as her waist so she had the ground support to stay upright.

When Edna managed to rub her belly enough to calm her babies, she took another deep breath and took hold of the handle for the wagon she was pulling and, with a grunt, got its wheels moving again. The large pot of gold in the wagon bed jangled as she started up again and Edna felt its weight take a toll on her arm. Between that and the impatient movement in her womb, Edna knew she needed to find a new home soon or when her due date comes, she might not have the energy to push her children out quickly.

As Edna made her way down the dirt path, she heard something strange. At first she thought it was just her own heavy breathing from the stress of waddling while her pregnancy was so advanced but she heard it out of rhythm with her own voice. Edna cocked her head to the side and squealed loudly. A large, blue mass was coming down fast, within inches of crushing her.

"Hmm? Who said that?" a deep woman's voice said. Edna winced and saw the blue mass stop and start to lift back up. Now that Edna had the chance to look, it was clear that it was just denim, sown together into a large pair of overalls, wrapped around a truly massive pregnant belly. The pregnant woman stepped back and bent forward to take a look at Edna. "Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't see you there."

The large woman grinned, keeping a piece of a reed in her teeth. She looked close to six and a half feet tall, though to Edna, that was a giant. She had muscular forearms and even thicker legs that connected to a bubble butt that looked like it was about to pop. Each breast was about the size of Edna's entire body and they rested on top of the large woman's belly that miraculously remained concealed inside her pair of overalls. As big as this farmer woman was, her belly was even bigger and looked like it might be able to fit two of her inside. 

She took a knee to get a better look at Edna, spreading her legs in the process to make room for her belly. Her long, silky blond ponytail fluttered in the wind as her blue eyes narrowed. "What's your name, little girl?" She sighed. "No offense but you seem a little...young to be having a baby."

Edna blushed when she saw the farmer's full figure but now she was red from embarrassment. "I-I'm not some wee gal! I'm almost 70!"

The farmer nearly dropped the reed out of her mouth. "Ah, you're a magic being of some sorts then."

Edna nodded and did a curtsey. "Edna O'Donovan, leprechaun."

"Missy. Farmer," she said with a big grin, standing back up. "Never met a leprechaun before."

"We don't get out much," Edna admitted, looking up at Missy. "My, you're certainly a big lass. Might I suppose everyone looks big to me."

"You're not so small yourself," Missy said, stroking her belly with one, calloused hand. "Proportionately, you and I are about the same."

"Aye, but you take the cake. I could do cartwheels inside your womb," Edna said with a giggle.

Missy narrowed her eyes. "You'd like to be inside me, huh?" She purred and craned her neck to get a better look at Edna's butt. "I'd like that." As Edna blushed and started to protest, Missy had already turned back to her work and sighed. "When I get this big, farm work always gets tricky." Sucking in a deep breath, Missy croutched, spreading her thighs completely open and letting her ass hover centimeters above the Earth. Her belly jutted out, somehow looking even bigger. As she dipped down, threads in her overalls started to come undone and one button from her red shirt snapped off and flew a couple of feet while Missy struggled to reach down and pick some crops. "Ugh, this is impossible."

"I-I can give you a hand there, lass," Edna said, jogging over and letting her belly and breasts wobble with each clumsy step. She easily got into the crops and bent forward. Her huge, naked belly plunged into the dirt and she couldn't reach any farther. Edna whined and winced, trying to reach at the root of a group of carrots but was unable to reach, a dark blush forming over her pale, freckled face.

Missy giggled and put one hand on Edna's shoulder. "Thanks for the help, Ms. O'Donovan, but I think we're both just too pregnant." She pressed one finger into Edna's belly. "Or specifically, too big and too fertile...oh..." Missy pushed her finger in a little more, testing the taut orb beneath her. "Wow, you're so firm and tight. You're getting near the end, aren't you?"

"Y-yes," Edna squeaked, her skin cramping at Missy's pushes but also getting a little thrill out of the farmer's touch.

Missy stood back up and sighed, fanning herself by pulling on her shirt, now showing more of her cleavage thanks to her button flying off. "Guess I'll have to go ask the mayor for some help."

"No, you sit still, Missy. I have one more trick up me sleeve," Edna winked, giving Missy's belly a pat of her own. That didn't go as she planned, with a single kick from one of Missy's healthy baby girls knocking Edna's dainty hand back instantly. She waddled back through the farm to her wagon and pulled out a gold coin. She whispered something too quiet for Missy to hear and then flipped the coin in the air. 

To Missy's amazement, it vanished in the air as it came down, leaving a twinkling cloud of yellow light in its place. Then, the ground beneath Missy's feet began to shake. At first, she thought her eager fetuses were just throwing a tantrum again, which they were, to be fair. But in fact, the Earth itself was quaking and the vegetables in the farm fields started to lift out of the ground. The roots and vines came alive, acting like arms and legs, and pulled the plants free and then walked in a straight line to several baskets Missy had laid out. They plopped back in and lost their locomotion. In no time, Missy's farm fields were mostly empty and she had several baskets towering with carrots, cabbages, potatoes, tomatoes, and more.

"There's something you don't see every day," Missy chuckled, running her hand through her golden locks as she admired the pregnant leprechaun. "What other surprises and secrets do you have?"

"It's no real secret, dearie," Edna giggled, lifting another coin from her pot. "All leprechauns have a bit of magic but it all comes from our gold. I can turn one of me coins into a spell or a wish simple as that, but if it's trickier, it may take another coin or two."

"Interesting, but when I asked if you had other secrets," Missy said, bending over again to touch Edna on the chin. "I meant more...personal secrets."

Edna blushed and couldn't help but smile, showing her teeth with a gap in her front teeth. "I-I'd like time to chat, lass, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. I'm looking for a new home where I can bury this gold and preserve me magic before I hatch."

"Hatch?" Missy said, her playful tone vanishing.

"Have my litter, dearie. Figure 'a' speech," Edna laughed, giving Missy a light push on her hip. It felt like a boulder. "My, you're nothin' but muscles, ain't ye?"

Missy snickered and flexed, adding another few inches to her biceps. "I do a lot of work outside. But don't worry," she said, bending down to whisper in Edna's ear, letting her pink lips touch the point for a brief moment. "I'm soft in other places."

Edna gulped and her grin began to shake. "W-well like I said, I'm in the process of findin' a new nook to live in so I won't have time to stop by tonight and-"

"I could help you with that; repay you for what you did for me on the farm," Missy said, pointing down the road. "I'm part of a small hamlet and I can introduce you to the mayor. She picks who stays and I have a feeling you'll fit right in."

Edna's ginger eyebrows raised. "Live here?" She looked around. It was a beautiful countryside and in a lot of ways reminded her of her homeland, before she had to leave. And if the people were anything like Missy, she could certainly learn to like her neighbors. "That'd be lovely."

"Excellent, then let's go meet the mayor!" Missy said, spitting out her reed and sticking a carrot in her mouth inside. "It's a long walk. Want me to carry you?"

Edna pouted. "I certainly..." She pictured Missy cradling Edna in her burly arms, holding the leprechaun girl against her enormous, soft bosom while they felt their kicking bellies rub against one another. Edna felt a shiver run down her spine but she shook her head. "I certainly do not!" Edna took hold of the handle for her wagon and stomped down the road.

"Wrong way, hon," Missy said, snapping the carrot off in her teeth and patting her firm stomach, some of her bare skin now revealed after her seams came apart while crouching, revealing several feet of tan, smooth belly skin. Edna's pointy ears perked up and she hurried in place, trying to turn her wagon around as she headed back toward Missy. "This'd be easier if I carried you in my belly like you said. Can your magic coins pull that off?"

Now Edna was really blushing. "L-let's make sure I can get my pot buried before I start doing parlor tricks, lass."

Missy laughed and gave Edna a pat on the head. "Whatever you say, though I think I'm big enough that I could probably get you in here without any leprechaun tricks."

Edna started really regretting not taking Missy up on her offer by the time they started making it into town. Her thick thighs were burning and the wagon and her belly each felt like they were getting heavier and heavier. Once they started seeing buildings, Edna let go of the wagon handle and took a small break, stroking her wide, tight stomach and breathing hard.

"There, bit of a journey but we made it," Missy smiled, wiping some sweat off of her forehead with her wrist, her swollen breasts bobbing around as she moved her arms. Dark sweat stains were forming around her nipples. "Not too worn out, are you Edna?"

"W-who me?" Edna panted, stretching her neck to look up at Missy's face past the vast expanse of her maternal stomach and chest. "Couldn't be simpler. So this is it, eh?"

"This is it. Our little hamlet, though I'm usually in my farm house," Missy nodded, gesturing to the town square. As Edna picked her wagon's handle back up and started waddling forward, she was surprised by the inhabitants. They were all some of the most beautiful women Edna had ever seen in her life, human, leprechaun, or otherwise. And one of the reasons they were so beautiful was their bodies.

Edna knew she was an anomaly with the size of her pregnant belly but it was nothing compared to the women in the hamlet. Women in simple dresses or shirts and pants waddled around slowly, their titanic tummies bobbing and wiggling with expected life. While some were fully covered like Missy, plenty of others forgave that all together and let their pregnant stomachs hang like Edna's. While Missy was still larger than any of these women by a handful of feet, they were still the largest pregnancies Edna had seen outside of a mirror.

"Didn't I say you'd fit in?" Missy chuckled, patting Edna on the head again. The pregnant leprechaun was about to look up and protest but Missy got one of her red curls wrapped around her finger, twirling it gently. Edna let out a small coo and decided to let it go on. "And here's the mayor's home." Another button popped off of Missy' overalls and her outfit slumped down some, revealing more of her smooth, naked skin. "And just in time. The kicking inside here is gettin' pretty intense. They might burst me right out of my clothes."

Edna blushed, picture Missy's fit, round body nude lying in a grassy meadow in a shire, but once she struggled to move her breasts out of her face so she could see ahead of herself, she got her mind off of her hormones for a moment. "This is the mayor's home?"

"Sure is," Missy nodded. In front of them was a large, circular tent with a bright, colorful tarp. "The mayor works double duties. Everyone here has to work if they want to stay."

"And what's this mayor a'yours work?" Edna asked but Missy just smiled and lifted the tent flap so Edna could waddle inside. Once in, her big green eyes nearly popped out of her sockets.

Sitting at a large dark wooden table was a beautiful woman with rich, brown skin and breasts the size of hay bales. She was even more endowed than Missy. Nestled in between her fat bosom was a glowing crystal ball and Edna could see the image of two pregnant women from the town inside the orb. The two ghostly images shyly came together, rubbing one another's bellies before kissing, then sliding their hands under their clothes and slowly lowering themselves onto a bed.

"Interrupting something?" Missy asked with a chuckle. The mayor looked up from her crystal ball with her snake-green eyes and smiled with her full, turquoise lips. She brushed her long, black hair out of her face and rested both hands on her breasts as the images in her crystal ball faded away.

"Missy, nice to see you. Your harvest must have come in earlier than expected," the mayor said. She had a thick, sexy accent with a bit of a laugh at the end of each sentence. "But if you're here, I don't need the crystal ball to have fun."

Missy chuckled and even blushed a little. "Actually, I'm not here for fun, or even because of the harvest. I've got some town business for you." She looked over at Edna struggling to climb a stool with her height and pregnant size and grabbed the leprechaun girl, lifting her by her shirt. "This here is-"

Before Missy could finish her introduction, Edna's clothes finally gave way. Her blouse ripped and Edna plopped down on her large ass on the stool, struggling to cover her exposed nipples with her short arms. "N-name's Edna O'Donovan, missus mayor. Good to meet ya."

"You too, Edna," the mayor purred, having one bejeweled hand over her crystal ball. Moments later, a woman stuck her head inside. "Take these clothes and tailor them for our guest here, please. She needs them taken out, I believe." The mayor chuckled a bit as the pregnant woman gathered up Edna's torn clothes and left. "So, Ms. O'Donovan, what brings you here to our hamlet?"

Edna gulped, seeing the mayor's enormous nipples harden under the thin fabric of her top. "W-well, I'm in need of a new home. Bein' a leprechaun and all, I need a stable home where I can bury me gold and keep me magic intact...before the little 'uns come, you know."

"Yes, you seem awfully far along. I can feel them kicking against me," the mayor said.

"Feel them?" Edna said, confused. The mayor's arms certainly couldn't reach this far. That was when Edna realized they were not sitting in front of a table. The entire tent was taken up by the mayor's own colossal pregnant stomach, her smooth, firm brown belly acting as a table. There was a thick, swollen belly button right next to her knee. "Oh me stars and spirits..."

"So you're a leprechaun? I have never met a leprechaun, let alone a pregnant one," the mayor smiled, resting her elbows on her firm middle as she observed Edna.

"H-half leprechaun, actually. Fadder was a dwarf, taught me how to mint my magic gold coins in case I ever needed more. Useful skill for a leprechaun," Edna smiled, showing off the gap in her teeth. "S'also where I get me rear."

"I was wondering about that," Missy chuckled.

"Well, as the town's oracle and gypsy as well as its mayor, I could always use someone well versed in magic. How would you like to work as my assistant in exchange for staying in this hamlet?" the mayor asked.

Edna's eyes opened wide. Work as the assistant for this big beauty? "I'd love 'at!" Edna blurted. The mayor and Missy both laughed at Edna's eagerness.

"Good, good. You can start now," the mayor said, lowering her top and presenting her naked breasts to Edna. "My chest has gotten awfully heavy lately and I need my milk drained. Up to it?" Edna didn't need much more goading. She climbed over the mayor's belly and latched on to a dark nipple and started drinking. The mayor smiled and pet Edna's baby bump, feeling it start to expand with pints of sweet milk.

"Mind if I join in? The journey over here left me a little tired," Missy grinned, removing her overall straps. The mayor cupped under her breast, presenting it to the farmer as she and Edna began to drain and drink from the mayor, rubbing her own pregnant middle against Edna's. She may not have been as big as Missy but she was so far along that her babies kicked up a storm and that turned Missy on.

It wasn't long before the mayor started to move her hands across Edna's body, slinking in between her thick dwarfish thighs. The leprechaun stripped down and crawled under the mayor, the possibility of actually being crushed exciting her slightly as she started to lick and suck on the mayor's flowery lap.

Missy got the mayor up enough for her to get a good look at Edna and sank her fingers inside of Edna. For sure a small woman, she had a lot of room for Missy's hand and with the farm girl's strength, she had Edna screaming with ecstasy in no time.

As Edna trembled, letting the orgasms still rock her body, everyone changed places as the mayor kissed and caressed the leprechaun while Missy hit the gypsy with everything she had, spanking her ass and stroking her clit with rapid speed.

"Think you'll enjoy it in our little village?" the mayor whispered to Edna as she ran her tongue over her freckle-covered breasts.

"I feel lucky to be here," Edna squeaked. "A-and I'm happy to be your assistant."

"Good, because I have another job for you," the mayor purred, pulling Edna in closer.

"Anything," Edna nodded. "What is it?"

"Get one of those magic coins of yours and make my belly bigger."
Commission: Getting Lucky
A pregnant leprechaun needs to find a new place to live before she gives birth and finds a few kind women who would love to have her as a neighbor.

Commissioned by an anonymous user.
Would You Like To Buy An eBook? by notabot999
Would You Like To Buy An eBook?
It's here, my second eBook: Be Careful What You Wish For.

Alex is a young man with a more-than-healthy interest in pregnant women. But when the people in his life increasingly become swollen with children, including his best friend and step-family, it turns out to not be the wonderful experience Alex was hoping for. 

Once again, amazing cover art is done by zdemian BUT there is a special treat because your copy of Be Careful What You Wish For comes with five even more amazing bonus pieces of art, all also done by Z.




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Captain Kimberly waddled through the deck of her ship, nodding stoically at the blushing and swooning crew members who passed her by. She towered above them, both in stature and figure. As both captain and head of security, she needed to stay fit and had thick arms and legs that looked like they could have been cut from stone and was a good head or more taller than most of the crew. Her pregnant belly also outclassed any of theirs, with her round gut shaking with each step while fetal kicks from inside jiggled it in the other direction. 

The other sailors were big, of course. Kimberly would have it no other way. With so many on board, they looked like they were rolling around as they scurried to their various tasks as the ship bounced on the high seas. But even if the biggest among them looked like they were close to tipping over and were as swollen as a hot air balloon, their entire bodies were covered by the shadow Kimberly's stomach cast. It didn't make them jealous, however, and they loved being in the presence of such a fertile beauty, twirling their handkerchiefs in their fingers as it tickled their deep cleavage.

Kimberly entered the medical quarters and put her hands on her wide hips. "Doctor Shelley," Kimberly said, clearing her throat. The doctor lifted her eyes from her laptop and smiled, closing it and pushing it off of her desk so she could sit up on it. Miraculously, it supported her weight with her belly as big as her captain's. She actually seemed a little bigger than her captain since she was shorter and not as muscular. While Kimberly had the bronze tan of someone who spent their life outdoors and her long hair was bleached blond by the sun, Shelley was as pale as a sheet and dyed her hair a mischievous blue. Shelley was not out-classed in breast size, however, with her white skin getting a bit of a rosy glow on her tits as they crammed into her lacy top. Kimberly wore a military green bra that did nothing to hide her cleavage, which hung out and bounced as much as her belly. Each had thin thongs on that reached up to the top of their hips but Shelley at least had a nurse's skirt around her waist as well, unbuttoned to make room for her pregnancy.

"Ah, captain," Shelley purred, stroking her maternal curves as Kimberly waddled inside. "I checked my calendar but I didn't expect you for another few days."

"I know. It's been happening more rapidly," Kimberly said, clutching her juicy breasts and losing her hands in her soft flesh. "Can you fit me into your schedule?"

"Hmm, I think so," Shelley said sarcastically, laughing as she left her desk and began to fondle Kimberly's stomach and chest. For such an imposing woman, Kimberly could be quite coy when it came to physical contact, though she was as horny as any other crew member on board. Shelley laughed some more as she saw Kimberly's big green eyes feign reluctance and look away but she kept her hands on Kimberly's belly and rubbed up and down slowly. "I think I know why you're producing more milk than usual. They're shifting into place."

"I thought so," Kimberly sighed, sticking her gut out some as she pressed both hands into her lower back, just above her enormous, firm ass. "They're awfully active in there. They must be getting anxious."

"So am I. I love delivering your babies. You have some of the most orgasmic birthings I've ever seen, even in medical school," Shelley said, stroking Kimberly in even bigger swaths. "I'm due soon so how about you keep those li'l ones cooking until we can give birth together." She placed her ruby red lips just above Kimberly's popped-out navel. "Doctor's orders."

Kimberly bit her own plump lip and tried to stifle her squeal. "D-Doctor..."

"Hmm?" Shelley said as she looked up. The tiny top Kimberly had on was getting dark and damp. "Ah, right, better get to work then." With the faintest of touches, Kimberly's top came off and her breasts wobbled around, her wet nipples freed. Shelley licked her lips and clamped on, drinking in gallons of sweet breast milk. Kimberly hugged Shelley tightly the whole time, allowing their bellies to rub together. The captain's moans were loud enough to be heard outside the cabin, giving smiling crew members the go-ahead to fool around for a bit, knowing Kimberly wouldn't be checking up on them for a while. Then again, a few of them hoped she might catch them and punish them with a little spanking. It was the captain's preferred method of punishment and if a sailor was really naughty, she would get spanked on her oiled up belly. But after, the crew members could spank Kimberly back. She was fair, after all.

When her breasts were drained, Kimberly rested against the wall, panting as her face was bright red. "Y-you always do such good work, Shelley."

"Of course. I've got a mouth made for suckling," Shelley said, unbuttoning her own top and cupping her large mammary. "I can't stop myself." She stuck her own dark nipple in her mouth and began to suck and lick it, sending shivers down her own spine. "Ah, not as tasty as yours, cap'n, but pretty good."

The door to the cabin burst open and one dark-skinned, curvy sailor stuck her head in. "C-Captain!"

The young sailor hesitated, seeing both senior officers in their state of undress, but Kimberly waved her hand. "Go on, crew member. Report."

"Diver Michelle has returned and has an urgent report!" the sailor said, hurrying back out of the room. Kimberly and Shelley looked at one another and started to put their clothes back on. They were out on this voyage for a reason, after all. Satellites detected a strange signal from deep undersea and Shelley, as both chief science officer as well as the ship doctor, was assigned to check it out, with Kimberly in charge of ship functions.

They made it to the lip of the boat as young girls pulled a woman from the ocean. With her black wet suit, the full size of her belly and breasts were clear and Michelle was big. It looked like she had a sponge in her womb that had been filling up the whole time she was in the ocean water. Once her helmet came off, she shook out her long red hair and brushed dried sea salt crust from her brown cheeks. "Captain," she said, saluting Kimberly. "Doctor," she said, turning to Shelley.

"Hello sailor," Kimberly said, saluting back. "We are both interested in your report."

"Very," Shelley said, rubbing her hands together. "Debriefings are always fun. Now, for your reward."

In no time, Michelle had her back against the wall as Kimberly kissed her on the lips, letting the diver squeeze and fondle the captain's chest. After having her breast milk drained, they were even more sensitive than usual. Shelley was daintily removing Michelle's wet suit, taking off her glove and sucking on her fingertips. "Now for the best part," Shelley purred, reaching out for the zipper around Michelle's belly.

But she had her work done for her. With one yelp from Michelle, she thrust her hips out and her wet suit ripped, revealing her round, taut caramel stomach. They could all see the constant kicking under the surface. "Those are some strong girls," Kimberly smiled, rubbing and patting her sailor's belly. "If they're strong enough to burst out of your wet suit, they may want to burst out of your belly next."

Instantly, there was a stream of thick fluid spilling from between Michelle's legs that spilled out up to their ankles. "Spoke a little too soon there," Shelley snickered as Michelle began to clutch at her stomach. "Okay, easy there. Let's get you to the medic bay." Michelle slowly waddled down the hall, clutching the underside of her throbbing belly while moaning and cooing the whole time. Kimberly had ripped off the rest of her wet suit and now the pregnant beauty was totally naked.

Giggling nurses gathered around her as Michelle laid belly-up, legs spread wide while Kimberly held onto one of her hands. Her face was as red as her hair as she grunted and squealed. "Oh god, it feels so incredible," she whined.

"Just relax, sailor. This can't be your first time giving birth," Kimberly said, trying not to get too turned on and go into labor herself.

"But I've never been this...this big!" Michelle said, howling as another contraction forced her to start crowning. A new surge of amniotic fluid spilled out of her cramped vagina, splashing Shelley in the face and lubing up her breasts. "I got this big for you, cap'n!" 

"And I appreciate it," Kimberly said, placing Michelle's hand on her belly, right over her engorged navel. "Now how about you do us another big favor and tell us what you saw on your diving expedition."

"I-I saw...oh god...I saw...they're COMING!" Michelle shrieked, her back arching as breast milk covered Kimberly, Shelley, and everyone else in the room. The nurses gripped Michelle's thighs and spread her even wider while Shelley got ready to cup the first baby's head. "Cap'n, you are so fucking sexy."

"And you'll get twice the usual reward," Kimberly whispered in the screaming girl's ear. "If you just tell me what you saw."

" was a ship! A big silver saucer, like a space ship!" Michelle howled as more of her baby started to move through her birth canal. "M-Maybe they need to breed with other species! I'll let them cram my womb full of alien brats, just for you cap'n!" 

"We'll see," Kimberly smiled as one more orgasm rocked Michelle and she pushed out a crying infant. "Congratulations, Michelle. Now let's get the rest taken care of."

After a long and exciting birthing, Kimberly and Shelley waited outside the medical bay. Everyone else was worn out from the subsequent orgy but only those two had the stamina to even stand afterwards. "I'm impatient," Kimberly said, turning to her science officer.

"You want to go again?!" Shelley said, grinning from ear to ear. "Oh cap'n Kim, in a heartbeat!"

"Not what I meant," Kimberly chuckled. "Going down to that ship, I mean. All of our other divers are probably in bed with one another and we've both had our training. Let's go on our own. Right now."

Shelley looked the pregnant beauty in the eyes and sighed. "Hate to put my 'doctor' hat on but you could give birth any day now. Should you really be deep-sea diving?"

"I'm a tough girl," Kimberly said, pounding her fist against her breast. "And besides, this could be the first chance to see aliens. That's worth it."

Both women suited up, their wetsuits stretched so far they were basically transparent. Tucking in their long hair, they put on their helmets and dove into the cold ocean. After an hour or so of swimming farther and farther, they caught sight of what Michelle must have been talking about. A massive silver disc sat on the ocean floor, gleaming off of their flashlights. Kimberly swam down first, approaching the top and cautiously touching in search for a switch or lever. Without activating anything, a door opened across from them. With a quick hand signal, both swam inside and watched the door close. The chamber drained of water and both removed their helmets.

"At least they're friendly," Shelley joked as she shook out her blue locks. Then another door opened and both women couldn't believe what they saw.

In a control room were many humanoid figures, with heads enlarged with massive lobes and no hair anywhere on their bodies aside from their long eyelashes. They were a variety of colors – green, red, blue, purple – and all clearly looked female. They were voluptuous, with extreme hourglass figures: hips wider than their waists, breasts as big as their heads (and given the size of their heads, that was really saying something) and most obviously, enormous pregnant bellies. Each one of them had on sparse clothing, showing off as much of their bodies as possible. Small pieces of round fabric and what looked like molded plastic covered their nipples and allowed their heaving chests to sit out in the open while light cloth straddled their strong birthing hips and showed off every millimeter of their glistening tummies, each quivering with movement inside as they laboriously stroked and patted their maternal girth.

"They're as big as us," Shelley whispered to her captain.

"They're as big as us," one of the aliens said. They giggled and looked at the two humans with familiar lust, licking their succulent lips and moving their caressing hands lower down the curve of their bellies, nearer to their laps. As Shelley winked at one particularly handsy alien and pulled back on her wetsuit to make sure her erect nipple was visible, one of the beautiful alien women waddled forward. "Greetings. We come to your planet peacefully."

"That's nice to hear," Kimberly said, looking the round, gorgeous spacewoman up and down, her lap turning warm just at the sight of her. "But we still have a few questions."

"Of course. Our ambassador is getting ready for you," the alien said with a smile, waddling to guide the visitors through the ship and down the silver corridors, her generous ass bouncing back and forth as the two humans followed behind. Outside of the control room Kimberly and Shelley exited, most of the aliens still wore little in the way of clothing, showing off their gleaming, jiggling bellies and most of their pillowy bosoms. Shelley eye-fucked each of them, eager for the mission to end the formalities so she could meet them individually. Meanwhile, Kimberly was blushing and groaning, watching these pregnant women from another world look her up and down and then turn to one another to begin kissing and fondling each other. Their gigantic bellies pressed together hard, quickly becoming slick and shiny from the drool dripping from their greedy lips and fencing tongues. As Kimberly watched, she began to rub her stomach faster, feeling the impatient babies inside her kick and test the durability of her wetsuit.

Their alien guide opened a large door and both human women gasped at what they saw. A red-skinned alien was resting on top of her belly, her naked ass sticking up in the air. Kimberly and Shelley had been in the presence of many goddess-like beauties in their time but they had never seen a pregnant woman her size. Most of the room was just taken up by her tight, inflated stomach and she was suspended nearly a dozen feet in the air. It almost looked like some kind of piece of alien furniture or sculpture but as they got closer, they saw the constant impressions of elbows and knees as life thrashed around inside the woman's womb with incredible vigor. The size of her pregnant belly also translated to breasts big enough to carry human twins for 18 months and a butt that could probably crush Shelley's head if she stuck it back there and tried to examine the alien physiology with her tongue. The alien was totally naked, a pool of sweat, breast milk, and some other thick fluid puddling around her and both human women had to fight the urge to latch onto her dark red nipples right there and drink enough to make their stomachs burst out of their clothes.

"You must be the ambassador," Kimberly said, clearing her throat and stepping forward.

She briefly looked up at Kimberly with her large, glowing green eyes. "N-not quite," the alien grunted, sweat dripping down her face as she pressed both hands into her belly. Gallons of ruby-tinged liquid started spilling out from behind her and Shelley hurried around to see if she needed medical attention. Aside from being hairless, the red alien's reproductive system looked identical to a human's. There were some differences in the folds of her labia but Shelley had seen enough professionally and recreationally to know it was like a fingerprint. None of that shocked Shelley as she stepped behind the croutching, birthing alien.

What came as a surprise was when she saw a green, large-lobed head emerging from the red alien that seemed too big to belong to a baby. Shelley placed her hands on the red alien's thighs and tried to spread them apart farther, making the birthing alien cry out in ecstasy. Another spurt of amniotic fluid sprayed Shelley and more of the head came out, passing the crowning stage. It was clearly an adult's head. The enormous alien screamed with effort and pleasure, wailing and panting before instinctively kissing and licking Kimberly's pregnant stomach. The captain blushed and unzipped it some, allowing the alien access to her bare belly skin. As the alien pampered Kimberly's maternal curves with desperate joy, she gradually pushed out a fully-grown alien woman. 

The new woman was more pregnant and plump than anyone on board, with emerald-green skin that had an extra glow thanks to the wet birth canal she'd just emerged from. Each breast hung off of the side of her belly, both the size of a yoga ball, and already expelling a steady stream of milk that traveled down her body like a waterfall. The milk traveled the entire length of her pregnant belly, which looked about a dozen brats bigger than Kimberly or Shelley's and nearly eclipsed the rest of her body with its sheer dominant size. It made it hard to notice how massive her butt was, which stuck out from her body like a shelf and looked even tighter than their twitching round bellies. Once rebirthed, she lay in the fetal position on the floor, moaning gently as she stretched out in a sticky puddle, before looking up and seeing only the underside of Kimberly and Shelley's pregnant middles and began to sit up.

"Oh, we had guests," the green alien said with a smile, wiping amniotic fluid from her face and struggling to stand. Multiple other alien crew members hurried over to help lift her to her feet, gripping her dainty hands and thick thighs. "My apologies. I am H'len, ambassador for the Zenethite Government and this accomodating woman is Tsili, our navigator."

"H-hi," Tsili panted, her belly starting to deflate. There was still a lot of activity visible from inside her belly so she was clearly already pregnant when she unbirthed H'len inside her. But carrying the ambassador and then rebirthing her clearly took a lot out of her and Tsili looked about ready to collapse, exhausted from childbirth and the barrage of orgasms it gave her.

"I have to stay inside her womb during space travel so I can remain in telepathic communication with our home world," H'len said, rubbing her belly as kicks perforated its smooth surface. "You know how it is."

"Naturally," Kimberly sighed, crossing her arms against her own wide chest as she looked at H'len nude bosom. Now that she knew Tsili unbirthed the ambassador, she could accept why she was bigger but to look at H'len and see a living creature with tits bigger than her own was a startling experience for Kimberly and one that aroused her tremendously. "So, what brings you to Earth?"

"It's a little embarrassing. We were on a regular voyage but ran out of fuel and had to land on a planet to rest and recharge. At least we seem to have picked a friendly one!" H'len giggled, placing one hand gingerly on Kimberly's stomach. As Kimberly gulped at the alien's warm touch, other Zenethites ran in to dress H'len in flowing robes. They were all as black as the night sky, with a lot of space cut out for H'len to show off her breasts and thin fabric to wrap around her arms and twirl in the air. But once she zipped it up, her gown began to tear around her hips, belly, and breasts, showing how she was literally bursting with fertility and, most of all, babies. "Oops, seem I put on a little weight in the womb. If we don't leave soon, I may be the first Zenethite to give birth on your planet," H'len giggled as her attendants placed a small, black round piece of jewelry between her lobes and applied dark eyeshadow. "Thank you," H'len said, kissing each of the attendants on the lips.

"Speaking of weight," Tsili grunted. "I am all worn out, ambassador. I need to breastfeed."

"Same," H'len sighed, nodding to her assistants. "Excuse us for one moment."

"W-we can breastfeed you!" Kimberly blurted out. Shelley looked at her with pleasant surprise as Kimberly dropped her wetsuit and presented her dripping tits. "A show of good will."

H'len and Tsili looked at each other and smiled, turning their attention to the human women as Shelley stripped down as well. "Of course. The hospitality does not go unappreciated." She and Tsili attached their full lips to the humans' nipples and began to drink vigorously. They were so eager that milk was escaping and spilling down onto Kimberly and Shelley's bellies, dripping down their curves and making their laps wet and slippery, which just excited the two humans more and more.

"Drink your fill," Shelley purred, petting the bald head of Tsili as the navigator moaned and whimpered with each gulp. Their bellies were touching and Shelley could feel Tsili's fetuses kicking her through her womb walls. In no time, Shelley's uterus was exploding with commotion as her babies started acting up as well. "Oof, they like each other. When we give birth, we'll have to let our kids play together...while their moms have a little play date of their own."

That just made Tsili more eager and she stuck more of Shelley inside her mouth, suckling until she let out a muffled moan and squirted some final spurts of amniotic fluid from behind her. H'len giggled at the sight and gracefully removed her lips from Kimberly before leaning up and giving the captain a kiss with her still-milky mouth. "Mmm, you taste so sweet."

"T-thank you," Kimberly said, trying to stand tall and lift her chin. "I-I am Captain Kimberly of the S.S. Venus and this is our chief science and medical officer Dr. Shelley."

"We got a little excited and forgot to introduce ourselves," Shelley giggled.

"Good to meet you both," H'len purred. "Now we can commence with an official Zenethite greeting. She snapped her fingers, making Tsili arch her back and whimper reflexively. Two other Zenethite attendants hurried over with what looked like two long dildos, with all kinds of extra nubs and extensions on it. "Do you have similar devices on your planet?" H'len asked as Kimberly picked one up and inspected it.

"Yep, think we can figure these out," Shelley giggled, rubbing the end of the device in her palm. "Ms. Navigator, if you'd be so kind." The big, red alien moaned and bent over and Shelley shoved the dildo inside of Tsili, who cried out loud and kneaded her own chest.

"And you, captain?" H'len purred, lifting her belly slight to present her dripping sex to Kimberly. Her tan face now bright red, Kimberly reached her elbow back and used her strength to thrust the sex toy inside the alien ambassador, making her squirt fluid out of her own vagina and breasts as she came instantly.

"How's that for a greeting?" Kimberly grinned, eyes starting to gleam.

"Oh captain!" H'len moaned, lifting one leg and rubbing Kimberly's own lap. "A woman after my own heart!"

It didn't take long for the women to change places, with Tsili getting Shelley back for her teasing and H'len seeing just how much the muscular human captain could take. Mattresses and extra sex toys were brought in by the attendants but soon they were being dragged in as well, stripped down and either penetrated by the dildos or fingers, eaten out directly, or put to task drinking breast milk from one of the four VIPs on board, although Shelley did her fair share of sucking as well.

All of the Zenethites were amazed at the endurance of Kimberly, who bounced up and down on dildos and could have an alien suck on her clitoris for what seemed like hours without giving up. And if she ever seemed to be losing energy, Shelley would just whisper in her ear about her approaching due date and that would fire the captain up to start making the Zenethites squeal again.

Shelley quickly became the most popular woman on board, moving from woman to woman with her miraculous mouth. As a doctor, she knew a pregnant woman's body better than anyone and was giving herself a crash course in Zenethite biology. It didn't take long for Shelley to locate and memorize the G spot for every single crew member on board the stranded alien ship. Much to her delight, this race of aliens seemed to have multiple all throughout their vaginas.

If Shelley was everyone's favorite choice for getting orgasms, then Tsili was their top pick for giving orgasms. The bloated red alien rarely moved from her place on the floor, still preferring to lie on her belly while every sensitive spot on her body was stimulated. After giving birth to the ambassador, she was flexible enough to fit two big-headed aliens between her legs, eagerly eating her out and listening to the beautiful song of Tsili's voice as she climaxed to greater and greater heights.

And of course there was H'len herself, with her regal attitude and naturally dominating personality. The Zenethite women did not just love their ambassador's body, they adored her and wanted to satisfy all of her whims and desires. H'len ordered different women to fuck one another, told women when to be hard and when to be gentle, and directed them to specific parts of her body while she picked out the next one to sit on her face to sink in a sex toy.

Despite the bounty of women to choose from, the two humans and two most important Zenethites found themselves coming together most of the time, as if they were attracted by the gravity of each other's massive pregnant forms. Shelley found a two-sided dildo and bent her captain over, making sure both were penetrated as Shelley rested her sweaty, pale belly on top of Kimberly's firm back. Her hands reached down and clutched Kimberly's belly, feeling her fetuses bounce around in the womb as they got closer and closer to their due dates. Kimberly wondered if Shelley might fuck her so hard she'd go into labor and the idea got her even more excited.

At H'len encouragement, more Zenethites unbirthed themselves inside Tsili, finding it a great place to fuck for a moment of privacy. Everyone giggled as Tsili's belly kept swelling and pushing them away, only to shrink back as they rebirthed themselves and new women would enter, like a sexy tide. Kimberly and Shelley both made a mental note to try that themselves some time and Shelley even fantasized about carrying the captain around in her own womb.

As the lovemaking went on, everyone would eventually exhaust themselves and need to rejuvenate by drinking more breastmilk so there was no shortage of lips and tongues latching onto bouncing tits as various women presented their eager nipples at all time.

"T-they're amazing," one Zenethite panted as H'len drank her motherly milk. "Are all of this species like them?"

"That reminds me: we should probably let our crew know where we are," Shelley giggled.

"Do you have enough power to come up to sea level?" Kimberly asked, stroking her fingers around Tsili's popped out belly button. The red-haired alien couldn't stop moaning to answer but just nodded her head. "Then let's all meet up. Our mission was to find your ship so I think our crew earned some shore leave."

"T-Tsili," H'len giggled, slapping her navigator hard on the ass. "You picked a great planet to land on."
Commission: Big Discoveries
A scientific expedition of all pregnant women comes across, well, some more pregnant women. Showcases the same species from:…

Commission by an anonymous user.
With some other pregnancy people on here getting their profiles locked/suspended/obliterated lately, I have been backing up all of my stories on here. Most of them at least. There are a few I would have no problem with vanishing in the sands of time.

But main thing here: if you have commissioned a story from me, I recommend backing copying it and backing it up if you have not already. I have backed most of them up as well but it's not a bad idea to have them in two places and since you paid for them, you should want to have a copy you can rely on.

ADD.: To be clear, I am not trying to start a conversation about people being taken down or banned. I don't have any information about the very few people I have seen vanish and the one that I do have info on has nothing to do with accounts being reported or whatever.

All I am saying is things can vanish and if you paid me for a story, you should make a copy for yourself because, again, you paid for it.

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Maxine groaned as she walked into work, running one hand over her flat stomach. It had been acting up for a few days and just walking or getting up from a chair gave a little twinge of pain, like her muscles were burning after a long workout. But Maxine never had any time for exercise and the only strenuous activity she took up never bothered her like that.

"Getting sick?" one of her coworkers, a German woman in her mid 40s, asked, eyeing Maxine cautiously. Maxine knew she wasn't concerned for her welfare. The restaurant they worked at didn't have paid sick leave and the older woman didn't want to catch some illness. And if the owners or managers knew someone was working while sick, they might be sent home on the spot, lest they risk a health code violation.

"No, just feel a little funny," Maxine said, clutching her stomach again. "I think it's just my period starting." She lifted one leg and thrust her crotch at her coworker. "Wanna check on my flow yourself?"

"I'll take your word for it," the woman grumbled, moving from the front counter to the kitchen. Maxine cackled to herself as she gave her phone a quick look. There were lots of emails even since Maxine walked in the door to work and she wasn't happy about it. She would have a long night ahead of her. Taking a hair tie, she knotted her long black hair into a small bun. Lifting her arms, she could already see sweat patches forming on her work shirt but it's what she got for wearing a long sleeve shirt in the summer. The bosses insisted she wear it to cover the tattoos that ran all over her arms. She had one on her right hand too – a little drawing of a bird – but they figured they couldn't do anything about that.

The rest of Maxine's body had lots of ink on it, from entwining tree branches on her back to a bouquet of roses just above her breasts, to a few lines of poetry she liked on her thighs. She figured that if someone was going to be down there, they might read it and get distracted for a moment. Mixed in with those larger tattoos were lots of little drawings and words, all making a complex tapestry across her pink-hued skin.

There was lots to work with. Maxine was tall, more than six feet, and had wide hips that propped up her shapely, firm butt. It constantly stuck out of her pants and other coworkers joked about having to take a trip around it if she was standing in a hallway. Maxine also had large, enticing breasts, just big enough to fill a palm. She wore a somewhat restrictive sports bra to work to bring less attention to how busty she was but it didn't do a lot of good and lately it had gotten more uncomfortable than it was worth.

Work was always bad but with Maxine's pain in her midsection, it was worse than usual. She was walking more slowly and she couldn't exactly share the fact of her menstrual cramps with her impatient customers or complaining managers. If she so much as let a grunt escape her lips, somehow one of her coworkers or a boss was within ear reach.

"You don't hear us complaining," another waiter sneered. He was a teenager who was probably working in between years of college.

"You're one to talk. I hear you moaning about smoke breaks all the time," Maxine replied, flashing her blue eyes at him and giving a little smirk. She grew up around smokers but never got into the habit herself because she saw how expensive it was.

"If you're so frail, go sit down in the back and get out of our way," he snapped back, pushing past Maxine to get in the dining room. Maxine scoffed and went back to work, attending to a table who kept jeering at her because their ice was melting in their glass.

In the back, Maxine was washing some sauce off her hands when the manager came around the corner and glared at her. "There's a lot of dishes that need to be stacked. You refuse to help out and work nights so you could at least work when you're here."

"Just getting my hands clean. You wouldn't want your freshly-washed dishes to get ketchup all over them, would you?" Maxine sighed, trying to bite her tongue and keep from mouthing off too much. She walked over to the plates and began to stack them up.

"Don't grab the sides, you idiot!" the manager shouted. "Those just came out of the wash! You're going to burn yourself and we can't have those kinds of injuries here."

Maxine looked down at the plates in her hand. "They're a little warm but I'm not being burned," she shrugged.

The manager narrowed his beady eyes at her and the plates. There was clearly steam rising from them but her hands looked fine. "Well then you let them sit there even longer than I thought," he grumbled and stormed back to his office. Maxine chuckled quietly to herself, unable to do much else in the face of her bosses' repeated incompetence and complaints, and headed back into the dining room to greet her new table.

As she approached, she saw the surprise in the face of the middle aged man sitting down. Then, it turned to amusement as his eyes traced her waist, following the curve of her back to her rear. Maxine was used to being studied this way and hated it but something made this feel especially gross. "Hello, my name is Maxine and-" Mid-sentence, it dawned on her. This man had been one of her customers before. It wasn't violent or stingy but she still didn't like running into him again. "A-and I'll be taking care of you today."

"Sounds good, Maxine," he said with a smile, clearly relishing hearing her real name. She felt a sick twinge in her stomach and it wasn't the same cramping she'd been feeling all week.

Once her shift was over, Maxine hurried home and stripped out of her sweaty work clothes. As always, she desperately wanted a shower but had to save it until after her second job was over. She couldn't afford to double her water bill. There were a few hours left before she had to go see her first customer so she laid in bed, trying to relax her body. Her sore breasts were free from the constraints of her bra and her thighs cooled off from the burning in her muscles. Still, Maxine felt a tightness in her stomach and she placed one hand over her navel, one of the few spots on her body without any tattoos. At least not yet.

Her gut felt firm and putting a little pressure on it gave a small jab of pain. Maxine sighed and placed both hands on her waistline. It was turning into a paunch but it was more bloating that she was used to with her period.

"Maybe I need to switch birth control," Maxine grumbled, her current cheap prescription already straining her budget. As her hands tried to comfort her cramping, she rubbed a little more softly and felt a curious twinge. It wasn't painful. If anything, it got her a little turned on. She continued to pamper her abdomen, continuing to feel unexpected tickles of pleasure move through her body. Before she knew it, her fingertips were twirling her black pubic hair and daring to go lower. "I can't believe I'm about to do this," Maxine mumbled to herself.

Usually, before going out for the night, she didn't feel sexy at all. The thought of enjoying sex in these situations disgusted her but something was different that afternoon. After a brief pause, Maxine sunk her fingers inside her labia and stroked quickly, wanting to hurry up and come before she changed her mind. Maxine's voice was stuck on one sudden syllable, her full pink lips quivering as she remained silent. Her back arched as her hand felt her gentle, wet insides while her other hand stayed on her potbelly. Somehow, that was helping her get there.

Maxine climaxed in record time, but then again, she made a habit out of trying to get guys to finish as soon as possible. Once done, she remained on her bed, her pillowy chest rising and falling, while her body began to relax. A little personal time to keep her spirits up before the night.

When the time came, Maxine went into her closet and put on a small purple dress – one of her customers requested it. It showed off her full cleavage and stopped just before her butt began. In her bag, she put a few extra pairs of underwear for the guys that wanted souvenirs and an extra burner cellphone for the guys who liked to take hers away. A new coat of red lipstick she hoped would be just bright enough that their wives and girlfriends might finally notice and she was off. Then she checked her emails and saw who was first up.

She walked across town and rang the doorbell. Maxine was already feeling pretty low but her heart sank when the door opened. It was the man from the restaurant. "Glad to see you again," he said with his same, knowing smile. "Now, what should I call you?"

Maxine gulped and put on her come-hither smile and mustered up every bit of flattery she had. "Oh, you remember me, big guy. It's Carmen."

"Carmen, of course," he chuckled, putting one hand around her hips and pulling her inside. "I've been looking forward to this all day."

Maxine sat on her couch, rocking back and forth a bit. "I don't know why you look so nervous. It's obvious what it's going to be," said Dina, another prostitute in the area. They were both lucky enough to work without pimps or other handlers but that meant they had to share business and contacts so both women had a working relationship.

"Shut up," Maxine said. They had a working relationship but no one said it was a good one. One hand cupped her swollen stomach.

"Look at you. You're knocked up. There's no other option," Dina said. Dina was shorter than Maxine with less hair, paler skin, fewer tattoos, but a bigger ass. At least she had a bigger ass a few weeks ago, back when Maxine thought her tight stomach just meant her period was coming a few days late instead of not at all.

"I said shut-" Maxine scowled again before noticing the wand on her coffee table had changed. With a grunt, she strained to bend over and read it. "I'm pregnant."

"I told you," Dina said, shaking her head. "Can I vape in here?"

"No, you know I don't smoke and I definitely don't want it around me now that I'm pregnant," Maxine said. "Things are going to be hard enough for this kid without it being premature."

"It's not smoking, it's vaping," Dina said, rolling her eyes. "It's way healthier than smoking."

"Yeah, so is drinking moonshine but I'm not doing that while pregnant either. Just wait 'till you leave," Maxine said before burying her face in her hands. "Pregnant. I can't believe it. I always use protection. I make them wear condoms. I do it all. I've been working for almost 10 years and I've never had so much as a pregnancy scare."

"You got a boyfriend?" Dina asked, walking closer to Maxine, who shook her head. "Then you must have gotten it on the job. You look pretty big so maybe...six, seven months ago?"

Maxine started to think about her clients but stopped and shivered. "I don't want to think about which one of...them did this."

"You should. Far as I see it, they paid you to carry their baby. You might as well be a surrogate," Dina said.

Maxine looked at her round middle. She had grown rapidly and in less than two months, she looked nearly done, with her navel half-puckered out and a constant sense of over-fullness like a water balloon hooked up to a spigot. There were only the faintest flickers of movement inside her but Maxine couldn't imagine growing for much longer.

"Look at you. That belly's like free advertising that you're for hire. It shows everyone you've been fucked," Dina murmured, moving closer to Maxine on the couch.

Maxine looked up at Dina, seeing her moist lips start to part in a vacant expression of lust. "Back off, Dina."

"What's it feel like? Knowing someone bought your womb?" Dina purred, placing one hand on Maxine's dome of a stomach, just above the navel. She put a little force into her wrist, testing the firmness of Maxine's belly and giving the pregnant woman a new cramp. "I'll bet men wish you could give them a healthy child. You're clearly so fertile..."

Her lips hovered just above Maxine's, who looked up at her associate, a flood of emotions going through her head. But one won out among the rest. "Dina, stop," Maxine grunted, pushing Dina away from her and struggling to move down the couch with her heavy body. Dina staggered back several feet, looking over the pregnant, tattooed woman, clearly not expecting her to have that kind of strength. Slowly, her lips curled into a smirk.

"Oh Maxine, you can be so stupid sometimes," Dina said, tracing one finger down between her breasts to her toned stomach. "That may have been your last chance to have some good lovin'. No one's going to want you with that belly. You're used goods. And once the baby comes'll need to put food on the table and start getting into the hardcore work. And that shit is never fun."

"We'll see," Maxine huffed, still eyeing Dina. "Thanks for the pregnancy test."

"Yeah, whatever," Dina said, taking her bag and shutting the door behind her. Maxine slumped back into her couch, eyes returning to her belly. Pregnant. Deep down, she knew once her belly started sticking out past her breasts but she'd held out hope. In the end, it was the movement inside her that made Maxine bite the bullet and reach out to Dina, not the belly or her nonexistent period. 

A growl came out of Maxine's wide belly and she pushed herself up from her seat slowly. She arched her back first to try and get that central weight up in the air before swinging the rest of her body forward. Once up, she immediately bent over to catch her breath but that brought on more twinges of discomfort as her belly hung down, stretching out her skin with its considerable weight.

One hand touched her sensitive stomach skin and stroked for a few seconds. Maxine felt her face flush and waddled to her bedroom, grabbing some food from her kitchen counter first. She stripped down to just her underwear and watched herself in the mirror, both hands cradling her spherical belly while her engorged breasts rested on top, free from the constraints of a bra. Maxine turned around, wanting to see if she looked "pregnant from behind." While her belly was obscured from that angle, at least for now, her fattening ass and thickening thighs hinted at the changes in her body.

While Maxine watched herself, a small shiver went down her spine. She wished she was pregnant under different circumstances because the idea of this had always fascinated her. Maxine was the oldest of seven children and watched her mother grow round many times. Normally, her mother was a nasty woman, constantly berating her daughters, complaining about perceived slights in the world, or just general nastiness. But when Maxine's mother was pregnant, that would change. The bigger she got, the more of her energy it would sap and the cramps and tightness would shut her up. At 40 weeks, Maxine would watch her snarling mother struggle to waddle around the house, stroking her belly as she silently pleaded to go into labor and end this.

Maxine learned that pregnancy had a power of its own and she learned to respect that. And as much as it nauseated Maxine to think she was now subject to the power of pregnancy from one of her "johns," she still marveled at how she was changing. After spending all of her life, starting at puberty, acutely aware of her good looks and how people stared at her, Maxine wanted to claim her body for herself, covering her skin in tattoos to try and do just that. Now, with her swelling belly, she looked like an entirely different person. If only the child inside her wasn't put there by some man paying her to cheat on his wife.

Months and months passed and Maxine's situation was much different than she was expecting. If Dina judged Maxine as being close to seven months along before, she looked double that now. Maxine's belly stretched farther than her arms could reach and cast a wide shadow on the ground in front of her. For more than a month, the sight of Maxine's legs had been a distant memory; the only proof Maxine had that her legs were still there was the soreness in her muscles as she tried to waddle and support her growing belly. 

The movement inside had become far more intense, with activity of two distinct bodies requiring Maxine to stroke her stomach on a near-constant basis. It was like a maternal instinct long buried in her DNA.

As tight as her stomach skin had gotten, she was thankfully free of any stretch marks, either on her belly or on the other parts of her body that had been growing. Maxine's chest now outclassed any woman's, including the high-end escorts Dina knew who all had nearly a quarter of a million in plastic surgery thanks to a real estate developer with very specific tastes. Her butt now looked like two watermelons being shoplifted in yoga pants and her underwear was digging into her skin so much, Maxine questioned whether she should stop wearing that in addition to her bras.

Dina predicted correctly when she said things would dry up for Maxine the bigger her belly got. Maxine could not get a single customer for the past several months. She was never eager to go out and have sex with strangers but money was money. If that wasn't bad enough for her bank account, she had been "suspended" from her job waiting tables. It was deemed a suspension so Maxine couldn't sue them for firing her for being pregnant but it had the same effect.

At the restaurant, Maxine's work shirts could not fit and left much of her bare belly exposed, her belly button sticking out in a dimpled nub for all to see. Her managers ran out of things to mockingly compare her pregnant stomach to, especially as she moved out of "beach ball" territory. Customers were uncomfortable with her constantly huffing and struggling around the dining room and others hated seeing her "flaunt" her out-of-wedlock pregnancy, as if she had any choice. Her belly was bumping into her coworkers and coming close to either knocking over a plate or getting burned, which would also open the restaurant up to a lawsuit. And besides, the management didn't like her very much anyway, especially since she turned the owner down for sex. She'd always feared what would have happened if he knew she was a prostitute.

In addition to the prospect of going completely broke, Maxine had another concern in the back of her head: she was getting too big. Not nearly enough time had passed since she first felt the suspicious twinges and bloating in her stomach and her current, beached whale size. Even if she was carrying twins, which is what it felt like, Maxine did not think she could be this size. Maxine's belly was too big for her to even get her hands around it and masturbate, for crying out loud!

So, Maxine sucked up and headed for the women's clinic for a check-up. She went there as little as possible, only stopping by every so often to pick up her birth control prescription and a yearly test for any STIs, which she thankfully avoided. But since she found out she had a baby, or two, on the way, she didn't have much use for birth control and the medical bills there always had a way of adding up. Still, Maxine didn't see much alternative to her situation. She had to know what was going on inside her.

All heads turned when they saw Maxine grunting and waddling in. The clerk hurried from around her spot and looked Maxine up and down, frenzy in her eyes. "Ma'am, are you in labor?"

"What? No, no," Maxine said, shaking her head. She leaned back and patted her stomach, now naked for all to see. "I just...I think I need someone to look at me. Something feels off."

She was hurried to the front of the line and sat down in one examination room as a nurse began to gel an ultrasound wand. "Is this your first pregnancy?" she asked Maxine, who answered in the affirmative. "Is the father around? Could he come into an appointment?"

"Don't think so," Maxine said with a phony smile. The nurse sighed and placed the wand onto Maxine's stomach and began to explore her womb. It didn't take long for Maxine to notice something was wrong. The nurse looked confused, then concerned, then scared.

"O-one moment," she said before leaving the room. Maxine was able to catch a glimpse of the screen before she removed the wand. There were two forms on there but they didn't look like any fetuses she'd ever seen. Maxine sat in the examination room for what felt like a long time, one hand gingerly petting her bare stomach, shining with ultrasound gel on it. Her fair skin was getting tanner as hormones pulsed through her body and she took on the "pregnant glow." As she tried and strained to feel the entire hemisphere of her belly, she couldn't help but think about the few pregnant women who were in the waiting room – how they watched her stomp and waddle inside with such an enormous middle, slightly grateful they weren't that size but also envious they would never know what Maxine was experiencing.

When the nurse finally returned, she brought a lot of staff with her. Maxine was moved into a gurney and wheeled out quickly, her belly wobbling around as it stuck up in the air. "What's going on?" Maxine asked, turning her head to one of the orderlies rushing her away.

"You're being taken to the city hospital for more observation," he replied.

"I-I can't afford to go to the hospital," Maxine panted.

"Your bill's being covered by the state," he said. Maxine blinked and craned her neck to look at her belly. That was one concern out of the way but more added. Just what was going on inside her womb that could warrant all this?

Once in the city hospital, Maxine was moved into what looked like a surgical theater. She was breathing heavily as a group of doctors began to look over her swollen stomach, murmuring to one another. The cold touch of another ultrasound wand sent a shiver down her spine but Maxine was glad that was all it was. That was, until a long needle poked through the bottom side of her belly. She winced at the tight pinch and after she felt it slide out, she looked up and saw a doctor holding a syringe filled with a light, turquoise liquid.

"Let's get this to the lab," one doctor said. "But it looks like it's beginning."

"She still has a way to go but the alien should turn her womb into a proper habitat before the year is over." 

Maxine whimpered, trying to focus amidst the lights and the anxiety. Did they say alien? She felt another needle go into her arm as Maxine felt exhausted and soon fell asleep.

When she came to, Maxine was in the same room but it was clear of doctors, save for one. He was tall, had on glasses, and was just handsome enough to be suspicious. "Hello, Maxine," he said, flipping through a folder.

She didn't bother asking how she knew his name. If the state was involved, the levers of power in the government were clearly at work. Besides, she'd signed in at the women's clinic when this all started. "What is going on?" she asked quietly.

"We were running some tests on you and then you passed out on us," he said with a smile. "This must be a stressful situation for you so I can understand. Your blood work shows that-"

"Am I pregnant with an alien?" Maxine asked, cutting him off. He paused and looked up. Meeting Maxine's eyes, he sighed and nodded.

"Yes, it seems you are carrying two alien life forms. We aren't sure that they're in a fetal or larval state because we know so little about their physiology, but they seem to be sustaining themselves off of you similar to a pregnancy," he said. He placed one hand on top of Maxine's belly, just above her navel. She didn't like that.

"So, can you get it out of me? Or induce labor or something?" Maxine asked.

"Oh no, this is an incredible opportunity. Real contact with alien biology," he said, patting Maxine on her firm stomach. "We're going to let things progress but keep you here." Maxine tried to reach one arm up to bat his hand away but then realized her wrists were strapped to her examination table. All of her limbs were. "We have many more tests to run."

"You can't keep me here like this," Maxine barked with her weak voice. "You can't treat me like a prisoner."

The doctor grinned again and let out a little chuckle. "We did a little digging into your life. Somehow, I don't think anyone is going to be missing you." He met her eyes and laughed again before walking away. "Try and catch your breath. You have a long night of tests ahead of you and it interrupts things when you pass out."

Maxine fought back her tears. She had a long, tough life, from her neglectful and nasty parents to her work on the streets to try and make ends meet. There was no way she was letting these people, whether they were from the government or just egomaniacal doctors, do whatever they wanted with her. Alien or not, it was her belly and her body. 

From her position on the table, her colossal belly kept her lower half mostly pinned down. It towered above her, occasionally shaking with movement. She thought she might be able to use that weight to her advantage, wiggling her wide hips to try and sway it back and forth but she didn't have enough room to work and her plump rear was in a tight spot.

Desperately, Maxine groaned and tried to move her arms. Her muscles flexed and, suddenly, she burst through her restraints. The belts tying her down snapped like rubber bands and Maxine looked at the dangling pieces of knotted textiles. "Guess they must be frayed," Maxine said to herself, not knowing how else they could have come apart. With a grunt, she leaned forward, her belly filling up her lap, and she loosened the straps around her ankles.

Sneaking around the hospital was not the hard part of Maxine's escape. The floor she was on was pretty vacant, like the doctors wanted as few people to see what was going on as possible. The hard part was actually moving. Maxine's belly was nearly too wide for most of the doorways and every step was difficult. Her alien lodgers refused to keep still and swam all around her womb, testing the durability of her muscles and stretching out time and time again. Maxine kept her jaw clenched, trying not to moan and bring attention to herself. She was breathing heavily as she hurried down a back stairway and into the dark city streets.

Now free, Maxine started to move as fast as she could, fighting past the soreness in her hips and legs. There was an extra spring in Maxine's step as she moved, however. She was still pregnant but it wasn't by one of her "johns." Compared to carrying one of their babies inside her womb, being pregnant with mysterious aliens was a relief. And even more so, it meant her body was being changed all the more. No woman on Earth had ever had a pregnancy like this.

Still, Maxine could only move so fast. She was still tired from her time in the hospital and the struggling inside her womb was only getting stronger the more she strained and walked around. Maxine made it deeper into the city when she started hearing police sirens getting closer and closer. As she waddled down the sidewalk in one small neighborhood, she saw a young man walking down to wheel out his recycling.

She bit her lip. He was probably about five or so years younger than her, with brown hair at medium length for a guy and light brown skin. He was a bit taller than her and, despite not looking too tough, he was handsome. Maxine cursed herself for thinking that and knew it was dangerous to reach out to a stranger. She'd run into lots of strange men over the years she didn't trust. But...this was a desperate time as a police car moved into the neighborhood.

"C-can I come into your house?" she asked with a little smile.

The young man hurried over to her and gave her his arm for support as she waddled inside. "Are you okay? Do you need me to call an ambulance?" he said frantically.

"No, no, nothing like that," she panted, glad he was at least this cordial. "I'm just...very tired and I need a place to stay for the night." He sighed slowly and looked her over. "Please?"

"Okay," he nodded, closing the door as the police car moved down the street. "I'm Ben."

"Maxine," she said with a smile. She wasn't sure why she used her real name when it would have been easier, and maybe smarter, to use her "Carmen" name but here she was. "I just need somewhere to sleep."

"Sure, one second," Ben said, leaving the room. Maxine's heart raced, worried he might call the police about a strange pregnant woman in his house. Cautiously, she waddled and looked around the corner. He was getting new bedsheets and remaking his bed.

"I-I can just use your sofa," she said.

"Are you kidding? You''know," he said, blushing and gesturing to her exposed belly. "Do you want a shirt that fits a little better too?"

"I don't think you'll find one that fits," Maxine said with a smile. It felt good to finally have one of those today. It didn't last as she winced and placed both palms against her belly, rubbing in wide circles.

"W-whoa, are you sure you're okay?" Ben asked.

"Yep, fine. They're just," Maxine said, giving her firm middle a light pat. She saw his eyes were glued to her naked middle.

"May I feel?" he said in almost a whisper. Maxine looked him over.

"Yes," she said without thinking. Her skin began to flush as he reached one hand out. Why did she say yes? She didn't feel comfortable with any contact since she started hooking and she was especially cautious about her pregnancy now but...she felt fine around Ben. He placed one palm on her midsection and began to trace small paths around. 

"Wow...they really are active," he breathed. "Twins?"

"Yep," Maxine said, just as quietly. She used her arms to lift her swollen breasts, giving Ben more free space on her belly. Having someone touch it so gingerly felt good. Good in a way Maxine wasn't expecting. "You know...I think your bed is big enough for two." She puckered her pink lips and met Ben's dark eyes. "And I don't sleep so well in a new place."

Ben gulped, looking back at her, and was clearly starting to tremble. "Um...I think you'll be okay," he said, dropping his hand and heading for his closet to get sheets for the couch. "You can go ahead and get ready. I can get you something to eat in the morning too."

"Thank you," Maxine said, her cheeks turning red. "Y-you're very nice."

"You seem like you could use some help," Ben shrugged, equally as red in the face. "Well...goodnight."

Maxine waddled into the bedroom, closing the door behind her. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her alien children were more active than ever. What was she doing? Actually coming on to a guy. She hadn't allowed anyone near her body for free years. And she was pregnant on top of all that. Maxine chalked it up to hormones and crawled into Ben's bed, stripping out of her clothes.

As she let her fatigue wash over her and drift to sleep, she wondered why he was so keen on her belly. "Someone has to like this, I guess," Maxine mumbled, patting her naked belly as she sank into the bed. "Someone other than me."

In the morning, Maxine uncurled and stretched herself out. During the night, her arms and legs had been wrapped close to her massive belly, feeling the warmth that came off of it. She looked around the bedroom, making sure she was still alone and free. Slowly, Maxine heaved herself out of bed, holding onto her smooth middle. Now that she was awake, the aliens inside her womb started to move again. Her tattooed arms stroked her stomach and she slipped the bed sheet around her naked body and poked her head out of the bedroom door.

The lights were on and she could hear music playing faintly down the hall. She cautiously stepped forward, brushing her messy black hair out of her face. "Ben?"

"Maxine?" he replied, walking out and pausing when he saw her. Maxine's belly was sticking out through the bedsheets and he could see a sliver of her bare thigh. It was obvious she was naked under the blanket. "S-sleep well?"

"Slept great," Maxine smiled. "Um, would it be alright if I took a shower?"

"No problem. There's one in the bathroom connected to the bedroom," he said, pointing back from where she came. "I'll start on breakfast while you're in there."

She patted her excitable belly. It had been a while since she ate. Maxine headed back to the bedroom and dropped the sheet, waddling into the shower. It was a tricky situation since she couldn't see her legs and the base of the shower was getting increasingly slippery. She braced herself against the wall and ran the soap over her swollen body with the other. Her stomach was so large she couldn't draw the curtain.

As the warm water washed over her belly, the aliens got more and more active and she found herself focusing her attention there, soaping it up and washing it off. "Guess this must remind you of your home planet or something," Maxine said, lifting one of her heavy breasts and washing underneath. Her cleavage was so deep, her hand could easily get lost in there. 

Maxine turned around and let the water wash off her back and butt before sticking her head underneath the spigot and rinse out her hair. Her eyes closed and she cooed, enjoying the soothing sensation. For this one moment, out of a particularly lousy bunch of months, she finally felt good.

She waddled back to the part of the house where Ben was, still drying her hair as she wore yesterday's clothes. He was in the kitchen, standing over a stove, while the TV was playing the morning news.

"Police are still on the look-out for a missing pregnant woman," the news anchor said, showing a picture of Maxine's face. "Maxine Daniels is 27 and nine months pregnant so law enforcement are urging anyone with information to help find her and get her to safety to come forward."

Maxine turned pale and held both hands against her stomach. Ben walked over and handed her a plate of eggs and toast, a big smile on his face. "Here you go." She took a step back and clenched her fist. "What's wrong?"

"I get it. You caught me," Maxine said, pacing toward the door.

"What, because of that?" Ben asked, gesturing to the TV. "I mean, I have a few questions, but I'm not calling the police. C'mon, eat up." He took a bite of eggs. "See, no poison or drugs or whatever."

Maxine hesitated but hurried over and took the plate, eating a piece of toast in a few big bites. "So, what, you're not suspicious?"

"If it said you were a fugitive on the run, then maybe," Ben shrugged. "But it just said you're missing don't seem 'missing' to me." 

Maxine let out a big sigh and collapsed onto the couch, her entire weight coming down into the cushion. "Still, you're taking a risk letting a total stranger here, especially one on the news," she said.

"You took a risk spending the night with a total stranger," Ben chuckled. "So we're both kind of trusting."

Maxine took a big gulp of her food and looked down at her belly. "I'm not that trusting," she murmured.

Ben cleared his throat and fidgeted in his seat. "Oh...w-well I'm glad you made an exception in my case." She looked up and flashed him a little smile. "How about I get you something to drink and you can tell me your story if you want."

"Sounds good," Maxine sighed. "But I'll warn you: it's a weird story." He got Maxine some orange juice and she told him everything.

"Huh," Ben said, his face bright red by the end. "Don't you think the aliens might be the result of, I dunno, the last person you had sex with?"

Well, Maxine didn't tell him everything. She left out the prostitution. "That's a little hard to nail down," she said, patting her stomach. She noticed him react to that a bit and kept fondling her belly as she pressed him. "Sure is hard for you to keep your eyes off my tummy. Am I not pretty enough?"

Ben let out a gurgle as he tried to gather himself, looking back up at Maxine's blue eyes. "N-no, you look great," he said. "It's're carrying aliens in there. It's a little surprising."

"You're telling me," Maxine chuckled, lapping her tongue against teeth as she wondered whether she should keep pressing the issue. "But you seemed to eye it before you knew I was pregnant with little green men." Ben looked confused and Maxine leaned forward. "Figuratively speaking."

"R-right," Ben said. "Um, I guess, no offense, but you're just so...big. I've never seen anyone as pregnant as you." Maxine smiled again and Ben gulped. "Can I tell you a secret now? It's not as interesting as yours but-"

"Go ahead. I could use a little distraction," Maxine giggled, getting back to her breakfast.

"I'm really attracted to pregnant women," he said in one quick breath before gasping. "There...thought it might be easier if I just got it out."

Maxine raised her eyebrows and swallowed the rest of her food. It was good to know her suspicions were correct but it was still a little unexpected. "Cards on the table, I see." She was about to tell her own secret but stopped, nibbling on her lip instead as she smiled and placed both hands on her belly. "So...I don't know how much longer you can hide me here."

Ben clicked his teeth together as he thought for a moment. "I may know of a place you can go to be safe until you...give birth, I guess," he said. "Would you be okay with hiding out somewhere? You aren't leaving behind any family or a job here?"

Maxine's face darkened. "There's nothing for me here."

"Okay, well my grandma's old house is in Nebraska and it's in a really small town. If we start driving now, we could get there in a few days and you could hide out there. She passed away a few years ago but I know there's still a hidden key in the garden to get in there," Ben said. "Would you be up to it?"

Maxine sighed, riding out a cramp in her belly. She could be safe there, and besides, it could mean a chance at a fresh start. "Road trip. Sounds fun."

Ben smiled and got up. "I'll call my job. I've got lots of sick days saved up."

Maxine started to stand up, croutching as she tried to lift her belly. "I can start packing food for the trip," she said. As she struggled, Ben came over and gave her a hand, pulling the two close together. "Thank you," Maxine said with a small smile.

"Y-you're welcome," Ben said, his eyes flashing to her chest and belly before letting go of Maxine and heading for his bedroom. "I'll pack some clothes and stuff too. Do you have anything else to change into?"

"Just this," Maxine said, picking at her stretched-out shirt and old, tight jeans. She didn't have a bra or underwear with her since leaving the hospital. Another big shift inside her womb shook Maxine forward and she clutched her belly. "It's alright...we're going to be safe...though I don't know what you're doing in my belly to start with."

They were seven hours into the drive in Ben's car and Maxine kept shifting in her seat, letting out little moans, and stroking her round stomach. She was already uncomfortable and sitting in one place for so long didn't help.

"You want to pull over at the next rest stop?" Ben asked her.

"No, I'd rather we make good time," Maxine said, glancing over at Ben and giving him a small smile. "Am I distracting you?"

Ben took his eyes off the road for an instant. Her shirt was rolled up under her swollen breasts, revealing all of Maxine's large, tight belly with its glistening skin and her tattooed hands gently petting it. He made his way up her curvy body to her beautiful, smiling face and glinting blue eyes. "I'm fine," he choked, turning back to his driving. "But I want to make sure you're comfortable."

Maxine stretched her legs and back out, making her belly shake in the process and stirring up the aliens inside. "I'll be fine until we need gas," she said, reclining her seat and closing her eyes. "But I'm going to take a nap. Being pregnant is exhausting."

"I'll bet," Ben chuckled nervously, eyeing Maxine again as she settled into her sleep, watching her belly rise and fall with the impressions of movement against her taut womb walls.

When Maxine woke up, it was dark and she could see trucks lined up near her. Instantly, panic overtook her and Maxine sprung to action but Ben put one hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he said. Maxine calmed down some but she was still breathing heavily. "Have a bad dream?"

Eyes wide, she looked him over before letting out one big exhale. "Yeah...that was it." 

"Okay, must be a pregnancy symptom," he chuckled, handing her a paper bag. "The gas station had a McDonalds attached to it so I got you something to eat."

Maxine bit into her burger quickly, looking through the window at the trucks. One of the first pieces of advice she got when she started hooking was to avoid truck stops. They seemed like big money-making opportunities with so many eager clients but they were nightmares. Most of the women working as prostitutes at truck stops were actually held against their will by traveling pimps or other truckers – essentially slaves.

"So, did you fill up the car?" Maxine asked, forcing a smile. "We should get going soon."

"Yeah but we've made great time. We're about an hour from Illinois already," Ben said, stealing one of her fries. "We can just relax a little, maybe get out and walk some before-"

Then came the reason Maxine wanted to leave. A big man knocked on her window and grinned. "How much?"

"Barking up the wrong tree, dude," Ben said with a grimace. "Go away."

"Ah, I get it. Free then." With that, the man broke the window with the butt of a pistol, making Maxine scream. He peered in and sneered. "Knocked up, huh? I'm sure someone will get a kick out of you and you'll be useful again in a few days, by the looks of it."

"I've got 911 dialed in right now," Ben said, his thumb hovering above his phone. "They'll make it here before you can leave."

"Not that smart, is he?" the man smiled at Maxine, sticking his hand in the car to point the gun at Ben.

"Stop!" Maxine yelled, her body trembling as her belly continued to clench and tighten.

"You're going to need to learn to shut up," the man growled, turning his gun on Maxine. Her eyes dilated with fear and a surge of hormones went through her. 

Then, like a switch had been turned, Maxine's hands snatched the pistol with lightning reflexes and squeezed until it broke apart in her fist. She looked just as surprised as Ben and the trucker but she took advantage of the confusion to grab the trucker's wrist and apply pressure until he cried out.

"We told you to leave us alone!" Maxine yelled.

"Okay, okay!" the trucker howled. "Let me go!"

Maxine started to release him before grabbing on with both hands and snapping his arm in a clean break. "Drive, drive!" she yelled and Ben did as he was told, peeling out of the truck stop and back onto the highway. Once free, Maxine started sobbing and buried her face in her hands. "I've never come that close," she moaned.

"Hey, we're alright now," Ben said. "W-what do you've never come that close?"

Maxine sniffled and sat up, her blurry eyes looking back at Ben. She hesitated before she spoke, not knowing how he would take it. "I'm a...prostitute. That's my job," she said.

Ben was quiet for a few seconds. "So that's why you were nervous about the truck stop?" Her face softened. He got it. "Is that how you got pregnant?"

"I don't know. I don't think so," Maxine said, placing one hand on her belly. "They're definitely not human in there."

"After what you did to that guy? There's something weird going on with you," Ben said. "Not weird as in...sorry."

"It's fine. It is weird," Maxine said, wiping her eyes. "So, now all the cards are on the for one." She sighed and clutched her belly. "As scary as this has all been...I still like being pregnant. I've always wondered what it would be like. Feeling my body change and grow and everything that comes with it. It's not always fun's exciting."

"O-oh," Ben said, gulping. "I guess we aren't that different."

Maxine smiled. "I guess not." She glanced out of the broken window, watching the highway whiz past her as wind blew into the car. "So, should we stop at a motel?"

Both went quiet after that, all the way until Ben pulled into the back of the motel and went in to buy a room for the night. Now that they were both being honest with one another, about their feelings and their sexuality, how would the night go? They wondered what the other one wanted, with Maxine's added fear of what would happen if she said no.

Before they left, Ben withdrew cash from his bank so his credit card couldn't be traced by whoever wanted what was growing inside Maxine's belly. But that meant rationing and they only bought a small room for the night, with a small bed to match. Maxine grunted as she entered the motel room, stroking her stomach to try and get some kind of relief. Even late at night, they didn't rest. Still, the constant reminder of her bizarre pregnancy always kept Maxine engaged with her body, aware of its changes and majesty.

"We'd have more room just in the car," she joked, looking around the room before they both washed up. Maxine stood on one side of the bed and Ben was on the other. Even in the dark of the motel room, he could see the warm maternal glow coming off of her.

After the pregnant pause, Ben spoke up. "I can sleep on the floor," he said. "The extra blanket, a few towels, a pillow from the chair. It'll be fine."

"No, Ben, it's-" Maxine started, struggling to reach across the bed and grab his arm. A kick made her bend over a little and she chuckled. Always an obstacle. "It's fine. We can share the bed. I'm a big girl."

"You sure are," Ben said. Thankfully, Maxine laughed at that.

"I'm just...I'm really tired so I want to get right to sleep," Maxine said with a sigh. "Is that okay?"

Ben blushed, trying to decipher the subtext. "S-sure." He put down the luggage as Maxine slowly sat down on the edge of the bed, petting her pregnant middle as she took a deep breath. Then, she peeled out of her clothes, still facing away from Ben but he could see the long tattoos tracing down her back. "I-I like your tattoos."

Maxine giggled. "Thanks. You got any?"

"Just my blood type on my scalp. Never know when you might be in an accident and the doctors need that info quick, you know?" Ben said, his delivery sweaty and stilted.

Maxine giggled again and tucked herself under the bed sheets while looking at Ben over her shoulder. "You're kinda goofy."

"Yeah?" Ben said, smiling back. "I can live with goofy." He got into bed, turning away from Maxine, and pulled the sheet over. "Goodnight."

"Wait," Maxine said, reaching one arm back. As soon as she got a grip on Ben, she gave one good tug and rolled him over so his face was in her hair. "I you hold onto me for the night? It's been a...rough year for me."

Ben let out a nervous breath as he got closer to Maxine, feeling her naked body under the sheet. "S-sure."

Maxine closed her eyes and smiled, taking his wrist and placing it on her belly. "There, like that. You can feel it as much as you like." She sighed and shivered a bit as she settled into Ben's embrace. He got a little closer but as soon as his erection pressed against her, he backed away, almost hovering above her. "C'mon, for real. I promise not to use my weird strength to crush you or anything." Maxine curled her body some, bringing her hands closer to her swollen stomach and let one foot stroke Ben's leg. "I don't care that it's hard."

Without another word, Ben cautiously moved back, filling Maxine's belly with his hand as he moved closer to her, resting his head against her shoulder. Maxine placed her hand near his as they both felt the aliens inside her finally begin to calm down and she thought about the last time someone just cuddled with her. She couldn't think of any examples.

After eating, Maxine and Ben hit the road again, a little less nervousness between them now. They talked and joked and weren't afraid to touch the other, although Maxine was still instigating a lot of the contact. Since they left for the morning, Maxine tried on some of the clothes Ben packed, with some stretchy gym shorts and a baggy t-shirt that he quickly said made her look "hot."

In the car, Maxine pushed the elastic waist down to her hips and rolled up her shirt, showing off the full curving arch of her pregnant belly. Incredibly, it had grown since last night. Ben may have not noticed but Maxine could; a few more liquid ounces of amniotic fluid were inside her womb, testing the resilience of her stomach's skin again and making her cramp and stroke her middle to feel better. And letting her belly hang out free helped.

"So no tattoos on your belly?" Ben asked.

"Haven't been pregnant that long, dude," Maxine smiled, looking down at her engorged tummy and pampering it with rubs. "I probably would have gotten there eventually but when I found out I was pregnant, getting new ink was the last thing on my mind." She chuckled and gave the top of her stomach a hard pat. "And I always liked the way my stomach looked."

Ben nodded along. "So you...didn't like the way the rest of your body looked?"

Maxine smirked, looking over her hands and arms. "No, it's complicated. When the kind of work I do, people are always looking at your body, making it their own. Tattoos were my way of preserving it." She gave a sarcastic laugh and crossed her arms. "And when I was with a john, he wasn't usually looking at my stomach."

"You don't have to talk about that kind of stuff if you don't want to," Ben said.

"I like having someone to talk to," Maxine sighed, breaking into a genuine smile. "The only person I had to talk to back home was no help." Suddenly, Maxine let out a yelp and clutched her belly with both hands. "W-whoa..."

"What is it?" Ben said, a little worried. "You aren't...going into labor, are you?"

"N-no, they're just moving a lot," she panted, her face turning red. Ben pulled the car onto the side of the road and saw her stomach stretching out and shifting. It was like the surface of the ocean during a storm. Her arched her back and gasped. "Ooh god."

Ben put his hand on Maxine's belly and started rubbing in large, wide circles, touching the parts she could no longer reach. "Is this helping? Does it calm them down?"

Maxine's full red lips curled into a silent moan as she shook her head. "I-It's just exciting them."

"Exciting them?"

Maxine nodded and cried out. "T-they're breeding inside me! I-I can feel it!"

Ben's face went bright red. He felt guilty about his erection growing at that. "B-breeding?"

"I-I dunno how it works with these things but they're really going at it," Maxine howled, looking over at Ben. "Kiss me."


"Kiss me! I haven't kissed someone in years," Maxine whimpered, touching one hand to Ben's cheek. "Please?" After that, Ben didn't hesitate anymore. He leaned over, holding onto Maxine as they met, her tongue immediately lapping against his. She nearly took the breath out of him with her ravenous lips and he felt her belly pressed against him. They broke the kiss and Maxine kept looking into his eyes, her wet mouth open a few centimeters. "I've been waiting so long to meet a guy I actually like..." She let out another groan and clutched one of her breasts, kneading it in her hand.

"Do you want you want to find a motel?" Ben asked.

Maxine was breathing heavily and her thighs were starting to rub together. "Why waste the money...let's do it in the back."

Ben folded the back seats down and laid out a towel. He thought it was necessary but the wait was torture for Maxine. Then again, she'd been waiting to have sex with Ben for a while now. The new flood of hormones was just an extra push. They got naked and stood on their knees in the back, kissing and touching each other's bodies.

"You're beautiful," Ben moaned as he nibbled on her breasts, his hands on her ass. "You're so amazing."

"More," Maxine giggled. "Tell me more. I always had to compliment disgusting men and it feels nice to take a break."

"I-I don't know how I got you in my life," Ben said, kissing a trail down to her writhing belly. "I-I feel so lucky."

"I'm the lucky one," Maxine purred, pushing Ben over with her new strength and mammoth belly. "Mind if I'm on top? I never got to."

"Don't know how else we can," Ben laughed, suckling on her belly button. Maxine moaned and squeezed her swollen breasts again, preparing to slide Ben inside her. "M-Maxine, I-"

Before he could finish, Maxine had sat down and was starting into her next pump and that shut him right up. Her belly smacked against him and he tried to rub it with one hand while holding onto her hips with the other. Maxine was rubbing her pregnant middle at the same time, eyes closed in glee as she was finally having sex with someone she wanted to be with. Thanks to her alien-enhanced strength, she was applying far more pressure on Ben and sending him into ecstasy as he went deep inside her round body.

It didn't take long for Ben to come inside of Maxine but she kept going, rubbing her belly and moaning. "M-More!"

"T-That's all I've got f-for now," Ben panted. He slid out of Maxine and held her tight, returning to her warm bosom.

"Then do more like that! Pamper me all over! They're not done in there!" Maxine groaned, poking her shaking belly. Ben laid her down and did just that, rubbing and kissing her all over, spending most of his time on her swollen belly. Soon, he had her rolled over and cuddled against her, nibbling on her earlobe.

"You look so incredible," Ben said, trying to stimulate his new lover in other ways. "So gorgeous and so...big."

"Mmm, I like that," Maxine said, curling into the fetal position as best she could with her belly in the way. "Big how?"

"Enormous. Swollen. Fertile," Ben whispered, running one hand through her hair. "So fertile. I can't wait for you to give birth so we can make a child together inside you. You would make such healthy, strong babies."

That put Maxine over the edge and she cried out, gasping and shaking. Ben hugged her, feeling the orgasm rock him too. Her grip nearly crushed him but he stayed put as she moaned and gasped. "I-I've never come like that before," Maxine whimpered as it started to settle out. "I think they're done in there too."

"It was...pretty great for me too," Ben smiled.

Maxine rolled over and smiled, putting one hand on his bare chest. "What was it you wanted to tell me before I...cut you off?"

Ben blushed and gave a little giggle of his own. "It'll seem silly now."

"No, what?" 

Ben sighed. "I'm...or I was...a virgin."

Maxine's blue eyes opened wide before she burst out laughing, messing up Ben's hair and hugging him again. "The pregnant hooker and the virgin. We make quite a team, huh?" They both smiled and leaned in for another kiss when there was a popping sound. Maxine briefly wondered if she might have actually gotten too big but then she felt a sharp pain between her shoulders and everything started to get hazy.

"Maxine?" Ben said as he saw the plastic cover he taped over the broken window torn through. As Maxine passed out, he rolled her forward and saw the dart in her back. "What is going on?"

A hand burst through the plastic and unlocked the car. Soon, the trunk was open and a group of men in suits and sunglasses were looking down on them. "Bad idea to stop moving," one man said with a chuckle.

"Are you the people who are hunting Maxine down for her alien babies? Just leave her alone," Ben said, scrambling to cover Maxine with his own body.

The man who spoke sighed. "Just take him too, I guess." Ben winced as he felt a dart hit him in the chest and everything went dark.

Maxine woke up a little before Ben and found herself strapped to a metallic slab in a hospital. Men in suits and medical suits were looking her over, smirking. "What's so funny?" Maxine sneered, her voice still a little slurred from just waking up. "I can break out of these in a flash." Her arms flexed and her face turned red but she was unable to break free.

"We upped our security since you left our last hospital," the doctor from back home said as he stepped forward. "We won't make that mistake again but at least it means our plan is working."

"Plan?" Maxine said, watching as Ben groaned and started to wake up. "'re the ones who put these aliens inside me, aren't you?"

"When you went to your last gynecologist meeting, we had them implanted. They were dormant for longer than we were expecting so there were some worries but..." the doctor put his hand on Maxine's belly and stroked it like it was a new sports car. "Seems everything turned out alright."

"Get off of me," Maxine yelled, trying to shake her big pregnant middle to make the doctor back away. "What the hell is all this? You impregnated me with aliens? Why?"

"Why this plan or why you? The second one is easy: we knew you were a hooker and figured no one would miss you, plus we thought you might be dumb enough to go along with what we said," the doctor laughed. "We were mostly right."

"I care about her," Ben said, straining with his own handcuffs in his chair. "You can't hurt her. She's smart, kind, and beautiful, inside and out."

"No doubt that she's beautiful on the inside," the doctor said, patting her belly. "She's worth a lot of money to us and nothing's more beautiful than that."

"So why put these aliens inside me?" Maxine spat. "You might as well tell me if you're making me carry them."

"Fair enough," the doctor shrugged, giving Maxine's stomach a bit of a slap. "We came across the aliens a few years ago but had a hard time studying them. But what we could tell is they were very resilient and had incredible immune systems and longevity. It's why you seem so healthy and strong and we'd like a bit of that for ourselves. So we spliced some with human DNA and looked for a candidate to carry them, hoping those clones could provide us with more insight."

"We? Who is we?" Ben said.

"Isn't it obvious?" the doctor scoffed. "The United States government. Who else could do all this?" He walked over to Ben and gripped his jaw. "How do you think we tracked you down? We followed the serial numbers on the cash you paid with. We knew where you were all along."

Maxine grunted as she felt the cloned aliens start to move around inside her again, testing the limits of her muscles and skin. "So what now? You wait for them to come out?"

"Maybe but we've found the original aliens excrete a kind of substance that seems to help their health functions. The same must be true for the ones inside you now, only with human DNA mixed in, we can inject it into our own systems." The doctor bent down and touched a bandage on the lower side of Maxine's belly, beyond her sight. She winced at the sharp pain. "We already installed a little port for easy access."

"You sick fuckers," Maxine began to say as the doctor peeled the bandage away and stuck a long needle inside. She grit her teeth, not wanting to give them the slightest satisfaction from her discomfort. The syringe filled with a dark blue liquid and the doctor admired it.

"Now, who first?" he said with a chuckle. An old man in a wheelchair raised his hand. "Ah, of course. Our head backer." The doctor walked over and took the old man's arm, applying pressure to get a vein, and injected. "You should be feeling better any second now, Senator."

The old man's greying skin started to gain color instantly and he cracked a big, creepy smile. But suddenly, he doubled over and clutched himself. The doctor and the other officials looked at him with surprise as the elderly senator fell out of his chair and writhed on the floor. They could hear bones cracking and liquid bubbling. Before their eyes, his legs were getting longer and straighter, he was putting on weight and muscle, and his hair was growing out into long, blonde locks.

"Was the senator ever blond?" one of the other men whispered.

"I don't think so," another said as the senator started to stand. Or at least, what was the senator. What stood before them now was a tall, gorgeous woman with flowing blond hair, stern pink lips, breasts the size of basketballs, an ass twice that size, and a belly that rivaled Maxine's. 

"Ah, that feels good," the woman said, stretching out her back and arms. "It feels good to have a real body."

"What in the world?" the doctor stammered. "Senator?"

"He's gone," the woman said, darting forward and taking the syringe from the doctor and injecting the rest of it into his arm. "I've taken over." The men cried out in fear as the doctor began to convulse in front of them as he grew curves and long, red hair spurted out from his body. In no time, he was a tall, dark-skinned woman with all the shapely features of her contemporary.

"Mmm, amazing," the woman who took over the doctor said, patting and stroking her swollen stomach. "Nice to meet you."

"You as well," the blond woman said. "Know where we can get more of the serum?"

"I would presume it's from her," the redhead said, pointing at Maxine's belly. "Mind if we extract more?"

"B-be my guest," Maxine said, eyes wide with wonder. The men broke out of their trance of fear but they were no match for the speed and strength of these pregnant women and with each new injection, another was added to their ranks. In little time, the room was emptied of the conspirators and filled with pregnant women who would put any supermodel to shame.

"What about this one? He's chained up so maybe he was their enemy," one of the pregnant women said, gesturing to Ben.

"No, he's fine. He's with me," Maxine said, rubbing her wrists as the blond woman had just freed her. The women shrugged and snapped Ben's handcuffs as easily as string. "So, uh, can anyone explain what's going on?"

"We are still short on details as well. Some are carried instinctively and we can share what we have," the redhaired woman said. "One of our distant relatives mistakenly landed on your planet and had its DNA harvested before leaving. So your people created a new race, us, and implanted them in you." She touched one hand to Maxine's belly, making the tattooed woman gasp softly. "When they bred inside you, they released the neuro-chemical building blocks we operate on. Once injected into a host body, we can rebuild their structure, neural network, and come into our own." She patted her belly. "This form seems best."

"I see," Maxine said slowly, ignoring the parts that confused her. "And you're all pregnant now?"

"Yes, we are trying to grow more like ourselves using your species' reproductive process but it will take some time to adapt to," the redhead nodded.

"Can you get the aliens out of Maxine now that you have what you want?" Ben asked.

"No, we will still need a supply of the serum if we are to spread our ranks quickly and get revenge on those who captured our ancestor and plotted to exploit us," the blond alien said, grabbing Maxine and kissing her. Maxine looked surprised but her eyelids quickly got heavy as she felt the woman hold her tight, their bellies rubbing together. Then, Maxine felt some fluid slide down her throat and her belly began to expand again, doubling in size. It dominated her body as she was more belly than woman now, with her breasts, ass, and hips taking on extra volume to match. Maxine struggled over to Ben for support, cradling her inflated middle as she felt four bodies now moving around inside. "This will increase production."

"Hey, her part in all of this is done!" Ben shouted. "You can't make her-"

"It's fine...I'm happy to help. We're like family," Maxine said, smiling to the women in the room. "But he's right. You should have asked."

"I...apologize," the blond woman said. "We will have to get used to your customs. We will expand our race and spread across your world before we find a way to leave and perhaps find our original species' planet."

"More super pregnant bombshells walking the Earth isn't so bad," Maxine chuckled. " long do you think this will take? I'd like my uterus opened up for a bit." She turned to Ben and smiled. "I want to carry his baby."

Ben blushed but the other women looked confused. "The two species' should not interfere with one another," the redhead woman said, placing one hand on Maxine's belly. Maxine felt a strange heat from her palm. "In fact, it seems you have conceived already."

"Con-conceived?" Ben stammered. "You mean she's-"

"I already was," Maxine chuckled, patting her curves.

"But I sense much more human DNA. A bit of ours may be mixed in but they should be healthy," the redhead said.

"They?" Maxine and Ben said in unison.

"A bit early to tell seems like it will be many," she said, trying to smile at Maxine. "But we will all assist in support, both emotional and financial."

"It is as you said," the blond said. "We are a family."
Using The Belly
When Maxine realizes she's pregnant, she soon discovers there's something going on in her belly that's unusual and has the attention of some powerful and dangerous people.
Wen-Li sat in her small office in her small gym. The market for her brand of martial arts training had dried up a long time ago and she mostly maintained her kung-fu gym as her own home now and that was fine in her view. She had trained a number of talented men and women who went off to travel the country or settle down in their own small businesses and communities, now secure in their knowledge that they could defend themselves.

But as Wen-Li raised a tea cup to her lips, smiling as she reminisced on the memories she had at the gym, she saw ripples forming in the liquid. Could it be an earthquake? It had been years since a quake made it to this part of the countryside. The ripples were appearing more rapidly and Wen-Li could hear a stomping sound of some sort. Footsteps. A gang? No, with this much noise, it would have to be an army.

Grabbing a blade hanging on the wall, Wen-Li darted out of her office and steadied herself in front of the main door. If she could get a drop on the intruders, she would have a chance on her own, at least until help arrived. Then the door opened and Wen-Li could see who was coming to the gym.

"Hello!" a young woman said with a sunny voice. Wen-Li was a highly trained martial artist but even she dropped her guard when she saw her guest. The woman could not have been more than a few years past 20 and had the good looks youth provides, enough to easily call her a beauty. Her hair was long and black, hanging all the way down to her hips, and she had full, blossom-pink lips that were curled into an eager smile. But it wasn't the young woman's face that shocked Wen-Li. It was her belly.

Sticking out far past the young woman's beige shirt was a round, firm belly that went out for several feet. The entire belly was a perfect sphere, save for where it stuck out of the woman and the dimpled, inverted belly button on the front. Even if the woman stretched her arms all the way forward, she still came up more than a foot short of reaching the front of her belly to feel its long curvature. Despite her size, the young woman's belly didn't show a single stretch mark. In fact, her sandy skin glowed with even more sheen and clarity on her belly than on her face, which also had a warm tinge to it.

"H-hello," Wen-Li said, clearing her throat as she looked her guest up and down.

"This is the home of the Blue Forest Style school, right?" the woman said, looking around. "Wow, I've never been inside a martial arts gym before. It's big!"

It was not that big compared to many more established schools but Wen-Li wasn't too focused on that detail now. "Yes, this is the place. May I help y-?"

Before Wen-Li could fully complete her sentence, the woman hurried over with surprising speed given her belly size. With every step, it jiggled and wobbled around and her wide hips swayed back and forth. "Then you must be Master Wen-Li!"

"No one calls me 'master' anymore," Wen-Li sighed. "May I help you?"

The young woman dropped down to her knees and pressed her hands together. "Please, take me as your student and teach me kung-fu! I'll do whatever it takes!"

Wen-Li couldn't believe what she was hearing. This...mountain of a woman wanted to learn kung-fu? In her condition? "Are you sure that's such a good idea?"

"Absolutely! I need to learn and I've heard all about you. You're the perfect teacher for me!" The young woman bowed her head. "My name is Sun."

"Sun? Sun what?" Wen-Li asked.

"Nothing else. Just Sun," she said, raising her head. "I...can't really pay you but I'm really good at cooking and cleaning and I can help you lift wood and stuff."

"I don't think I'm going to have you lifting any wood," Wen-Li said with a confused chuckle.

"Okay but I can do lots of other things!" Sun said, beginning to raise one leg before groaning. "Oof...a little help please? I didn't think through how hard standing up would be in this position."

Rolling her eyes, Wen-Li took Sun's arm and pulled the young woman to her feet. She couldn't believe how much she weighed! "Okay, let's start from the beginning. Why do you want to learn Blue Forest Style?"

"Because it's the best balance of attack and defense – striking while blocking and blocking while striking – plus it's a modern style so it's practical and-"

"No, not what I meant," Wen-Li said, gripping the bridge of her nose and sighing. "Why do you want to learn?"

" mean because of the...tummy, right?" Sun said, patting her huge belly. Wen-Li nodded. "Okay so...I'm part of a small farming community but I've always wanted to be like you! An amazing kung-fu master who can inspire women all over the kingdom! But as I was leaving my community, I got a little antsy and spent the night with this guy I'm pregnant."

Wen-Li let out a little sigh of relief. Sure, Sun was preposterously pregnant but at least it was a relatively normal medical condition. If it had been something else, Wen-Li would have been seriously unsettled.

"So now I kind of have to fight the clock and become a master before these little fellas are born," Sun said, prodding her pregnant belly with one finger.

"That's going to be tricky," Wen-Li sighed, scratching her head. "Becoming a master in a few short weeks."

"Oh no, longer than that," Sun said. "Eight months." Wen-Li's dropped her sword to the ground and Sun giggled, patting the side of her belly. "I met a nice old lady on my journey here who had some medical experience. She said it's usually nine or ten months and we figured I'm a month along."

Wen-Li could not believe what she was hearing. Obviously, she had never seen a pregnant woman with a belly as large as Sun's and hadn't even heard rumors about such a thing. But to think that she was only a month along? Women never even started showing that early how many babies was Sun carrying? How big would she get?

"Sorry, but I don't take students anymore," Wen-Li said, stepping away.

"But the sign on the gym is still up," Sun said, her perky eyebrows now drooping. "And I'll be really good, I promise!"

"I can't make someone a master in less than a year and I wouldn't even know how to train someone you," Wen-Li said, pointing to Sun's belly. "Go home, I'm sorry."

As Wen-Li turned her back, she heard the sound of coins clattering on the floor. She looked and saw Sun dumping out a satchel of coins onto the floor of the gym, though there weren't very many. "That's all the money I have. Please, master, I beg you!" Sun bowed her head again but peeked one eye out. "And don't make me get back down on the floor. It takes too long."

Wen-Li sighed and walked over, putting her hands on Sun's shoulders. "Fine." Sun squealed and gave Wen-Li a powerful hug, her belly knocking against the middle-aged master. "It's important to teach everyone self defense. I may not make you a master but I'll let you take care of your...babies."

"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!" Sun said, moving around excitedly. "I can't wait!" She waddled around the gym, studying posters and weapons until she found a wooden bench. "Ooh, is this where you practice breaking boards?"

"I don't practice breaking boards. The Blue Forest Style is focused on-" As Wen-Li spoke, Sun let out a cry and thrust her hand down. Not only did she chop right through the wood, but she crushed the stone pedestal supporting the bench. "...on form and...technique..." Wen-Li walked over, inspecting what Sun destroyed with one hand. "How did you do that?"

"Hmm?" Sun said, shaking the rubble off of her hand. "I told you, for a lot of my life, I worked on farms and I did a lot of the manual labor. It made me pretty strong, huh?"

Wen-Li hesitated before she spoke, still stunned from what she was seeing. It took a newcomer a long time before they developed the body or the discipline needed to break wood with their bare hands and Sun managed to punch through solid stone with a beginner's strike. If she instilled martial arts into strong would she get. "Let's...just start with some basics," Wen-Li said, beckoning Sun to join her in the center of the gym. "Can you punch?"

Sun shrugged and pulled one arm back and threw a sloppy punch. It extended out in the air but her belly extended even farther. "Like that?"

"This is going to be a problem," Wen-Li said, patting Sun on the stomach. 

"That tickles!" Sun giggled, shifting in place.

"For now, we'll focus on form," Wen-Li said, standing beside Sun and slowly outstretching her arms. "Match my movements." Sun squealed and followed suit, her arms and legs shaking. "Concentrate."

"Sorry, sorry! This is just so exciting!" Sun laughed as she followed Wen-Li's form for another hour or so. Their exercises were interrupted when another sound of thunderous footsteps was heard outside the door and Wen-Li stood up to face them.

"Damn...I heard the new governor was checking gyms but I thought I'd be passed by," Wen-Li cursed quietly. The door opened to reveal several soldiers, with one in particular wearing finer armor on his body and a smug smile on his face.

"A little small but this could make a fine barrack and weapons depot," he said, approaching Wen-Li. "This gym is hereby confiscated under the governor's authority."

"Confiscated? For what reason?" Wen-Li asked.

"You don't meet the regulations for martial arts gyms. The governor is kind enough to allow you people to study self-defense but there are some limits to his generosity." He brushed his light beard and scoffed. "This hardly meets the criteria for a gym. You don't even have students."

"I'm a student," Sun said loudly. Wen-Li winced, fearing her pregnant pupil would only make things worse.

"You?" he said with a barking laugh. "How can you be a martial artist?"

"Not only that but I'm going to become a grandmaster!" Sun bellowed. Wen-Li groaned again, especially since Sun added the "grand-" to her title.

"Very well. If you're a student here, you should be able to at least spar with me," the official cackled, removing his cape and helmet and lifting his arms toward Sun. 

"Sun, stand down," Wen-Li whispered.

"No can do. I have to protect my school's honor," Sun said.

"You've been here less than a day," Wen-Li sighed but it was too late. The official darted toward Sun and threw a few chops. However, her belly kept him far enough away that she could dodge. By the same token, it made her too far away for her thrusts and kicks, following the forms Wen-Li had taught her. The master was actually impressed with how well she had learned the forms but it just wasn't fighting meant for a pregnant woman, especially not one Sun's size.

"This is a farce!" the official laughed, leaping toward Sun. He kicked her in the knee, making her grunt in pain. Another kick and her leg went weak but she roped his arm in the process. Both fell down, with Sun's belly landing down on the official. Hard. He coughed and groaned when it all hit. "Get off of me! You're crushing me!"

"Leave the school alone!" Sun screamed.

"Fine, fine, you can stay open! Just get off of me!" he yelled again.

"Master? A little help?" Sun said. Wen-Li hurried over and rolled Sun off of the official as he scrambled to safety. His armor was dented and broken and he had a hard time breathing.

"W-we don't want any trouble," the official managed to choke out. "The governor will stay away from your school."

"Good," Wen-Li said with a nod. "You can all show yourselves out."

As the soldiers ran away, Sun looked to Wen-Li with a big smile. "We did it! We protected the gym!"

"I guess we did," Wen-Li said slowly, still confused by the whole event.

"So I can stay here as a student?" Sun asked. Wen-Li saw the excitement in her almond eyes and wondered just what other surprises this girl had inside her.

"I suppose so," Wen-Li said. "But for disregarding my orders, you have to take a punishment. Clean the entire gym – sweep every board, sort every paper. And clean up that broken bench while you're at it." Sun jumped to attention and hurried for the broom as Wen-Li chuckled. She'd forgotten but being a teacher had its benefits.

Wen-Li tapped out her bills on an abacus. Taking in a new student to her martial arts gym had a number of benefits. Chores and cleaning were now done without her dividing her time. Her new students had defeated an imperial officer so well that government officials never asked her for bribes or taxes anymore. And the notoriety of Wen-Li's gym was greatly boosted and word had spread around the surrounding lands.

Of course, seeing how her student was an absent-minded pregnant woman with a belly the size of an ox, all of these benefits came with some caveats. Sun was strong but she was not always the fastest woman so cleaning and organizing the gym always took time. Not to mention how Sun's enormous round stomach always knocked things over and broke the occasional wall. And on several occasions, Sun missed large patches of the gym floor when she was sweeping because she could hardly see anything below her.

And sure, Sun had repelled the imperial soldiers but her strength was a double-edged sword. Wen-Li was constantly in fear that her next bit of martial arts training would result in Sun accidentally breaking her teacher's bones or knocking the entire building down with one blow. Wen-Li's only hope was that, by giving Sun the structure of Blue Forest Style, her monstrous strength could be managed.

And while people were finally talking about Wen-Li's gym again, she was not getting any new students or investors. Everyone was terrified of Sun, not just for her raw power, but because of how she looked. When she first arrived at the gym, her pregnant belly was bigger than the rest of her body. It was still smooth and even had a maternal glow but it still unsettled local villagers. Some neighborhood children even spread rumors that she wasn't pregnant but had been eating people whole.

On top of all that, in the two months since Wen-Li had been teaching Sun, her pregnancy had only gotten bigger. Sun's belly now entered the room nearly 30 seconds before the rest of her, thanks to her slow and clumsy waddling. All that extra surface area meant Sun's cravings were as strong as her fists, which is why Wen-Li's abacus told her that her gym was losing money.

"Master!" Sun whistled, waddling over to the table where Wen-Li sat. "I have a great way for our gym to get more attention!"

As Sun hurried over, her leg tripped against a stool and she dipped forward fast. Sucking in a deep breath, Sun lifted her tripping leg and did a quick kick into the ground. It broke the wood floor but her fast move anchored her body in place so she didn't fall down. Unfortunately, she did all this after her belly smashed through Wen-Li's table and broke her abacus. "I don't think a lack of attention is our problem," Wen-Li grumbled.

"But look, there were these flyers around town," Sun said, handing her teacher a large sheet of paper. It had stamps from various villages on it and Wen-Li could see how authentic it was. "It's a martial arts tournament! All you have to do is enter it and everyone will see how amazing you are. They'll line up just to be taught by you!"

Wen-Li read it a few times and, with a sad look, let it flutter down to the floor. "It says it's for disciples only. I have my gym registered and I'm past the age limit."

Sun's belly shook and jiggled as she frantically tried to catch the slowly falling paper before it went on the ground. "Oops, I just saw 'teacher' and 'student' and got excited! I skipped over most of it."

"When I read that part, I stopped too," Wen-Li said with a small chuckle.

"Did you skip the part about the cash prize too?"

With no hesitation, Wen-Li stomped one foot on the floor and snatched at the air with all her might. The resulting bursts of wind made the flyer zip right back into her hands. "The what now?"

Sun giggled and clapped her hands together. "Wow-ee! Master, you have to teach me that one!" Wen-Li read the sheet over again, not responding to her pupil. "So...can I enter instead?"

Wen-Li looked Sun over, seeing her student's big warm smile, her twinkling brown eyes, and her hands eagerly rubbing wide circles on her exposed belly. "With your strength...maybe you could win but you have been training for too short a time. There are martial arts schools where students are trained since they are boys and learn to kill before they become adults."

"Good, then I'll teach them a lesson," Sun said, her full, pink lips pouting as she lifted one fist. "You don't have to be mean to be strong."

The aging master laughed and scratched her chin. "Sure...let's give it a shot." She reached back down for the sheet. "When is it?"

"Today," Sun chirped. Wen-Li rushed away from her smashed table and grabbed Sun by the collar. "Whoops!" Sun giggled as she held one arm against her chest. Not only was her belly getting bigger but Sun's breasts were extremely swollen and Wen-Li's grab made her naked bosom sneak out.

Using all her stamina, Wen-Li got herself and her student to the sight of the tournament: a large trading down on the river. There were thousands of people bustling around and all of them looked at Sun and her belly with utter disbelief. Wen-Li was nervous about walking around with such an odd-looking woman but Sun couldn't have been happier.

"Wow, this place is so cool! Look at all these people! All this food!" Sun said, looking at the market with her mouth in a permanent smile. "Hi there!" she said, waving to an old woman crossing the street who looked back at her with confusion.

"Let's find that tournament," Wen-Li said, putting her arm around Sun's back and guiding her toward the center of town.

There, a large stone platform stood with a crowd gathered around. An official stood by the side, checking in scary looking men who were clearly fighters. "Name?"

"Wen-Li of the Blue Forest Style," Wen-Li said, handing her gym permit to the judge. "This is my student, Sun."

Sun had her back turned, still looking at the city in awe, and was partially obscured by the large crowds, so the official didn't see her enormous pregnant middle. "She seems kind of frail," he said. "We're not liable for any injuries she receives, you understand?"

"Glad to hear it," Wen-Li said with a knowing grin. "We won't be responsible if she breaks anyone."

Up on the stone platform, martial arts students knocked their heads, fists, and legs against one another again and again. Eventually, the judge for the tournament came out, a scroll in his hands.

"Next, from the Gongga Mountain Temple, Shu Dua," the judge said, signaling to a bald young man with toned muscles and a cold expression. "And from the Blue Forest Style," he began to say before turning and seeing the gigantic mass of smooth, round skin behind him. ""

"Close. It's pronounced 'Sun,'" Sun said, waddling forward. "Sorry, when I signed in, I may have not done a good job. I have sloppy handwriting."

The crowd murmured as Sun turned to Shu Dua and bowed. He held up one hand and bowed as well. "I am sorry, but I can not compete," he said as the starting bell rang out. "It is against the tenants of our school to attack one who is–"

Before he could finish his sentence, Sun had already run forward and lept into the air, turning her hips so her swinging arm could strike Shu Dua in the chest, slamming his back into the stone platform. It knocked the wind out of Shu Dua and he was immediately declared out. The audience was dead silent as Sun was declared winner and she proceeded to the next round.

No one else took Sun lightly but it didn't make much of a difference. With one strike, Sun took out her opponents. If it wasn't a shove or a stray kick, one sudden twist of her hips knocked Sun's belly against their bodies with enough force to take them out of commission. In her penultimate match, an agile fighter actually managed to get one punch of his own in but he hit Sun in the head and her skull shattered the bones in his hand.

"Master, you always said I had a hard head," Sun called out to Wen-Li after the incident, waving to her teacher. The audience turned to face Wen-Li and gossiped to themselves about her ability as a martial artist or whether Sun's pregnancy was the result of some sort of witchcraft.

"Now we are ready for our final match," the judge said, visibly trembling. "Representing the Blue Forest Style, we have Sun." Some in the audience actually clapped, growing impressed with the pregnant girl over the course of the day. "And representing the Old Fang School, Ayu."

The crowd went quiet as Ayu stepped up. She wore a cloak that may have been white or some other plain color at the beginning of the tournament but it was now dyed with patches of red. Her black hair was tied into a tight bun and she looked at Sun with a focused, piercing gaze.

"Nice to meet you," Sun said, bowing as the starting bell rang. Ayu slowly extended both arms, keeping her eyes locked on Sun. "Sorry, hugging might be kinda tricky with my tummy in the way."

"Noted," Ayu said as two chains fell down her sleeves. On one end was a weight and a curved blade was on the other. She began swinging both and they got increasingly fast.

"Hey, weapons are banned!" Wen-Li called out. The judge tried to approach Ayu to chastise her but got a cut across his face instead.

"I don't care about winning or losing. I just wanted to massacre the other so-called martial artists in the region," Ayu cackled. "I've been doing this since I was little."

"Oh, master told me about people like you!" Sun said, pointing at her opponent. "Except...did you used to be a boy? Otherwise I'm confused." Ayu let out a sickening howl and through her weapons at Sun. She managed to block or dodge them thanks to her inhuman power but she wasn't able to get close enough to actually attack.

"This is my fault," Wen-Li moaned quietly. "I let this poor girl go into the lion's den, all because I wanted some money."

"Wait, I get it!" Sun suddenly said. Her belly suddenly contracted as she sucked in a deep breath. As Ayu's weight swung closer, Sun let out a big gasp of air and swung her hand the same way Wen-Li did earlier in the day. The bursts of air stopped the chain's momentum and it clattered lax on the ground. Ayu tried to lift it again but Sun had already grabbed it and tugged hard. Ayu went flying toward her and crashed against Sun's belly like a ship against a cliffside. She collapsed, as limp as her chain.

The audience was silent. "A...and your winner," the judge said, barely able to get the words out as he trembled in fear. ""

"It's me!" Sun said, hopping up and down with glee. "See Master? I've been watching and learning Blue Forest Style!"

Wen-Li was just as shocked as the crowd, possibly more so. In a few months, Sun had managed to learn a high-level move. How much more had she learned that Wen-Li didn't know about.

"You did great, Sun," Wen-Li finally said with a smile.

"To celebrate, can we eat at a restaurant in this city? They have so many kinds of fish I've never seen before!" Sun said, climbing down from the platform as judges checked on Ayu.

"Sure, but then let's head back to the village," Wen-Li said, patting her pupil's belly. "There are a lot of things I want to teach you."

It was incredible. Wen-Li paced around her student, watching in marvel as the young woman punched and kicked in the air with perfect accuracy and grace. In only a handful of months, her pupil had managed to complete all the training Wen-Li had to offer when it came to teaching the Blue Forest Style. There was no missed timing, no extraneous movements, and no strain in her student's strikes.

What made this all the more surprising was just what kind of student Wen-Li had been counseling for the past four months. Sun came into Wen-Li's gym as the largest pregnant women she had ever seen and her fetuses had only grown larger inside Sun since then. Wen-Li had to pace in a wide circle around Sun to avoid being hit by her enormous round belly as it swung around with each of Sun's steps. As Sun moved and went through the various stances and forms of the Blue Forest Style, her golden skin got sweaty and Sun's entire pregnant stomach glowed and glistened like polished marble.

For her demonstration of the Blue Forest's entire manual of movements, Sun was stripped down to let Wen-Li see which of her muscles she was using, particularly along her back. This revealed just how much the rest of Sun's body had grown as her pregnancy progressed. The cloth wrapping used to cover Sun's breasts nearly used up all of Wen-Li's laundry and they had to borrow from some neighbors to cinch it in place and keep Sun's naked chest from flopping out. Her cleavage was deep enough to fit two fists between her bosom, one on top of the other, and still have room to spare. 

Sun's butt was getting increasingly round and firm. For a while, Wen-Li had internally compared each cheek to the melons grown at the farm in a neighboring village. But now, it was more appropriate to compare Sun's rear to a normal woman's pregnant stomach. For the day's exhibition of Sun's martial arts prowess, she had on a small bit of rope and cloth to cover herself up but it let her butt stick out essentially nude and it wiggled back and forth as Sun showed off her moves.

For her whole life as a self-defense practitioner, Wen-Li believed her own slim frame was the best for martial arts, particularly for the Blue Forest Style, but Sun's accomplishments made her reassess. Not only was Sun pulling off all of the moves with expert precision, but her detailed back suggested her heavy chest may be toning her strongest muscles and her quick moves appeared to be aided by the use of her large butt as a rudder. Still, Wen-Li wasn't so sure how Sun's belly helped her out. It had surpassed the size of the Gao family's largest ox and Sun had to awkwardly turn her body when using the wooden post dummy Wen-Li set up in an ill-fated exercise.

Finally, Sun flung her fist out in one last punch. The force and speed of the blow made the sweat on her arm and hand fly off and splash against her belly. "So," Sun said with a long exhale, turning to Wen-Li and giving her teacher a big, toothy grin. "How did I do?"

Wen-Li paused. "Very well," she said after a while. She didn't add that Sun had done impossibly well, considering she had only been a student of Wen-Li's gym for a few months. Even less than that, in fact, since Wen-Li didn't seriously try and teach Sun until after seeing her student's prowess at a martial arts tournament in a large city half a day's travel away. "Soon, you may be better than me."

Sun blushed and held her hands against her cheeks. "Oh, master, no!" Sun giggled. "You're incredible! I don't think I'll ever be as good as you but I appreciate you taking me in as your pupil." Sun stretched out and turned to Wen-Li and cupped her hands together. Just as she began to move forward, she stopped and snapped back up to a regular standing position. "Oops, almost forgot!"

"It's alright," Wen-Li said, her eyes looking at all the spots in the gym where the wood floor was recently replaced because Sun's bowing kept putting her belly through the ground. The only thing more surprising than Sun's quick adoption of martial arts was the truly monstrous strength that she came into the gym with. Well, the fact that her pregnancy was this size and she was only five months pregnant was a little more surprising. 

"So, what should I do next?" Sun asked, pressing her hands into her back and waddling around the gym some. Often, as she was getting bigger, Sun would lean back to accommodate the sheer size and weight of her swollen middle and this pose made her look even larger, if that was possible. "Do you have any more chores you need me to do? Or am I ready for the next level of training?"

Wen-Li had a predicament on her hands. There was no "next level" for Sun to achieve in Blue Forest Style. There wasn't a single master around who Wen-Li thought Sun couldn't defeat now. All Wen-Li really had left was to give Sun some exercises for weight training but with Sun's natural power, it all seemed like a joke. She had seen Sun casually lift a boulder with one hand so she could reposition it and give herself some shade and this was before she had the kind of discipline the Blue Forest Style beat into her.

But...there was one step left for Sun if she was going to be an honest-to-goodness martial arts grand master. And she couldn't believe she was going to tell this young, pregnant student about it. "There is one piece of training you have to complete," Wen-Li said. "And it will be the final part of my teaching to you."

Sun gasped and hurried toward Wen-Li, knocking her belly against her teacher. Luckily, Wen-Li was used to this and was able to parry the force with hands, though it left her arms a little numb. "Master! You're leaving? H-have I offended you?" Tears started to well up in Sun's eyes. "Was it because I'm so clumsy?"

"No," Wen-Li said.

"Or because I had sex with your nephew when he visited?"

"No, not..." Wen-Li started to say. "Wait, you did?"

"Or because I kept bringing in cats and feeding them?"

"No, nothing like that," Wen-Li said with a shout before composing herself. She had come to love Sun like family but...she was a little grating on the nerves at times. "Sun, this is my last bit of training because you have completed everything else."

Sun's reddening cheeks stopped changing their hue when she heard that. "What do you mean?" she said with a sniffle.

"I've taught you everything I know. Literally, everything I know," Wen-Li sighed. "I even made up a few exercises and stances and you ended up mastering those in about a week each. You have almost everything a martial arts master needs." She didn't want to add that Sun has the making of a true kung fu legend since things were complicated enough as it was.

"Wow so...we're equals now!" Sun said, her sunny expression back as she got giddy and hopped up and down, shaking the foundation of the gym in the process. "I don't have to call you master anymore!"

"I never wanted you to call me that," Wen-Li mumbled.

"From now on, refer to me as Sun-nushi," Sun said, sticking her chin up and puffing out her chest.

"Wait, wait, wait," Wen-Li said, having her hand. She didn't expect Sun to get a superiority complex already. Imagine if she had told Sun just how powerful she actually was? "I didn't say you're a master yet. You still have one last test."

Sun blushed and fell to the floor, lying on her side so her belly stuck out, and grabbed Wen-Li's ankles. "You're right, I'm so sorry master! Please, tell me what I have to do to make up for my insolence!"

Wen-Li groaned and rubbed her temples. "Sun, please get up."

"I need a hand with that," Sun squeaked. Wen-Li helped her massive student to her feet, straining her own muscles to lift Sun's pregnant body as it approached 400 pounds. "Okay, so what is my final task, master?"

Wen-Li took a deep breath. "You need to go on a personal quest."

"Ooh, a quest," Sun purred. "Sounds like fun...who do I have to beat?"

"This is a serious, spiritual quest, Sun. You aren't being sent out to kill a dragon or fight with demons," Wen-Li said, darkening her tone.

"Well of course I'm not going to kill a dragon," Sun said, rolling her eyes.

"For centuries, to become a master of Blue Forest Style, one had to take nothing but the clothes on their back and head to our ancestral home: the thick forest the crowns the great mountain Di Tian Kong," Wen-Li said, unfurling an old map written on parchment and pointing the location out to Sun.

"Go to the mountain, got it," Sun nodded. "Then what?"

"Practice. Train. Meditate," Wen-Li said. "When you know you are done, you can return."

Sun paused and giggled, patting her enormous belly. "Uh, master? I don't know if you remember but I don't have a lot of time left. Could you give me a hint so I can speed through this?"

"No hints," Wen-Li said, shaking her head. "But I believe in you. are meant to go on this journey, even as you are now."

Sun took in a deep breath and looked more composed and serious than Wen-Li had ever seen her. "Okay...okay, I understand." She waddled forward and scooped Wen-Li up in her arms. "Thank you, master."

Wen-Li was about to ask her pupil to back away but Sun's hug was warm and soothing. She smiled and touched one hand to Sun's firm belly and hugged Sun back. "Good luck."

Sun gave her teacher one last squeeze before dropping her down and turning toward the door. "So just the clothes on my back then?"

"Yes but you can put your shirt back on, Sun," Wen-Li chuckled. "I mean, you're almost naked right now. You can't go on a long journey like...Sun? Sun?" Wen-Li hurried after her student but Sun was already out the door and walking down the road, belly and butt hanging out for the world to see and her breasts not far behind. "Oh...I suppose this is the way it was meant to be too."

After a few days travel, stopping in unattended farmhouses and under trees along the way, Sun made it to the mountain and the forest inside. She waddled around, admiring the natural beauty of the land, before coming to an old, dead tree. All its bark was gone, revealing only worn, white wood, and there were many names carved into the tree. Sun ran her hands against the etched names until she came to the characters for Wen-Li's name.

"That's your momma's teacher," Sun said, looking down at her belly and patting it. "You'll all get to meet her. I don't have anywhere else to live, after all, so we'll be staying in her gym!" She giggled and snatched an itch along the long curve of her belly before climbing farther up the stretch of the mountain.

Past the woods, the peak of Di Tian Kong was totally bare of any vegetation aside from some scraps of grass. From the peak, Sun could see the wide open sky, the various mountains and forests and rivers around, and even the indications of small villages hundreds of miles away. She sucked in her breath and ran her hands down her full, fertile body. Days of travel had already loosened her cloth top and she undid the final part, standing on top of the mountain stark naked and pregnant. Her belly jiggled in the wind as she went through the entire Blue Forest Style manual with precision and grace. Sweat made her nude breasts glisten and each stomp of her toned legs sent out an echo.

When she had finished, Sun was under a dark sky of glittering stars, and she let out a long exhale, feeling her energy spread from the top of her head to the base of her feet, to the tip of her inverted belly button on her enormous pregnant stomach.

"Okay," Sun said to herself, putting her hands on her wide hips. "Now what?"

Every day, for months now, there were daily tremors and strange sounds rolling down from the mountain. In the small villages in the valleys surrounding the mountain, there were rumors of a demon that had come to live on its peak, angrily beating its fists into the stone to shake the earth. Others thought this was an omen of the coming end of the world, with the trembling in the ground getting stronger with each passing day until they could be considered genuine earthquakes. Still others, looking for more logical explanations, thought the military was testing new gunpowder or other explosives for coming wars with regional rivals or rebel factions.

In truth, it was all the work of one young woman, practicing her martial arts.

Sun had lived on the mountain for two months now, eating plants that grew on the side of the mountain and fish from nearby streams. At one point, she had considered cutting down on her consumption from the Di Tian Kong mountain that was so important to her master Wen-Li and the practitioners of the Blue Forest Style. Instead, she would only breastfeed from her own massive chest but it wasn’t big enough for her to do that…yet.

Since Sun had climbed the mountain and began her solitary study, her pregnancy had advanced steadily. Her pregnant belly was now quadruple her own pre-pre-natal size and each of her breasts was the size of a regular woman’s stomach when she’s overdue with twins and her butt cheeks were like boulders, ready to roll down the mountain side and crush a cottage.

When she left for Di Tian Kong, Sun brought little with her and only wore a loin cloth and a loose top to cover her nipples. But after days of exercising out in the elements and steadily becoming rounder and wider all over, Sun had abandoned her clothing and was now totally nude, her pregnant belly glistening in the uncovered sunlight and her bosom resting on top, swollen and heavy.

It was the end of another day and Sun took a deep breath, bringing both hands together the way Wen-Li taught her to do and pressing her breasts together in the process. She’d said it was a sign of respect after a day of practice and Sun had continued her master’s teachings. The moon was starting to become brighter as the sky turned dark and Sun didn’t want to get lost on her way back to the top of the mountain when she got dinner.

Eagerly, she bound down the steep rock face. Early on in her self-imposed training regiment, she pushed herself to move faster and lighter despite her increasing size and she now jumped several feet in the air, barely touching her toe against the stones as she made her way down. Her belly and breasts jiggled in the air while her rear remained firm, channeling the power in her legs and abdomen. Sun giggled as she felt her babies kick and squirm as her womb flew through the air and she took the time to rub and stroke her ever-growing curves as she darted around.

Back on top of the mountain, Sun sat on the very peak, watching the stars twinkle as she ate fish with one hand and rubbed her belly with the other. She smiled, enjoying the feeling of her warm, tight skin. Her chest was now so large that she could barely look at her swollen stomach but she could get a good sense from just stroking her fertile middle. 

“I haven’t given birth yet and I’m already excited to go through all this again,” Sun said to her belly. Being alone for months had made her go a little stir-crazy and she took to talking to her enormous womb. “But maybe I’ll try to be a little smaller next time…or maybe even bigger! This is fun!”

She giggled and looked over her shoulder at her “training area.” There was a large fissure in the top of the mountain from where she practiced her daily chops while also trying to control her power so she did not destroy Di Tian Kong. Nearby were several trees with smooth, slender holes in them from constant punches through its center, followed by sweeping motions to sand the bristles and wood down to the point that it felt like jade.

Aside from those kinds of strength exercises, Sun practiced her motions and katas, now able to punch and, amazingly, given her colossal pregnancy, kick at speeds beyond human comprehension. Sun was also precise enough to skewer leaves with her fingers with her eyes closed.

Despite all this mastery, Sun did not feel as though she was ready to leave Di Tian Kong. Somehow, she did not feel like a master, as Wen-Li told her she would. This made Sun a little worried, as the constant churning inside her belly and the tightness of her skin signaled what she already knew: that she was getting closer and closer to her birthdate. Sun was not always the brightest lantern but she understood that after a little less than a year, pregnant women had their babies and just because she was bigger than some houses didn’t mean she was exempt.

Sun sighed and leaned back, tossing the fish bones down the mountain face and back down into the river miles away. Both hands rested on her belly as she moved to her back. “Ā-tummy, you wouldn’t want me to stay here too long, would you? I mean, you would give me a clue when you were ready for me to have my babies, right?”

A gurgling sound of gallons of amniotic fluid sloshing around inside her made Sun smile and she patted her belly. She’d taken those kinds of sounds to mean “yes,” though most of her questions were “yes or no” questions and she always preferred “yes” as an answer. “No” just sounded so mean. 

Brushing her black hair – which was now longer than she was tall, dirty, and unkept – out of her eyes, Sun relaxed and drifted off to sleep, dreaming about Wen-Li praising her and waddling around the town, a proud smile of accomplishment on her face.

But as Sun tried to sleep, she kept being woken by the constant kicking going on inside her belly. With a little groan, Sun opened her eyes and glared at her stomach, sticking up like a mountain to rival Di Tian Kong.

“Ā-tummy, quit it. Sun needs her beauty sleep to stay cute and strong,” Sun chided, giving the side of her stomach a light smack. To her surprise, her unborn children kicked back, pushing her hand away. Sun gasped and frowned, sitting up so she could get a better look at her pregnant middle. “Rude!”

A kick to her bladder made Sun groan and she hoisted herself up, watching her swollen middle bounce and sway with movement. She was not used to her fetuses being this active yet, as she was just on the cusp of her third trimester. Every kick felt as if it were propagated, spreading out beyond their limbs. Sun wasn’t sure how many babies were actually inside her gigantic belly but it felt like twice as many were kicking inside her.

“Wait,” Sun said to herself, settling her palm against her belly and feeling the vibrations. There was a kind of rhythm and pattern to the beating blows against her womb wall. Something she could understand and follow with enough time. Sun brought one of her hand back, inspecting her fist. “This whole time, I have just been doing one punch at a time…what if I could do more?”

She waddled to one of her training trees, reached her elbow back, and threw a punch, trying to include more than one blow. Her hand struck the trunk and blew a gust of wind from its power but it was still just one punch.

Sun let out a deep sigh and rubbed her belly as she thought. Wen-Li had always taught her to relax when she punched. It went against her logic but if she was tense, it would come out worse. And as Sun rubbed her unborn young, she thought about what it must be like inside her belly: warm, gentle, relaxed. Her fetuses couldn’t have been too forceful when they kicked.

She tried to think about that. Sun pictured herself in her own mother’s belly, trying to remember being caressed and tickled by her mom’s hands and arms for months before finally being pushed out. A small smile formed on Sun’s pink lips and when she opened them back up, she threw another punch at the tree. It bent under the pressure, then out of nowhere, a second blow struck it and the tree collapsed, its roots popping out from the earth and rolling down the mountain. 

“I did it,” Sun squealed to herself, looking at her hands. “But…I bet I can do more. This is what I need to practice.”

At the end of another month of training, Sun was enormous. Anyone looking at her may not have even noticed the rest of her body unless she spoke or moved. Her belly was like part of the mountain itself, if not for her gleaming golden skin. She was like an ancient, unearthed fertility statue, hewn from the best bronze and gold to make a beautiful monument to womanhood.

You could be forgiven for thinking Sun was just a statue. At the moment, she was sitting on the tip of the mountain, perfectly still as her eyes were closed. Both hands were pressed against the side of her belly, feeling her fetuses and trying to spread her consciousness to each of them individually to get a sense of their bodies and placement. Sun may have been tranquil but her unborn children were kicking up a storm that would have made her cry out in shock weeks ago.

Sun waited for a gust of wind to shake her hair, now cut short with sharpened stones so she could improve her focus, before she started to take in a deep breath. There was a change in the air pressure as a storm cloud came overhead. Just as the rain started to beat down, Sun let her new-found power fly out of her.

All around her, she was sending out strong punches without moving a muscle and knocking the raindrops out of the sky. Her training had taken her far beyond adding to her punches. Sun felt her babies even when they weren’t kicking and she had learned to attack without attacking.

Sun was in a dry patch as her unseen strikes cleared all the water away, leaving her totally clean. As the rain got harder, her blows got faster. She had spotted the coming thundercloud in the sky hours ago and had been preparing, knowing this would be her last true test if she was going to consider herself a master. 

Then, in the dark clouds overhead, a rumble came and Sun prepared herself. With a great cry, she lifted her hips and thrust her belly into the air just as a bolt of lightning came down. It struck her pregnant middle and Sun deflected it, sending the jagged energy through the sky and down to a nearby stone hill, destroying it completely.

Sun’s belly was still smooth and firm, with only a bit of steam coming off of it. All of her babies were kicking, just as healthy as ever. She let out a deep breath and clasped her hands together, bowing to the terrifying cloud.

“Thank you,” Sun said. “Now I know I’m a master.” She grinned and patted her glistening, naked belly, allowing the rain to fall against her and make her tight skin shimmer as it got wet. “C’mon, ā-tummy, let’s head back down and introduce you to Wen-Li. You might have forgotten her but she’s like your other grandma…though I don’t know how old she really is.”

When Wen-Li was a young student, she asked her teachers what it meant to be a master. One teacher who had little poetics about her said a master was someone who had achieved a level of understand and control over their kung-fu. Another told a story about a legendary fighter who defeated an entire army with their martial arts skills. But Wen-Li's third teacher, and her personal favorite, just smiled and said a true master will make themselves clear to those with open hearts and minds.

She remembered this words as she worked alone in her gym. With Sun up in the mountains training, she finally had time to repair the damage her colossal strength and impossibly large pregnant belly did to the gym. But still, Wen-Li had grown to miss Sun and always looked out the window to see if she might be waddling down the path to return.

Then, the ground began to shake. A chorus of startled birds rang out as they flew into the sky. Wen-Li steadied herself, looking around the gym to see if there was any risk of it coming down. As the tremors began to settle, she heard a familiar sigh and giggle outside her door as the curtains opened and a big, smooth belly pushed through.

Sun made her way into the gym, her maternal glow in full effect. She looked like she was a statue carved out of gold, with extra attention and polish given to her belly. Her hair fluttered in the wind and there was a calming sparkle in her dark brown eyes, plus a smile that put Wen-Li's old heart at ease.

"Master, I-"

"I know," Wen-Li sighed, holding up one hand and giving a relieved smile. "I can tell. Congratulations, Master Sun of the Blue Forest Style."

Sun squealed and rushed forward, hugging her old teacher tightly. Wen-Li braced herself to be squashed by Sun's monstrous strength but Sun was distributing her power so Wen-Li was hugged equally on all points of her body. It was still tight but not as painful as before and far more calming. Still, Sun couldn't help but smother her teacher in her engorged cleavage.

"Sun...maybe you should put some clothes on," Wen-Li said in a muffled voice. After months alone in the mountains, Sun was completely naked, showing off just how curvy pregnancy had made her.

"Oops! Sorry, I kinda got used to being nude up there," Sun giggled, looking for something to put on. Nothing really fit her anymore but she found a large blanket that at least concealed her bare breasts.

"Didn't people stare at you when you came down?" Wen-Li asked.

"No, I got bored walking back down from Di Tian Kong and I was so excited to see you that I just jumped," Sun said with a shrug.

"What...what do you mean 'jumped?'" Wen-Li said, narrowing her eyes.

"You know, jumped!" Sun said with a laugh. "I jumped from the mountain to your gym." Wen-Li now knew what that massive earthquake was a few moments ago. "Duh."

"Of course," Wen-Li sighed, never getting used to just how strong her pupil was. "And your pregnancy is still healthy?"

"I think so. They are really getting big!" Sun said, stroking her stomach in wide circles. She was one big inhale away from being unable to fit inside the gym doors and Wen-Li could hardly believe how much bigger she'd gotten since leaving months ago to train on 
Di Tian Kong. There were prize-winning oxen Wen-Li had seen in the village markets that were not as big as Sun's round belly. "And it's so much tighter than before but I think that's just from the training."

"I see," Wen-Li nodded. "May, I can't ask that of a Blue Forest master."

"Anything for you!" Sun said with a big grin. "I owe a lot to you, Wen-Li."

"May I...touch it?" Wen-Li gulped. "I'm just so curious, I apologize."

Sun's smile melted into a look of shock, then utter glee. She rammed her stomach against her old teacher and squealed. "YesYesYesYesYesYesYes Of Course Yes!"

Wen-Li laughed and placed her palm against Sun's belly. She couldn't believe how tight it was, like a sphere made of pure steel. Wen-Li even tried to push against it but couldn't get even a millimeter of give. Then, as Wen-Li moved her hand around, she felt a twinge run across the expanse of Sun's stomach as it grew even tighter. "What was that? Was that a...a kick?"

"Hmm? Oh no, that was just a cramp," Sun said, stroking another part of her belly. "I dunno, I've been having those a lot lately. I need to walk around more."

"A cramp?" Wen-Li said with a nervous gulp. "Um, Sun? How long have you been pregnant?"

Sun held out her hands and tried to count on her fingers. After stopping and restarting a few times, she looked back at Wen-Li. "Eight months."

"Eight're sure?"

"Yeah, it's been eight months since I saw a doctor who told me I'm pregnant," Sun nodded with a little smile.

Wen-Li tried to make sense of what her former student just said. "Wait...since a doctor told you?"

"Right, that's when you start counting. When the doctor says you're pregnant," Sun giggled. "How else would you know how long it's been?"

Wen-Li felt another strong cramp and began to worry. "Okay, then how long has it been since the sex you think caused the pregnancy?"

"Master!" Sun said, blushing. "That's a very personal question."

"How long?"

Sun sighed and counted on her fingers again. "Um...I think it's probably been about..." As she was thinking, there was a groaning sound from inside her belly and a torrent of fluid spilled out from between her legs, soaking the wood floor of the gym. "10 or 11 months." Sun winced and touched both hands back to her belly. "Wow, that's getting really tight."

"Oh dear...wait a moment," Wen-Li said, darting out of her door and into the surrounding village. "Anyone with any experience delivering babies, I'm going to need some help."

Lots of women and a few men raised their hands. "How many of us do you need?" one old woman asked. 

Wen-Li looked at all the volunteers. "All of you."

They managed to get Sun to a pond not far from the gym. Her groans and cries of discomfort made wild animals within a two-mile radius run away as she lay in the pool of water and writhed around. Each midwife and doctor that tried to help her could only last a few minutes before being knocked away by Sun's belly or errant kicks. Only Wen-Li remained the entire time, wetting Sun's forehead and telling her soothing things.

"You can do this," Wen-Li said softly. "You are the strongest woman I know."

"This is hard," Sun whimpered, her teeth gritting together. "I-I don't thing I can do it. There's too many of them."

"Sun, listen to me," Wen-Li said, putting her arms around Sun's strong shoulders. "You are like a daughter to me. I will be right here, helping you through, but you need to do this. You need to believe in yourself."

"But it hurts...and I'm so tired," Sun said, tears starting to form in the corner of her eyes.

The first sight of Sun's tears made Wen-Li start crying large streams. "I know but think of how amazing it will be for you to be a mom and be able to teach all your babies Blue Forest Style. You will be a real master, just like me."

Sun let out a howl of pain and turned back to Wen-Li. "But I can't last that long! I can't keep them inside me! They want to come out!"

Wen-Li opened her mouth to try and give Sun more words of encouragement but stopped. "I...what do you mean 'keep them inside you?'"

A big grunt turned Sun's face red as her body doubled over. "I have to keep them in my belly for a whole year. Otherwise, when they're born, they won't be one year old and they'll be underdeveloped!"

Everyone looked at Sun with confusion and Wen-Li sighed and patted her on the back. " that's not how it works."

"It's not?" Sun chirped.

" need to push them out, not...pull them in," Wen-Li said.

"Oh," Sun said, clenching her muscles and looking down at her belly. The closest midwife looked into the water and cupped the head of one of Sun's babies as she pushed it out. In no time, there was a crying baby in her arms and Sun was looking back at it in shock. "W-wow...that was a lot easier."

"You did it," Wen-Li said with a sniffle. "You're a mom."

"And you're a grandma!" Sun giggled. Wen-Li laughed too, taking it as a compliment. "Alright, can't stop now. Time to find out how many babies are inside me."

One year later, Wen-Li sat at a small table while she watched Sun teaching her class. The Blue Forest Style gym was bustling with new students since Sun's exhibition match while she was pregnant and crushed all her opponents. She also modified her curriculum for different types of students and today, she was training all pregnant women with a style she'd developed specifically for women with big bellies. Well, not as big as hers was, but still.

While the young women moved through the movements Sun showed them, letting their round stomachs bounce around in the air, Sun smiled and gave them words of encouragement. Without her pregnant belly, her stomach was now flat and toned, with a clear set of eight-pack abs. Her breasts and butt lost a little bit of volume but were still the size of melons served at the emperor's wedding.

"Okay, now try some light sparring," Sun said to her students. They lined up and the first two put pads on their hands and over their bellies as they began to trade blows and practice what Sun had taught them. Meanwhile, Sun sat with Wen-Li and let out a long sigh. "Teaching sure is hard. I don't know how you ever trained me."

"Neither do I, some days," Wen-Li chuckled as she felt a tug on the hem of her dress. She turned to see one of Sun's daughters crawling on the floor and exploring. "Hello there," she said, lifting the toddler up and sitting her on her lap. "Help me with the names."

"That's Wu-May," Sun said, pouting. "If you're their grandma, you should know their names."

Wen-Li smiled back at Sun and didn't protest. There were dozens of identical boys and girls to keep track of now and names would be tricky. But at least Sun could tell them apart. As Wen-Li bounced the giggling toddler on her knee, she noticed something strange on her skin. Wen-Li poked at some flaking skin behind the girl's ear and saw a few green scales on the other side. "What in the...Sun, Wu-May is sick. We need to take her to a doctor."

"She is?" Sun said, turning to see the scales. "Oh, her scales are just coming through. That's fine."

"That's fine?" Wen-Li said, almost yelling but stopping herself with the baby girl looking up at her.

"Sure, she's half dragon after all," Sun nodded.

" had sex with a dragon?"

"How do you think I got so big?" Sun giggled, rolling her eyes and tickling her daughter. "You know, for being my master, there are still a lot of things you don't know."

Wen-Li sighed and smiled. "I guess it's true what they say. A good teacher learns from their student."

"Maybe you should start taking classes with me," Sun said, looking up at Wen-Li. "I have one tomorrow for elders."

Wen-Li took a deep breath, thinking about her long life as a martial artist and where it's ended up. "I may take you up on that."

Commission: New Student
A young pregnant woman becomes a devoted student at a martial arts school with the intention of becoming a master before she gives birth.

Commissioned by nikaro

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Sergeant Louis Lewis interrupted his two detectives joking and smiling at their desks, tapping James Chang on the leg with a folder as his detective rested his feet on the desk. "Look alive, Jay."

James pivoted in his chair to hop out while Rita Miggs next to him slowly eased out of her seat, one hand on her hip as she took the folder from her superior officer. "Mid-town? This is a little out of our jurisdiction, sarge."

"Read further down. This is part of a pattern and the first two incidents were in Queens," Sgt. Lewis said. "The first two we thought were just accidents or weird phenomena but with a third, One-PP wants answers."

"Still, wouldn't it go to the cops who covered the first cases?" James said, peeking over Rita's shoulder to try and get a look at the folder himself. Her pronounced bust blocked his view. "Can they come in and brief us?"

"There were no cops on the first two cases," Sgt. Lewis said.

"No cops? Jesus Lou, even if it's an accident, we have to have officers on the scene if someone died," James said.

"No one died," Rita said, handing the folder over to James. He took it and leafed through the first few pages before coming to photographs that stopped him suddenly. Several pictures taken at the Queens hospital of two women standing in different positions, all with extremely large pregnant bellies.

The first woman, who had long, wavy black hair and pale skin, had a stomach that stretched out more than two feet in front of her and her arms couldn't reach the front. The second woman was younger and shorter with a sloppily-dyed red bob and tattoos that obscured her light tan. She was so short that it looked like she could keep from tipping over from the size of her belly.

"These were each about a week apart. One night they're as flat as you or I, the next night they look like that and have no memory of what happened," Sgt. Lewis said. "And now there's a third woman, plus traffic in Manhattan is a pain in the ass so I suggest you go now and read in the car."

Rita took the wheel as the two detectives made their way to the address, leaving James to study the file. Rita looked over at him and smirked. "Really burying your nose in there, Jay."

"Just being thorough," James said with a nervous grin. Rita and James had been partners for more than a year now and on long stake-outs and drives throughout the state, they talked a lot. Both got to know one another better than their spouses, if they were married that is. On one night, Rita decided to ask James what turned him on and he answered honestly: pregnant women. Rita laughed for a solid two minutes after that answer and said she didn't get it but she appreciated the honestly. Her thing was bald guys. Not shaved – bald. James didn't get that either.

"Are you going to be cool?" Rita asked, looking over at her partner again.

"Of course," James said, clearing his throat and closing the file. "I'm a professional."

"Shouldn't we all be," Rita sighed as she slowed down as another policeman in a suit waved her down outside the building. She rolled down her window and Detective Bruce Watt immediately stuck his head in. 

"Well well well, the famous Rita Miggs," Bruce said with a chuckle. "I feel blessed."

"Hello officer Watt," Rita said, flashing a sarcastic smile. "Mind letting us park?"

"A bit out of your area," Bruce said, rubbing his gum against his teeth.

"Great detective work there, Watt," James said. "And we passed about half-a-dozen taped-off crime scenes so maybe you should go use your deductive powers there."

Bruce stuck his head in further to glare at James, no longer as cloying as he was with Rita. "Hey Chang, maybe you should stay in your borough. No one to help you out if-" He was cut short by Rita rolling up her window slightly, just enough to tap his Adam's apple. He pulled out of the car and spat his gum onto the street. "So what, this is your case or something?"

"Bingo," Rita said. "So let us through?"

"Sure, sure," Bruce smiled, leaning back toward Rita. "And hey, if you're going to be in Manhattan, how about dinner? Or just a hotel? I know one that'll rent to cops for free."

"Set it up with my secretary," Rita snickered as she rolled the window up all the way and moved toward to park. She and James got out and headed into the building. It was a large hall, set up for events and small conferences, but all the dressing for a fashion show were clearly still up. Rita and James headed down the runway toward the back, with Rita playfully swaying her wide hips and plump rear on the catwalk. "I missed my calling," she joked.

"I don't think the modeling world is ready for you," James smiled as they entered the dressing room. Local police and forensics were already there, including one familiar far. "Nikki?"

"James, Rita! I was hoping Lewis would put you two on this case," Nikki DiStesso, Queens PD's top medical examiner, said as she hurried toward them. "I got sent over to examine the girl."

"Why not one of Manhattan's?" Rita asked.

Nikki shrugged. "Once we knew it was a pattern crime, I took the other two cases and started putting together a file. I guess they want me on all of these."

"Are we so sure it's a crime and not just disease or something?" James asked.

"Oh no, there was a break-in here but you should interview the victim," Nikki said, pointing them toward the other side of the room. They walked past the forensics crew and other employees from the fashion show to see Pregnant Woman #3. She was a young Japanese woman, couldn't have been more than 19 or 20, sitting in a make-up chair, dressed only in her underwear with a thermal blanket over her shoulders. Her long, straight black hair stretched down to her colossal belly, which pushed away all nearby police and gleamed in the florescent lights on the make-up table.

Before her sudden pregnancy, she was clearly very thin and that made her stomach look even larger as it pushed out of her fragile body. Her skin was beautifully clear but she looked like she was at her absolute limits for growth. Small whimpers escaped her pearl lips as she struggled with her size, touching where her new, unborn children were clearly moving.

"Hi there," Rita said with a warm smile, getting closer to the young woman. "My name is detective Rita Miggs. Who are you?"

The young woman burst into tears. "She doesn't know who I am!" she blubbered to the woman standing next to her. "My career is already over!"

"It's fine, it's fine. She's just not very fashionable, clearly," the tall, older woman said, cradling the young woman's head. Rita flashed James a bemused look at the passive insult before turning back to the older woman. "This is Misha Sumane. A very prominent up-and-coming model."

"Yes, of course. It's just hard not to recognize you on the front of a magazine," James lied, trying to lift their victim's spirit. "And you are?"

"René Augoudoue, the producer for this fashion show and the one who cast Misha as our show's closer," she said.

James tried to write her last name out phonetically. "Ms. Augu...René, were you here when this occurred?"

"No, I got a call from Misha this morning. I have spaces here for our models to sleep so they don't miss the show," René said. "Misha took advantage of that. She's going places."

"I was," Misha sniffled. "Not anymore. I'm going to be fat and looking after...I can't even count how many kids are inside me."

Rita turned back to Misha and placed one hand on her belly, rubbing in a slow, small circle. "Misha, do you feel up to telling us what happened?" She sighed and brushed her black bangs away before shivering a little. "Can we get you some clothes to put on? You'll be more comfortable."

"I don't have any clothes to wear here. Everything is for the show and it's tailored to my exact body type," Misha said. "If I increase my BMI by even a decimal place, they won't fit."

"That's the genius of my design," René said with a small nod.

"Yeah, great idea," James said. "Except now your model can't fit into any of them." That made Misha start crying again and James' skin flushed. "O-oops...sorry."

"Misha, hey, it's okay," Rita cooed. "Listen, can you remember anything from last night? Anything at all?"

She shook her head. "I had my juice regiment, then I did my stretches, I updated my Instagram account, then I went to bed. When I woke up, I was as big as a whale and sore all over." She smacked both hands against the side of her belly and moaned. "And it's so tight too."

"You don't need to worry," a new voice said. Pushing through the crowd came an older man in a new suit, with a spray tan and gleaming teeth. He handed Misha and René a business card. "Dr. Alan Sythy, specialty OB/GYN. My practice focuses on high-risk or...otherwise atypical pregnancies."

"You think you can help?" Misha said quietly.

"My dear, I know I can help," Dr. Sythy said in a booming voice, putting his hand directly onto Misha's belly. "And you'd better come see me soon. Feels like you could hatch any second."

"Hey!" James barked, pulling the doctor back as he and Rita took him out of the room. "You can't burst into a crime scene and start putting your hands on the victims."

"I'm sorry, the detective outside let me in," Dr. Sythy said, his loud voice turning gentle.

"I'll bet he did," Rita muttered.

"I just wanted to help," Dr. Sythy said.

"Then help. How did you find out about Misha Sumane?" Rita said.

"This is my area of expertise. People know to contact me about this sort of thing," Dr. Sythy said. "I gave my services to the other women too."

"You visited the two women in Queens?" James said.

"Yes, I gave them my card and I started seeing them just recently," Dr. Sythy said. "Their babies are perfectly healthy but it is still a delicate case."

Rita and James didn't need to talk to share what they were thinking. "Well you let us know if you find anything that may be useful to us," Rita said, handing the doctor her card.

"Of course! Thank you detectives," Dr. Sythy said, giving Rita a card of his own. "And thank you for keeping our city safe!"

"Right," James muttered as they both turned around and headed for their car. Once inside the car, they spoke freely. "It's not enough to go on."

"No, but it's suspicious," Rita said. "He's at all three crime scenes and he's getting business off of this...but we'll know more when we check out the other crime scenes in Queens." As she started up the car, they spotted a young man running away from a uniformed officer outside the building. "What's going on there?" 

She drove up to the uniformed officer and James rolled down his window. "Some kid trying to take pictures," the cop said. "Probably a TMZ or some other paparazzo."

"Don't worry about it," James sighed, stroking his chin. "Thanks." 

Looking into the Queens cases provided the detectives with few clues. The first victim, the black-haired woman, was a banker with a steadily climbing career. The second woman was in a punk band that was barely taking off. Neither of them were pleased with what happened and bemoaned their sudden pregnancies. The banker didn't have time in her job to take a break to raise one baby, let alone the litter she was carrying now. And the musician hated the idea of becoming a mother, calling it slavery, and said she tried and failed to secure a late-term abortion. But both seemed to be a little at ease with their treatment from Dr. Sythy.

There was barely anything connecting the three women. Different careers, different socio-economic levels, different races, different boroughs. All they really had in common was their young ages and, obviously, the fact that they were all women.

Then came the call. A fourth victim, this time in the Bronx. James and Rita sped out to the apartment buildings, where a crowd was gathered around the stoop. Sitting out on the front was a young woman, leaning in a fold-out chair, her pregnant belly filling her lap. When walking up the steps, the detectives couldn't even see the woman's face – just her glowing brown stomach and small hands patiently stroking her bare skin in the spots she could reach.

"Excuse us," James said, trying to part the neighbors, police, and reporters on the stoop. "Come on people, move it. Police." He flashed his badge as Rita got to her first.

"Hi there. Detective Rita Miggs, Queens Pd," Rita said with a small smile.

"Daria Rojas," the pregnant woman said, clearly not smiling. She had on a tank top that was pushed all the way up to her breasts thanks to her new pregnant middle. "You Dominican?"

"Half black, half Puerto Rican," Rita said. "So...can you talk us through what happened?" James stumbled up to join his partner, a nervous grin on his face. 

Daria looked between the two of them. "Is he okay?"

Rita glanced at James' blushing face and sighed. "Yeah, he's fine. He just...doesn't like crowds."

"Me either. I get claustrophobic," Daria said, looking down at her humungous belly. "Though with this thing, I think I'm going to feel that way all the time."

"Help us make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else," James said, crouching down. "What can you remember?"

Daria shrugged. "I got home from work, I made dinner, I fell asleep on the couch, and I woke up like this," she said, patting her belly for emphasis before a look of realization appeared. "No wait...I remember when I was cooking, I saw a car pull up outside my building. I didn't recognize it but it had its lights on for a while and it kinda sat there. It weirded me out but after a while I stopped thinking about it."

"Do you remember what kind of car it was?" James asked.

"I don't know cars. It was small and silver, I think? It was dark out," Daria said before burying her face in her hands. "This is a nightmare."

"At least you're healthy," Rita said, trying to raise Daria's spirits.

"No, it's...I never wanted to have kids. I'm the oldest in my family and I had to see my mom struggle around the house pregnant and then see my sisters and cousins get knocked up. It looks awful and I never wanted to be like that," Daria grumbled, touching one hand to her maternal curves. "And now here I am, bigger than any of them ever were."

"I may be able to help," a familiar voice said. Dr. Sythy made his way up and handed Daria a business card. "I specialize in-"

"Man, get the hell away from me!" Daria spat. She heaved herself out of her chair, her big belly wobbling as she moved, and threw the card back at the doctor. He looked at Rita and James before shrugging and walking away. "Damn, the nerve of him."

"No respect for the privacy of pregnant women, huh?" Rita sighed.

"Not that. The doctor's a snake. I have family in Washington Heights who said they tried to go to him when one of my cousins had gestational diabetes. He turned her away and said his practice couldn't afford a risky patient like that," Daria said, shaking her head and stroking her belly. "He's a scam artist."

"Uh, Ms. Rojas?" James said, his face turning even more flushed.

"What?" Daria snapped again. Without a word, James pointed to just behind her. When she stood up, her butt got lodged in her fold-out chair and it was still stuck to her, hovering in mid-air. "Oh." He walked over and helped to yank it off. "I always had a big ass but getting pregnant must have put it overboard."

"And I think some of these guys already got a photo of it," Rita sighed, looking at the reporters and their snapping cameras. "That'll probably be the cover of the Post."

"I don't give a shit. Something is happening to women in this city and I want this," Daria said, prodding her belly with her thumb, "to be a warning."

Rita scanned the crowd and noticed a familiar face taking a picture with his camera. "Hey, you." Once he heard Rita, he darted off into the crowd and was lost instantly.

"Who was it?" James said, stepping down from the stoop to look for the photographer.

"That kid from the fashion show. Same guy," Rita said. "I dunno, just seemed suspicious."

"Yeah...I get what you mean," James said as Rita finished her interview with Daria. James stepped back from the stoop and studied the area, trying to pick up on some similarities with the other crime scenes. As he looked, he saw Nikki and waved her over. "Hey Nick. Got anything for us?"

"Same as before. Her whole body suddenly swelled up with babies," Nikki said. "This is definitely a head-scratcher."

James nodded. "Any...DNA tests or something like that? See if the father's the same?"

Nikki thought it over. "Hadn't tried that yet. I wanted to wait until they gave birth but I could see if I could try something pre-natal." Rita walked down the steps and joined her partner and the medical examiner. "Hi Rita."

"Hi Nikki. It sounds like someone forced their way in but they didn't leave a whole lot to go on," Rita sighed. "Some powder near the locks, though. We'll get that back from forensics soon."

"Such a strange crime. Turning women instantly pregnant. Who would do something like that?" Nikki asked.

"Whatever it is, they have to get close to do it so that gives us a way to catch them," Rita said, a small smile forming on her lips.

"Still, it's not all bad. Personally, I love babies," Nikki giggled. "How about either of you? Any kids or plans for kids?"

James laughed nervously. "When I get time to go on a date, then I'll start thinking about it."

"You don't already think about it?" Rita said, elbowing her partner in the ribs.

"And you?" Nikki asked.

"Me? Oh no. Married to the job and being a parent grosses me out," Rita said, sticking her tongue out. "I'd hate to take care of a baby."

"I understand," Nikki nodded. "Well I'm going to see what tests I can run on Ms. Rojas up there and I'll send you the results."

"Perfect. For now, we're going to look into that Dr. Sythy," Rita said. "Something fishy there."

"I agree but I have my own lead I'm thinking about," James nodded. "Split up for now?"

"Think so," Rita nodded as they headed for the car. "Let's share what we come up with tomorrow."

That night, Rita was in her apartment, Chinese take-out box in one hand with her laptop in the other. She set it down on her kitchen table and studied the screen as she sucked noodles up with her pink lips. With a groan, she put it down and reached under her blouse and removed her bra, sighing with relief as her heavy chest could hang free. She had already changed into sweatpants so she no longer had her stiff work pants cutting into her thick thighs and butt. Privately, Rita enjoyed her voluptuous figure but it had its drawbacks.

Her digging had turned up some interesting leads. Dr. Sythy's practice had barely turned a profit in the past few years and was set to lose money this year, had the media attention surrounding the Sudden Pregnancy victims not bolstered his image. And according to nurses she interviewed, his clientele was turning much wealthier and less high-risk in the intervening weeks. More than enough reason to keep an eye on him but not enough reason to take any more action than that.

Rita yawned and stretched out her arms, pressing into her hips to massage her sore back. Another consequence of her curvy body. She polished off the rest of her dinner and made her way to her bedroom, turning off the lights and crawling into bed. As she tried to relax, she heard a door slowly creak open. It was faint but her instincts and heightened senses let her pick it up. As cautiously as she head footsteps approaching, she reached for her pistol on the bed.

Instantly, the door to her bedroom swung open and a figure cloaked in the darkness of the apartment fired first. A dart struck Rita in the stomach and she cried out. A flood of chemicals overcame her and Rita felt woozy. Before she passed out completely, she raised her weapon and fired three shots. In her current state, her aim was lousy but it scared the intruder away. Rita reached for her phone but, as she struggled to dial James' number, she passed out and fell to the floor, lying on her back as her belly began to swell. And swell. And swell.

In the morning, she woke up with a view of the ceiling and a strange dark brown pillar. One hand slowly reached up to touch the pillar, only to realize it was her own skin. With a groan, Rita tried to sit up but felt an incredible weight pinning her down. She craned her neck to see what was going on. Her stomach was round and tight, twice the size of any of the other pregnant women she'd investigated. Rita's belly was as big as her bed and was rounded like a football, with her navel sticking out on the point on the end, turned even darker as her internal hormones started to change her body. Inside her womb, Rita could feel all sorts of kicking and flailing from an innumerable litter of fetuses who all felt pretty big.

Her sleeping blouse was torn to make way for her belly but her breasts were also threatening to destroy her top, each one now the size of a basketball and incredibly sore and heavy. Her butt had taken on some extra weight as well, elevating her wide birthing hips off the floor and moving more of the weight of her belly down to her midsection.

Rita turned to the phone in her hand and finished dialing James' number. Putting the phone to her ear, she heard his confused questions about why she wasn't at the station. "Hey Jay? I'm going to need some help at my apartment. I think I'm Woman #5."

In no time, her home was filled with police, testing every single inch for evidence while Nikki looked over Rita's body. " sure got a lot of it."

"Sure did," Rita sighed, stroking the sides of her belly while she sat on her bed. James paced around nervously, not looking for any clues. "Okay there, Chang?"

James looked back at Rita and blushed once he caught sight of her belly, then looked away again. "I-I dunno, just thinking. This can't be a coincidence that you're the one who got hit next. Maybe we got close to who the perp is and this was retaliation." 

"Dr. Sythy," Rita said.

"Or," James said, looking around the room. "Could we have a little privacy please?" Nikki looked between the two of them before leaving, taking some other forensics with her. "I was following up on another...less traditional lead."

"I see," Rita said, crossing her arms and smirking. "One having to do with your specialized interest in this field."

"You could say that. I know of a few...pregnancy fetish websites," James said.

"Purely as part of the investigation, I'm sure," Rita nodded.

"Naturally," James said with a nervous chuckle, feeling Rita's twinkling eyes on him. "Anyway, sometimes people share candid photos they take of pregnant women out in the world to share and ogle over. And there are photos of our victims. On top of that, the pictures of Daria Rojas are from the same spots where you saw that young guy and they were cellphone quality."

"Huh," Rita said. "I mean, it could be a coincidence. If he likes pregnant women, he could have cased out some big ones. Bigger is better, I assume."

"R-right," James gulped. "And plus, there were no pictures of Misha Sumane, which is where we saw him get kicked out. That's a pattern."

"He may be making women pregnant to get some more eye candy for himself," Rita nodded.

"And particularly attractive women," James said.

"Aww, thanks," Rita chuckled as James' face turned a few shades brighter again. "Kidding." She placed her hands into the bed and tried to push herself off. "A little help?"

"Should you be moving around so much so soon?" James asked as he helped Rita to her feet.

"Sure, I have to start back on the case," Rita said, rubbing her colossal belly as she steadied herself. It was like a miniature blimp had inflated inside her womb but her skin was still shining and smooth, with no stretch marks or bumps save for the occasional impression of a kick and her inverted belly button. "Though I think I need to change clothes first."

When on assignment together, both used Rita's car since James didn't usually drive in the city. They were still using Rita's car but the passenger side seat was pushed all the way up to fit all of Rita's pregnant middle into the back. She huffed as her swollen body swayed and she tried to squeeze herself in back, quickly covering her baggy clothes with sweat. James looked away as her butt, stuffed into a pair of jeans, bounced around in the air as she crawled in. Each cheek was like a watermelon and looked as soft as pastry dough. 

Eventually, Rita made her way inside and let out a sigh of relief as James started up the car. "Think all this extra weight is going to ruin the suspension?" Rita laughed.

"I think it can take it," James called to the back as he drove to the station house. "Can you?"

Rita snorted. "I'm tough." She flexed both arms to show off her muscles. "This'll just give me more drive to catch the son of a bitch who's dumping babies into women around town."

"And what are you going to do when the babies, y'know, come?" James asked.

Rita was silent. "One step at a time," she said quietly. James checked the rear view mirror and saw Rita's maple eyes downcast as she studied her enormous stomach.

Down at the office, other detectives were moving things off their desks as Rita's baby bump swung through like a force of nature, threatening to knock over anything in its path. One hand stroked the top of her boulder of a belly as Rita looked around, trying to see which desk was hers. She could barely see past her breasts, let alone her belly. 

"Good god, Miggs," Sgt. Lewis said as he saw his officer stumbling around. "What are you doing here?"

"You didn't hear?" Rita laughed as she finally found her chair and plopped down, tearing a bit of her shirt's collar in the process and showing off an extra three inches of cleavage.

"Of course I heard and you can't come back to work like this," Sgt. Lewis said, running one hand through his thinning hair. Rita sucked in a quick breath as she watched him touch his near-bald head.

"Deb worked here when she was pregnant," Rita said, pointing to another detective talking with a walk-in at her desk.

"Deb was also only carrying one baby and she went on maternity leave at 33 weeks," Sgt. Lewis said. "Meanwhile, you look like you're carrying a baseball team in there and who knows how long you've got till you have to be whisked to the hospital?"

"Hey, Lou, easy," James said, stepping between the two of them. "This has been rough for her so just ease up a little."

"I feel fine," Rita said, stifling a wince of pain as she got a kick in the side of her tight muscles. "And I'm not taking leave until I catch whoever did this to me."

"It's never good for a detective to take things personal," Sgt. Lewis sighed. "But these are...unique circumstances. Got any leads?"

"Got two," James said, whipping out his notes. "A doctor who's using these incidents to bolster his failing business and a suspicious kid who keeps showing up at just the right time."

"Fine, lean on the doctor and see if you can get a better identification that 'a suspicious kid,'" Sgt. Lewis said. "And Rita? If things start getting hot, you call in another officer and stay home."

"We'll see," Rita whispered to herself as the sergeant headed back to his office. "Hey Jay. Help me downstairs for some lunch?"

"We just got here," James said.

Rita sighed and smiled, stroking circles on her big belly. "Tell them that."

Taking James' hand, Rita made it down the stairs slowly, her belly skin crying out in agony after two floors and her thighs starting to overheat. At the bottom, she groaned and pushed both hands into the small of her back, pushing her belly forward and stretching her muscles. James blushed and stuffed his hands in his pockets. Her shirt already left her pregnancy exposed but as she stretched, it pulled up even more and even showed some slivers of underboob.

"Ah, perfect. A friendly New York hot dog stand," Rita purred when she contracted her body back. She waddled to the stand and ordered half a dozen sandwiches while James looked her over. She had the fabled "pregnant glow" on her face, making her strong cheeks shine, her long hair turn a richer brown, and gave her eyes what seemed to be an extra twinkle. "Where are you looking, Chang?" Rita said quietly.

"W-what do you mean?" James said.

"Our suspicious photographer. You see him?" Rita said, not looking up from the hot dog cart. Now James knew why Rita insisted on going outside. He casually scanned the street corner, crowded with morning foot traffic, until he saw the kid. He was probably just out of high school or was close to, with a red baseball cap hiding his eyes for the most part but when James knew what he was looking for, it was easy to spot him staring at Rita and her belly. 

James bought a can of soda and walked the opposite direction, taking a few errant sips before crossing the street and making his way toward the kid. Up close, he was definitely a teenager, with a fairly pale face and a pimple here and there. James waited for him to raise his phone to snap a picture before talking. "Hey kid?" The teenager's neck snapped up at James and looked terrified. "I'm a little lost. Mind if I look up an address on your phone?"

"Uh, that's kind of..." the kid said before James flashed his badge. "I-I guess it's okay."

James smiled. "You don't need to worry. I would need a warrant to search your phone for any files." The detective's thumbs moved in a flash as he went to the pregnancy sites he knew local Sudden Pregnancy victims' photos showed up on. "What I don't need a warrant for, however, is to notice that you have an account on Preggo Love forums."

The kid's face turned beet red. "I-I-I," he stammered.

"The same site where pictures of three women connected with active investigations have shown up. And if I do get a warrant for your phone, I'm sure I'll find a fourth with Detective Miggs. Now I find that very suspicious, don't you think?" James said, getting closer and closer to the teenager.

" do you know about Preggo Love forum?" he asked.

"I'm a detective. I have to know about a lot of things," James said. "What's your name?"

"Richard Tanner," the kid gulped.

"Richard, do you have an explanation for all this?" James asked, holding up Richard's phone.

"I-I work at a call center for emergency services and heard about these women there a-and I wanted to see for myself and save some pictures," Richard trembled. "Is that...illegal?"

James studied his face and tossed the phone back to him. "We'll talk again, Richard. Count on that." The teenager bolted away as James sighed and turned around to see Rita behind him. "What?"

"Nothing. I've never seen you be that tough in questioning. You're usually kind of a softie," Rita giggled, biting into her last hot dog. "Get anything?"

"Maybe. Still not sure how he would have figured out a way to make anyone instantly pregnant," James sighed, turning back to see the kid running away. "I kind of doubt he could get a girl pregnant the usual way."

Rita laughed with a mouth full of food and patted James on the back. "Don't be mean. You and him are kinda cut from the same cloth, aren't you?"

"I don't take pictures of random pregnant women," James said sternly before looking into Rita's eyes and melting his tough exterior. "I just...gawk a little." Rita's smile tightened a little as she settled her gaze on James. "Okay, come on. Back to work. Let's see if Nikki has anything more for us to go on."

In the medical examiner's office, Nikki was pacing around in her smock as Rita waddled in. She smiled widely and waved to the pregnant cop. "Be with you in a second."

"No problem. James is on his way," Rita called back, giving other lab technicians a side-eye as they tried to squeeze past her big belly in the hallway. "A little personal space, geez. A pregnant belly isn't public property."

Nikki walked out to greet them as James hurried up. "How are you feeling, Rita?"

"The same. Sore, tight, bloated," Rita said, sticking her tongue out. "No nausea or cramping at least."

"That's good. You seem to have more of it than the other victims," Nikki said, gasping and covering her mouth. "N-not to suggest you're a victim too!"

Rita grinned. "Don't worry. We'll see who the victim is once we get our hands on the culprit. Besides, he was a few seconds away from being laid out in my living room."

James and Nikki both looked at each other nervously thinking about the imagery. They'd both seen their fair share of dead bodies, Nikki especially, but no one liked to think about it too much. "Anything on that dart Rita got stuck with?" James asked.

Nikki shook her head and adjusted her big-frame glasses. "Nah, another forensic lab is looking at it. I keep asking for a sample but you know how cops are. We like to maintain our territory." She walked up and looked over Rita's belly. "May I?"

"Touch it? Sure, go ahead," Rita laughed, looking up at James with a surprised grin. "Not many people ask for permission."

"Aww, they just touch it without asking?" Nikki said, putting her fingertips on Rita's taut stomach and stroking her slowly up and down.

"No, they're too intimidated to touch and stay away," Rita chuckled. "I guess I come off as a little scary." As Nikki's rubs started to form larger circles, Rita began to purr. "Maybe I should soften up and invite more touching. That feels nice."

Nikki giggled and pressed her full palms into Rita's firm middle and began to spread her touch to places Rita's arms couldn't reach. James watched with an increasingly reddening face. Rita glanced up and smiled at him, their eyes meeting. "S-so were there any other darts recovered at the other crime scenes?" James sputtered.

"Hmm? Ah, no. I guess the perp took them with him when he was finished," Nikki said. "Rita here scared him off the last time so we got a sample to study. Lucky us."

"Yeah, lucky," James said, looking around the hall to try and distract himself.

"Think of any names? Or buy any cribs?" Nikki asked, her smile growing more and more as she caressed Rita's belly.

"No, nothing like that," Rita laughed, letting her voice drift off with a sigh. "I'm still getting used to waddling." She stepped back and started pacing down the hall, her hips swaying as her toned legs staggered up and down. She kept her hands on her pronounced belly to balance herself. "What do you think?"

"G-great," James murmured.

"You'll get there," Nikki snickered. "I'm sorry I don't have more for either of you. I need to get back to work."

"Sure, yeah," James nodded, shaking her hand. "And let us know if they get anything back from that power residue on the doorknobs."

"Got it," Nikki said, closing the door to her lab. James walked over to Rita as she waddled up to him. "So where to now?"

"Now we go to the DA's office and see if we can really get a warrant for that teenager's phone," Rita said. "If you still think it's worth it."

James shrugged. "The more I think about it, the worse he looks for it. I'm favoring the doctor. Want to stake his office out, see if his car matches Daria's description?"

"Sure, but not tonight," Rita sighed, biting her lip and holding her hands around as much of her belly as she could. "I have a doctor's appointment." 

"Ah, good call," James nodded quickly. "Tomorrow then."

"Actually, I was hoping you could go with me," Rita said, sucking her belly in with a big breath before letting it hang back out. "Getting around is kind of hard and-"

"O-oh," James said, his eyes bugging out a bit. He was cool under pressure in interrogations of some of Queens' worst of the worst but now he was sweating bullets. "Sure, I'd be happy to."

Rita smiled wide. "Great, that'll be a big help."

The hospital should have been more surprised to see someone of Rita's size but after four such cases in the city, including two others in the same borough, she didn't get much more than rude staring. "Um, right this way detective," the nurse said, eyes locked onto Rita's belly as she walked backwards. "Do you need a wheelchair?"

"The babies are in my belly, not my knees," Rita sighed. "I think I can walk there." Other pregnant couples looked at Rita in dismay, clutching their modest stomachs and being thankful for their size. Still, despite Rita's bravado, she needed some definite help when she came to the doorway to the examination room. 

"Looks like...we may have to do this in the hallway," the ultrasound clinician said, stroking his cheek. "You don't mind, do you detective?"

"Hey, no worries. I'm not exactly keeping my pregnancy a secret," Rita laughed, pulling up a chair and parking herself in the hospital hallway. It took two other orderlies to cover Rita's enormous belly in gel, making it shine like polished bronze. "Looks nice like this, huh? I should pick up some moisturizer on the way home," Rita joked to James, tugging on his pant leg. "C'mon, lighten up Jay."

"J-just nervous for you, I guess," James murmured, crouching so he could be closer to his partner. Once slicked up, the clinician put the wand on her belly, pressing it into her firm skin, which immediately made Rita gasp and tilt her head back. "You okay?"

"Oh yeah. Just a little..sensitive," Rita cooed, smiling over at James and reaching one hand over. "Don't tell anyone at the station, okay?"

James looked at her hand and, after a pause, took it. Immediately, she squeezed it tight. "Okay," he said as they both looked toward the clinician.

"There's...a lot to look through," he said, looking through the ultrasound display. "Everything looks healthy, which I don't quite understand to be honest."

"Any word on when they might be due?" Rita asked.

The clinician groaned a little. "I've never seen anything like this. A week from now? Tonight? A week overdue already? It just isn't clear."

"How about an easier question: how many?" Rita asked, tightening her grip on James' hand.

"You say easier but..." the clinician's voice drifted off as he looked back to the screen and continued to move the wand around the hemisphere of Rita's gigantic belly. "I count 20."

James' jaw dropped for a moment before he put it back while Rita's eyes widened. "T-twenty babies," Rita breathed.

"That would...make sense," James said slowly. "You are kinda...big."

"Yes, it would," Rita agreed, nodding a bit as she touched one hand to her glistening belly.

"Could you not touch? It interrupts the ultrasound," the clinician said.

"Is there anything left for you to do?" Rita asked, glaring at him with her usual intense eyes. He shook his head and she grinned. "Then just some paper towels to clean up and any paperwork you have, please."

Rita was quiet the whole drive back to her house and James didn't want to force conversation. She had a lot to think about, after all. The first words finally came from James when he parked on her curb. "Okay, here we are."

With some effort, he got Rita out of the back and both stood awkwardly, looking around as they smiled. "So...want to come up?" Rita asked, brushing some hair out of her face.

"Need a hand into your elevator?" James asked.

"No but..." she giggled and waddled a little closer, touching her belly to his hips. "I'd like you to come up."

There was little room in the elevator for anything other than Rita's belly but that was fine with James. It meant her pronounced swell couldn't help but press tightly against him and Rita made sure to add to that pressure as much as she could.

"It's funny, what I was talking about with Nikki," Rita smiled. "You've never asked to touch my belly either. I'd think you'd be there day one."

"It is day one, isn't it?" James chuckled.

She sighed, keeping her sweet grin as she leaned down, stroking her stomach against James now. "My point is, you don't need permission. Go wild, Chang." 

He gladly accepted her offer, diving into her maternal glory and running his hands over every patch of Rita's tight, warm skin. James could feel just how full she was, like her belly was constantly pushing back against his touch. Rita's lilting moans barely escaped her plump lips as James explored her body, finally turning into a fully audible cry when he brushed his fingers on her thick navel.

Rita's hand grabbed James' arm and pulled it back a bit. "Wait," she said, her voice a few octaves higher. "Let' that spot." She guided her partner back up her belly, bringing him closer until both were positioned perfectly for a kiss. Without any hesitation, Rita sunk her tongue into James' mouth and he  gripped her ripe chest, feeling her erect nipple fill his palm.

They were only stopped by the chime of the elevator doors opening. James took Rita's hand and both hurried to her apartment door, with Rita holding underneath her belly and feeling it shake and wobble with each bounding step. They pressed together and kissed some more as Rita fished for her keys. Once she got the door unlocked, her pregnant weight pushed them through and she knocked James to the floor, resting her thighs on his upper chest.

"W-what's gotten into you?" James finally asked, his field of vision filled only with Rita's beautiful brown belly.

"A lot, clearly," Rita said, running her hands on her pregnant stomach before pulling the door closed. "But...I dunno." She slowly hoisted herself up and once she got enough pressure off of James, he stood up and helped her to her feet. "The idea that you would find all this-" Rita gave her belly one big stroke "-attractive is just something I need right now."

"You don't need me to tell you you're attractive," James said with a nervous laugh.

Rita let out a big sigh. "Being pregnant scares me. A lot. I feel awful, I look awful, I'll be an awful mother. But you don't see it that way and that means a lot to me."

James swallowed as he felt his mouth get dry. " what I think?"

"Sure. I've always liked you," Rita said, looking down at her belly as she giggled softly. "And this kind of put me over the edge, I guess."

"Rita...I always thought you were an amazing woman," James said.

She laughed and looked up at him, narrowing her eyes. "Okay, let's not get all mushy. We're here to fuck, aren't we?" James smiled and stepped toward her but Rita caught him with her belly and put one finger over his lips. "Wait right here...or actually, wait in my bedroom. First door on your right."

James gladly did as he was told, waiting patiently on the edge of his partner's bed until he saw her enormous pregnant belly start to come through the doorway. Then, after a few steps, it was joined by the rest of Rita and she had changed out of her clothes for detective work. Instead, she had on a light blue police uniform, impressively buttoned up all the way. Most of Rita's belly was still exposed and her rich, glowing skin could be seen in between the buttons, as was much of her cleavage. Around her thighs and ass was a tiny skirt of roughly the same color.

"What do you think?" Rita purred, pulling her police cap down over her long hair. "I haven't worn this in a while so I don't think it quite fits. I've put on a little bit of weight since I graduated the academy."

"Maybe, but I don't think anyone'll notice," James laughed, reaching his arms out to stroke Rita's upper legs. She closed her eyes and started to breathe slowly as James put his lips on her swollen middle. "I know you aren't exactly into this whole 'pregnancy' thing-"

"So show me how to be," Rita whispered, placing her hands on top of her engorged breasts. "Show me what makes pregnancy so damn sexy for you."

James paused, allowing his mental filters to dissolve before running his tongue and lips across her belly again. Rita gasped, sucking in even more air as he made his way to the underside of her belly. The two gradually made their way onto the bed and James began to grind his erection against her lap. Eventually, with one coo from Rita, there was a sudden snapping sound. "What was that?" James mumbled.

"Button," Rita giggled, holding up one of her uniform's golden buttons. The top of her outfit was open a bit now and James could see the beginning of the deep canyon between her enormous breasts. "Don't worry, I think the station will repair it. Let's see how many we can knock off."

James smiled and stuck his face between the now-open part of Rita's cleavage, kissing and nuzzling while he humped her belly. Rita continued to moan, allowing herself to get louder and louder as more of her buttons snapped off. Eventually, her naked breasts were hanging out with her nipples the size of saucers. He latched onto her pillowy tits and sucked until he moved to her belly and started to lap at her belly button. That made Rita nearly wail with joy and her whole body bowed back and forth in wide motions, splitting Rita's uniform open even further until it fell off of her shoulders and onto the floor, leaving her naked save for her skirt and hat.

"Spank me," Rita whimpered.

"W-what?" James said, unable to hear clearly in the haze of emotions and hormones.

"Spank me. There's got to be plenty there now," Rita groaned, pulling away from James to bury her face in her bed. One hand flipped up her skirt to reveal her colossal ass with no underwear on. James pulled his hand back and smacked Rita as hard as he could in the rear, her scream muffled by the mattress.

"Good?" James asked.

"I thought you would need to work up to it," Rita squealed, looking back at him with a shocked look. He had never seen her blushing so hard.

"Sorry," James chuckled. "To be honest, it's something I thought about before."

"Then get it out of your system," Rita said, gripping her bed frame as James whacked her again, feeling her butt shake with the force of his hands. He kept going until her entire ass was bright red and he felt himself ready to burst out of his underwear. "Let me feel it."

"Feel it?" James asked again.

"Before you put it in me!" Rita shouted, teasing one of her nipples with a free hand as her body began to tremble. James stripped down in his entirety and started to rub his cock against her inner thigh. "Mmm, I'd always wondered~"

"Ready for it?"

"Ready!" Rita cackled as James thrust his member inside her. Rita grunted and pumped hard as James penetrated her pregnant body. Her ass threatened to engulf his entire hips but that just gave him more spirit to go harder and faster. While he fucked his partner, he made sure to let his other hand explore her belly, even giving it a few light slaps. Those seemed to excite Rita too.

"I'm a little jealous of whoever gave you this belly," James huffed, sweat dripping down onto Rita's muscular back.

"Yeah? Why's that, Jay?" Rita panted.

"I wanted to get you pregnant. I wanted to watch you grow with my child," James said. "I'd make you twice as big as you are now."

"Ooh, then I'd need even more help from my big man," Rita purred. "But be careful. If I get any bigger, I might just accidentally crush you with this tummy."

"I wouldn't mind," James groaned, feeling himself start to come inside his partner. "There, let that fill you up."

"Aah, I forgot what that felt like," Rita gasped, eyes closing as she let James finish inside her pregnant body. After a few minutes, the two detective fell back into Rita's bed, curling together so they could both fit on it. "I gotta say, the addition of the belly makes this interesting."

"I feel kinda selfish though," James said. "I get to live out my fetish but unfortunately for you, I have a full head of hair."

Rita smiled and shrugged. "You've got nice hair. I can still appreciate it."

"Hmm," James said, reaching into his scalp and wincing as he pulled out one thin black hair. "This count?"

"Oh Detective Chang," Rita said, letting a little growl escape her lips as she started to crawl on top of James. "You really know how to flirt."

James and Rita's phones were buzzing out of sync. The irritating sound woke them up and James winced as his eyes adjusted to the limited light in Rita's bedroom. "Guess we're back on duty."

"Guess so," Rita cooed, pushing James' face back into her bosom as she reached for her phone. "I hope I can fit back into my clothes. Think anyone'll notice if I come in with the same outfit?"

"Honestly, I don't think your clothes are what people look at nowadays," James said, patting Rita on the belly. "Hand me my phone?"

Rita groaned and tried to roll forward to get the other one, pushing James closer against her maternal body. But as she woke up both phones and saw the messages, she turned back and tried to sit up in bed. "Oh fuck."

"What?" James said, snapping up and reading the message. "Damn it." 

Another victim.

This woman was in Queens so it was a short drive for the detectives. It was a small house in Rego Park, with the usual number of police and forensics canvasing the area, plus an added swarm of reporters and photographers. 

"No sign of Candid Camera," Rita noted as James failed to see Richard hanging around. The news crews took extra attention to Rita and her belly in particular as she passed by, which led James to flash them dirty looks. "Leave it alone. Let's just talk and see what we can learn."

Inside, sitting in a living room with police pacing around, were two women, one of whom carried a large pregnant belly that pushed through her clothes. Compared to Rita, she was small but it was still the same impossible beach ball size of the past victims. The pregnant woman, like all the others, was young with strawberry blond hair down to her ears, various piercings, and alabaster-pale skin which now had a rosy hue on her belly. The other woman was maybe 10 years older, with dark black skin, a shaved head, and much more muscle and fat on her.

"Hello, I am Detective Chang and this is-"

"Oh my god," the older woman said, cutting James off. "Why would they send you of all the officers?" She was clearly gesturing to Rita.

"Babe, it's fine," the pregnant woman whispered.

"Detective Miggs," Rita said with a smile, resting one hand on her belly. "And I would think you'd be happy to see me. Clearly, I want to catch whoever did this as badly as any officer on the force."

The two women looked at each other and sighed. "I'm Rachel Meyers and this is my girlfriend, Nancy Turner."

"Nancy, Rachel, it's nice to meet you and I'm sorry about what happened," Rita said, slowly crouching to sit in a nearby chair. Her belly pushed against Rachel's and made the smaller woman whimper. "So, how about you tell us what you remember?"

Rachel took a deep breath, looked at her girlfriend, and started. "It was late. Nancy was already in bed and I was pacing around. It was hot and I wanted to get some water to cool down. Then, I saw someone near the doorway, hiding. Before I could say anything, I felt a shot in my stomach." Her face started to lose what little color it had and she leaned into Nancy's arms. "Then...I started to panic. My chest and throat closed up and I couldn't breathe."

"Rachel has asthma. Whatever the intruder used to paralyze her must have had a paradoxical effect and it all aggravated her condition," Nancy said, shaking a little as she pet Rachel's hair.

"So you had an asthma attack?" James said, leaning forward.

"Something like that. I could feel my belly starting to...grow but I couldn't make a sound," Rachel said, her fingers tightening. "Then, I dunno, the attacker straightened me up and pressed on my chest to try and help my breathing. Then I felt something sharp being pulled out of my stomach and something new being injected in. My breathing started to come back and I was already so light-headed by that point that I just passed out." She turned and nuzzled against her girlfriend. "Nancy found me in the morning."

Rita was nodding along and taking notes like always but James was flushed and his jaw was clenched tightly. He couldn't think about someone getting seriously hurt in this case when he was supposed to find the culprit. As he looked around the room, his mind racing with adrenaline from stress, he spotted a familiar face outside the house. Dr. Sythy. "Excuse me one moment," James growled.

He flung the front door open and charged toward Dr. Sythy, grabbing him by the collar. "Officer, what's going on?" the doctor choked out.

"There was another Sudden Pregnancy attack last night and another appearance by you at the scene of the crime," James said. "I'm getting a little sick of these coincidences."

"Get off of me," Dr. Sythy said, trying to get James' hand off of his shirt and failing.

"And whoever attacked this woman had medical expertise. Enough for a hack like you," James snapped, nearly pushing the doctor down the stairs. "Now you better give me a good reason to believe you weren't here last night."

"I-I was being interviewed by E! News about celebrity pregnancies! I've got so many famous clients now, thanks to the recent press attention," Dr. Sythy said, letting out a little chuckle.

James gave him a light shove, catching his shirt in time to keep the doctor from falling. "You don't want to joke with me right now."

"I-It's real! You'll see it broadcast tonight!" Dr. Sythy pleaded. "Now let go of me!"

"James," Rita said, putting one hand on his shoulder. "C'mon. There are TV cameras here." James kept his eyes locked on the doctor for a few more seconds before finally letting go.

"I'll be checking your alibi. And you had better have been kept late or we will be talking again," James spat as he walked back into the house.

"What's gotten into you?" Rita hissed once both were inside. "You never put your hands on suspects, even when you've been hit."

"I dunno...thinking of a pregnant woman being in trouble...I couldn't help but think of you," James said, his hands shaking.

Rita sighed and smiled. "Look, let's just finish this interview and then maybe you should relax some, see what info Nikki has." James nodded and both went back to the living room. "Sorry about, you said the intruder was helping you with your asthma. Did you get a good look at them?"

"Not really. It was dark. But they were about my height," Rachel said. James paused and looked up at her. Dr. Sythy was taller than James and James was taller than Rachel. That hurt his case some.

Rita looked over her notes, trying to think of another question. She and James met eyes, giving each other silent cop cues. Then Rita decided to ask something she'd never asked another victim in this case. "Can you think of a reason anyone would want to hurt you?"

"Who, me?" Rachel said with a nasty laugh. "I mean, Nancy and I get shit for being a open lesbian couple in public but nothing specific."

"Wait, what about that time last week?" Nancy said. Rachel's eyes widened with realization and she buried her face in Nancy's shoulder, her girlfriend sighing and holding onto her tightly.

"What happened last week?" Rita asked.

"This guy in a nearby neighborhood...he was hitting on Rachel. A lot. I was a few feet away and when I came over, he went ballistic," Nancy said. "And I recognized him a little. He works at one of the city hospitals."

James and Rita both let out a small sigh as they made notes. "Did he...say anything when he went 'ballistic?'" Rita asked.

Rachel pulled out of Nancy's arms, still trembling, and touched one hand to her belly before darting it away. "He said women were meant to be seeded." She looked down at her belly in horror and retreated back into Nancy's arms. "This is why I never wanted to be pregnant. It's a means of control over our bodies."

"We run a women's issues magazine," Nancy said. "I'm the editor and Rachel is our top columnist."

"Do you know this man's name?" James asked.

"No but I'd recognize him if I saw him again," Nancy said. "Is that enough questions for now? It's been a long day."

"Sure," Rita said with a smile, offering her arm to James for help standing up. "Let us know if you remember any other details we may find useful."

Both detectives left the house, with James pacing around with an antsy look on his face. "This new think he sounds good?"

"I think we should have a few words," Rita said, running one hand down the curve of her belly. "And he'd be happy to see that I'm already 'seeded.' Maybe he'll recognize his work and get tripped up."

"Great, let's start at the nearest hospitals," James said.

"No, you need to cool off," Rita sighed, placing one hand on his chest. "This can't be personal for both of us or this whole investigation will get screwy."

"I took this personally when you got attacked," James said in a low voice, leaning in close to Rita.

She bowed her head and sighed, feeling his warm breath tickle her skin. "Still...I just think it'd be good for you to relax and look through some other evidence." Rita touched one hand to James' tie and gave it a light tug. "I'd really appreciate it."

"So now you have this over me, huh?" James chuckled. "Fine. I'll go check in with Nikki. You let me know what you find."

Rita smiled. "We'll talk it over...tonight?"

"Tonight," James nodded, lightly touching one knuckle to Rita's belly button. "See you then."

James walked into the large office Nikki kept, looking at all the files and notes she had scattered around. On one board were seven taped pictures of the victims in the Sudden Pregnancy case, including Rita, all with their enormous bellies hanging out.

"Oh, James!" Nikki said as she came through another door, smiling her usual sunny smile when she saw the detective. "Didn't hear you come in. It's a big lab."

"Yeah, I never noticed before," James said, looking around. There were other rooms with chemicals, microscopes, centrifuges, and more. "So you work here all by yourself?"

"Mostly. Today is quieter than usual but I'm usually alone," Nikki said, walking into another room and sorting some samples in a small refrigerator. "Maybe I can give you a tour some time."

"Sure," James said, pacing around and trying not to stare too hard at the photo of Rita on the wall. "So any word on that dart sample?"

"Ugh, sorta," Nikki sighed. "Somehow it got lost in the chain of custody. There's no conclusive read on it and whatever we find would be inadmissible in court anyway."

"Are you serious?" James groaned. "That was our best evidence. How did that happen?"

"Every now and then, there's just a mistake," Nikki said. James cursed under his breath and looked down at Nikki's nearest table. There were a few files marked with recent dates. He flipped through to ones that corresponded with the Sudden Pregnancy case. "So I heard you might have found a new suspect?"

"Yes, some guy who'd been harassing one of the victims. Rita's looking into him now," James said, opening the most recent file. It was light, with no extra forensics or details on the cases. But there was one note that James hadn't seen before: an analysis of the powder found near Rita's locks. It appeared to be some kind of starch. 

"Rita's investigating on her own? That must be kind of tricky," Nikki said as she came back into the main room with James. "With 20 babies on the way, she looked like she could barely stand up straight."

"She's tough," James chuckled as he watched Nikki reach into a box of medical gloves. A bit of powder fluffed off as she stretched them out. "Hey, don't most doctors stop using powdered medical gloves?"

"Hmm?" Nikki asked as she looked down at her hands. "Oh, yeah, they can sometimes cause allergic reactions in patients but my patients are usually already dead so it doesn't matter." She giggled a bit and adjusted her glasses. "The powder keeps my hands from drying out."

"It's some kind of...starch, right?" James asked. Nikki smiled and nodded, fastening the gloves before turning to her nearest file. "Hey, how many babies did you say Rita was carrying?"

Nikki looked at him funny. "Uh, 20? Why? That's how many she has on the way, isn't it?"

"It is but that's not something she'd shared with anyone else but me," James said, slowing reaching for his phone in his pocket. "But I guess she must have told you. You're friends."

"Exactly," Nikki said with a wide smile, putting her folder down.

"Well, if that's all the info you've got, I'd better go look up some more leads," James said, nodding to Nikki and turning around.

"Actually, stay a while," Nikki chirped. James turned around to see her pointing a dart gun at him. "I can give you that tour now." James sighed and raised his hands out of his pockets as Nikki led him into the back of the lab. "Had you figured it out by the time you came here?"

"I had no idea," James grumbled.

"Then I should have kept my mouth shut. I'm just too talkative, too warm, too friendly," Nikki giggled. "That's why I'd make such a great mom, don't you think?" James turned around, glaring at Nikki without saying anything. "But I can't be a body won't conceive..." Her smile began to fade and her eyes got wider.

"Nikki, we can talk about this," James said softly. "Just put the gun down and-"

"I tried for so long to come up with a cure," Nikki said, gesturing to the extensive lab. "And I developed a drug that could do wonderful things for women and pregnancy but it still wouldn't work on me."

"Then why use it on all those women in the city? None of them wanted to be pregnant. You could have helped other infertile people," James said.

"Exactly! None of them wanted the gift of a baby growing in their wombs! They all had these perfect, young, fertile bodies and rejected what that meant!" Nikki shouted. "And Rita...she was the worst of she was getting nosy so I gave her a double dose." Nikki's smile returned but now her joy seemed eerie. "Look at her now. She's a goddess!"

"So now what?" James said. "You're just going to keep getting unsuspecting women pregnant because you think they should?"

"First, I have to do what any good scientist would do: experiment," Nikki said, raising her dart gun. "I don't know what this will do to a man but I think chances are good it'll shut you up."

Just as the medical examiner wrapped a finger around the trigger, there was a loud crash behind her. Nikki turned around in time to see a big firm belly knock her to the ground like an avalanche. Rita squatted, pinning the culprit to the floor with her pregnant weight while James tried to wrestle the gun away.

"How did you know to come?" James hollered over the sound of the two women grunting and fighting.

"I got a call saying the dart got transferred away. It sounded like it must have came from the medical examiner's office," Rita panted. "But I didn't have this in mind."

"Get off of me!" Nikki screamed. "Get off of...oh, you're growing so well...Rita, you're so radiant!" Nikki started to kiss Rita's belly and hug it tightly. "Please, let me carry a few of them! Please!"

"Okay, that's enough of that," James said, grabbing Nikki's arms and pulling her out from under Rita's belly. "Nikki DiStesso, you're under arrest."

"For what? What kind of a crime is the miracle of life?" Nikki whined.

"I'm sure the DA can think of something," James said as she slapped on his handcuffs.

"Uh, Jay?" Rita moaned. She lifted herself up slowly and showed the dart sticking out of her underbelly, which was already starting to expand. "I think we have bigger problems than what charges to file." 
Tell It To The Judge
An unusual case involving pregnant women has two police detectives searching for clues. But things turn personal when one of the detectives starts sporting a big bump.

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A muffled buzz momentarily took away the attention of the two young people in bed.

"Was that mine or yours?" Harmony panted, tightening the muscles in her thighs.

Jay let out a groan as he stopped to look over and check the name on the screen. "It's just Matt and them," Jay said before turning his attention back to his girlfriend. "They want to know if we're coming to the graduation party."

Harmony chuckled before letting out a little whimper. "I like our party better." They both smiled and bent together, kissing bare chests and shoulders. "Now c'mon, fill my belly up." She patted the prosthetic pregnant stomach she had strapped around her waist. She saw Jay's expression change when he focused on it and giggled, playfully petting her fake belly. "It's so~ tight."

He grabbed her thighs and lifted Harmony a few inches out of the bed, making her squeal before planting her back into the sheets and pumping into her deeper and faster. His hands moved between her fake pregnant belly and her naked breasts.

Harmony and Jay started dating when they both first came to college and had been together ever since. They had similar tastes in entertainment, Jay had a sense of humor Harmony loved, and she had a sweet laugh that made him always want to impress her. But what always kept a fire lit underneath their relationship was the fetish they both shared: pregnancy. They approached it in a myriad of ways, pretending to have sex to impregnate Harmony, stuffing her shirt when they were together in private, or even watching pregnant porn before or during sex.

But what they both liked the most was when Harmony wore the fake belly they bought together online. It was one of the ones sex ed classes have students wear to learn about the horrors of teen pregnancy, modified to be bigger and firmer, with Harmony in particular wanting it to be heavier. They only used it on special occasions and their college graduation seemed like as good a time as any.

"Come on!" Harmony whined, running her hands over her naked body. "Knock me up again!"

Jay moaned and turned Harmony over, riding her from behind so the belly wouldn't get in the way. He was always more quiet in bed compared to his girlfriend's dirty talk, which was just fine with her. It turned both of them on. "I-I'm trying, babe," he panted.

Harmony bit her lip and pressed her rear firmly against Jay, trying to get as much of him inside her as she could. "Yes, make my belly swell! I want to be crammed full of your babies!"

Jay put his hands on her hips and tried to push even harder. Sweat was falling off their bodies like a monsoon as he kept thrusting. His own erection was burning and he could tell he was close to finishing, just as Harmony's sex was tightening up even more.

"Get ready, big mama," Jay said, giving Harmony a spank on her fake belly. She moaned loud and long at that and he felt her body clamp down tightly around him. A little too tightly, in fact. "U-um, Harmony?"

"Mmm, Jay!" Harmony yelled, mishearing him. "I-I think I'm going to finish before you!" 

"Easy, babe," Jay chuckled.

"I am easy! I'm a big breeding slut who loves to get pregnant!" Harmony shouted, her voice getting higher and higher until she came and moaned. As she reached her climax, her vaginal muscles got stronger and Jay felt himself being pulled inside her. She rolled around in the bedsheets, eyes closed as waves of pleasure hit her. Meanwhile, Jay had his hips and legs inside her body and felt himself being pulled in deep and fast. Somehow, her birth canal was opening up to allow him into her womb. The farther he got, the more his body rubbed and massaged her sensitive tissue and the harder Harmony groaned, new orgasms hitting her. "Oh babe! Whatever you're doing! Is amazing!"

"Harmony!" Jay said with a strained yelp as his head entered her. He was surrounded by darkness and could feel soft, wet walls pushing him through. Eventually, he felt his feet hit something but it gradually parsed and allowed him to slowly squeeze into what felt like a warm pool.

As he passed through Harmony's cervix, she gasped and felt something tightening up on her skin. She finally opened her eyes and saw her fake belly beginning to rise into the air. The larger her stomach got, the more the prosthetic's straps dug into her back and Harmony ripped it off, only to see a real pregnant belly developing. She cautiously stroked her swelling middle, seeing her previously flat and soft stomach become round and as firm as a stone. Her belly button dimpled quickly, her navel piercing glistening as it stayed attached to her rubbery nub of a navel.

Harmony laid back as she watched herself grow. In no time, she was pinned down with a belly nearly the size of the bed. Several feet of smooth, taut belly skin towered above her, perfectly round and sticking out wider than her hips. Hormones coursed through her body and Harmony felt her breasts, thighs, and ass gradually expand as well. Once done, Harmony could feel lots of movement deep inside her womb and she proceeded to slowly stroke her middle. "Jay?"

"Harmony?" her boyfriend's voice said. Somehow, she could still hear him from inside her enormous stomach. "I...I think I'm in your..."

Harmony sighed and smiled. "My womb, yeah. Think you can find your way out?"

She nearly regretted that question. She winced and moaned as her boyfriend moved around inside her, his feet and hands hitting her tight walls of skin and muscle, some hitting her in her bladder, and all the while changing the distribution of weight she felt. "Doesn't look like there's a way out," he replied. There was a pause as he could hear her breath getting heavy. "You okay?"

"Y-yeah, it's just...fetal movement is a lot more intense than I fantasized," Harmony grinned. "Then again, you're a lot bigger than a full-term baby."

"Should I stay still?" Jay asked.

"No, I kinda like it," Harmony said, rubbing her belly in long, slow strokes where she felt him resting. "Do you like this?"

Jay curled up inside her belly, feeling a wave of calm and compassion wash over him where she rubbed. "Oh yeah...but we should think of a way for me to get out."

"I'm in no rush but we can go visit a doctor tomorrow," Harmony cooed, continuing to fondle her belly.

He sighed and nestled against her womb walls where he felt her hand. "I...I know but there's something I was planning on doing later today."

"What, Matt's party?" Harmony chuckled.

"No, it's about us," Jay said.

"If it's about us moving in together permanently, I don't think you need to worry about that," she said, giving her stomach a few firm pats. That made her belly shake a little and she could hear the amniotic fluid slosh about.

"No, it's...check the first drawer on my desk," Jay said. Harmony looked over at the desk. Now that she was so heavy, it felt far away. With a groan, she turned her hips and made her belly over the rim of the mattress. She could feel Jay's body being tossed around, weightless inside her womb. 

"Doing okay in there, babe?" Harmony said, stroking her belly as she waddled to the desk.

"Yeah, it's like being at a water park," Jay laughed nervously. Once at the desk, he could hear her opening a drawer and pull something out. Then she was silent. "Did you...find it?"

"Jay," Harmony said quietly, holding the velvet box for a diamond ring in her hand. "I...oh my god."

"If I wasn't in your belly, what would you have said?" Jay asked.

She giggled and shook her big stomach back and forth, feeling her fiancé bounce back and forth. "I'd have said yes!" Jay laughed and kissed the warm walls surrounding him, which sent a shiver down Harmony's spine. She looked down at herself, with a belly so massive she couldn't see her legs. "Though I don't think they make wedding dresses in my size."

Harmony leaned forward while her enhanced rear balanced on the examination chair, too large to fully fit. Her hands were stroking the top sides of her swollen belly as the doctor looked over her notes and a swarm of medical students followed suit.

"Ms. Penford, thank you for your patience," Dr. Miller said, flashing Harmony a soft smile as she raised her eyes from her computer.

"Tell her I don't mind the wait," Jay said, pushing one elbow gently against his host's belly. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Shh," Harmony said with a grin, petting where she felt Jay press back. "How's it look, doctor?"

Dr. Miller sighed and shook her head. "I'm sorry, there's no sign that you'll be able to release him any time soon. The cocktail of hormones your body is producing is very strong and your metabolism is changing. We introduced some pitocin into your system but there wasn't even a wrinkle of a contraction. And at your...size, a c-section would be extremely risky." She turned to the medical students and frowned. "Maybe you can all give Ms. Penford some privacy."

"They don't bother me," Harmony said with a smile as the room emptied. "And you don't need to only address me. Jay can hear you too." She stuck out her belly some and cooed as Jay pressed his hand hard enough against her fleshy walls to make an impression on her smooth stomach.

"Hasn't this kind of thing happened before?" Jay asked. "There must be...precedent." But his voice came out too quietly for anyone but Harmony to hear. "Can you ask her?"

"One sec," Harmony said, reaching for Dr. Miller's stethoscope and placing the horn against her belly. "Ooh, that's cold."

Dr. Miller put the earbuds in and heard Jay repeat his question. "Yes, there have been some cases of 'unbirthing,' as we call it but this seems to be an extreme case. We've never seen anyone with Ms. Penford's vaginal strength or anyone who was dragged in so deeply, not to mention that your hormonal readings are off the scale."

"So what are our options?" Harmony asked, holding both hands against her pregnant middle.

The doctor shrugged. "Get comfortable and wait to see what happens. Mr. Douglass, our tests show that you're in good health but are you feeling alright?"

"I feel fine. When the umbilical cord grew in, there was some stinging but everything is great now," Jay said as both he and Harmony giggled a bit.

Dr. Miller smiled. "Then you'll both have to go on like this. I can't be your only physician since this is a case for the record books but call me directly if anything changes." She reached out her arms and helped Harmony to her feet. "For now, let's take some photographs for our records."

Harmony blushed as she waddled to the far wall, where some numbers were already written on for measurements, and removed her shirt. Her breasts could barely be contained by her previous bra and there were some obvious red marks where it was digging in. They were already the size of volleyballs and Harmony could feel more nutrients flowing into them. She didn't take off her sweatpants since they were already so tight they were practically a second skin and because bending over to slip them down would be too much work right now.

"Just turn to the side...that's it," Dr. Miller said as all of Harmony's belly pointed forward. It was close to eight feet long and was wide and rounded on the sides. Her outie belly button was like a doorknob and might have added another inch to the official measurement but Harmony couldn't be sure. For now, her hands were rubbing all over her swollen stomach, feeling the tightness of her glowing skin and sensing her lover twitching inside. "Ms. Penford? You'll need to keep your hands on the sides."

"Oh, sorry," Harmony said with a smile as the doctors took her pictures for the records, getting Harmony from multiple angles. "Would you mind if I got some copies?" She asked when it was all over. "I can't exactly fit in front of a mirror anymore."

Dr. Miller happily obliged and sent them to Harmony's phone as she looked at herself with awe. "I'll bet you look amazing," Jay said, giving her a soft poke.

"I do," Harmony purred so the doctor couldn't hear. "All thanks to you."

"Easy there," Harmony laughed as she rubbed the middle of her wobbling belly. Jay was active and it was obvious. She was leaving her office building, all eyes on her struggling stomach as she waddled down the street. Their apartment was a 20 minute walk away from Harmony's job. They decided against Harmony using a bus or car service because she always needed the exercise to be able to support her common law husband inside her womb and long walks were fun for Jay as he bounced and swung around in the cradle of her belly.

But today, he was particularly excited and was swimming laps in her stomach, stroking every inch and pushing on her tight skin, giving Harmony the soft strain that turned her on and connected her back to her pregnancy fetish. Normally, Jay would rest during much of the day at work, constantly soothed by Harmony's belly rubs and the melodic sound of her body churning all around him. Every now and then, he would kick to get her attention and show he loved her, sometimes even tickling her during a conversation as a prank.

Harmony's swollen middle twitched and shook as she made it to their apartment, taking off her shoes and top as she lathered skin cream on her tight skin. "Hey, enough!" Harmony laughed as she began to rub it in. "Or I'll keep my hands to myself tonight. No fun for you."

"I'm just so happy for you!" Jay said. "A promotion! You're a vice president now!" 

"Technically, just an associate vice president," Harmony said, running her hands over her slick, shining belly skin as the cream did its work.

"You're so amazing," Jay repeated. "And I'm turned on by sleeping with such a powerful woman." He began to touch his erection against the lower part of Harmony's womb walls. "We could do it at your desk and no one would know."

"I think they'd know when I start making sounds and turning red," Harmony giggled. "It's true what they say, after all. Sex is better when you're pregnant...though I don't think they had our way in mind."

Jay kissed where he felt Harmony's hand resting, making them both laugh like kids on a playground. Harmony fully undressed and sat down on her couch, stroking her belly and sighing, feeling her husband's warmth inside her. "We're like a real family, aren't we?" Jay finally said.

"Of course we are," Harmony said, looking down at her enormous middle. "We're together, aren't we?"

"Yeah," Jay said, both of their voices trailing off. Their umbilical connection allowed them to share thoughts much of the time but they didn't need it to know why the mood had soured. Before the "incident," Harmony and Jay had talked about having kids some day, and not just because they were both turned on by pregnancy. They were excited by the idea of being parents. But now, that seemed hard to pull off. "You know," Jay began to say.

"What?" Harmony said, grunting a bit as a cramp hit the muscles of her belly, causing her to rub somewhere other than Jay's location.

"We may still be able to get pregnant," he said.

Harmony snorted. "This may not be a traditional pregnancy but all the biological effects are still there. I'm not having my period so there's no ovulation."

"But in all those reports from those doctors, they tell you about all the other hormones in your body now. Take me out of the equation and you're the most fertile woman on Earth."

"You're a big part of the equation, babe," Harmony smiled, patting her belly and making a sound like a bongo. 

"My point could probably still ovulate. Maybe you'd just really need to try and focus," he said, turning in her womb to face toward her organs. He couldn't see them exactly, with more flesh all around him, but over the months, he had figured out the layout of Harmony's body from the inside. "Maybe if I...massage the right spot."

"Babe, wait, you know how sensitive I am down thERE!" Harmony squealed, feeling Jay stroking and caressing the bottom of her womb. She gripped the couch cushions and moaned, letting the waves wash over her.

"Want me to stop?" Jay asked.

Harmony shook her head. "Just...let me...get to the bedroom." She crawled, pregnant stomach shaking, across the apartment. They had one gigantic mattress that managed to fit her entire body and underneath was a large assortment of sex toys. Harmony grabbed one dildo and another motorized brush for her nipples and went to work, penetrating herself while stimulating her pillowy breasts.

Jay instantly felt the change and continued to massage Harmony, treating his wife's body like a playground and hurrying around. He kicked up a storm, making her belly look like it was about to burst apart. Finally, as he felt the walls collapse around him as Harmony's muscles contracted with pleasure, he dove his erection into a pouch of soft tissue and pumped away like it was a wet, warm fleshlight.

All around Harmony's womb, there were patches like this and Jay swam around, stroking himself with parts of Harmony's pregnant body and getting more and more aroused as he went. "W-we might really do this," he panted.

"Mmm, you're going to finally do it. You're going to knock me up," Harmony squealed, already wiggling her wide hips to make her belly go up and down. "You're going to plant your seed inside me."

Her words were magic to Jay and he pumped even harder, really testing the durability of Harmony's belly with his penis.

"We're going to grow a baby inside me and I'm going to get even bigger!" Harmony said, starting to shout as she neared climax. "Just pump babies inside me all day long and watch me expand! I want the biggest tummy in the whole world!"

"You've already got the sexiest belly," Jay said, kissing Harmony from the inside.

"It's not enough! I want to keep getting bigger and bigger! I want a belly the size of the moon, for you to travel through and fuck me all day long!" Harmony screamed, her body beginning to contract from ecstasy. At the same time, Jay was already releasing his load inside of his wife, still thrusting away and feeling his entire member be engulfed by her round middle.

It drained through her body and filtered out of her womb, leaving both parties exhausted and curled up, with Harmony's arms around her stomach. "Do you think we did it?" Harmony cooed.

"Maybe," Jay said. "But I'm always up to trying again soon." Harmony giggled and kissed the top of her belly, feeling Jay rest within her.

"It's got to be soon, doesn't it?" Ben, of Harmony's coworkers, asked. Everyone was gathered around her desk as she stood, letting her colossal belly hang out. She had never taken any effort to cover her bare stomach when she started at the office and now that she was a full vice president and manager of the entire branch, Harmony was even more relaxed in her dress code, trying to be as comfortable as possible.

Since she and Jay had successfully gotten her pregnant, she had to take even more liberties with her attire. Harmony was carrying twins and that seemed to have a disproportionate impact on her belly, doubling in size so she looked like she was gestating a cow with room to spare. Speaking of which, her breasts were each now the size of yoga ball and were getting as firm as her pregnant middle. 

Harmony smiled at her coworker's question and stroked the top of her naked stomach, watching the brief impressions of Jay's movement. "It feels that way but it's hard to be sure. Jay being in there makes ultrasounds inconclusive," she said. 

"Can I...feel?" Willa, another employee, asked, gingerly stretching her hand out.

Harmony giggled. "Sure!" She took the young woman's hand and placed it on the right side of her enormous stomach. "This side is where the babies are." Harmony had developed a separate placenta for her fetal twins, apart from where she carried Jay, though he still got more amniotic fluid added to his side and had more room to swim around now. "And you can feel where Jay is. He doesn't mind."

"Especially if you're talking to that cute new girl from accounting," Jay chuckled. Harmony's smile grew a little and she hid a small swat in with another wave of belly rubs on her left side. Jay was getting better at perceiving the world outside Harmony's womb as he connected with her nervous system but it came and went.

"Hi Jay," Willa, who was the new accounting hire, said with a laugh as she traced her hand across Harmony's belly, passing over her engorged belly button. That made both Harmony and her husband shiver with stimulus as she settled her hand above Jay's position. "He can hear me, right?"

"Oh yes, he hears everything," Harmony cooed, running her hands up to push her breasts up and give Willa more room to rub. She only had on a sports jacket, custom made on the inside so it wasn't rough against her bare breasts and nipples. It was the only outfit she could fashion and keep together over her chest. Around her hips was a pinstripe skirt that was meant to go down to her ankles, but with her hips and butt, only made it halfway down her thighs.

"But luckily they can't hear me," Jay said. "Because I think you should make an executive decision and hire Willa as your personal belly rubber. She has such soft, sexy hands that I know you love too." Harmony blushed, maintaining her professional smile as Willa continued to pamper her. "Maybe you can find a way for her to get in here and massage you from the inside after she's done on the outside."

Harmony's thighs started to rub together. "Excuse me for one moment," she said gently, taking laborious, waddling steps to the stairwell while holding one hand under her belly. Once in private, she whimpered and began to laugh. "Stop it, Jay! You're embarassing me!"

Jay laughed back. "You always use dirty talk with me and I can never get back at you. Well, when you're in front of all your employees and friends, I can say whatever I want and make you the vulnerable one."

"Oh yeah?" Harmony cooed, beginning to jiggle her belly slightly, sinking both hands into her taut skin. "I'm all alone now so maybe I have some fantasies for you."

"Uh oh," Jay said playfully.

"You want that little, busty blonde in my tummy for you to knock up next? How about I get Randy from the Chicago branch to come bend me over and fill my whole body with his cock?" She gripped the railing of the staircase and bent over slightly. "You'd be along for the ride, of course." She began to slowly swing her hips back and forth, sloshing her husband around in her belly. "I can get fucked by people you can't even see while you go through every delicious secretary this company has to offer inside me."

"Oh god, Harmony," Jay moaned, pushing his erection deep against his wife's womb walls. She felt the impression of his cap and tickled her tight skin with her fingertips. "W-wait."

"Already worked up, babe?" Harmony squealed. "Go ahead, come inside me. Like you said, no one knows what's going on in there. No one knows what a bad girl I am."

"No, I mean wait, for real," Jay said.

Harmony pouted. "What? I thought you liked me to be a little bit of a dom."

Jay groaned and stammered. "No, I mean I think...I might have seen your..."

"What is it, hon?" Harmony said, turning around and putting both hands on top of her tightening stomach.

"Your mucus plug fell out."

"That would explain where all this tightness is coming from," Harmony said with a wince. She reached between her breasts for her phone and called her assistant. Just as the other line picked up, Harmony felt a sudden rush of fluid spill from between her legs, soaking her thighs and flooding the top of the staircase, flowing and dripping down to the lower levels. "Um...I-I think I may need some help."

The office went into a panic as Harmony slowly made her way through, grunting and groaning as she felt her muscles clench around her stomach like a vice. On her right side, her babies were kicking and throwing a tantrum while Jay tried to stroke her womb walls and coach her. "You're doing great, Harmony."

"You should be here for this," she whimpered, jutting her hips out so she had more weight going forward and could move a little more quickly. Throwing her belly forward also knocked over a hurrying HR rep and people were already slipping on the trail of amniotic fluid and discharged lactate that followed her. 

"I'm right here," Jay said. "Are they helping you?"

"We have medical transport waiting downstairs and a hospital suite prepped and ready for you," Wicca said as Harmony let out another big groan of pain. "C-can you take the stairs?"

"N-not right now," Harmony huffed, sweat pouring down her face as she turned to the next wall. "T-the freight elevator from the warehouse. It's the only way." As big as it was, Harmony could only barely fit inside and even then, she would have to be by herself. "I-I'll meet you all d-downstairs," she panted, letting out a muffled scream as the doors closed and she squatted.

"These contractions are coming fast. I can see them," Jay said.

"How are the babies?" Harmony whined, gripping her hands against her sore breasts.

"If I kind of focus and push hard against the tissue, I can get a look at them," Jay said, straining in Harmony's womb. "They both look fine but this isn't...a traditional delivery, babe."

Harmony couldn't stifle her laugh, riding out another contraction as the elevator slowed down. Suddenly, it bucked with one big tremor and came to a total halt. "What was that?" Harmony gasped.

"Oh may have exceeded the elevator's weight limit and it shut down as a precaution," Jay said. He could hear his wife scream as loud and clear as if he was in the room with her. He turned around in her belly, which put its own pressures on him, and checked on her birth canal. "Harmony, you're fully dilated. I think you have to push."

"In the elevator?" Harmony moaned.

"I don't think we have a choice," Jay sighed. "Push!" With that, Harmony took a deep breath and squatted a little deeper, directing all her energy to tightening her muscles and aiming down. Jay was suddenly squeezed in a coffin of soft, warm flesh but continued to coach his wife along. "Push! Harder!"

"I-I can't do this alone!" Harmony howled. "I wanted to do this with you holding my hand!"

"I am right here!" Jay yelled back. "And I can see the babies you created! They are so amazing and I can't wait for you to meet them!"

Harmony pushed her hands into her belly, thrusting with all her might, and continued to push. Her enormous stomach pressed against the elevator's cramped walls, squeezing more amniotic fluid from her body like she was a piece of ripe fruit. From the inside, Jay massaged her muscles as best he could as she slowly eased out her twin daughters onto the floor of the company elevator. Once done, Harmony collapsed onto the floor, cushioned by her huge butt, and scooped her babies up to her leaking breasts.

"We did it," Harmony purred, tears mixing with sweat as rescue crews got the elevator doors open. "We're parents."

"Yeah," Jay panted, exhausted along with his wife. "Wonder how this is going to work."

"We'll be okay," Harmony whispered, kissing each of her twins on the forehead. "We can do anything."

"Wait up you two," Harmony huffed, slowly waddling to the front door of her home. Her large pregnant middle wobbled to and fro as she tried to make it before her teenage daughters left. They both looked back at her with a sigh, tossing their identical long hair – brown like their mother's and curly like the women in Jay's family.

"What is it, Mom?" Katie, one of Harmony's twin daughters, asked with a huff.

Before Harmony could answer, she felt a shift inside her womb and heard Jay's grumbling. She reached between the deep chasm of her cleavage, past her breasts that were now twice the size of her head, and fished out the amplifier she'd had made after the twins were born.

Once it was placed against her belly and Jay heard it click on, he could speak up. "Don't talk to your mother like that," Jay said. "I'm concerned too. You're both heading out on a school night and we have no idea where."

"There's a varsity basketball game tonight," their other daughter, Maxine, said, biting her pink-glossed lip.

"There is no varsity basketball game tonight," Harmony said, placing her free hand on her wide hip. "What's going on?"

Katie groaned and slumped forward. "Fine, there's a concert at the Hanger and a bunch of people from school are gonna be there."

"And we already bought tickets," Maxine said, glaring at her sister. "I could have kept up that line about the basketball game if you hadn't folded so easily."

"So much for twins being mind readers," Jay chuckled.

"Not the right time," Harmony said, looking down at her massive belly. Since giving birth, her belly had deflated some but she was still larger than when she initially unbirthed her husband. Now he had more room to move around in but with so much unoccupied fluid, Harmony's belly had lost some of its firmness and could shake and bounce around more easily, to the secret chagrin of both Harmony and Jay.

"So can we go?" Katie said, looking at her mother expectantly.

"It's a school night," Harmony said with a sigh. "And you both have tests to study for, don't you?"

"We've been studying all week and we need a break!" Katie groaned.

"And it's not like we get many chances to go out," Maxine said under her breath.

"What was that?" Harmony said, stepping forward slightly and being careful not to let her belly push her daughter back.

"Anywhere we go, you always want to come along and keep an eye on us but that's not fair! There's barely anywhere we can take you with Dad inside you and your belly swinging everywhere, getting stuck in doorways and knocking over furniture! So we just stay home all the time!" Maxine snapped. "But, fine, whatever, we won't go out."

Harmony felt her face getting red and Jay felt it too. Pushing against Harmony's womb walls, he dropped her amplifier and talked with his wife privately. "Look...maybe we should let them go."

"Jay," Harmony hissed, touching both hands to her swollen middle and finding his body inside her.

"Things are heated and I'd rather them have a good time with their friends for now than stay bitter at us," Jay said, stroking against where he felt Harmony's hands.

Harmony sighed and looked between her daughters. "We expect you both back before 11."

"Before 11? We won't even get to see the full show!" Maxine started to say before Katie put her arm in front of his sister.

"Thank you, thank you," Katie said quickly, turning both of them around and heading out of the house, talking to her sister in a harsh whisper about accepting "small victories."

As they left, Harmony made her way to her bedroom while pressing her hands firmly into her belly. "You're too easy on them," Harmony said.

"I don't get to see them as much as you," Jay sighed, settling into the cradle of Harmony's round stomach. "And they're good girls. I think they've earned this." Harmony sat on the edge of her bed and mumbled to herself, tracing a small circle on her naked middle with one finger. "Are you upset about something else?"

Harmony groaned. "I dunno, what Maxine said. We don't really go out. It makes me feel old. And it makes it feel like this relationship is holding us back." 

Jay gave a little laugh. "I don't think you're 'old.' That's going to be a tricky one." Harmony's unbirthing and subsequent hormonal cocktail changed the metabolism in both herself and Jay and made other changes, keeping their bodies as youthful and healthy as they were when Jay accidentally got sucked into her womb. "But you aren't regretting how we live, are you?"

Harmony shrugged, rubbing her belly in larger circles. "I love having you right beneath my heart beat and always having such an amazing big tummy but there are some things I miss...and I would like to go out and have fun."

"We have our own fun," Jay said, his penis starting to stiffen up. He gave Harmony a light poke with his member.

She giggled, breaking a smile for the first time all night. "That feels a little soft, babe."

"Just getting warmed up," Jay said, sticking one hand down to stroke what he could of Harmony's cervix while rubbing his growing erection against her soft insides.

"Mmm, that's what I like to hear," Harmony purred, slipping out of her loose clothes and laying on her back on the bed, letting her enormous pregnant stomach stick up into the air. "I hope the girls didn't forget anything in the house because I don't want them coming back. For once, I want to be loud."

"There's an upside to them going out, isn't there?" Jay laughed.

Harmony spanked her swollen stomach where she felt her husband's ass. "I don't want you to be funny tonight," Harmony snarled. "Let's be nasty."

"Katie Penford-Douglass," the head of student affairs said. Katie walked across the podium in her gown and cap, a big smile on her face as she accepted her diploma. "Maxine Penford-Douglass."

Her twin sister followed behind her, an even bigger smile on as she went to get her college diploma as well. Harmony was grinning proudly as she snapped some pictures. Because of her size, she was allowed a spot in the disabled section, giving her a front row, clear line of sight to the stage.

"Did you get a good picture?" Jay asked.

"I got a bunch," Harmony giggled. "You'll see soon." She stroked her belly with glee as she gave one last wave to her daughters as they went and sat in the student section, chatting with their friends. "I can't believe it. It feels like just yesterday you were coaching me in that elevator."

"And now they're all grown up," Jay said, tracing one finger slowly down the length of Harmony's womb, stopping when he was poking against her huge belly button. "Remember what we were doing when we were their age?"

"How could I forget?" Harmony chuckled, placing her palm over her inverted navel and pushing back slightly against Jay's hand. She was getting aroused and she could feel Jay heating up as well but they both decided to behave. It was their daughters' graduation, after all.

After the ceremony, Harmony struggled to make it over to Katie and Maxine, both of whom were still laughing with their friends. "Hi Mrs. Penford. Hi Mr. Douglass," one of them said.

"Hello Rebecca," Harmony said, stroking her stomach and holding the amplifier against her taut skin so Jay could say hello too. "So, girls, want to get lunch?"

"Um...we all kind of had the rest of our day planned out," Maxine said, turning to her friends. "Would it be okay if-"

"Sure, spend your day the way you want. You're college graduates! Celebrate!" Harmony laughed.

"Your mother and I certainly did," Jay said before Harmony gave her belly a light smack. "Just call us tomorrow and we can figure out moving you out of your dorms."

Katie and Maxine waved as they headed off with their friends. Harmony sighed and wiped one tear from her eye. "So what do we do now?"

As she and Jay were starting to talk, a young couple approached them. "H-hi," they said, looking Harmony up and down. "I, uh, don't remember seeing you around campus," the young man in the relationship said. "Did you not get to graduate because you're..."

Harmony giggled. "Oh no, I'm not a student."

"Someone's sister or cousin?" the young woman asked.

Harmony sighed and placed one hand as far out on her belly as she could. "I'm a parent, if you can believe that. Both of us are." She wiggled her middle some so Jay's impression could be seen before placing the amplifier on.

"Nice to meet you both," Jay said. "Congratulations on graduating."

They both turned pale. "O-oh...thanks," the young woman said.

"We didn't realize you were unbirthing," the young man said. Harmony could see the way they were staring at her belly and grinned. It was the same way she and Jay ogled pregnant women when they were both in college.

"You two ever try it?" Harmony asked, waddling forward and pressing her middle against the young man's lap, feeling his erection clearly.

"N-no!" the young woman said, shaking before her lips started to curl into a smile. "I mean, we're both too nervous to try. What if he gets stuck in there?"

"That's definitely a possibility," Jay laughed along with Harmony. "Happened to us when we were your age."

Now the young couple's faces were completely flushed. "H-he's been in your womb for more than 20 years?" the young man said.

"Mmm, feels like that kinda turns you on," Harmony said in a breathy voice, stroking her stomach against his hardening groin. "What are your names, kids?"

"K-Keith," he said.

"L-Lisa," the young woman said.

"Sounds like you both have a lot of questions about the ins and outs of unbirth," Harmony cooed. "We have a hotel and we'd be happy to show you how it works." She reached between her gigantic breasts to pull out an envelope for their hotel key and scribbled their room number on it, shoving it against Lisa's chest. "Ooh, Lisa, you've got a nice rack under that baggy graduation gown."

Harmony waddled away, leaving the young couple speechless. "Do you think they'll bite?" Jay asked when Harmony lowered the amplifier.

"I think we've already got our hooks in them," Harmony cooed. "And when they do show up...remember that thing we mentioned before? At the office all those years back?"

In their hotel, Harmony waited on the bed, naked and posed. She laid on her side, one hand on her plump ass, the other caressing her cheek. Sure enough, the door eventually opened and in Hank and Lisa hurried, their eyes popping open when they saw Harmony. "Oh my god, she's real," Keith murmured.

"It's all real, stud," Harmony purred, rubbing massive circles on her pregnant middle. "Why don't you both get comfortable?" Instantly, Keith and Lisa stripped down and began to kiss and lightly fondle one another on the bed. "Getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we?"

They both turned to face Harmony, chests rising and falling rapidly. "W-what do you want us to do?"

"First, let's get to know each other a little. I'm Harmony and this lucky guy is Jay," Harmony said, giving her stomach a shake. "Now, tell me, are you both into pregnancy?"

"Yes, we're both big pregnancy freaks," Lisa blurted out. "W-we roleplay pregnancy, we watch pregnant porn, we check out pregnant women in public."

"We even collaborate on pregnant erotica," Keith said. "L-Lisa's a great writer."

"You'll have to send us some," Harmony said, looking down at herself and taking a moment to admire the body she'd developed with Jay over the years. "Now, since you two have been a couple, have you slept with anyone else?"

Keith and Lisa looked at one another and shook their heads. "N-never," Keith said.

"We don't just have the same fetish. We really love each other," Lisa said.

"Aww," Harmony said, sticking her big bottom lip out. "That's sweet...but how would you feel about Keith having sex with me?"

Again, the couple looked at one another. Keith looked like a deer in headlights but Lisa had a big smile. "I'd say go for it. I would love to watch that," she said.

"Oh no, you'll be busy too," Harmony said, leaning back and spreading her legs, displaying her slick labia and soft brown pubic hair. "How would you like to be the first woman to meet Jay in two decades?"

Eagerly, Lisa lept forward and pushed her head into Harmony's lap. At first, she just started licking and kissing Harmony's bare sex but she began to slowly sink inside the swollen woman's birth canal before Harmony clenched down and sucked Lisa inside her womb. Lisa was helped in by Jay, who held her tightly as they curled together inside Harmony's belly, still cramped as it slowly expanded. "Hi there," Jay said with a grin.

"Hi," Lisa gulped, looking him over. His muscles had only slightly atrophied and he had a long fleshy cord sticking out of his stomach. "I was worried you wouldn't be hot."

"You look pretty good yourself," Jay smiled, leaning forward to press Lisa's nude body against his. On the outside, Harmony was running her hands over Keith's body, constantly touching his erection to her belly.

"Since you've never done it with a preggo, I'll let you take the reins," Harmony giggled, watching Keith greedily look her over. That was just the cue he needed to pounce, lifting Harmony as much as he could to penetrate her, grunting and pumping madly. Harmony squealed out loud, rocking her body against his. Inside, Jay and Lisa were hard at work too, rolling around weightless in Harmony's wet womb while Jay got deep inside Lisa.

"W-whoa!" Lisa shouted, pushing one hand against the soft flesh of Harmony while the other arm gripped onto Jay. "I-I can feel...s-so much!"

"You're feeling Harmony's sensations and she's feeling yours. And mine," Jay panted, getting acquainted with Lisa's body. "It's a rush."

Harmony was grunting on her bed, feeling as the addition of a new body made her already colossal pregnant middle continue to expand, making her skin wonderfully tight and sore. "Come on, I'm getting bigger! Fill me up!" Harmony barked at Keith as he ran his hands all over her middle. "Maybe I need your girlfriend out here to take care of me too! This pregnant cow needs a lot!"

Keith panted, pushing against Harmony even faster. She laughed madly, not feeling a non-plastic phallus inside her in so long. Well, not inside her this way, at least. One hand touched her stomach as it twitched and shook madly, both Jay and Lisa tumbling around like a tornado.

"I-I love this!" Lisa howled. "Yes, knock me up inside your wife's pregnant belly!"

"A woman after my own heart," Harmony giggled as she felt Keith's erection twitch. "Let it out, baby. You can only ride someone like me for so long!"

Keith came, spilling inside Harmony while his girlfriend shrieked with her own climax. That set Jay over the edge and he finished inside the beauty too, leaving all three to collapse as Harmony laid back, a big, content smile on her face as her hands traced wide swaths on her belly.

"Not sure how our daughters would feel about us sleeping with their classmates," Jay panted. "But this isn't exactly a...typical marriage."

"I-I'll bet not," Lisa said, cuddling with Jay and giving Harmony's tissue a wet kiss. "Thank you, Harmony."

'You're welcome...but I have to say," Harmony began to say, letting Keith rest his head against her belly so he could hear clearly. "I have a good idea of what goes on inside my li'l ol' tummy and I don't feel certain hormones from you...have you not been taking your birth control, Lisa?"

Lisa blushed and bit her bottom lip. "Keith and I were kinda...planning on starting a family after graduation."

"Well, Jay and I may be in the same boat with you," Harmony sighed with a smile. "I got so worked up just then...I think I ovulated."
Living in Harmony
A young couple take their pregnancy fetish to an unexpected extreme and end up settling on their new, unusual life together. Very together.

Mature Content

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Cassidy looked over the tablet in her hand, studying the day's medical notes. Life in the shelter was repetitive but it was far from dull. Every day presented new challenges. "Elizabeth, who is our first patient?" From outside the examination room, Cassidy could hear a muffled squeal. "Elizabeth? Next patient, please."

"Hold on, doctor," Elizabeth yelled, panting as she waddled into the room, her whole body quivering with each step. "It takes me a while to get around." She had on the usual precautionary gear that others in the shelter wore: a thick blue jumpsuit with pockets for anti-radiation pills, oxygen tanks, and other provisions in the event of an emergency. But with the size of Elizabeth's pregnant belly, the front was unzipped to allow it the necessary space. Elizabeth's stomach stuck out several feet, smooth aside from the odd patch of dirt from bumping into walls and tables and the pulsing of veins along her tight skin.

"I know what you mean," Cassidy groaned, putting one hand on the small of her back as she stroked her own belly. It was not as large as Elizabeth's and could still fit inside her jumpsuit without having to make extra room. Still, her pregnancy was so massive, her jumpsuit was stretched out until it was skin tight, clinging to her engorged breasts and butt as well. "Now then, next patient?"

Elizabeth sighed and nodded, slowly turning around to face the waiting room. "Ms. Mason? We can see you now." Elizabeth turned back to Cassidy and winced. "Now I feel bad about complaining about my size."

The whole clinic filled with grunts and groans as their first patient made their way to the examination room. Two men had Ms. Mason's arms on their shoulders as they helped her waddle forward, her belly swinging around like a wrecking ball, and just as capable of tearing down the clinic walls. Ms. Mason had to tear her jumpsuit apart, using the top half just to keep her breasts covered and the pants cinched up as far as they could, leaving the top half of her ass to stick out naked. Her belly was a twitching, shaking sphere of activity, with the bumps and impressions of feet and hands constantly changing its otherwise round shape.

"So, Ms. Mason," Cassidy said with a big smile, trying to tap into her bedside manner. "What seems to be the problem?"

"I-I just need you to look into this," Ms. Mason whined, hands stroking her belly as her two male helpers laid her down on Cassidy's examination table. Her pregnant stomach nearly touched the ceiling and it cast a wide shadow on the entire room. Elizabeth's eyes were wide as she stared at Ms. Mason's belly, touching one hand to her own swollen middle.

"As you know, all the pregnancies in the shelter are being studied and researched by myself and my assistant," Cassidy said.

"No, I mean I need you to look into this," Ms. Mason said, pushing her fingers into her belly, able to get a little bit of give despite how tight and firm her skin was. "This just can't be normal. No one is as big as me."

Cassidy sighed and eyed Elizabeth. Both nodded and Elizabeth walked to the back, wheeling over an underused sonogram machine. "Okay, Ms. Mason, we can take a look but as I've told the other women, there isn't a lot we can do right now," Cassidy said, tipping a brush into a jar of ointment and spreading it all over Ms. Mason's colossal belly. Elizabeth handed the doctor the wand and she pressed it into the mountain of a belly in her clinic. Her tablet showed the results.

"Do you know how long you've been pregnant?" Elizabeth asked, taking notes on her own tablet.

"It feels like...three years," Ms. Mason said, turning from Elizabeth to Cassidy. "Is that right?"

"That's what my readings show," Cassidy nodded. "You were one of the first ones, just like me." Ms. Mason blushed and looked back at her belly, whining quietly as she touched her nearest patch of skin. "But you know, Ms. Mason, while carrying 10 children may not be common, it is not unheard of in here."

"Check again," Ms. Mason whined. "I wasn't this big before."

Cassidy sighed. "Ms. Mason, just because many of us are not giving birth, our unborn children are still growing so you would still be bigger than..." She stopped and moved her wand back, settling around Ms. Mason's popped-out navel. "Wait a minute...she is bigger."

"She's carrying more?" Elizabeth asked. Cassidy nodded, eyes still on her tablet. "11?"

"12," Cassidy said. "This is a, uh, new record so to speak."

"Lucky me," Ms. Mason whined. "Why am I carrying more babies than before?"

"Like I said, Ms. Mason, we are still studying that," Cassidy said, removing her wand and helping her patient sit up straight. "Everything is healthy otherwise. Make sure you do some stretches on a daily basis to preventing cramping or blood clots in your legs."

"Thanks," the enormous pregnant woman grumbled, swinging her legs off of the bed as her two helpers came back in to walk her out. "And if I get even bigger? Or I go into labor?"

"Then come right here and we'll help you," Cassidy nodded, letting out a long sigh when the door closed. "12 babies...could you imagine?"

"Twice as many as me," Elizabeth murmured, still petting her naked stomach. "They may stop growing at the 44 week mark but after a while, carrying that weight, all kicking and flailing around on top of it, I can't imagine what that must be like. I'm only one and a half years along and it's already too heavy for me to bear."

"You'll get used to it," Cassidy lied, beginning to rub her own belly as she felt kicking start up inside her. "Now then, let's see our next patient."

After a long day of seeing pregnant women complaining about cramping and size, Cassidy sat down in front of the computer in her office, unzipping her jumpsuit to let her sore breasts and quadruplet belly stick out unencumbered. She was revising her notes from the day and had to add several new data points of women who had babies added late into their pregnancy. One hand rubbed her naked curves as she tapped an unmarked button on her keyboard. A low ping rang out and the screen darkened.

"Yes, Doctor Cassidy?" a robotic voice said from the computer.

"Overseer, why can't I tell the women here the truth about what is happening to them?" Cassidy asked the shelter's AI.

"The truth may cause panic and it is not yet necessary to reveal," the Overseer program replied. "And can you say you fully know the truth either?"

Cassidy sighed and crossed her arms. "I know I felt a lot better when I learned why I've been pregnant for three years straight. Whoever set this shelter up in anticipation of the war programmed it to experiment on women in case the world needed to be repopulated."

"I was not given that full set of information. I do not have the specifics of those experiments," Overseer said.

"Maybe not but you know more than you're letting on," Cassidy grumbled, looking back down at her huge belly and pinching her inverted belly button. All the women in the shelter were impregnated upon entering it, some at different times, but to ensure there was no overpopulation inside and the distribution of resources was kept the same, the impregnated women were unable to give birth or go into labor, although every now and then, there was an exception. She couldn't figure out why, nor could she figure out why some women had fetuses added to their bellies. It seemed to go against the goals of the original shelter construction.

"It would benefit the shelter if your research could reveal more," Overseer added. "That is why I am assisting you. It is part of my programming to make sure this shelter prospers."

"Yeah, when I learn something, you'll be the first to know," Cassidy scoffed as she heard a knock at the door. She shut off Overseer quickly. "Come in."

"Talking to yourself again?" Elizabeth asked, a big smile on her lips as she poked her head into the office. Cassidy smiled back when she saw her assistant. "You get so into your work. It makes me worry."

"Then come relax me," Cassidy said, turning in her chair as Elizabeth opened the front door all the way. She was completely naked, without even an ankle holster for a gun. Her bare breasts rested on top of her dark belly, her nipples erect as she waddled slowly toward her boss. Cassidy spread her legs and took Elizabeth's arms as they rested together, Elizabeth setting her much larger belly on top of Cassidy's.

"Some days, I wish you would get another baby spontaneously added to your womb," Elizabeth cooed, running one hand between Cassidy's exposed cleavage. "I want us to be the same size."

"And I like having you be bigger," Cassidy said, gently kissing Elizabeth on the belly. "So swollen, so helpless, always needing me to give you a hand." She slipped one hand around Elizabeth's wide hips to grip her butt and gave her a slight push to start rubbing Elizabeth's lap against her own belly.

Elizabeth gasped and lolled her head back, letting her long brown hair flutter around her. "I-I like when you give me a hand, doctor."

"Just call me Cassidy, I've told you," Cassidy laughed, pulling her jumpsuit off of her shoulders with her free hand to reveal her own naked, golden breasts.

Elizabeth closed her eyes and shook her head, her breath getting heavier as Cassidy's pushes got faster. "Nuh uh. I've always wanted to have sex with a doctor and I don't want to call you anything else."

Cassidy sighed and rested her head on Elizabeth's belly. "I'll bet next you'll want to do it on the examination table."

Elizabeth squealed and leapt off of Cassidy so she could kiss her on the lips, taking the breath out of her lungs in the process. "Oh, could we doctor? That would be an absolute fantasy come to life!"

"Would it now?" Cassidy said, pulling open one of her drawers and placing a cold stethoscope on Elizabeth belly. "What about this?" Elizabeth moaned and her legs buckled. Cassidy laughed and heaved herself up, catching her pregnant nurse in her arms and kissing her on the neck and shoulders. "Okay okay, point taken. Now let's sit you down and see if we can't take a look at this big belly of yours."

As the two naked, pregnant women giggled and made their way through the clinic, there was a buzzing coming from both their tablets. Cassidy frowned and picked it up, answering her incoming call without turning on the camera. "Yes? This is Doctor Cassidy."

"Doctor, we have an outsider looking to enter the shelter. Looks like an adventurer," the head of security said on the other end. "As head of medical here, you should be consulted."

"Are they being let in?" Cassidy asked.

"We have enough supplies and we need news of the outside world," the security chief said. "Please meet us down here for medical evaluation of her condition."

"I understand. I'm bringing my assistant," Cassidy said, hanging up and turning to her pregnant lover. She sighed and patted Elizabeth on the belly. "Looks like our exam will have to wait for later, dear."

"That's fine," Elizabeth sighed. "I just wish I hadn't gotten my hopes up. I could have taken a nap before the night shift." Cassidy laughed and waddled back to her office to gather her jumpsuit.

Down at the front vault gate, security personnel, both pregnant women and regular men, were waiting, armed in case worse came to worse. Joe Craft, head of security, nodded to them as the door opened. The sound of blowing winds could be heard as a cloaked figure hurried inside, goggles and a scarf hiding their face. Once inside and the door closed, these came off to reveal a young woman's face, with short, spiky brown hair and a freckled face.

"Cara Oxton, former JTF2 officer," she said, raising both hands. "Up front, I am heavily armed but I do not intend to relinquish any of my weapons." As she flashed a badge at the security personnel, she looked around, eyes clearly on the various large bellies in the shelter. "You all seem...eager to start repopulation."

"It's a long story," Cassidy said, waddling forward and shifting her weight so she could reach Cara with a handshake. "I'm Doctor Cassidy, head of medical here in the shelter."

"Nice to meet you," Cara nodded. "I can debrief you all on current activity but I was hoping to spend the night here and-"

"That all sounds good but we should give you a medical assessment first. I'm sure things aren't too safe out there," Cassidy said with a sympathetic smile, placing one hand on Cara's back.

Cara paused to think before walking with the pregnant doctor. "That would be appreciated, thank you."

"Debriefing can wait then," Joe said, turning to his security forces and sending them back to their quarters. 

"I must say, I am impressed with your women here," Cara said, looking around at all the colossal bellies. "Expectant women are somewhat rare everywhere else and none so...big."

"We've had a bit of genetic changing going on in this shelter," Elizabeth said.

"And you seem like you can barely walk," Cara said to Elizabeth, marveling at her heaving naked belly. "How far along are you?"

"20 months," Elizabeth sighed, rubbing her middle. "And Doctor Cassidy is...what exactly, doctor?"

"38 months and 5 weeks," Cassidy said, almost boasting as she stuck her belly out farther. "But I exercise so I only look like I'm 35 months pregnant. What do you think, Ms. Oxton?"

Cara's jaw hung slack as she gawked at the two of them. "None of you are giving birth?"

"Doctor!" a woman's voice cried out as she stuck her head out of one room. "It's Ms. Aran! She's just gone into labor!"

"Some of us," Cassidy said. "Excuse me one moment." She and Elizabeth waddled into the adjacent room, one of the shelter's hydroponic gardens for food. A group of men and pregnant women were gathered around one woman, lying on the floor as she clutched her enormous pregnant belly. She wasn't even close to Ms. Mason's size but she was clearly one of the larger women in the shelter. Her jumpsuit was unzipped, revealing the mountain of pale, trembling belly.  "Hello Ms. Aran. How do you feel?"

"T-three years of carrying eight babies in my belly and now they all want out at the same time! How do you think I feel?" Ms. Aran howled, her face covered in sweat.

"Just what I'd expect, that's fine," Cassidy said, crouching so her belly filled her entire lap as she spread her patient's legs and began to move down her pants. Sticking her fingers inside Ms. Aran's birth canal, she felt her cervix softening up. "Good news is, you don't need to wait long. It's time to push."

Cara watched in shock as these pregnant women helped deliver eight babies from the gigantic woman on the floor, all in the span of an hour. As Ms. Aran was helped to a chair and held her children against her engorged naked breasts, Cassidy and Elizabeth were washing their hands from all the birthing fluid. "I'll probably need to change my jumpsuit when I make it back to the clinic," Elizabeth sighed. "Just in time to start a new shift."

"I must say, this shelter is unlike any I have visited before," Cara said.

"I'd hope so," Cassidy chuckled. "Come on, let's get you taken care of. I'm sure you're tired of waiting."

Back in the clinic, Cara slipped off her jumpsuit, revealing a beautiful figure. Large breasts, toned waist, a bubble butt, and tanned skin. Cassidy and Elizabeth both preferred women like themselves with big bellies but they paused in her presence. But because of the bruises and cuts across her otherwise gorgeous body, both went back into full medical mode to take care of her. 

"Looks like you have fractured...half of your ribs," Cassidy said. "Not to mention the scar tissue on your organs and other lacerations."

Cara shrugged. "I'm a tough girl."

"Still, we'll need to keep you here for a while until you recover. Even with all the destruction outside, I still have my Hippocratic Oath," Cassidy said.

Cara sighed, looking at the large purple patch on her waist. "Fine. But I do not want to use up what limited living spaces you must have here."

"You can live with us here in the clinic!" Elizabeth said with great enthusiasm. Cara looked at her with surprise as Cassidy chuckled.

"Elizabeth, would you please get some bandages please," Cassidy said. The big-bellied nurse nodded and waddled away. "I wanted her out of the room for this next part."

"I don't mind," Cara said, a small grin forming on her lips for the first time since she'd arrived. "She is...cute, after all."

"It's not about that. It's classified information," Cassidy said, wheeling over her sonogram machine. "No one else knows but this shelter was designed to start repopulating the planet, whether the women here wanted it to or not."

"What do you mean?" Cara asked as Cassidy placed the medical wand on her stomach.

Cassidy looked at her tablet and sighed. "I mean, it's what I suspected would happen when a woman came in from the outside." She showed the sonogram display to Cara. "You're pregnant."

Cara was silent as she looked at the display. "That's impossible...and those are-"

"Five heartbeats, but don't worry about that," Cassidy said. "I started out with just one and look where I am now."
Commission: In The Vault
Set in a post-apocalyptic shelter, a doctor and her assistant work with the unexplained pregnancies surrounding them. 

Commissioned by yunon 
First of all, hello. Not enough people start their posts this way.

I have had a few people tell me the PDF versions of my latest eBook, "Be Careful What You Wish For," available online now for the low low price of $2.99, garbles up the text when it comes next to the bonus art included.

I had a feeling including the bonus art would cause some problems but I stuck with it because, to quote Michael Scott, to quote Wanye Gretzky, you miss 100% of the shot you don't take. Also Gretzky is a massively overrated player.

Because of these concerns, I have gone back into the original file and messed around with it to the point that PDFs look good to me now. It's definitely fixed on Smashwords but the Amazon/Kindle one may take a day or so to reupload. However, I have not heard any complaints about other file types, including the Kindle version, creating the same issues so you can try it some other ways.

If anyone still sees issues, please let me know. And in exchange, if you liked the story, it would be very rad if you could leave a rating or a comment on the book in either of the stores. I think that helps its visibility. And check out my other eBook, "Opening Up" while you're at it.

(also, for people interested in getting this on the Nook, I think fixing this problem may speed up that process)…… 


United States

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